I think that Papyrus would become a mechanic or engineer on the surface. He is smart and making\fixing machines could be a challenging new puzzle for him. Since the royal guard would be abolished and no traps to make he would use his smarts for other things. (I think he would either figure out or someone would tell him that he is not good at cooking)


The Hologram is Breaking Down

Apr. 27, 2017

Captured today in my new hobby of zooming in on airplanes with my new 40x zoom camera.  The UFO watchers in LA have much higher zooms than this, but this one is enough to really see that the planes are not planes.

The craft that we see spraying chemtrails appears not to be a solid object.  It appears to be of the same material as the very trail coming out of it.  We are living in a hologram created by our minds, a false illusion.  The illusion is perpetuated by our ignorance and by our willingness to be mind controlled.  We take into our lives devices designed to suppress and alter our brain waves, so we can’t see what’s going on around us.  It’s not just because we’re always looking down, but because we’re being controlled through and through.  Worried about computer operated driver-less cars?  We already have them.  The people driving the cars are completely controlled by their smart phones and GPS machines.  That’s why everyone drives like a moron these days.

The chemtrails are a psy-op to keep us afraid and anyone speaking at any of the major chemtrails summits or taking up ridiculous lawsuits against geoengineering are paid shills.  I’ve been too nice for too long.  Michael Murphy, Dane Wigington, Scott Stevens, annoying newcomer Matt Landman, crackpot ninny Cara St. Louis and the rest, I see through you.  No understanding of orgone energy, spreading fear and helplessness, and appealing to a business entity that calls itself a government that has no authority to regulate anything.  I do not want to hear about the “good aliens” saving us or the “Alliance.”  Don’t speak to me of fairies and air spirits.  We’re at war with off worlders and it’s up to us to grow up, stop ignoring reality, and do something about it.

There is a major cover up going on here, and this cover up is about our own life force energy and manifesting power and of the alien interference on Earth.  Lawsuits?  How can you sue shape shifting inter-dimensional entities that are here to suck off the life force energy of our Earth and live on our suffering?  Is this actually a plane or a hologram in the computer program that the controlled opposition says is the government spraying us?

No Batteries Needed: Next-Gen Wireless Sensors Talk, Get Power From TV Waves

by Michael Keller

Imagine these formerly dumb systems gone smart: a roof that announces when it’s about to spring a leak; a garden that monitors moisture on its own and applies just the right amount of water when it’s needed; and a bridge that automatically puts in a work order at the first sign of a hairline crack in a support structure.

These are just a few of the innovations promised by the growth of the industrial internet, a communications network in which objects and machines generate data about themselves and communicate it with each other to make better decisions about how they operate. This advance promises major efficiency gains–think of a jet engine monitoring and injecting fuel precisely when it’s needed. It will also mean cost reductions through repair and maintenance that head off problems before they become major, among other advantages. But for this more-automatic world to take root, objects of all sorts need to be embedded with simple instruments—moisture detectors, accelerometers, and identification chips—that can sense and communicate their state to the broader world.

One of the major constraints of this potentially disruptive technology taking off is the power requirement of these sensors, which must be fed either by wires or batteries. But how does one install a wireless moisture detector into a roof and then periodically go in to change the batteries? How would a farmer gather up thousands of cheap sensors embedded in the soil that tell an irrigation system when to work after they’ve been spread over the land?

“Sensors have needed batteries up until now, which makes deploying them difficult because you have to maintain those batteries,” University of Washington computer science and engineering professor Shyam Gollakota tells Txchnologist. “We asked, ‘Can you generate power without batteries?’”

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Fairy Chihiro:
- Can be found in expensive hardware stores or lurking around places with lots of computers.
- Comes in two types–one with a skirt & one with pants.
- Very smart and friendly. Understands machine language and can help you with programming if plugged to the computer.
- Super computer processing power.
- Can’t fly.
- Ability: Can receive and send signals between fellow Chihiro Fairies using the antenna. Use as a GPS to locate your friends carrying some of them ;D

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your little daily reminder

not to be too hard on yourself.

