• Draco: Potter, you should date someone who's sarcastic and witty, but can also be understanding and smart, someone with.... blond hair to contrast yours and cold grey eyes to contrast your warm green eyes. Someone who doesn't like you for your name...
  • Harry: you just described yourself, Draco.
  • Draco: well would you look at that.

Have we ever discussed the fact that 2001 - 2012 Disney channel’s shows all had strong female leads, with the exception of Zack and Cody but they had a black man in charge, a smart poor white blonde girl and a dumb rich Asian so still beautifully diverse.

Disney was 100% female empowerment and showed diversity. Who did they employ to create the shit they have today?

Ed and Bakugou are both super talented, super smart, angry, aggressive blonde teenagers who both really like to wear black and red/orange and really dislikes someone who uses fire and both primarily use their hands as their main weapon and both are known for causing a lot of destruction when they fight and both have trouble asking for help from others

what can i say, they’re very similar

(tho they have plenty of differences and i’m certain they would probably hate each other on site)


and I love Clarke Griffin, the smart blonde young girl that can outwit a trained army, the government and make a random group of delinquents to follow her lead. The young girl that breaks her heart and sacrifices herself to save the people she cares about, and she keeps trying to do it. The girl that can see beyond differences and can love and trust the Commander after everything that happened between them.

I also love the modern au Clarke Griffin, how without all the responsibility she has more time to smile and enjoy herself, she can be an art student, a doctor or work for the UN. She can get wasted at a bar or be the life of the party. She can be a mess, wear flannels and forget to tie her shoes or be the perfect daughter trying to be exactly what her mother wants. She can even be a badass zombie killer. Or a photographer or fangirl or the popular girl or the nerd or a dragon rider.

But what I love the most is when she finds Lexa - not because she needs Lexa, or because Lexa is the best thing about her, but because Clarke always can be more of herself when she’s with Lexa. She can breath. She doesn’t need to explain herself. And she’s loved. Because nobody can love her the way Lexa does.

And Lexa, I love Lexa so much. But this is another post for another day. I just needed to say again how much I love them, and I love them together.

The ‘Exchange’ Program #3

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Au: Badboy!Jungkook

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Summary: To say you were excited was an understatement. Your brother had left for Korea and in exchange you get a replacement, also known as an exchange student. Expecting a smart, nice boy,  practically the boy version of you…you got the complete opposite. A bad boy with bad habits.

A/n:I love this gif omg and I’m sorry it’s short (plz don’t kill me)

“Y/n, please be careful around him” Mark warned.

“Maybe if you would tell me why, I could be careful around him” you laughed.

“Okay so” he begins “You know my friend Ashley over in Korea?” he asked with you nodding your head, eager for him to continue. You look over to Jungkook being invited to sit with the populars. You roll your eyes mentally, ‘Of course he would sit with them’

“She’s told me all about this guy Y/n, she goes to school with him. He’s bad news Y/n” he takes a sip of his OJ.

“How do you know its him? I ben theres a million Jeon Jungkooks in Korea” you said.

“She sent me a photo, what can I say I was interested in the guy?” Mark shrugged his shoulders causing you to laugh.

“And what is so bad about him?” you’re curious to find out what he had been doing wrong in Korea. You look over at the table he was sitting at, you found him staring at you. You quickly looked away trying to not make it that obvious.

“Well, he’s been expelled from two schools. For what I don’t know, but Ash thinks its because he fucked a teacher” Mark chuckled.

“Oh my God” you gasped shaking your head laughing.

“He’s a fighter too, apparently he’s like this ultimate street fighter up there. Always skips classes, smokes, player at heart, speaking of hearts he doesn’t have one. And for him to be more of a douche apparently him and his friends motto is ‘Hump them and dump them’“ Mark finished.

The anger boiled up inside of you, you absolutely despised men like that. In fact they shouldn’t even be able to call themselves men. 

You stood up from the table and gave him a death glare, you clenched your fists and walked out with your friends closely following you.

“Tell me about Y/n” Jungkook groans as he readjusts his sitting position. The blonde girl with a nose piercing Jungkook barely knew the name of stated.

