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USS O’Bannon (DD-450) and the Potato Incident of 1943

The history of the Pacific War can never be written without telling the story of the USS O’Bannon,” Admiral William F. Halsey wrote. I must say that in turn the history of USS O’Bannon can never be written without telling the story of the Potato Incident. Now get ready for an exciting bedtime story that is going to involve a destroyer, a submarine, a smart crew and a lot of potatoes.

Early morning of 5 April, 1943. Off the Russell Islands, in the Solomons.

Destroyer Squadron 21 was returning after a night of shelling Japanese positions in the New Georgia area, in the Solomons. Destroyer USS O’Bannon (DD-450), our protagonist of this short little story, picked up a radar contact that turned out to be the Japanese submarine Ro-34. The submarine was on the surface, not expecting a squadron of destroyers to be nearby.

The commanding officer of O’Bannon, Commander George Philip Jr., ordered his ship to approach and ram the small submarine. At the last minute, however, the officers on the bridge could not identify the submarine with certainty and decided that it might be a mine layer. Not wise ramming a mine layer and sinking your own ship in the process, right? To avoid the now unwanted collision, O’Bannon made a hard turn, and that put her right alongside the Japanese submarine, “in a rather embarrassing situation”, as crewman Ernest A. Herr put it.

“No captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy.” But what if your ship is so close to the enemy that your guns can’t even depress low enough to fire on them?

Nobody on deck carried firearms. The Americans did not, nor did the Japanese. As the Japanese sailors rushed towards their submarine’s 3-inch deck gun, sailors on the deck of O’Bannon had to do something - but what?

In confusion and panic, the crew of the O’Bannon picked up potatoes from storage bins on deck and threw them at the Japanese submarine. Yes, potatoes. As Ernest A. Herr remarked, “a potato battle ensued.”

Ernest A. Herr thought the Japanese sailors probably had mistaken the potatoes as hand grenades - the truth we will never know. But what we do know is that the submarine crewmen were too busy picking up potatoes and tossing them into the ocean that they did not man their deck gun.

This gave O’Bannon enough time to pull away from Ro-34. Once O’Bannon gained some distance firing commenced, and one shell hit the submarine’s conning tower. The submarine managed to submerge; O’Bannon passed over the submarine and performed a depth charge attack. Japanese records showed that the submarine sank afterwards.

When the Association of Potato Growers of Maine heard of this strange “Potato Incident”, they sent a plaque to the crew of USS O’Bannon to commemorate the event. And, of course, it was mounted on a wall next to the crews mess hall.

Destroyer History Foundation
The Maine Potato Episode” by Ernest A. Herr

girl almighty // chapter one

words: 3769
a/n: my oc is daughter of gaston, gatsby legume. a little long for a first chapter but i hope you enjoy! :)


