[wednesday february 11//2:15pm]

finished *both* of my chem lab reports on time (woohoo!) after struggling with one of them for like 2 days. now its time to write a research proposal paper and wind down the week. thursdays are my hardest days and I have an algebra and chemistry quiz tomorrow so wish me luck guys! hope you’re having a productive hump day :)

February 10th || 10/100 days of productivity ✨

Working on some logo and typography designs for my Graphic Design class while I’m at work. We’re starting a huge semester long project on package/industrial design, which I’m really excited about. The problem is that I have more ideas for the actual package than the logo itself… (And yes, we have to design in Sharpie)

My teabag’s quote says: “There is nothing more precious than self-trust.”


2.10.16 at 2:39 pm (19/100) // rewriting some notes from today while i watch tiffanyferg’s roomies (go watch!!).  also continuously drinking large mugs of tea bc it’s winter af outside.  my lunch today was so good (healthy fats, lots of beans and vegetables, whole grain, fruit, only a teeny bit of refined sugar.)  i feel on track even though i felt unmotivated yesterday, and i definitely thank the studyblr community for keeping me productive even thru the sleepiest and laziest of times

Study tips by yours truly!

Hi, you may know me. You may not, my name is Roz! I’m 16 and I’m always lurking around on the internet trying to find study tips and hacks to make studying easier for a lazy bum like me. I’ve had my studyblr for about 2 years, so believe me when I tell you that I’ve picked up a thing or two, okay?

1) First of all, get cute stationary. Get those cute pens, you’ve been eyeing for a while. Get a pretty notebook with flowers. Do it. This no joke saved my ass during exam week. I don’t know why but my cute cat pen really motivated me to study - I passed most of my exams because of that pen. 

2) Do a learning style quiz. That way it’ll be easier to figure out what study technique works for you.  Seriously, learning that I was a visual and auditory learner made it so much easier to find out what worked for me and what didn’t.

3) Everyone says this, but revise regularly! I swear to God, revising is so important. Unless you have a super-memory, you won’t remember everything you learnt this year. Looking back through your notes will help you when exams roll in.

4) Keep snacks near you while you study. But, stay away from junk food. (ignore the gif) You’ll crash later, believe me. It’ll keep you alert and also, feels like a reward. My favourite thing to eat is mixed nuts, kiwis and fresh juices! But you can choose something you like.

5) If you feel yourself getting tired or exhausted. STOP. Take a break, relax. I know a lot of people, including myself - study to the point where I’m tired and or exhausted, if you feel that happening to you. Chill out, take a deep breathe and start over. If you over work yourself you will burn out, which is the worst. It really sucks. Don’t do it. Your mental health is far more important.

6) Check your specification/syllabus! It’s important as hell and if you can get a head-start on your subjects or if you want to know what’s going to be on your exam you have to check the specification! know exactly what you’re gonna get and be prepared! This literally saved me.

7) If you can afford it, invest in those really good revision books. Those books (if you can get them) will save your life. I have a biology book that I haven’t opened once, because my revision book has all the same information but it’s shorter and in amore concise form - my friend swears up and down that’s how she got an A* on her exam.

8) My last and final study tip is to get started. That sounds a bit weird but you won’t get anywhere if you don’t get started. So, take out your books, get a nice notebook, grab some water and start. You got this, kid.



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