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How did you find your passion? I've been looking for ages. I can't ever seem to get past the first stages of anything. Did you have to work at chemistry for a while before you enjoyed it? I'm thinking I just need to pick something and work at it...

LOL funny story actually!!!! My passion is anything forensics related and the only way to get that Forensics experience at NAU is to major in Chemistry. So I was like ok whatever I guess I like chemistry kind of, if that was the way to get into the forensics program, there were worse majors to go through. That was what my thinking was (Not too smart an idea, just “running” with a major and seeing how it goes omg hahahaaha) So I took some chem classes and they were good, I did fine but then I took Organic Chemistry and Analytical Chem AND IT WAS LIKE MY FUTURE OPENED BEFORE MY EYES they were sooooo funnnn and it was fascinating!!! I loved it!!! That’s when I kind of knew that I was good at it, I enjoyed it, and now it is my passion!

So yeah. I did have to dip my feet into it for a couple of years before I said YES this is for me. Maybe just choosing at random works, it did for me! D:
Save the Chinese Typewriter
Bring the First-Ever Chinese Typewriter Museum Exhibition around the World! | 盡管中文信息科技如此重要而龐大,在世上卻從來沒有過任何一家博物館有專門展出過這人類科技史上關鍵的一章,直到今天!

“Our campaign is called “Save the Chinese Typewriter,” raising the question: Save it from what?

We are trying to “Save” the Chinese Typewriter – and the History of Modern Chinese IT – from misunderstanding and oblivion.

Every day, more than 1,000,000,000 people use one or another form of Chinese Information Technology – whether texting on their smart phones, running Chinese-language web searches, or simply creating a document in Word. What is more, China and Asia are now prime engines (and markets) of IT innovation – a part of the world that every company in Silicon Valley has its eyes on.

Despite the size and importance of Chinese IT, there has never been a museum exhibit dedicated to this critically important chapter in the history of technology - until now!

Why is it is important to know more about this history, though?

Well, for more than 200 years, all of the most powerful IT innovations have depended upon alphabets in order to function work: telegraphy, typewriting, computing, and more. For most of this history, people assumed that the only way China would become “modern” was to get rid of their non-alphabetic writing system altogether. Supposedly there was no other way.

Fast forward to the present, and it seems that China has defied such predictions: Chinese characters are alive and well, and East Asian countries like China, Taiwan, and Singapore are IT powerhouses.

What happened?

The answer to this question is one of the many fascinating stories contained in this museum exhibit - an exhibit that will capture the imagination of anyone with an interest in technology, world culture, China, language, and innovation.”

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abby i've been drunk once in my life like three months ago and it was great, i didn't have the stifling amounts of anxiety i usually do and i played spin the bottle and kissed like three girls!! so now i think about getting drunk again sometime and how much i'd like to do that but also i'm terrified of like becoming an alcoholic. anyways i just wanted to vent a little because i feel weird talking about this to anyone else so i guess thanks for being approachable!! ily!

this is v much how i respond to certain types of alcohol, and i also have a history of alcoholism in my family so i have to be really careful. looking forward to having less anxiety and being able to kiss girls doesn’t mean that you’re going to be an alcoholic, nor does drinking a lot tbh. the best thing is that you’re already thinking about it, because when you start out drinking the best advice i can give is to be careful, and to try and stay self aware. getting drunk occasionally is not inherently harmful, you just have to stay vigilant and responsible. i hardly drink anymore, but i’m also not ~afraid~ of alcohol anymore bc i know what my limits are and how to protect myself. the bottom line is that you can have anxiety free fun while also being responsible. 

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can you do a Happy letter where he tells you you're too innocent for him?

Listen up little girl. I heard a few of the Old Lady’s talking. I know you think I’ve been ignoring you and you’re right, I have. I’ve been turning a blind eye to your advances.  This - you and me - can’t happen. You’re too far out of my league. I’d do nothing but corrupt you. If you’re smart, you’ll run away from all of us. We’re nothing but trouble. You have a bright future ahead of you. Don’t let it get bogged down by hanging around a bunch of criminals like me and the boys. You’re too innocent for this life. I want nothing more than to take you to my dorm and show you a good time, but I can’t watch you waste your life with someone like me. I was hoping you’d get the hint and take a hike yourself but it looks like you’re going to make me push you away. Don’t listen to the lies the crows have been telling you. Don’t become one of them. I won’t let it happen. Stay away from us. It’s for your own good. - Happy

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Can the EVO Smart Console run DOOM?