The Isle of the lost, it was home sweet home to many. That was after the king decided to ship off anyone that was interesting to the gloomy island surrounded by not only water, but a barrier too. There was no way that you could get off this isle, unless you were invited off the island. Like some kids were about six months ago. Carlos who was the son of Cruella de Vil, Mal who was the daughter of Maleficent, Evie who was the daughter of the Evil Queen and the worst one of all, Jay, the son of Jafar. The thief that could steal everything, including your heart if you left it out on a silver platter, which too many girls have done way too often. The group of four were chosen by Prince Ben to go to the preppy school that is Auradon to try and fit in. The first step of Prince Ben’s plan to reunite Auradon and the Isle of the Lost. One day they were here and the next they were gone, without a single goodbye.
Gatsby Legume often tried to push the memories that held remnants of the time she spent with him. He was gone and the only way she would ever see him again was if by some miracle, she made it to Auradon. She doubted the Prince Ben, who was now king, would ever think of choosing her to go to the prep school. She was, after all, the daughter of Gaston. The man who pined after Ben’s mother for so many years until she finally fell in love with a beast out of all people. Talk about Stockholm syndrome.
Taking the steps two at a time up to Ursula’s Fish and Chips, Gatsby was only here for one reason. She didn’t want to spend any extra time in the restaurant that smelled like it was bathed in the sea water with an extra hint of a strong fish smell that always came from the back where the gross food cooked. Ironically, Ursula opened up the restaurant to serve any type of sea food to the residents of the isle but as time has gone on, Ursula began to focus more on the interesting soap operas that played on the dingy television in her office, rather than her money making shack. Now, her eldest daughter Uma took over most of the shop, becoming the one to work the most out of all of Ursula’s workers. She didn’t get much money out of it but it was a great place for her crew to meet up.
The restaurant was always over flowing with Uma’s pirate crew and Gatsby’s knew that she could find what she needed to in the midst of the pirate crew. Though, she wasn’t raised by a pirate, she managed to work her way up the ladder to where she was the captain of their little gang. Harry Hook, son of Captain Hook, was her right hand man and her second in command. The rest were just part of the crew, always backing up Uma in any type of situation. Her older brother, Gil, was part of Uma’s crew. Though he wasn’t always the smartest cookie in the tin, he still had a somewhat heart of gold, which was more than Gatsby could say for the rest of Uma’s crew. Gil always found the adventures that the crew went on and how evil the crew could be to be fun and as Gil always said, who could say no to Shrimpy? Gatsby. Gatsby could always say no to Shrimpy.
Pushing open the saloon type uneven blue door, Gatsby entered the restaurant and was immediately hit by the horrible smell. Scanning the restaurant, she was just met with different patrons who sat at various tables. They all had one distinguishable feature though, they were all dirty. In this area of the isle of the lost, it wasn’t common for those who spent most of their time around this part to be clean. The one time they do get clean is if they ever decide to just take a swim and dive off the pier, which wasn’t very common. Most of them sported tangled hair, missing teeth and tattered clothes and while Gatsby has had her fair share of tattered clothes, she couldn’t help but wrinkle her nose in disgust at the mixture of smells that surrounded her. She was Gaston’s daughter after all.
“Uma?” Gatsby yelled into the restaurant, still standing on the platform where the door was. As she scanned throughout the restaurant, looking for Gil or Uma or anyone that she recognized. The long table in the back of the restaurant that sat in front of the small television that always played news of what was going on in Auradon sat empty except for one pirate that picked at his food. For the first time in a long time, Uma wasn’t having a meeting with the people that obeyed her every words. Out of the corner of her eye she could see an older lady looking at her, missing her two front teeth and with wild curly hair that seemed to stick out in any possible direction and when Gatsby turned to look at her, the lady focused her attention back on the pile of mush that sat on her plate. “Shrimpy?” Gatsby yelled another nickname for Uma, one that she preferred over her actual name. It was given to her at a young age because of the fact that she always seemed to smell like shrimp. The nickname stuck because of Gil always calling her it on accident and it rubbed off on Gatsby at one point.
Gatsby saw Uma walk out of the kitchen, with an annoyed look on her face. She rolled her eyes when she saw Gatsby standing near the door. It wasn’t a secret to anyone on the isle that Uma preferred the older twin to Gatsby because Uma always thought that Gatsby was too smart for her crew.
“Hey Shrimpy,” Gatsby started with a tight lipped smile. She walked down the two steps to the actual floor of the restaurant before stopping at one of the round tables. She grabbed a fry off of the random’s man plate and munching on it. “Where’s Gil?”
Uma threw the plate of fried clams and some sort of meat substance in front of a waiting customer before shrugging her shoulders. “I think I saw Harry and him down by Pirate’s Bay.”
Gatsby rolled her eyes. “Of course they are.” She turned to leave, knowing that she’ll probably be late to the dinner.
She told Gil every single week that he needed to make time in his practically empty schedule to go to dinner with their Uncle Lefou but week after week, he seemed to suddenly be super busy and send Gatsby on a wild goose hunt throughout the isle because she knew that her older brothers didn’t care enough to go find him.
“Gil!” Gatsby yelled once she reached the bay. The entire dock was completely made up of wood with twists and turns of ramps and stairs that led to the gigantic pirate ship that was docked. It was the Jolly Roger, Captain Hook’s ship and it was always docked there because where else would Hook take the ship? With the barrier up, there wasn’t very much room for sailing. Harry was the first one to look up between the two while Gil was oblivious to his younger sister’s yelling. He hit the front of his boot against Gil’s leg causing the blonde to look up, slightly confused.
