Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera

As smartphones slowly take over the point-and-shoot market, camera makers are doing the only thing they can: making their cameras more like phones. The Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera ($TBA) is a perfect example. Powered by Android, the SC1630 features a 3X optical zoom, a 16 megapixel sensor, a 3.2-inch touchscreen, micro SD storage up to 32GB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and — oh yeah — apps. Hello Flickr top camera, goodbye days of not being able to upload photos without the help of a separate device.


EXPERIENCE THE SOUND of the L&C carbon fiber cello


“Brightest Lens for Your Night Photo Hunt. Samsung Smart Camera EX2F.” - Samsung Print Ad Campaign

Advertising Agency: Cheil, Thailand
Executive Creative Director: Yutthana Aswajesdakul
Creative Director: Kittinai Wongsuwan
Art Directors: Trairong Kongthai , Kawis Kitikul
Copywriters: Yutthana Aswajesdakul , Kittinai Wongsuwan
Photographer: Studio de Nagara


Shoot smart with Samsung NX300

Forget about buying $8000 huge F2.8 telephoto lenses and bank-breaking full-size sensor DSLR’s for wildlife shooting. Be smart!

1. Install Samsung Smart Camera App to iPhone or Android
2. Place Samsung NX300 smart camera strategically
3. Wait – follow remote viewfinder
4. Take crystal-clear shots

All shots are saved in original resolution to camera SD card, but also transferred to mobile phone in 1616 x 1080 pixel reduced resolution. Phone and camera are creating peer-to-peer WiFi link.

Due to smart functions and WiFi capability, its possible to transfer full-resolution files to Picasa, Google+, Skydrive, Facebook, send them over e-mail or share to DLNA capable devices like smart-TV.

Nice gadget!


Samsung Smart Camera NX1000 - BTS

The Predator is a impossibly advanced-seeming motion tracking system designed by Zdenek Kalal at the University of Surrey in Guildford, UK. With a camera constantly collecting visual details of the person or object it is filming, the Predator builds a model of its target that gives it eerie accuracy. 

It’s based on the way humans learn – we accumulate information about each others’ appearance the more we look at each other, and we store this information away in our brains so that we can recognize one another later. The Predator is essentially a smart camera that can do the same thing, a capacity that allows it to track individuals as they move in and out of frame. 


Samsung NX300 smart camera

Well built, billet aluminum on top and bottom. Camera feels solid and well built. Body is slim, but kit lens add dimensions.

Smart means WiFi connected. So, it allows to upload hi quality photos to Facebook, Google+/Picasa, Skydrive etc. But most fun is to use Samsung Smart Camera App in iPhone or Android. It allows to place camera strategically, follow action via remote viewfinder on mobile phone screen and take shots remotely. Use Your imagination…

Great AMOLED touch sensitive screen. makes using smart functions easy, like selecting WiFi hot-spot, typing in network passwords or account names.

Great focus speed and accuracy in normal conditions due to innovative hybrid focusing method. NX300 has both phase detection and contrast detection areas on the sensor. Still, struggled in low light condition in longest focal length position.

20 Mpix is a tad too much for APS-C, I would prefer 16 Mpix and larger pixels for better low light performance and ISO capability. Shooting with slow kit lens in weak light is pain. Small aperture forces to use high ISO and long shutter, causing either bad noise or motion blur. Even pretty well lit situations may require ISO 1600. That’s not good, as noise is already kicking in.

Great cam for gadget lovers. Photographers stay most probably with their Canon/Nikon etc hard core photo gear. But when iPhone or Galaxy is not enough, it’s time to move over to Smart Camera now.