“All I know is that she’s a goody two-shoes and is really smart” the blonde girl pushes out her chest, hoping to get him to notice her.

“She’s always so happy” another girl pipes up, slurping her slushy “It’s kind of annoying actually.”

“What about her friends?” he asks again.

“Mark and Jackson? They’re both rich, Jackson is dating Mia and Mark…well everybody knows he has a massive crush on Y/n. She’s a smart girl but she’s so oblivious to everything” Brad chuckled to himself, laying his hand on his girlfriends thigh.

Jungkook felt a pang of jealousy inside him as he watched Mark leaning into you, making you laugh. He didn’t know why he felt this and he didn’t like it.  

“Hey..” he whispered as he climbed into your small convertible. Still angry from what you have been told, you didn’t answer him and sped off in the direction to your beloved home.

Once you got to your room you slammed the door right in Jungkooks face, obviously not intending to but the comment that his friends and him made really started to annoy you.

Jungkook walked into his room sighing to himself.

“Why is she all moody?” he asks himself and starts to get un dressed. He started to think what he did today that annoyed her so much.

“Of course I didn’t do anything wrong, if it’s about that stupid maths game..” he snickered to himself and rolled his eyes.


You dropped the plate and cursed to yourself. You had been avoiding Jungkook for so long you thought you were gonna get away with it and go to bed, but obviously not.

“Are you okay?” he asked whilst charging down the steps. He’s asking if you’re okay? Has he eaten something weird?

“Yeah, I’m fine” you smile at him, picking up the plate.

“Really? Because you’ve been ignoring me all day” he smiles, a smile that makes you melt inside.

“W-what?” stuttering, you can’t comprehend what’s going on.

He stepped closer to you, your breathing became more erratic. 

“W-what are y-you doing?” you stuttered again and backed away hitting your back against the kitchen counter.

He came and pressed his arm against the wall, trapping you from moving.

“What do you think I’m doing?” he calmly said smiling to himself, obviously proud of the effect he has on not only you but to all girls.

You couldn’t let this sucker think he owns you in away, you remembered Mark telling you once you could be sassy if you wanted too…so here it goes.

“I think you’re trying to make a move on me but as I re-called last night, you said you had no interest in me and would never make a move on me, or something like that” You smiled and patted his chest “Don’t quit your day job”

You slid out of his arms and walked away casually leaving him in a dumbfounded mess.

“What the fuck just happened?” Jungkook whispered to himself. He turned around to look at the stairs as you walked away.

“Two can play this game kitten, two can play”

I think one of the things that annoys me about felicity that not many people talk about (because tbh there is so much to talk about this often goes unsaid), is that not only is she a patchwork of pre-existing characters, but she’s a watered-down patchwork.

You can buy off-brand products that look/taste/smell just as good as the original. You take off the logos and unless you knew what you were looking for you wouldn’t tell the difference. There are some high-quality copies. There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from pre-established work.

Fictional tropes are recycled constantly, to varying degrees of success. And it’s okay to borrow things from other characters/stories, but you have to do it in moderation and with enough original weight/substance that it is still fresh/new/exciting.

Felicity is not a high quality copy. She’s that pirated DVD with the grainy picture and the muffled audio and the multiple silhouettes getting up to go to the toilet.

Felicity is not interesting to me because:

If i wanted to see a smart, tech savvy, beautiful hacker who gets paralysized, I could see Barbara Gordon in a variety of media, in which Babs is independant and not a love-interest and has her own goals and aspirations, works alongside a group of strong female heroes, and doesn’t get things handed to her, and works to save lives despite her disability, because she’s a hero whether she has the use of her legs or not, her disability will never define her.

Meanwhile Felicity got handed a company by an ex-boyfriend despite having no business experience, currently works on behalf of another ex-boyfriend to help him achieve his own goals, was paralyzed for about a week only to have that magically disappear because of some other guy’s invention, after which her paralysis is never even brought up in a significant manner because she’s more concerned with her recent break-up.

