Human (Cassie/Alec)

Cassie paced the bedroom, saying to hell with the so-called bed rest her mother had put her on. She was fine. Still a bit tired, but fine. She was more worried that she had heard absolutely nothing from Alec. She’d left him countless messages, and still nothing. 

She looked at her silent phone, and looked at the clock. 

She couldn’t call the others. For all that she was upset, she wasn’t about to out him to the rest of the family. Not with what she’d seen in those pictures. 

She kept nervously pacing the room, trying to think of where he could be. She didn’t even know where to begin. She found herself pacing in front of her window, rubbing at her eyes. 

A flash. 

She turned, curious, looking out the window into the woods behind the house. 

And she saw it again. Movement. 

Too big to be an animal…her eyes widened, and she grabbed her jacket making for the door as fast as she could. Still sore from the night before, she made her way down through the kitchen and out the back door. 

Tears were streaming down her eyes as she made it to the edge of the wards. 

She saw him. Crouched in the trees. Alec. She made her way over to him, falling to her knees beside him. 

“Alec? Alec, baby, please, look at me, talk to me, say something. Anything." 

dirty joke

The first grade teacher was starting a new lesson on multi-syllable words. She thought it would be
a good idea to ask a few of the children examples of words with more than one syllable.
“Jane, do you know any multi-syllable words?”
After some thought Jane proudly replied with, “Monday.”
“Great, Jane. That has two syllables, Mon…day.”
“Does anyone know another word?”
“I do! I do!” replied Johnny.
Knowing Johnny’s more mature sense of humor she picked Mike instead.
“OK, Mike, what is your word?”
“Saturday,” said Mike.
“Great. That has three syllables…”
Not wanting to be outdone Johnny said, “I know a four syllable word. Pick me! Pick me!”
Not thinking he could do any harm with a word that large, the teacher reluctantly said, “OK,
Johnny, what is your four syllable word?”
Johnny proudly said, “Mas…tur…ba…tion.”
Shocked, the teacher, trying to retain her composure, said, “Wow, Johnny. Four syllables! That’s
certainly a mouthful.”
“No, Ma’am, you’re thinking of ‘blow job’, and that’s only two syllables.”