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Radicles being stupid I can understand, but Mr. Gar too!?

  • Sansa: Bran and Arya! It's so wonderful to have you both back!
  • Bran: hey remember that time that you were brutally raped? that was beautiful
  • Arya: hey remember that time that you made a mistake because you were a child who was frightened and alone and didn't understand what was happening? yeah i'm gonna cut your face off for that
  • Sansa @ the old gods and the new: can I not have even one nice thing?

I have a terrible pun/joke that I stole from my 6 year old sibling.

“Why do Mormons have so many wives?”
“Because the kids wanted Mor-moms.”

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eYYYYYYYYYY [finger guns]
If You’re Asking, ‘Am I Gay? Lesbian? Bi? Trans? Queer?’ Here’s a Start
You are not alone. And there are plenty of resources available, online and off, to help you as you embark on this journey of self-discovery.
By Maya Salam

“Maybe the questions bubbled up over time. Maybe the realization hit you suddenly. Am I gay? Everyone calls me a girl, but I don’t feel like one. Why do I feel different from the people I’m around? Those feelings can be the beginning of a journey of self-discovery that can be rewarding, but also extremely daunting.”

The New York Times article has these points:

  • You are NOT alone.
  • You don’t need all the answers right away.
  • Dispel the myths.
  • Embrace the spectrum.
  • Your safety is paramount.
  • Find a support network.

Read more of the article and find links to resources here.

"Please be sure to take your trash back with you."

by Sebastien Haizet

On a recent trip to Tokyo, I was struck by the absence of trashcans in public spaces.  At first, I thought that it was only contained to the quiet suburb of Aoto where I was staying, but I was wrong.  This privation of public convenience applied to Tokyo at large. I soon learned that trashcans were not always absent of Tokyo’s landscape but instead they had been removed after the Sarin gas attacks of 1995 that killed 19 people and traumatized an entire nation.  City authorities observed that people did not litter the streets despite the removal of litter cans; hence, they never replaced them. 

My original reaction was discomfort and frustration as my pockets and backpack were accumulating trash throughout the day.  I was only able to dispense of the unpleasant “load” in the confines of my hotel room at the end of the day.  I first believed this inconvenience to be a constraint and a form of control on people’s freedom.  It took some time for me to assimilate and embrace this new reality however, as time passed by, collecting my trash became part of my routine and it no longer bothered me.

This experience had an important impact on me and even more so once I returned to NY. Firstly, it made me realize, to my horror, how much trash I produce daily. Secondly it made me question the assumption that local authorities should be responsible for the disposal of individual trash in public spaces.  I became convinced that containing litter by placing trashcans at each street corner catered to excessive and careless consumption. Why should our tax dollars subsidize such behaviors?  Ironically, Tokyo, one of the world’s most densely populated and consumption driven cities is able to maintain a zero street litter without a single public trash bin.  This is an even bolder move considering how residential spaces are small and limited in Tokyo making personal trashcans omnipresent in people’s home.

For the past few decades, a lot of attention has been focused on Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS), which, undeniably, needs to be the norm and strictly observed by major companies and particularly the ones utilizing large amounts of natural resources and producing high level of polluting waste. On the other hand, shouldn’t Individual Social Responsibility be as equally important in curbing pollution and reducing waste? We are not enough taught about the consequences of our own individual’s action on others and on our planet’s welfare.  How can we fight a battle if the main protagonists are not involved? Rich nations are failing to respond adequately and efficiently to the growing menace of pollution and excessive waste. Thus far, people are not being held accountable for their own consumption and waste, making it almost impossible to successfully curb pollution and reduce waste.

In Tokyo, interestingly, most vending machines and other businesses selling ready to consume goods (ex. 7Eleven, station kiosks, etc.) are offering privately managed recycling and trash bins for their customers’ convenience.  Implementing Tokyo’s “no public trash cans policy” along with privately managed recycling and trashcans (financed by local businesses) in other major cities around the world would be a great opportunity to change mindsets about consumption. This would contribute to build individual awareness combined with a new form of concrete and visible Corporate Social Responsibility. In cities such as NY, trashcans are available on each street corner however our streets are still littered and filthy. Back in the mid 1990s, when NYC banned smoking in bars, restaurants and discotheques, it was first seen as radical and extreme measure. Yet, rapidly this policy spread all across the US and throughout many other countries becoming the norm and is no longer questioned.