If I wanted to see a quirky, blonde, tech support character who cracks jokes but has a dark ‘goth’ cyber terrorist past , I’d watch Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds. Penelope is funny without being mean, she’s never oversaturated in the narrative but is still pivotal in her role, she worked her way up to where she is, she never jokes at other people’s expense, and she has the bonus of not being ‘conventionally attractive’ but rather a plus-size woman who is not constantly the butt of degrading 'fat’ jokes, which is exceedingly rare in media.

Meanwhile Felicity had a cyber terrorist past that was only revealed out of the blue in S3 because they needed to give some filler to a character who was never built up to be as big as they suddenly decided to make her. Her past antics were directly linked to yet another ex-boyfriend and I can count the times it was brought up on one hand. Her jokes are often condescending and insensitive and she’s extremely oversaturated which makes her exceedingly more annoying. And after she became a potential love interest her entire wardrobe changed to the point where she mostly wears skirts and heels to make her more appealing to the male lead/audience, despite the first season seeing her primarily in trousers.

If I wanted to see a smart, blonde, non-canon love-interest for Green Arrow, I’d watch Chloe Sullivan/Watchtower on Smallvile. Chloe was endearing and popular with fans, she didn’t take over the show and disrupt the canon or replace the leading female because it was a Superman show and it was always supposed to be Clark/Lois as end-game and any other in-show relationships were fair game, and she worked well and was used in considerable moderation throughout the series, and her relevance to the characters remained with the show.

Meanwhile Felicity is a shoehorned copy of this narrative that is a severe disrespect to the established mythos. They gave her the codename Overwatch because these writers wouldn’t know subtlety if it bit them in the ass, her fans are toxic and entitled and have harrassed mutliple comic writers demanding to know why Felicity isn’t in the comics, despite in the same breath saying that they hate comics and the comics don’t matter?? She’s emotionally abusive to Oliver, is selfish and never called out for her unfounded behaviour and is put on a pedestal in any and all situations which makes it hard to root for her when she doesn’t seem to grow or learn from her mistakes because no one seems to want to admit she even made them.

I can’t enjoy felicity’s character because not only is she a blatant and unoriginal patchwork of knock-offs, but she’s a patchwork of different characters minus all the best and progressive parts, who comes with a built-in toxic fanbase who call anyone and everyone 'misogynist’ for so much as breathing one bad word about her, when they clearly don’t know the meaning of the word.

Let Me Introduce You To Someone Named Kida.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Disney’s most underrated princess: Kidagakash Nedakh, Princess and later, Queen Of Atlantis. I saw the film Atlantis: The Lost Empire when i was very young and i find it to be criminally underrated. And Kida is a Top 5 Disney Lady [She’s also the oldest at 8,500-8,800.] easily.

Kida is a warrior, a linguist, a scavenger, a Queen in her own right and has a literal mental connection with the Heart Of Atlantis: She’s kind, brave, eager, vigilant, curious and desires to help her people rediscover Atlantis’s lost history which is a very interesting goal for a princess. She is shown to have moments of aggression but this is when somebody with ill intent tries to grab her and she attacks them. it makes sense in the particular situation not to mention several thousand years ago she would have done this on sight to anyone she didn’t know given back then her empire was at war with other countries.

Princess-no Queen Kida is an interesting character and both her and her film need much more recognition Disney!

Next Time: A look at a lovely smart blonde who was the star of her very own musical and feature-length film.

I’m storm nervous so I’m extra thinking about Lamen because why exist in real life but anyway have a ramble:

I’ve been thinking a lot about Damen and “his type” and how it’s written and talked about. A lot of people really narrow in on the “blonde haired blue eyed” thing because, I know classic, and very clearly that is a Fast Pass+™ to his heart (or up his skirt) but I don’t think that means that is the OnLY type he drops his clothes for. Because, honestly, Damen from what we can gather is a bit of a Hoe. And I think this is especially true with Women. Pale and blonde is rare in Akielos he said, and I don’t really think that he would limit himself to bed partners like that.

