Bugs Bunny was my hero growing up. He’s clever, optimistic, witty, smart, humorous, easy going, laid back, and always stands victorious in the end whenever others picked a fight on him. I remember being super jealous of Michael Jordan when he played basketball with Bugs Bunny in the movie Space Jam.:P

Disclaimer: There’s a very similar picture on Google Play for the Bugs Bunny game, but I promise I started working on this picture before I saw that picture. I found out about the picture after I finished coloring in the basic colors.

anonymous asked:

What is so bad about Big Bang theory and the lorax? I understand your hatred for minions though.

Big Bang Theory (or as it has been so sarcastically dubbed nerd’s blackface) isn’t the worst except it pretends to be smart humor when it’s the most bottom of the barrel of jokes. Which I can be okay with except they make a punchline out of my people, the nerds. (And also autistic people) and Lorax…… *looks at Onceler fandom* are you really asking me why I dislike it? Reeeeeeeeelally?

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IMO Eddy Izzard is a great example of “highbrow” humor.  As a stand up comedian his style is extremely smart.