Roman Godfrey


Your Boyfriend, Roman letting you sleep with Peter

Living With Peter And Roman Gets Jealous So He Convinces Peter You’re Going To Leave Him

Roman Finds Out You’re A Mermaid

Being Forced To Be Roman’s Partner For A Project

Peter Sets Roman Up With You On A Blind Date

Being Roman’s Best Friend And He Over reacts When He Finds Out You Spent The Day With Peter Because He’s Jealous

Roman And Olivia Find Out Yo Had A Daughter With Roman After A One Night Stand And She Was Born With The Caul So Roman Demands You Both Live With Him To Keep Olivia Getting Her Hands On You

Being Shelly’s Best Friend And Roman Falls In Love With You

Getting Sick Of How Your Best Friend Roman Treats You So You Get Revenge When You Get Home

Stopping Roman From Being Part Of Pryce’s Upire Experiment

Owing Peter And Roman A Favour

Roman And Peter Help You Through Your Panic Attack

Roman Saves Your Life By Turning You Into A Upire

Catching Roman Masturbating

Teasing Roman Godfrey

Owing Roman A Favour After he Catches You Stealing

Arguing With Roman And Having Angry Sex Afterwards

Roman Godrey Keeping You As A fresh Blood Supply

Roman Catches You And Peter Having Sex In The Woods And Makes Fun Of You

Roman Getting Jealous And Bumping Off The Boys Who Like You

Spending Roman’s Birthday With Him

Working For Roman Godfrey

Your Family Disaproving Of Roman Because You’re A Werewolf And He’s An Upir so You Keep Sneaking Out To Meet Each Other

Romans Skips A Party You Aren’t Invited to And Spends The Night With You Instead

Being New To Hemlock Grove High And Catching Roman’s Attention

Roman Taking You To The Beach During The Summer Holidays  [Part 2]

Being Invited To A Ball So Roman And Peter Can See You In A Dress

Admitting to Peter And Roman That You’ve Never Had A Sleepover Before And They

Being Pregnant After A Night With Both Roman And Peter   [Part 2]

Being Best Friends With Roman Godfrey And He Takes You To Prom When Your Date Stands You Up Where He Admits He Loves You

Being A Year Older Than Roman And Finally Saying Yes When He Keeps Asking You On A Date

Roman Get’s Jealous When He Sees You With Someone At A Bar, Not Realizing It’s Your Brother

Being Forced To Help Roman Godfrey Pass Science

Roman Picks You up For Work And Get’s Jealous When He Sees You With A Co-Worker

Roman Being Jealous when You And Peter Start A Family Because He Has Feelings For You

Agreeing To Go On One Date With Roman But He Becomes Obsessed With You

Going To Roman When You Are Sad And He Comforts And Cuddles You Until You Smile For Him

Having A Game Of Teasing With Roman Only For It To Escalate To A Pranking War

Trying To Run From Peter And Roman Only For Them To Do What Ever They Want When They Catch You

Helping Roman Godfrey Study At The Library Only To Get Locked In With Him And Things Get Heated

Roman Catches You Making out With Peter After You Broke It Up With Roman

Fighting With Roman And You Leave Him Only for Him To Hunt You Down

Comforting Roman After Peter Leaves And He Tells You About Nadia

Hiding Your Child From Roman And When You Finally Tell Him About Her He Falls Asleep With Her In His Arms Because He Refuses To Be Without Either Of You

Hanging Out With Roman And Peter Who Start A Contest To See Who Can Turn You On

Having A Sleepover With Shelly Only To Be Woken Up By Roman

Returning To Hemlock Grove After Leaving to Search for Shelly

Visiting Roman At Work

Roman Getting Jealous And You Tease Him

Roman Throwing You A Birthday Party With Shelly

Roman Getting Jealous When Ever He Sees You with Your Girlfriend

Teasing Roman And He Decides To React

Owning A Rival Company And Slowly Falling In Love With Roman

Being New At Hemlock High And Roman Decides To Make You His

Peter And Roman’s Reaction When They Find Out You’re Alive

Untitled Smut With Strong-ish Language

Being Shelly Godfrey’s Best Friend And Finding Out Roman Is In Love With You

Untitled Smut With Swearing

Catching Roman Godfrey’s Attention

Being An Angel And Being Rescued By Roman Godfrey When You Fall

Confronting Roman Which Makes Him Determined To Wind You Up More

Being A Witch And Roman Godfrey’s Mate

Roman teasing you because knows you like him

Asking Peter how to get Roman’s attention

Keeping your relationship with Roman a secret from your brother, Peter

Being Sheriff Sworn’s daughter and having sex with Roman in one of the cruisers

Roman visiting you everyday at work

Telling Roman you’re pansexual 


The Quirky Witch

Naughty Little Thief

Don’t Go Where The Upir’s Play


“A smart alec witch, how original” “I’m kind of a big deal.”

“Is that my sweater/shirt” “You’re seriously a man-child.”

"Oh yes. We’re on.”