I think The Type™ really comes in to play with his taste in men. Because he prefers women, I see him as more liberal with his affections to them. However with men, I believe he’s more selective. We read right from his thoughts that Ancel “red hair, green eyed” wasn’t his type but I don’t solely think it was the coloring because he follows with talking about how pretty and boyish he looks. Which is where I think lies the real problem. He says in book 1 (I think after ancel) that the rare occasions he has pleasured himself with men it was because he was attracted to them “as men”. Which I read as Damen is attracted to strength in men (e.g.: the wrestler) first and foremost. Enter Laurent: strong and smart AND BLONDE?? goo-bye Damen.

Anyway what I’m saying is let Damen be a hoe and while Blonde hair and Blue eyes trumps everything (apparently) that’s not the only thing he’s attracted to ya feel

Scared - A Lydia Martin Imagine

Hi. Can you please do an imagine where it’s kind of an AU, but the reader is a Winchester and her and Lydia were best friends since kindergarten. She then dies, Cas brings her back, sends her to beacon hills, she becomes best friends with Scott and stiles, later dates stiles, he cheats on her (no offense, I love stiles), s the pack goes to a party, gets a little tipsy, her and Lydia end up dancing with each other while stiles just kinda stands there and watches. Cute little drunk kiss somewhere please. So sorry about this horrible Idea, it was a cute thought, but it’s crap. Sorry for bothering you. - @twdpansy

A/n I wasn’t able to add in the part about supernatural because of the fact that I don’t watch the show but I hope you like it! Also, I know werewolves can’t get drunk in teen wolf but for the purpose of this imagine lets pretend that they can lmao

Y/S/N: Your Ship Name

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    “Can you please go to the party?” Stiles begged.

    “Stiles I honestly rather stay home then go get drunk,” you answer lazily.

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2p Romano Trivia
  • Has dyed his hair thousands of times by now
  • His hair feels like straw
  • Is actually really smart like- damn blonde, you smart
  • Made 2p Prussia’s arm
  • People think he has MPD but he doesn’t, he’s just manipulative
  • Makes 2p Spain do all of his housework
  • Hates bugs and rodents
  • Likes reptiles
  • Believes in supernatural
  • Is the smartest of the Vargas brothers
  • Has ofudas all over his house
  • Has a very high alcohol tolerance (Why? No one knows…)
  • Refuses to do anything “childish” such as carnival rides, games, or joke around
  • He has a doctorate degree in psychology
  • Really likes poems (He thinks they’re cute and romantic)
  • Good friends with 2p Prussia
  • Nice to people he hates and mean to people he likes
  • Loves testing people and messing with their heads
Batfam and finals

Well when this dreaded time comes up it all goes to hell.

Dick is the type to be the one who is the good snark know it all student who everyone thinks doesn’t need to study because of how smart he is. But when it comes down to it Dick stresses super bad and studies nonstop.

Jason well Jason would probably be the one where he thinks oh I gotta study a few weeks before and never does when finals weeks comes he regrets not studying and results to cramming.

Tim. Ah my good nerdy cute lil timmy. Well he is the one that studies only for a bit of review weeks before. don’t get me wrong when Finals week hits he’s studying nonstop worrying over if hell pass or not.

Damian. Although he gives off the I don’t care I’m to good for this vibe he to does worry about Studying. Of course he studies complaining how he knows all this already.

Stephanie. This girl is smart. Yes despite her blond hair she does study. Every other night. She not to worried she’s more laid back but the worry is still there.

Barbra. Ah yes. Our favorite little Brainiac. She of course studies using flash cards quizzlets ect. She is confident in herself because she studied.

Jerome Valeska - Captivated Crazy Pt 2

Part One - here

Part Three - here

Part Four - here

Part Five - here

(y/n) = Your name

It had been a few weeks since Y/N had been released from solitary confinement and she had already clawed her way to the top of the food chain through association. Barbara, as it turned out, was quite cosy with the millionaire serial killer, Richard Sionis. She had to admit, the blonde was smart, Barbara had effectively manipulated Sionis’ affections, and she had basically turned this hellhole into something almost liveable. Not that Y/N herself wasn’t reaping the benefits of her new friendship group, the food was far better and the company actually made waking up every morning worthwhile. Sure, the asylum was boring, but the occasional fights and hilarious jokes supplied by Jerome made her feel sane.