Gatsby stopped at the bridge that separated those who sat on the pier to entering the pier. She put a hand on her hip while raising an eyebrow at Gil. “Do you know where we have to be right now?” She asked. She saw the sheepish look on Gil’s face and knew that the boy probably forgot this time. He probably got tied up with fixing the Jolly Roger with Harry and lost track of the time and date. Suddenly, her anger melted away at how much of an airhead her brother could be. Her once annoyance that she would be late to the dinner was replaced with the words that she would use to explain to her uncle as to why the two were late. Lefou always took extreme measures trying to find some type of food that the two sets of twins would all like. She waited as Gil began to clean up. She looked across the way at the kingdom that was Auradon. She wondered what the old villain kids were doing and she was sure that it was way better than what was going on in the Isle. She heard rumors that Auradon was filled with beautiful enchanting lakes, trees that grew up and touched the sky changing colors when the seasons changed and large castles that were changed into prep schools when certain men became kings. It was a beautiful kingdom and while everyone on the isle seemed to want to trash any single poster put up about Auradon, Gatsby just wanted to see the beauty with her own eyes.
“You’re looking absolutely ravishingly today.” Gatsby heard a certain Scottish accent say in her direction, dragging her attention away from Auradon. She faced her attention back on Harry and a scowl crawled onto her face. As much as she hated to admit that Harry was gorgeous, probably the most gorgeous on the Isle with such high cheek bones and a gorgeous accent, but she just could help but to hate him. He was the Isle’s second biggest flirt, behind Gatsby of course. Right after Jay and the rest of them went to Auradon, Gatsby wanted to forget everything about Jay so she went after every single bachelor on the isle. Every single bachelor except for Harry and it started out because he was Uma’s second in command but as much as she tried to push him away, he just kept following her like a lost little puppy, always trying to flirt with her at any single, possible moment. As much as Gatsby loved being noticed and complimented by attractive guys, she never saw herself being with Harry. He was always with Uma and Gatsby wasn’t the closest with Uma.
“Harry,” She gives him a fake smile, crossing her arms over her chest. “I see that you still don’t know where your waterline ends.” She motions to her own clean line of black eyeliner that was swiped along the inside of her lower eyelid. The boy always wore copious amounts of eyeliner around the icy blue eyes that he sported. Gatsby remembered that his bright eyes that were surrounded by the dark makeup was the first thing that she noticed about him and she thought that it made him different than most guys on the isle. Many of them didn’t think that men should wear makeup but Gatsby guesses that pirate’s just did it differently, especially Harry. As it seems that as the day progressed, he would only put more eyeliner on until he resembled a raccoon.
Harry took a few steps closer to the girl who was only a few months younger than him. “Well then dearie, maybe you can teach me how to do my makeup just like you do yours.” He lowers his voice as he got closer to her, whispering in her ear. The close proximity to someone of the opposite gender should’ve been familiar to Gatsby but his thick accented words still managed to send a shiver down her spine, as much as she hated to admit it. Goosebumps appeared on her smooth arms and she wished that they would go away.
Instead of doing anything that her body screamed for her to do, she instead scoffed and pushed the taller boy away from her. The thick winged eyeliner that she managed to figure out how to do after watching the Auradon news for so long. She often admired the girl’s who went to Auradon’s makeup and wanted hers to look like that. Makeup in the Isle was often times, cheap and messy and it took Gatsby so long to figure out how to make her lines clean and to stretch out past her eyelids. She spent way too long in front of broken mirrors, wiping off the dark eye makeup and starting again and some days, she almost looked like she was trying to copy Harry’s way of doing makeup. “In your dreams, Hook.” She responds to the boy’s wishes.
A chuckle emitted itself from the boy’s throat as his smile grew. He took a step to close more of the space between the two again. He moved strands of the dark hair that framed her face away from her face with the hook that he always seemed to carry around. “You’re always in my dreams, lassie.” He stared down at her.
“Gats, you ready to go?” Gil asks, appearing next to the two and Gatsby has never been more excited to see her doofus of a brother. He stopped her from doing whatever it was that her subconscious wanted her to do. She was always supposed to hate Harry but he wasn’t making it very easy that’s for sure. Gatsby nods and takes a few steps away from Harry before turning around, her black hair flowing out behind her.
“I’ll see you in my dreams.” Harry called out after her.
Gatsby rolled her eyes but continued to walk with Gil. She knew that if they made it to their uncle’s house soon, they might be some food left. It was really a hit or miss on whether or not Lefou could manage to hold down the older twins down. The Gaston’s usually ate anything that was placed in front of them. Their father always lectured towards his children that they should always eat anything that was placed in front of them because one, it would cause for them to grow up big and brawny, just like him, and two, you don’t know where your next meal is going to come from and if there is another meal. Gaston might’ve not been the most caring father but he knew how to teach his children how to survive on the isle and Gatsby was thankful for that. Mostly because neither Gil nor her spent much time at their house but she knew that her twin would be safe. His skull might be a little thick but he knew to take care of himself.
As the two made their way through the marketplace, Gatsby listened to the blonde ramble on about what happened when he was fixing up the Jolly Roger with Harry and how Harry almost hooked someone earlier that day. His conversation was interrupted and suddenly, the boy next to her was quiet. He had bumped into someone which wasn’t uncommon in the isle. No one ever moved for anyone else. You had to move out of their way or else you were going to bump shoulders. Gatsby learned the hard way of who she should move out of the way of and who was going to move out of her way. She stopped walking once she realized that her brother had stopped too.
