I'm looking for new stuff to follow...

So reblog or let me know somehow if you post any of the following:

– Lord of the Rings
– Harry Potter
–Full Metal Alchemist
– Geek/Nerd/Smart humor
– Marvel
– DC
– women’s issues/feminism
– A Series of Unfortunate Events/Lemony Snicket
–The Wolf Among Us
–art (any kind, but especially cartoon-ish)
–The IT Crowd
–John Green/Vlogbrothers

Let me know even if your blog is sorta random and sporadic – I’ll check it out anyway! 

Iron Man is a feminist...

SO I was tagging some post with “feminism” but I only did “fe” by mistake and then I thought, “Well that’s actually kind of fitting because Fe is the abbreviation for iron on the periodic table, and we women have to take iron supplements and guys don’t because we bleed a lot once a month.” Then it occurred to me…Iron Man. Taking the most mundane and seemingly unimportant inequality and being all, “psh, I love women. I’m totes gonna get me some iron all over this body because women take iron and women are awesome.” That or he just likes attracting women…either way I’m cool with it, and I would tap that.