Humans didn’t develop/evolve/come to be with instincts and abilities based around technology. We aren’t born with eyes that are meant to stare at screens for prolonged periods, or minds that are supposed to handle mathematical, political, social, and linguistic problems every 15 seconds like we do in this modern world.

If you look at the human span of existence, language, business, ‘the work day,’ and all of these modern problems are the tiniest blip at the end of the spectrum. In a body that for millenia specialized in survival practices such as hunting, gathering, and procreating, you are making spreadsheets, completing homework assignments, going to weddings, cooking on a stove top, inventing machines, using smart phones, having relationships dependent on small bubbles of words, Snapchatting, motivating, reading, writing, driving heavy machinery, and making art in the process.

It’s okay to procrastinate a little. You’re not inhuman or a failure. You are far ahead on the learning curve, and there’s much that you have made yourself able to do through desire and willpower. Written language is not innate, nor is mathematics, etiquette, or any of these constructs we use daily. In fact, studies show that there is a recorded shift in the dominant part of the brain and the patterns of brain growth after written systems of language and calculation came about. Before this, this part of the brain was a rarely used tool, something that came up very rarely when looking for patterns. 

We as humans collectively shifted our major. ;)

We as humans taught ourselves beyond our ‘evolutionary capabilities’ and created society. 

Any time you are feeling down on yourself, just realize “I have these problems because humans decided they were going to kick biological convention on its knees and do one better.”

You were not born to make spreadsheets.

but you can make spreadsheets.

That alone makes you pretty groovy. Go ahead and make some hot cocoa and watch Supernatural. History might just let you have the night off.

Dear Newsies [DEH/Newsies Crossover au]

[I wrote this at 5am so don’t expect the best]
[This is mostly ideas that I came up with, and I haven’t seen anyone else talk about an AU like this! Also yes I know I didn’t mention parents and Connor and Zoe are poor unlike in DEH but I really like how far I’ve gotten.]


-Connor and Zoe were both found on the streets of Brooklyn by Racetrack Higgins when they were both still young.

-Decided to stay in Brooklyn and sell there instead of going back and forth from Manhattan like Race does.

-Looks up to Spot Conlon as a big brother, even though he’s gotten much taller than him.

-never bothers to go to the barber, finds it a waste of the money he works too hard for.

-If he were to get a haircut he’d do it himself or ask Zoe (no way he’s trusting any of the others near his head with scissors).

-Gives up meals for Zoe if they don’t make enough money on a certain day.

-when the strike happened he was more than ready to deck anyone who looked at him or his friends wrong.

-(I’ll add more as this develops)


-working her ass off as a badass factory girl.

-Immediately disagrees with factory conditions as well as the ones her brother faces.

-almost loses the only job she’s ever gonna have being poor and female for trying to speak out, luckily she is great at charming her way out of trouble.

-begs Connor to let her go to Manhattan with him and the Brooklyn Newsies, when he says no she sneaks off trailing behind them, after the initial fight she comes out with a few bruises but nothing more.

-Connor is definitely still PISSED (not much at her, but at whoever dared put their grimy hands on his little sister) and he yells at her asking if she knows what could have happened and that he doesn’t wanna lose her.

-they have a good sibling cry and hug for a while

-She helps patch him and the other boys up and pretty much mothers them.

-she tries to convince the other girls who work with her to start something like what the Newsies did.

-(I’ll add more as this develops)


-thrown in the refuge for stealing food for himself, he couldn’t fight off Snyder, especially not while starving.

-that’s where he met Jack Kelly, who was set on escaping.

-(is it cliché to have the main characters meet?)

-immediately trusted Jack when he brought all he could to the kids once he’d escaped.

-Evan escaped when alot of kids had been leaving after Jack, he’d collapsed in panic and exhaustion god knows how many blocks away from the refuge and hoped he’d be able to at least spend the night unbothered in an alleyway.

-Specs found him curled up shivering two nights later, and his first thought was to take him to the lodging house.

-Evan immediately refused, he wasn’t gonna trust anyone in his panicked state. Specs begged him to at least stay the night somewhere he wasn’t going to freeze, and if he still wanted to he could leave in the morning.