I had to look up what this is.

Strangely, despite being basically a consolized computer running Linux, I’m not able to find any evidence of anyone running Doom on it. That doesn’t seem right… but to be fair, I haven’t had breakfast yet so I might be missing something obvious.

Oh also....

there are two other (I know, not just two, but these are currently sticking out to me) from that stupid blog;

1) She kicked Moe out of his own shop to talk to Scaly: you mean the same “Moe’s own shop” that Kwumple had just entered, made demands of the man he beat into a coma and was now terrorizing and triggering? The same Moe who was clearly HAPPY to leave, because he viewed Emma as having saved him?

2) She thinks she is smart yet she always runs to Regina or Rumple for a solution to her problems. It’s time someone learned how to clean up their own mess. Ummmmm, Scaly and Regina are literally the cause of Emma’s “problems” and the entire show premise revolves around poor Emma having to clean up THEIR messes and save everyone. Plus, really, past maybe season 2, when has she sought their help for solving her issues? And when didn’t they either A) benefit from it, B) she was actually saving them or C) she was fixing fuck-ups/working as a team (Regina) for a mutually beneficial end goal or to thwart them (Scaly)?

Bonus # 3 She is responsible for ruining Robin Hood’s life. WTF???? Again, if you’re gonna twist that far back, then really, that still rests squarely with Kwumple and Regina. And Greenie Zee….

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Struck by a lightning?! Can you expand that? (I am really excited to hear about that)

I dont remember much as i was a wee one. I was visiting family in florida, dont remember the town. but we got caught in hurricane andrew and my smart *** decided to go run outside and play in the rain right next to a giant tree. Lightning struck the tree and bounced onto me. Apparently, when my family found me i had no pulse and no heartbeat. they decided i was dead. but i woke up while they were waiting for the ambulance to get to me and was asking them what happened.


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So important question about the cubs how smart are they. Because I get a very animal vib from your descriptions, but is that more of a they are just an alien intelligence or are they more a bestial intelligence?

It’s because they’re babies, actually. As they grow, they get a lot smarter. While they’re very young, they’re fairly smart, but run a lot on instinct. 

It’s actually one of the fears Alpha has - that his kids would be nothing but little beasts in mind. But! They start developing and learning about the six month mark and take off from there. Instead of parroting words - though they still do that - they start learning the meaning of words. Like, they start calling Eri ‘Mum’ and Alpha ‘Dad’ while Rhys and Tim are ‘Poppa’ to them. They understand what certain words are and learn how to respond in kind.

It’s just when they’re very small, they’re fairly advanced compared to a human baby, but mostly in a beast way. c:

lol a light just turned off behind me. am i the protagonist in a horror movie, a side character who’s the first to be killed, or the side character who is smart and just runs off?
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Images Reveal Jude Law as Vortigern
Jude Law is Arthur's (Charlie Hunnam) wicked uncle Vortigern in new images from Guy Ritchie's King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

“EW’s report reveals that Legend of the Sword‘s version of Vortigern … possesses “a set of deadly magical powers” that he uses to claim the throne and murder his brother: Arthur’s father, Uther Pendragon (Eric Bana).”

Okay, this will be indeed be an interesting conflation of timelines. I also note that there is no mention of Merlin at the moment - I’m hoping that is simply something that will be revealed at SDCC along with a full trailer. Until then I’m trying to reserve judgement but the idea of a street-smart Arthur “who runs the back alleys of Londonium [sic] with his gang” is at least different to everything that’s gone before, movie-wise. 

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If you were in a horror movie would you be the one who gets killed first. Or the final survivor, or be the killer

None lmao I’m the smart one who fucking RUNS FROM DANGER WHEN SHE SENSES IT YEEZUS