“Hey man!” Gil said with a grin on his face, like always. “I think I know you.” Gatsby puffed out her cheeks and rolled her eyes . At the speed they were moving now, they were never going to make it to this dinner and even if they did make it, there would be no more food left, for sure. Gil was a happy person, unlike most of the residents on the isle and who know how long he would keep this conversation going with his so called, friend.
“No, I don’t think you do.” An unfamiliar voice responded and Gatsby wanted to see who Gil had suddenly made friends with. Gatsby had recognized the four almost automatically and Gil was still trying to convince the man in blue that the two were ago old buddies.
“Yes, you totally do. Here, I’ll give you a hint.” Gil motioned between the himself and his younger twin. “Our dad is quick, slick and his neck-” He then went to motion at his own neck “-Is incredibly thick.” He references to the song that Gaston and Lefou used to sing in Gaston’s tavern before he was considered a villain. The song about how amazing Gaston was and how everyone in the town loved him. That is, before they all turned on him after the beast became man once again.
Gatsby’s eyesight made it’s way over to the one person that she wished she hadn’t seen again. It was like seeing a ghost, she didn’t know if he was real or not. He was sent to Auradon to have a better life and he was the one who left her here to rot just like all the other villain kids. Jay, son of Jafar. The worst villain kid of all. He still looked practically the same, maybe only a little buffer. Long dark brown hair that Gatsby always loved to braid. She would sit him down in a random chair in Curl Up and Dye and start working on his long locks. She would braid it and try to see how many little trinkets it could hold and how she could twist it into other hairstyles. She always wanted to be able to put flowers into the little crevices of the braid but this being the home to all villains, it wasn’t exactly the best place for flowers to grow. The large arms that often held her when they were all alone were covered in a leather jacket. She remembered how much he loved to show off his arms and thought that they were a symbol of how tough he was. Gatsby always loved to point out that he was tough on the outside and ooey and gooey on the inside. Along with Jay was Carlos, Evie and King Ben out of all people. Decked out in what seemed to Gatsby to be a matching outfit with Evie. Gatsby had guessed that Evie was the one to dress the young king up to travel to the island. She remembered all the time Evie tried to dress her up too, in either way too much leather or dark dresses that seemed to be fit for a princess instead of Gatsby.
She didn’t think she would see the three of them again. They were supposed to stay in Auradon and live their best lives. Gatsby was furious that they seemed to forget about her after they went to the prep school but what she was more furious was how much her heart seemed to yearn for Jay. She had taught herself to not care about men after she was done with them. After all, romance was usually frowned upon on the isle but Jay was her longest relationship that she managed to keep. Not only that, but he was her first love.
Gatsby had noticed the poster behind the group. It was referencing to the Cotillion that was supposed to be taking place in a few days. She had no idea what a cotillion actually was but the news made it seem that it was just some sort of super fancy dance. The drawing was of King Ben with his love, Mal by his side but somebody had spray painted over the drawing. The black spray paint read about how Mal was this princess and she had become a good girl ever since Ben’s coronation where the four had chosen good over evil. They obviously didn’t want to have any fun in their lives anymore if they chose good.
Elbowing Gil in the ribs, she pointed to the poster behind the four. “Does he look familiar now?” She asked him after nodding her head to Ben. She made eye contact with Jay just in time for her to see him looking at her with a pleading look. Well, if he wanted to choose good, that didn’t mean that she had to choose good. He wasn’t her boyfriend anymore and he hadn’t been for the last six months. Him returning, whether it be temporary or permanent, was not going to affect Gatsby in any way. And that was one of the most convincing lies she had told herself in a long time.
“Oh!” Gil gasped, his smile growing, as he put two and two together. “You’re King Ben!” He pointed to the boy who tried to mask his appearance with a midnight blue leather jacket and matching beanie.
Gatsby started to pull Gil away before he could make anymore noise. She knew how hated the four that were sent to Auradon were here and how even more hated Ben seemed to be. If everyone in the marketplace were to find out that these students were back in the isle, it wouldn’t end up well. “The dinner, Gil.” She gritted between her teeth, pulling on the boy’s beefy bicep. To Gatsby, it seemed to her that she had been trying to get Gil to this stupid dinner for an hour. The things she does for her family.
As the twins went one direction and the group of four went the other way, Gatsby shot one more look over her shoulder. She was met with another pair of eyes staring at her. Jay, the biggest one of their group was pushing the rest of them farther into the marketplace. She knew where they were going to, Mal’s hangout. When they were all together and Gatsby was part of their crew, they would often spend all their time together there. Memories ran through Gatsby’s brain as she remembered all the times they spent there together. As Evie used Gatsby as a model on one of her ridiculous fashion choices that Gatsby could never pull off or the first time Mal let her spray paint something on the wall and she decided to spray paint a red heart in a small corner with the initials G and J next to it. Mal could only look at her two friends with disgust, wondering what the two ever thought was amazing about falling in love. Grabbing the can from the girl’s hand, Mal told Gatsby that she was losing her villainous touch and Gatsby could only respond with loud giggles. Everything was so much more simpler back then. They were just rebels without a cause.