-When he woke up he was alot calmer but still intent on leaving, until he saw Jack. He walked up to him and thanked him for everything he did for kids in the refuge, because most of them might have died without him.

-Evan Hansen is shown the ropes that very day by Jack, he makes the mistake of asking the same question Davey did his first day and was (rudely, he’d thought) corrected.

-During the strike Evan tries to stay out of the way as much as he can, which earns him a punch from Oscar Delancey, who’d noticed his reluctance to fight and prayed on the weak.

-Oscar just wrecked by anyone who was close by, no way was he going to hurt somebody who “ain’t done no wrong” as they said.

-(evan was the easiest to write about actually)


-another Manhattan boy

-struggled to get any kind of job, despite how smart he was with machines, no one wanted a kid who couldn’t reach the top shelf.

-(jared is short fight me)

-he sat on the side streets until he came across Crutchie carrying papes with the saddest expression, he hadn’t sold much that day and was ready to head back and be full of shame with more than half his papes not gone.

-Jared knew what newsboys did and immediately jumped into action and took pity on him (though Crutchie would argue he definitely didn’t need it, he was grateful)

-he whispers to the boy to keep quiet and go along with it and before Crutchie can respond Jared catches the attention of a woman nearby “Excuse me miss? Would you mind buying a paper from me and my brother? He’d ask himself but he ain’t able to.” He threw in a fake coughing fit and the woman pressed her hand to her heart and gave them way more than was needed for a single pape.

-they’d sold them all and Crutchie insisted Jared take half the money but he told him he couldn’t.

-Crutchie dragged him to the lodging house at the end of the day shouting something about how Jared was “a natural” and “had to meet Jack”

-During the strike he was one of the first ones to get to Evan and Oscar and knocked him down with a punch to the nose, when Oscar got back up is when others started to get to him.

-(just like Evan, jared was easier to write about)

-(I’ll add more as this develops)


-A writer like Katherine!

-she writes alongside Kath and sometimes edits for her so when it gets to an editor he can’t make Kath out to be stupid or lower than him because of a small mistake.

-Alana is one to stay a bit quieter about sexism in their workplace, but she clearly isn’t for it and needs to vent sometimes, and Katherine is always there for her.

-Alana had gotten beautiful pictures always, but only with Kath’s camera, neither of the girls know why.

-During the strike they collaboratively wrote the best article The Sun had in a while.

-Editors were basically begging to edit for them, but they were amazing on their own.

-(I’ll add more as this develops)

oh my gosh.. i went down 2 the vending machine 2 get a nice 2 am snack of peanut m&ms BUT the machine messed up and gave me 2 packs instead of 1 on accident so i was like :) but also :( bc now the next person wouldnt have any SO!!! i paid again and chose the same slot so the next pack would come to the front EXCEPT this machine is smart apparently and it just kept going until the next pack fell down so..

i only wanted 1 pack of peanut m&ms and now i have 3 so who wants some


China’s first recycling machine that turns bottles into dog food

This may look like any other vending machine, but rather than needing coins, this magic metal box only requires plastic bottles. In return, it offers back food for stray dogs and cats.

Last Sunday, China got the first such machine installed in its capital Beijing. The moment a plastic bottle is put into the machine, 20 grams of food drops onto a plate placed at the machine’s bottom, designed to let dogs and cats enjoy their food.

The machine, named “Smart Recycling Box”, was the invention of Turkish company Pugedon. The device was put into use in Istanbul last July, and has been widely praised as a genius idea that kills two birds with one stone – recycling plastic bottles and feeding stray animals at the same time.

However, Chinese netizens are worried about the feasibility of the machine in China, with many saying they are afraid people will take advantage of it.

“I’m afraid that people with pets will start to collect plastic bottles, and recycle them for food for their own dogs and cats…” said a Weibo user @MiaoyangerAMY.

On this, net users have offered some good suggestions for the government.