As we face one the biggest challenges of our time, it is vital for our societies to be educated, conscientious and personally involved in the fight against pollution and waste. Individual Social Responsibility and Corporate Social Responsibility need to go hand in hand in curbing pollution. Removing publicly funded trash cans from the streets and creating a visible and concrete Corporate Social Responsibility (presence of privately managed recycle and trash bins financed by businesses) would be a positive and communal effort in changing our current habits that are no longer sustainable in today’s context.  While such measure can seem radical and a limitation of our freedoms, it is in fact the opposite. Just like forbidding smoking in certain spaces, being responsible of our own trash and aware of our consuming behaviors would be an improvement of our condition and of the welfare of our societies. Such a transition would need to be progressive and implemented through public campaigns in schools, on TV, subways and other public spaces in order to sensitize and prepare all strata’s of our societies for a set deadline. Consequently, such a measure would save tremendous sums of money to local governments/authorities who could, in return, invest in advancing new sustainable and alternative technologies to reduce waste and pollution.

BTS Reaction

Requested by anonymous: BTS mafia au reaction to their gf being the little sister of the rival gang leader. He tries to hurt the members but the girl shoots and kills her brother.

Scene 1:

“Don’t worry, I won’t lay a finger on you. No, that would be too kind of me,” he rasped. The smirk on his face was sliced up his cheeks like the Joker. “I’ll just have to do it on your members.”

His face went pale as he watches each members getting dragged into the room. Their eyes were covered and their hands were bound behind them.

The leader of his rival gang picked up his gun and walked behind one of the members. “I suppose this is the only way to teach you to never cross me.”

“Wait!” he yelled desperately. His heart was racing and pounding in his ears. “Leave them out of this. I’ll stop seeing your sister, you have my word.”

It pained him to say it but he can’t have blood on his hands for a choice he could’ve avoided. He struggled against the restraints that had him tied to the pipe on the wall.

“Too late,” the man winked. He grabbed the neck of the member and thrust the gun barrel to his head.

Bang. The gun went off. His heart stopped.

The leader looked down to see red seep out of his body. The red spread on his white shirt like a blooming flower against the open sky. Like a fallen tree, his body sways and falls hard on the ground. Then he saw her, standing by the door with the gun in her hand.



“What are you doing?” he asked, still in shock.

“Saving your ass,” she simply said as she untied him. Jin searched her face but she showed no remorse for releasing the bullet that killed her brother.

“You shot him,” Jin breathed in disbelief.

“I should’ve done it sooner,” she admitted. That man was no brother of hers. Her brother was long dead before he became the monster.

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Im sorry, Malia deserves happiness too. Lydia has Stiles and now you want to take Scott from Malia to be with Lydia. Oh, you always lydia stan make it seem like lydia is the sadest and the poorest angel in the world.

Alrighty, nobody ever said Malia doesn’t deserve to be happy. We’re saying that we don’t like the ship in general and wish it wasn’t happening in the first place which… as far as I’m concerned, is neither a shocking nor a particularly offensive thing to say on the internet. “Hey, this ship isn’t my preference” isn’t the same thing as “Malia should be drawn and quartered.” 

And as for us Lydia stans… yeah, we want her to hang out with her good friend Scott and have lots of screentime. 

Wanting screen time for your fave? A fan wanting their fave to be happy and showcased?

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TAG GAME - Compare yourself to your character.

Tagged by @brynprocrastinates and @raiswanson, successfully dragging me back from the dead. 

Let’s do this for Os, the MC of my NaNo novel. (maybe this will motivate me to write)

Rules: Bold the option that applies to your character, not you. So, if you’re the older one and your character is younger, bold younger.


Age: Older | Younger | Same
Race: Same | Different
Sexuality: Same | Different
Gender: Same | Different


Hair color: Same | Different
Hair Length: Shorter | Longer | Same
Hair Style: Same | Different
Eye color: Same | Different
Height: Taller | Shorter | Same
Weight: Less | More | Same


Introversion Levels: Higher | Lower | Same
Extroversion Levels: Higher | Lower | Same
Hogwarts House: Same | Different
Opinion of Self: Higher | Lower | Same
Other’s Perception: Same | Different
Talkativeness: More | Less | Same


My muse and I like the same music. | We share a talent. | We have the same hobbies. | We like the same books. | We watch the same shows. | We’re both big fans of the same thing. | We have the same favorite color. | We have the same favorite food. | We have the same job. | We have the same goals in life. | We live in the same country. | We live in the same state/province/etc. | We both live in a city/suburb/etc. | We have the same fashion sense. | Our friends are similar. | We both look for the same qualities in a love interest.

