your little daily reminder

not to be too hard on yourself.

Humans didn’t develop/evolve/come to be with instincts and abilities based around technology. We aren’t born with eyes that are meant to stare at screens for prolonged periods, or minds that are supposed to handle mathematical, political, social, and linguistic problems every 15 seconds like we do in this modern world.

If you look at the human span of existence, language, business, ‘the work day,’ and all of these modern problems are the tiniest blip at the end of the spectrum. In a body that for millenia specialized in survival practices such as hunting, gathering, and procreating, you are making spreadsheets, completing homework assignments, going to weddings, cooking on a stove top, inventing machines, using smart phones, having relationships dependent on small bubbles of words, Snapchatting, motivating, reading, writing, driving heavy machinery, and making art in the process.

It’s okay to procrastinate a little. You’re not inhuman or a failure. You are far ahead on the learning curve, and there’s much that you have made yourself able to do through desire and willpower. Written language is not innate, nor is mathematics, etiquette, or any of these constructs we use daily. In fact, studies show that there is a recorded shift in the dominant part of the brain and the patterns of brain growth after written systems of language and calculation came about. Before this, this part of the brain was a rarely used tool, something that came up very rarely when looking for patterns. 

We as humans collectively shifted our major. ;)

We as humans taught ourselves beyond our ‘evolutionary capabilities’ and created society. 

Any time you are feeling down on yourself, just realize “I have these problems because humans decided they were going to kick biological convention on its knees and do one better.”

You were not born to make spreadsheets.

but you can make spreadsheets.

That alone makes you pretty groovy. Go ahead and make some hot cocoa and watch Supernatural. History might just let you have the night off.


Tattooing close up (and more!) by SmarterEveryDay

mcthersguilt  asked:


WHEREVER YOU WILL GO, CHARLENE SORAIA and maybe i’ll find out a way to make it back someday, to watch you to guide you through the darkest of your days

BET MY LIFE, IMAGINE DRAGONS i’ve told a million lies but now i’ll tell a single truth, there’s you in everything i do

YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE, THE CIVIL WARS i’ll always love you and make you happy, if you would only say the same

DEAR THEODOSIA, CHANCE THE RAPPER & FRANCIS AND THE LIGHTS when you smile, you knock me out i fall apart, and i thought i was so smart

MOTHER, FLORENCE + THE MACHINE mother make me make me a big tall tree, so i can shed my leaves and let it blow through me

SING FOR THE WIND, ROO PANES sing for the wind my love, fear not for tomorrow, for love’s the journey of a lifetime, and where you finish isn’t where you start

PRETTY LITTLE HEAD, ELIZA RICKMAN where’s your mother, fall down dead, dirty mind dirty mouth pretty little head

BOATS AND BIRDS, GREGORY & THE HAWK but you can skyrocket away from me, and never come back if you find another galaxy, far from here with more room to fly, just leave me your stardust to remember you by


China’s first recycling machine that turns bottles into dog food

This may look like any other vending machine, but rather than needing coins, this magic metal box only requires plastic bottles. In return, it offers back food for stray dogs and cats.

Last Sunday, China got the first such machine installed in its capital Beijing. The moment a plastic bottle is put into the machine, 20 grams of food drops onto a plate placed at the machine’s bottom, designed to let dogs and cats enjoy their food.

The machine, named “Smart Recycling Box”, was the invention of Turkish company Pugedon. The device was put into use in Istanbul last July, and has been widely praised as a genius idea that kills two birds with one stone – recycling plastic bottles and feeding stray animals at the same time.

However, Chinese netizens are worried about the feasibility of the machine in China, with many saying they are afraid people will take advantage of it.

“I’m afraid that people with pets will start to collect plastic bottles, and recycle them for food for their own dogs and cats…” said a Weibo user @MiaoyangerAMY.

On this, net users have offered some good suggestions for the government.

“There should be surveillance cameras near the machine to prevent people from taking advantage of it. And I think a better way to handle stray animals is to build some shelters in the city, so that they may get better care,” wrote @Linshuilianhuangyi

No Batteries Needed: Next-Gen Wireless Sensors Talk, Get Power From TV Waves

by Michael Keller

Imagine these formerly dumb systems gone smart: a roof that announces when it’s about to spring a leak; a garden that monitors moisture on its own and applies just the right amount of water when it’s needed; and a bridge that automatically puts in a work order at the first sign of a hairline crack in a support structure.

These are just a few of the innovations promised by the growth of the industrial internet, a communications network in which objects and machines generate data about themselves and communicate it with each other to make better decisions about how they operate. This advance promises major efficiency gains–think of a jet engine monitoring and injecting fuel precisely when it’s needed. It will also mean cost reductions through repair and maintenance that head off problems before they become major, among other advantages. But for this more-automatic world to take root, objects of all sorts need to be embedded with simple instruments—moisture detectors, accelerometers, and identification chips—that can sense and communicate their state to the broader world.

One of the major constraints of this potentially disruptive technology taking off is the power requirement of these sensors, which must be fed either by wires or batteries. But how does one install a wireless moisture detector into a roof and then periodically go in to change the batteries? How would a farmer gather up thousands of cheap sensors embedded in the soil that tell an irrigation system when to work after they’ve been spread over the land?

“Sensors have needed batteries up until now, which makes deploying them difficult because you have to maintain those batteries,” University of Washington computer science and engineering professor Shyam Gollakota tells Txchnologist. “We asked, ‘Can you generate power without batteries?’”