“There should be surveillance cameras near the machine to prevent people from taking advantage of it. And I think a better way to handle stray animals is to build some shelters in the city, so that they may get better care,” wrote @Linshuilianhuangyi

The Science Behind Patent No. 9117446

In today’s cognitive era, machines can listen and talk back to us. But can they understand the emotional nuances of our conversations? You betcha – with IBM’s Patent No. 9117446. This system detects and assigns emotion to text in TTS (text to speech) applications, so machines can read and express emotion in response to what we say, how we say it, our facial expressions and body language. And we don’t have to wait an age to see it at work. ­Emotion-detecting robots are already serving customers in banks and coffee shops, and keeping nursing home residents entertained – with each robot able to converse with humans and express themselves on an emotional level. So the next time you say you love technology, it might just love you back. 

See what else we’ve patented in our record 23rd year →

The signs as relatable Sebastien Lefebvre tweets
  • ARIES: That yodelling bear has my baby dancing
  • TAURUS: Overdue for an adventure.
  • GEMINI: Just got vomited on. PS: reruns aren't so bad
  • CANCER: I do not spend enough time without clothes on
  • LEO: Old dumb life, brand new attitude. #MotivationMonday
  • VIRGO: The awkward dilemma of uncomfortable good looking pants...
  • LIBRA: Explain to me how when a bug is about to die it uses its last energy to flip over.
  • SCORPIO: Saturday. I might get a smaller amount of emails today.
  • SAGITTARIUS: The hot water in coffee machines always tastes like coffee. Probably cuz I'm the only one that drinks water from a coffee machine. I'm smart
  • CAPRICORN: The thing about tank tops is that I feel kind of insecure about exposing my armpit hair to the world like that. I'm weird.
  • AQUARIUS: Favorite karaoke moment: falsetto part in "take on me".
  • PISCES: This evening needs popcorn.

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Ahhhhh, Ahmanon, you’re making me want to watch it again, but I am stuck at work. 😭😭😭😭 Gonna have to tomorrow when I am off! I love how Sofia can make such an amazing killer expression when she’s actually a sweetie.

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No but I really do love Solas though.

I know I reblog a lot of stuff making fun of Solas, but it comes from a place of love, I promise. 

I think Solas is an amazing character. I cannot get over how multifaceted he is. The depths, the intricacies. The oh shit moments, the nerdy-nerdliness (for real I have such a burning passion for smart people), the “machinations”. The passion, the drama. Even the heartbreak. I am eating it all up with the biggest spoon I can find. 

I love it when entertainment (video games, tv, film) give us characters who are good and bad, but are also neither good nor bad. If that makes sense. Because it feels more real to me. I love it when a character does a Bad Thing, but the writers let us see why they did the Bad Thing and it turns out to be for a Good Reason. But it’s still also a Bad Thing at the same time. I love that push and pull. 

Reasons why being an INTP is amazing
- You love learning
- Independent reading is never a problem
- Literal cinnamon roll that could kill you
- Your super-duper rare
- Amazing at problems
- Your view of the world is so dreamy
- Your sarcasm

Reasons why being an INTP sucks
- People call you a waste of intellect
- Focusing is a pain
- Can become lonely
- Emotions are confusing
- People think your lazy
- Hard to maintain friends
- Relationships all together are a pain
- People call you heartless, a machine
- So smart but just can’t apply yourself
- Teachers often dislike you for this
- Social Anxiety
- Over thinking gives you headaches
- People think your shy, but you just don’t know what to say