Ooooooooooooooooooooh, I gonna tag the usual crew, although I think a lot of you’ve already done this/been tagged. If you want, maybe just pick a different character? Or be stronger than me and ignore this distraction in favour of doing actual writing): @dwobbit-under-the-mountain, @tundra-tiger, @lilymaidofgallifrey, @thecaffeinebookwarrior, @jltillary, @writebruh, @acebelle, @writingibberish, @sapphicauthor, @malloryblaise

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If you're still doing them, can you do the prompt "We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?" With the 12th Doctor please?

Still doing them! Sorry it took me a while to respond, I had way too many tests in the past few weeks.

Anyways, here it is:

50. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?” with the 12th Doctor.

Master Prompt List (x)

These little things you do drive him crazy, and you love every moment of it.

“Is now really the time to fix your makeup?” he asks in disbelief, his Scottish accent rolling off his tongue as he glances back at the direction you came running from, carefully checking to see if the Sontarans that were chasing you have managed to catch up.

“My eyeliner’s ruined,” you say as if it explains everything. “Now, where’s my mascara?”

The look on his face is worth it, every time. He is always as surprised as he was the first time it happened, when you were hiding in a 13th century dungeon and you were on the phone with Clara.

“I know,” you told her. “I know. In his defence, he was aiming for you, he just missed. Oh, nothing too worse,” you said with a small smile. “Just a couple of centuries off. Just a sec, I’ll check. Doctor?” you asked, turning to look at him. “Do you think it’ll be okay if we went to pick Clara up on Friday, since we missed today?”

“Y/n,” he said through gritted teeth, “If they hear us, we won’t be there to pic Clara up anymore. Ever.”

“I’ll take that as a yes, then.”

You never do it when there is an immediate danger to your lives – you’re smarter than that, despite what the Doctor might say. But you also never pass on the opportunity when it presents itself.

“Maybe,” the Doctor sighs, “you could help me get us out of here instead of doing… whatever it is that you’re doing.”

“I’m doing the homework you assigned us,” you reply. “Maybe if you wouldn’t have given us so much to read before next class, I’d have been more available right now. Bill, did you understand what they meant in figure seventeen? The explanation is so unclear…”

“I did, and I’ll explain it to you back in the TARDIS,” Bill promises. “Just… help us now and I’ll help you later. Promise.”

“Can’t,” you fake a heavy sigh. “I need to finish this now or I’ll be late.”

“You don’t need to hand it over next class,” the Doctor quickly said. “You’ve got a three day extension. Happy now?”

“Very much so,” you say with a smile, closing your book and picking the lock in less than a minute. “There we go. Back to the TARDIS now, yeah?”

“Oh,” Bill laughs, looking at your back as you walk away from the room. “She played you. She totally played you.”

“Yeah,” the Doctor agrees. “I’m a bit ashamed to say it isn’t the first time, either.”

Bill’s laugh escort all three of you all the way back to Earth.

Most of the time, though, you don’t do it to annoy him, or to gain something from it. You do it just because that’s the way you do things.

The Doctor stops next to you as you walk around the campus, trying not to show how much he’s bothered by the water pouring over him from the sky.

“We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm,” he says slowly, “and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

“It calms me,” you tell him, reaching out a moving a soaked white curl away from his eyes.

“You’ll be the death of me,” he says, and you can hear nothing but fondness in his voice.

“You wish, old man,” you joke. “Race you to class?”

You start running before he even replies, and he quickly joins in. He wins, and you need to write a three-thousand-words essay because you were late to class, but you don’t care.

Next time you’ll be trapped somewhere, you’ll get an extension.

ML Fluff Month Day 6 - Blanket Fort

Kwamis are cute



When the Kwamis were together, trouble followed. Especially when Plagg and Trixx were together. But on this particular day, there were seven together.

Seven Chosens resided upstairs, training under the Guardian that had gifted each a Miraculous. It was something they did once a month now that all seven Miraculous’ were active. The Guardian even planned to retire completely soon, scrolls and books being given to the Turtle hero in increments.