It was true that Y/N had grown very close to her insane redheaded friend over the weeks, his comical personality and violent behaviour drew her to him, being so complimentary to her own outlook on life. There was only one member of the group who she loathed with a passion. Robert Greenwood. It was probably due to the way he salivated whenever she was in his presence. But, if she clenched her jaw and ignored him completely, she could tolerate his existence and actually have a good time.

And that is how she was enjoying herself at the present, sitting, cross legged on the cafeteria table, playing slapsies with an over exited Dobkins, whilst the infuriating ginger took every opportunity to graze his arms against her leg, poorly acting as if he were simply readjusting his hands on the plastic table top. Over the weeks, Y/N had noticed that her friend seemed to go out of his way to grab her attention. Not that she minded much, she always had the most fun when he was around.

From somewhere behind her, she heard Barbara sigh loudly, lounged across Sionis’ lap, having her toenails meticulously painted by Helzinger.

“I’m bored,” she deadpanned, “Someone tell me a funny story.”

Sionis, ever the centre of attention, spoke up, “I have a good one, so when I was is college, I played for the varsity polo team…I had a string of ponies”

Y/N chuckled; she could almost hear Jerome’s eyes rolling dramatically beside her, and was about to make a wildly inappropriate comment about where Sionis could shove his ponies, before she was interrupted,

“Greetings, I am Zardon, the Soul Reaper!” a heavy, greasy man announced as he stumbled into the room, causing everyone to pause briefly, before resuming their conversations,

“And the maître d’ says, ‘you can’t bring them in here’”, Y/N lent down to Jerome, whispering,

“Its people like Lord Zardon over there that should be in these stripes, we’re obviously not crazy compared to him.” The ginger nodded enthusiastically, resting one his chin on one hand, looking up at you,

“I couldn’t agree with you more, doll fa-.”

“Hear me slaves my patience is wearing thin, surrender your soul to my mercy or, I swear by the Master, I shall feast on your pain, I shall gorge on your torment, I shall crush you like a bug.” And then, the fat, bald man collapse onto the table he was standing on, hacking coughs erupting from his chest.  

Y/N’s eyes grew wide, “Do you think he’s going to choke to death?” she asked, perking up considerably at the sight of the dying man, enjoying the view of his pasty skin gradually turning purple as he sputtered desperately on the  table top. Jerome began laughing maniacally at her comment as Dobkins bounced in his seat and clapped his hands together excitedly,

“I sure hope so, doll.”

Suddenly, the man halted his struggles, his body relaxing as a thick blue gas seeped out of the corpses mouth. Acting on instinct, Y/N dropped to the floor as chaos erupted around her. She may have been crazy, but Y/N was smart, smart enough to realise that the gas wasn’t falling past knee level. Through the throng of stampeding feet, Y/N crawled on her stomach to the furthest corner of the room, pushing herself away from the fumes as fast as possible. A heavy body collapsed over her leg but, with a swift kick to the head, the unconscious heap rolled off of her, giving Y/N enough room to force her head between the barred and locked doors of the cafeteria.

As the gas dissipated, Y/N spotted dark figures approaching the room, armed with guns and shooting any guard that approached them. A strained smile stretched across Y/N’s face as she watched the strangers enter the opposite end of the room. They seemed to be searching for specific people through the web of comatose bodies. A dark skinned woman, who Y/N presumed was in charge, pointed wordlessly at Dobkins and nodded, which prompted one of the men with her to heave him carelessly over his shoulder and leave the room.

It became quite apparent to Y/N that she was on the list of abductees when she felt three pairs of rough hands seize her. Shaking her head quickly to clear herself of the fumes she inhaled, Y/N’s right hand shot out. With a little gurgle, one of the men staggered backward, clutching at his bruised throat. A sudden gush of pain jolted throughout Y/N’s body. As her threat to life became more obvious, more and more assailants joined in securing her, her stomach ached, and legs began to weaken. Bruised and winded, with a leg in agony, Y/N’s head swung forwards with the force of the butt of a gun. With her tongue soaked with the taste of blood, Y/N felt herself shoved into something, before she descended into darkness.

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