Underrated Voltron Dynamics: Lance and Shiro
  • The perfect straight man/comedian duo. 
  • It takes Lance a while to realize that when Shiro deadpans after a punch line or strategically cuts him off, that’s he’s doing it on purpose
  • Lance’s respect for Shiro climbs to astronomic portions after that. 
  • Shiro recognizes how much Lance is hurting, missing Earth. He makes a point to compliment Lance and make sure how much he means to team, how much good he’s doing for the galaxy. Shiro is the giver of Validation. 
  • Lance can instantly lighten any mood. It’s his superpower. He’s the class clown and he knows it. So maybe once in a while when Shiro is looking down Lance joshes around with him a little. A pratfall, a strategically loud and ridiculous argument with Keith, anything to get Shiro’s mind off of whatever’s eating him. 
  • Lance is constantly going to Shiro for piloting advice. He has a chance to fly with his hero, he’s not letting it go to waste. At their core Shiro and Lance are both very intuitive pilots who work best when they’re in a zone of calm, Shiro is just a little better at finding his calm than Lance is. Lance understands this, respects this, and still refuses to calm the heck down, but keeps going to Shiro for advice anyways. 
  • Shiro actually trusts Lance the most in a pinch. Hunk and Pidge are more machine smart than tactically smart and Keith is impulsive, but Lance has a strategist’s brain and always comes through in a crisis.
  • they both love the sky, just being up there with their lions, and often fly patrol together.  
Everybody Having Enough
  • Luke: [age 12] “If you had a time machine, you could sleep in all you want, and then just go back in time to when you have to get to school.”
  • Mom: “Oh, wow. Imagine a full night’s sleep every night before work.”
  • Luke: “I wonder: What would the world be like if everybody had enough sleep?”
  • Me: “I bet there would be fewer wars.”
  • Mom: “If everybody had enough sleep, enough food, and enough clean water, there wouldn’t be any war at all.”
  • Luke: “Yeah, except, everybody having enough isn’t enough for everybody.”
  • Mom: [after a pause] “Well said, Luke.”
  • Me: “That was deep.”
  • Luke: “Whoa. I sounded smart.”
My father was right: part 1

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“Anonymous asked: Could I please request a fic where the Reader (who is Alan Grant’s Daughter) comes to shut down the park because of what happened the first time, but Owen “kidnaps” the Reader to show them it’s safe and they end up falling in love. Eventually the Indominus-Rex gets out, but at the very end when they’re safe the Reader says “I told you so” while they’re hugging or something and they’re just completely dirty and beat up.
Thank you for the request and I’m so sorry that it took me a couple days to get to this one. Basically I had to mull over it as I can’t imagine writing so much action in a oneshot. So there shall be a few parts to it. Apologies for the lack of Owen. Thank you for the wonderful suggestion I am absolutely inlove with the opportunities in this one and nervous about writing it well. I hope you enjoy!

TW: swearing. I just fucking love swearing ok?! I have a problem! Shit!

You have never felt so outraged in your life. You were fuming…
Throughout the whole bumpy and shaky helicopter ride you stared out of the window, mentally having an argument with anyone and everyone on the island. There was a special reservoir of anger reserved for Dr. Henry Wu, the scientist, who survived the original Jurassic Park and who now was the leading scientist in the labs of the new dinosaur park. Jurassic World, they called it…
You’ve bit your lip in frustration. They could not call it “Jurassic Park” again, could they? Wouldn’t want people to remember what happened and remind them that the people on this God forsaken island were trying to play God. Some people just never fucking learn, do they.

You jumped down from the helicopter after it landed, its rotor blades still spinning above your head.
“Miss Grant, I hope the journey was comfortable” a very tanned man with coal black hair and a very expensive suit smiled heartily and extended his hand to shake yours.
“Mr. Masrani himself, I assume? Just to clarify for the future - that’s doctor, not miss. I take pride in the many years of work I’ve put in and the many more years MY FATHER has put into research. I simply cannot allow it not to be acknowledged” you’ve put the emphasis on the father part. “Pleasure” you shook his hand just slightly more firmly than acceptable, keeping a poker face.
“Oh, my apologies. Dr. Grant, it is an absolute pleasure to have you here. I only wish your father would have arrived with you. I am a big fan of his and your work and wished to meet him” he smiled wholeheartedly and opened the door for you and gestured you to take a seat in the car.
“He did get your multiple invites. Would you like to know what happened with them? They ended up in the bin, unopened” you snapped. “You can’t expect him to come for a visit after you’ve ignored his persistent warnings and carried on building the SAME type of park in the SAME bloody coast with the SAME. BLOODY. DINOSAURS!!!” you’ve crossed your arms and your eyebrows deciding not to play the calm formal game he was playing.
“Dr. Grant, this park is my life. It is something I worked hard for and I want you to place your prejudice to a side until I show you the many years of my hard work. Then you may decide to either appreciate it or to carry on with your attempts to destroy the years of hard work I’ve put into this place by shutting it down” he remained calm and you’ve wondered whether it was an act or whether this man was too polite and actually was devoted to the idealistic dream your father told you John Hammond had had. You had to thoroughly investigate every inch of this island and every man or woman with any responsibilities in this place. You couldn’t allow the park to hurt anyone again.