But currently, the Kwamis were downstairs relaxing. Wayzz and Nooroo were enjoying a cup of tea, Pollen and Duusu were fixing each other’s appearances, and Plagg and Trixx were arguing while Tikki watched with a tired look. “I don’t think we’re using our time wisely, you two. Especially you, Plagg. I thought you missed me,” Tikki pouted.

Plagg didn’t look away from Trixx. “Of course I missed you, Cookie, but this stupid fox is insisting that she could make a better blanket fort than me!”

“Because I could! Foxes are smarter than cats. We live in dens, which is what blanket forts are.” Trixx smirked. “There’s no way a mangy black cat like you could possibly make a blanket fort half as good as me!”

Plagg growled. “That’s a stupid argument. You aren’t even a real fox. You’re a God!”

“Well, technically she’s still a real fox,” Wayzz piped up. “But it’s true, her being a fox should have no influence in her ability to make a blanket fort. She is a God, after all.”

“That’s right,” huffed Plagg.

Trixx frowned. “Master Fu has plenty of blankets lying around. I challenge you to a contest!” She swished her tail. “We each get two partners and Wayzz can judge who did a better job!”

“Deal!” Plagg quickly flew to Tikki. “I get Tikki and-” he looked around desperately- “and Duusu!”

The Peacock Kwami looked up from grooming Pollen. “Do I have to?”

“Absolutely!” Plagg insisted. “Please?”

Duusu rolled her eyes. “Fine.”

Trixx huffed. “Fine. I’ll take the other two bugs, then. Nooroo, Pollen. We have work to do!”

The two rolled their eyes, similarly to Duusu, but nonetheless joined the Fox Kwami.

Tikki nudged Plagg. “Are we really doing this?”

“Of course! I don’t back down from a challenge, especially from dirty foxes like her.” Plagg growled quietly. “Wayzz, countdown!”

The green Kwami took one last sip of tea. “Let me set some rules first. One: do not take blankets from other forts. Two: do not purposefully destroy your opponent’s fort. Three: do not make a mess. If we’re all ready then begin!”

The Kwamis shot off with lightning speed. The room was a blur of colors until both teams had a pile of blankets. They used whatever was in the room and began folding and stacking blankets and other objects to make the perfect fort. After an hour, the Kwamis were on the floor breathing heavily.

“It seems both teams are finished,” Wayzz mused. “Very well. I will begin judging, then.”

Wayzz hovered between the two forts, more concentrated on the tired Kwamis than the forts themselves. The six Kwamis completely exhausted themselves, an unnecessary waste of energy.

“Wayzz, give us an answer!” Plagg shouted. “Mine is better, right?”

“No, mine is!” Trixx insisted.

Wayzz grinned. “Both forts are adequate in use and style. I believe it is a tie.” There was a simultaneous groan from the Kwamis. “Let us just use these blanket forts instead. Until our Chosens have completed their monthly training with Master Fu.”

“Sounds great.” No one was sure which Kwami said that because within the next minute all seven were snoring softly. Their Chosens found them snoring, a smile on each of their faces.

The next month, the Chosens helped with the blanket forts and they all took a group nap after training.

Good news, bad news

I just got the job I wanted, for January.  

But, like, the absolute minimum figure I thought it would pay?  It pays about half of that.  

Under the circumstances, it might actually be smarter for me to live in Espanola and do the ten-hour commute once a week (5 there, 5 back) than to live in Toronto.  I mean… all the stuff I was looking forward to being able to do when I got back?  I can’t afford to do it.  I can pay rent on a cheap room, and that’s it.  I can’t afford things like transit or utilities, let alone concerts or dinners with friends.  

The new computer I really really need?  If I live there, it’s impossible.  If I stay here, I can save up for it.  

The commute would be brutal.  Not the five hours, that part is fine, but there’s only one bus a day each way.  I’d have to get a ride to Sudbury the night before, ride out at 1 AM the day of, and arrive at 6:15 for a day of teaching.  Then… the next bus doesn’t go out until 1 PM the day after.  I would have to sleep somehow, somewhere.  And shower.  

So yeah… not sure how I’m going to manage things.  We’ll work it out.  Somehow.  But I did get the job.  They do want me.  That’s good, right?