Alien series ranked by how stupid the characters are

Alien: Smart people! Make informed decisions based on the facts in front of them. Only really stupid when they let Kane on the ship, but they didn’t do it for stupidity sake only so i let it pass.

Aliens: Some dumb people, but that’s really down to greed and not taking things seriously. Stick together (mostly), make well thought out plans, and are generally intelligent (Gorman not withstanding).

Alien vs Predator: Actually figure out what’s going on pretty fast. They do split up, but they didn’t know tow hostile alien species were coming to kill them so i give em a pass. Also Lex is smart as hell

Alien: Resurrection: The Betty crew is smart, once shit goes sideways the whole main crew sticks together and generally works well. The company? Bunch of idiots trying to resurrect an extinct, highly hostile alien life form like their own little jurassic park.

Alien 3: A couple smart prisoners in the land of morons. Charles S. dutton’s character single-handedly brings this above the bottom 3.

Prometheus: there is a whole scene where they play with a weird space snake. They run forward from a moving ship when they could run side-wards. Kind of after the fact but Shaw rebuilds an android that tried to kill them all. They aren’t smart y’all.

Alien: Covenant: every character seems to have the intelligence of someone from a Friday the 13th movie. “Let me just separate from the group to bathe myself even though I know there are dangerous creatures out there” “Let me just stick my head in this egg like the shady android told me to do” “Let’s go bang in the shower right after all our friends die”. Bunch of morons

Alien vs Predator: Requiem: “the government would never lie to us” *proceeds to be blown up by a bomb dropped by the government* me: looks at the camera like i’m on the office