“History is a funny thing- it has a way of repeating itself. Let’s just hope you’re prepared for the consequences” you sat down.
“Someone once said: “Everything that happens once can never happen twice.” there was still a hint of a smile on Mr. Masrani’s face.
“But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time…” you sighed. “I’ve read Paulo Coelho too. I’m not your enemy, Mr. Masrani. But it is unlikely we will become friends, don’t feel personally offended” you’ve turned away and stared at the prehistoric plants and trees mixing with the modern ones. You couldn’t help but feel anxious about seeing the dinosaurs. This whole island felt like a ticking bomb.


“Mr. Masrani, pleasure! And who’s this pretty lady with you?” a tall muscly man turned around as you and Mr. Masrani approached him. Scruffy hints of a beard, an obvious tan from working in a rainforest climate and a flirty half-smile were the first things you’ve noticed about him, your eyes curiously following his moves.
“This is Dr. Y/N Grant. Dr. Alan Grant’s daughter herself. I was hoping to impress her during her visit here and persuade her to stop trying to shut the park down.” both men shook hands. “She’s pretty adamant about it, so I was hoping you could show her with your research, Mr. Grady” he nodded.
“No problem” he glanced and winked at you. “I’ll make her feel welcome here” he placed his hand in the pocket and pulled out a small item. A clicker.

Now stop!” Mr. Grady was clicking away and shouting commands to a pack of four velociraptors below the catwalk. “HEY! ECHO, EYES ON ME! That’s right girl”
The velociraptors followed his commands not so obediently. “There are good days and bad days” Mr. Grady explained when he saw your concerned face.
“You expect to train them like puppies? These creatures?! You pointed to the one that was more yellowish than others as it made a screeching noise. “These are extinct predators we are talking about, who lived millions of years ago. We know little about them except that they’re smart cunning killing machines designed by nature itself. You expect me to applaud you for clicking your little clicker and blowing your whistles and making them do circus tricks?!” you started ranting. You saw enough to know that your fears were not made up.
“Miss Y/N Gra-”
“Doctor, Mr. Grady” you’ve interrupted. “I was digging around the digging sites, dusting off the dirt from this species’ bones since I was in my nappies. I got a PhD. I know more about these creatures than you do and I’ve never encountered one in my life. What I do know is-”
“They are predators that need to be respected and yes, I am aware that they’ve created beasts in that lab which could easily wipe out humans, however mine and everyone else’s job in here is to show that they are living creatures just like us. That science has made a breakthrough and will carry on making breakthroughs” he clapped his hands together and interlocked their fingers. A cocky smile appeared on his face. You felt annoyed at this man, not knowing where to even begin the rant that you were about to have. 
“I feel compelled to show you how much you’re overreacting. Let me show you the girls up close.”
“I cannot, Mr. Grady, I-”
“Excuse me?”
“It’s Owen”
“Ok, Owen. Mr. Masrani said I was to have a meeting with his lawyers then have a tour around” you patiently explained to him why you couldn’t follow this beautiful man and see the dinosaurs up close as much as you secretly wanted to. 
“Lawyers, schmoyers. You can choose them and a boring tour with a lady in a monotonic voice yapping away statistics and dry facts about the park and the dinosaurs” he pretended a dead rat he held in his hand was a muppet with a high-pitched voice. “Or you could catch a lift with this hot dude on his motorcycle, and get to meet the girls up close, something you’ve never done and you’ve spent years dusting their bones” he threw the dead rat towards one of the velociraptors and gave you a confident charming smile and you stood there flabbergasted after seeing this man act like a huge child. It suited him and made you smile a bit.
“SEE! It knew there was a smile in there somewhere” he cheered. “Follow me” his tone was authoritative yet good-natured. 
He started walking down the metal stairs towards the side of the paddock where they were already putting the velociraptors into tiny cages with the metal brace-like structures to keep them completely still and contained.
You took a deep breath and found yourself following this charming man.