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I spent a long time today musing the paradoxical nature of the oil slick.

To the naked eye, it is alluring and enchanting; a liquid rainbow. Its seduction is a metaphor for its omnipresence in the world….

How could we tear our eyes away from something so beautiful?

How could we stop using something so vital to existence ?

The US uses more oil than any country in the world ~ almost 2 billion barrels (84 billion gallons ⛽️🤢) a day. Despite the fact that we’ve been relying on it for centuries, it has not proven to be a sustainable resource. Whether we like it or not, the impact of oil is destroying our planet. We need to continue advocating for safer and smarter energy alternatives & fight against those who claim that “climate change is a hoax” because they profit from oil’s greasy stream. Yes it’s “beautiful” in that it provides instant gratification / comfort to us as consumers, but we need to continue advocating for more sustainable alternatives.

Solidarity to all of the water protectors at Standing Rock ✊️ We are with you

Going on impulse.

IBM researchers are making the next generation of computing smarter, and more energy efficient. They’ve created artificial neurons that control signals in processors the same way biological neurons control signals in a brain. These neurons can gather, store and learn from information by themselves in real-time streams of event-based data.

This means they can do things like analyze volumes of weather data for faster forecasts or discover new trends in social data on their own. This is good news for people because when our computers can learn faster, we can learn more.

Find out more about the science behind artificial neurons →

How To Perform At Your Peak Every Day

10 Tips For Working Smarter

1) Don’t check your email first thing.

2) Make your first task of the day prioritizing your top three goals.

3) Conserve your decision-making energy at every opportunity.

4) Find and protect your quality thinking time.

5) Reserve meetings for your low-focus time.

6) Don’t waste precious energy multitasking. Single-task as much as you can.

7) At the beginning of each meeting, decide where you want to be by the end and the most effective way to get there.

8) Learn to maintain a positive state of mind.

9) Carve out down time.

10) Celebrate small wins.