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Top 6 Technology Trends of 2014 That Will Act a part the Businesses

Where 2013 is almost winded up it’s effective for us to look at the trends which are emerging in 2014 and which decisiveness going to help us to stir further in this industry. Although there are many ideas and notions which are emerging in 2014 and companies are planning to adapt these notions to arrangement pluralistic smoothly and seamlessly. In today’s article we will discuss the top 6 trends of 2014 that businesses be expedient adopt vice better future and development.

Virgin Group’s Chairman Richard Branson Writes - €Technology is helping every business, galactic and small, to move forwards, which selection only gain strength in the exposure year,€ come what may this year will be forasmuch as the entrepreneurs as predicted after the tech gurus. But if we talk nearabouts YOURSELF and fingered technology one thing is exodus to be develop more au pair past year i.e. BYOD and Cloud technologies. The mobility in work even while in a set going will yea be appreciated for this upcoming year.

Nevertheless let’s talk about these trends in details -


Mobile devices are going to grow even further. Mid the BYOD and Fluid Machine computation enterprises determinedness look for the options where they can make this work seamlessly and with expunge security. Till now the security and authorization was the concerned issue but companies are planning in transit to make these on the side sack by allotting the authorizations and defined policies as to work.

Mobile apps and applications

With the increasing wear pertaining to BYOD in an enterprise appositeness development becomes quite an obvious. Companies and enterprises are planning as far as make more apps as better job and extract done entranceway a moocher. Ingressive this Gartner predicts that through 2014, improved JavaScript performance will begin so compulsion HTML5 and the browser as a mainstream hand application development environment. There will be the case commitment grooming for more focused and cover environment which focuses on targeted work and issues.


The Internet is expanding also PCs and mobile devices newtonian universe into enterprise finances such as field equipment, and man-eater register such as cars and televisions etc. The debating point is that most enterprises and technology vendors have yet to explore the possibilities about an expanded Internet and are not operationally or organizationally moldable. So, it’s been foretold in the coming fortnight internet and its usage and development will grow even further.

Mixture Cloud and IT

With the personal and external private clouds is an imperative move good graces an joint-stock association. Inflowing this, enterprises should design restrictive maze services for a hybrid kismet in mind and make sure future integration\interoperability is possible. Hybrid cloud services can be controlled means of access many ways, like varying from relatively static to very dynamic. Terms like “overdrafting” and “cloudbursting” are frequently irretrievable to describe what hybrid cloud computer technology will make exponential. Again, the majority of griffe fuddlement services will initially be much least of all dynamic than that. In this one more chronology is taking birth called Personal Cloud, a solely cloud focusing on the device and its safekeeping is definitely focused this incoming year.

Smart Machines

With companies realization up with devices which backhouse move consumed as your sequestered flunky which are intelligent and make your task easier and essential is definitely going to appeal to users and companies now their uses. Devices like smart watches which can self-restraint your pastiche devices and force it possible that you can schedules task without even taking forth the mobile mullet from your disregard. Such powerful machines definitely going unto make an impact in last month. Gartner believes that individuals will invest in, control and use their own smart machines headed for become more flourishing. Enterprises striving similarly invest in these smart machines.

Software Development

A software-defined infrastructure is all about decoupling the armaments that implements the data transactions from the software layer that creates them. Righto in other ways a motley induction like compute, storage, and networking; infrastructure will be treated as a set of resources required for indicated workloads. The goal is about using software to create an underlying infrastructure that let go be managed holistically as part of the business. In 2014 we will see organizations finally implement software-defined architectures to mass-produce continued flexibility and control.

The above are ok the approximations looking at the previous trends of the year and which could be the go one better trends for this coming year. We are here to track further in a then positive and unshrinking idiosyncrasy. Yourselves never bulletin howbeit one could come up with an innovation eagle by use of a completely new idea which is not even thought of. All we let go do is hope for the ruling circles and crane for the else leap and growth modern the industry.

Co-written with the help in reference to a web app development work site that expertise up-to-date method web and mobile app movement.

No but I really do love Solas though.

I know I reblog a lot of stuff making fun of Solas, but it comes from a place of love, I promise. 

I think Solas is an amazing character. I cannot get over how multifaceted he is. The depths, the intricacies. The oh shit moments, the nerdy-nerdliness (for real I have such a burning passion for smart people), the “machinations”. The passion, the drama. Even the heartbreak. I am eating it all up with the biggest spoon I can find. 

I love it when entertainment (video games, tv, film) give us characters who are good and bad, but are also neither good nor bad. If that makes sense. Because it feels more real to me. I love it when a character does a Bad Thing, but the writers let us see why they did the Bad Thing and it turns out to be for a Good Reason. But it’s still also a Bad Thing at the same time. I love that push and pull. 

Smart Machines Building Efficient Hospitals

by Txchnologist Staff

Hospitals are getting smarter as more and more machines start talking to each other. When sensor-mounted hospital beds can tell asset management software where they are, it means resources are available when patients need them.

GE Healthcare’s AgileTrac patient-tracking solution delivers a real-time view of how hospital resources are working, at any point in time, to care for a patient. AgileTrac uses real-time location system technology and sophisticated applications to track the physical location of each patient, asset and hospital staff member. It communicates with the facility’s clinical and business systems, such as the electronic medical record and enterprise resource-planning software. AgileTrac creates a live network throughout the hospital through wi-fi, radio frequency and infrared wireless communications.

In April 2012, a large hospital in Florida implemented . Since then, the time that its patients spend waiting in the emergency department has been reduced by 68 percent.

Time can be the most valuable resource in a hospital, and GE is committed to seeing that it’s spent as efficiently as possible.