Fake Texts:

Roman asks you out

Roman and Peter talk about (Y/N)

Kings Masterlist

In the Rhodey-Tony friendship, Tony is the FITE ME smol and Rhodey is the one standing behind Tony, giving you a death glare that says ‘Touch my smol genius and you gonna get a taste of my fist boi’. Tony is the one who will eviscerate bigger people with his smart alec comments and scathing wit while Rhodey will hide a grin behind his hand and be all ‘Oh look at my smol sasster being all adorable.’

childhood behaviors (4th House - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars)

Sun in the 4th House indicates that you were possibly the golden child in the family, the child who got lots of attention and you relished the spotlight, always shining brightly and making others smile with your charisma. Alternatively, this individual may have felt like they were never able to have much privacy because of the amount of attention that was focused on them throughout childhood, and could have felt pressured to constantly emanate radiance. But they were effortlessly regal nevertheless.

Moon in the 4th House indicates that you were the emotional child but also a motherly figure towards your siblings or your family members, perhaps you looked out for your siblings often and took care of them sometimes, you felt it was your responsibility to offer nurturing and gentle affection. You could have been protective over your loved ones and may have been told that you’re too sensitive, or to stop crying, to “get over” things, but even the tiniest things affected you.

Mercury in the 4th House indicates that you were maybe the intelligent child, possibly having tremendous success in all academic areas during school, told that you were a brainiac and that you were destined for great things. You could have been a smart alec and learned stuff quickly, one step ahead of the rest. You may have developed advanced linguistic abilities from an early age; perhaps you began speaking at a faster rate than most other children.

Venus in the 4th House indicates that you could have been the artistic, cute child in the family. The individual probably dressed up in nice clothes according to the current fashion trends, and developed acute social awareness at a young age. They may have been outgoing and amiable, hosting sleepovers or inviting many friends over for pool parties or stuff of that nature. It’s also likely that this individual was interested in the arts and may have been blessed with abilities pertaining to music/painting/drawing/et cetera.

Mars in the 4th House indicates that you were probably a bundle of restless energy, getting into trouble and wreaking havoc in your home, but being unable to sit still most of the time. It is likely that you were often described as being troublesome in school and you may have caused interruptions during class. The individual was maybe fond of spending their leisure in the outdoors, doing athletic activities, and even ignoring authority. This child probably enjoyed pushing people’s buttons.

Writing Prompts
  1. “He’s respectable, but, ya’ know, a little bit dodgy.”
  2. “We only want to borrow the bar.”
  3. “You said I’d have proper training!”
  4. “No! I’m tired of doing what you say.“
  5. "You must find it before the others do.”
  6. “You’re too good for this world.”
  7. “Oh my God. You’re in love with her/him.”
  8. “Yeah, well it wasn’t funny.”
  9. “It’s your turn to make dinner.”
  10. “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”
  11. “I’ve been waiting a long time for you.”
  12. “I swear, I’m not crazy!”
  13. “Go and live with her/him, then! See if I care.”
  14. “You’re a nerd.”
  15. “Good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion.”
  16. “I’m ready to try again, if you are?”
  17. “If we both stick to the story, they can’t prove anything.”
  18. “Do you think he/she crashed the car on purpose?”
  19. “Is that my sweater/shirt?”
  20. “If only I’d just gone over when she/he called.”
  21. “You must find it before the others do.”
  22. “I think the room is bugged.”
  23. “That’s starting to get annoying”
  24. “The landlord changed the locks.”
  25. “You’re cute when you’re sleepy”
  26. “I did a pregnancy test.“
  27. "You had time to call the police. Why didn’t you?”
  28. “It’s Christmas, don’t be mad at me.”
  29. “It’s cute when you blush.”
  30. “How long have you been standing there?”
  31. “You’re seriously a man-child.”
  32. “Is there alcohol?”
  33. “I told you, no more pets.”
  34. “You’re bleeding all over my furniture.”
  35. “Are you coming to bed?”
  36. “You belong to me and you need to accept it.”
  37. “I’m kind of a big deal.”
  38. “I just want a nice, easy life. What’s wrong with that?”
  39. “A smart alec witch, how original.”
  40. “I have to take you to the doctor.”
  41. “You were meant to be watching him/her!”
  42.   “Well, this is where I live.”
  43. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”
  44. “I’m late.”
  45. “I’m early.”
  46. “Get out of the shower!”
  47. “You smell like a wet dog.”
  48. “Oh yes. We’re on.”
  49. “The library is free.”
  50. “You gotta get us a decent place.”
  51. “Well, someone should sue them.”
  52. “Can I ask you something?”
  53. “When I’m as far away from you as possible.”
  54. “That’s brilliant. That’s brilliant! Let’s do it!”
  55. “Oh God, he’s serious.”
Clumsy — Wanna One Reactions

requested by @tennebv

genre: fluff

synopsis: You accidentally hit your arm against a table but paid it no mind. What harm could it cause? You thought. A few days later, you see a humongous purple bruise forming and you begin panicking as you know how your s/o will react. When they walk into the room one day, you quickly hid your arm behind your back, but you weren’t fast enough as they saw the bruise.

Yoon Jisung

  • He’d calmly ask you what happened and talk to you through it, if you were getting harmed at school or not
  • Will go momma bear if he finds out someone is bullying you
  • But no one is so he remains calm and peaceful
  • He’d softly ask, “Tell me what happened, how did you get hurt?”
  • When you tell him what happened, he’d scold you for being clumsy
  • But he’d comfort you and hug you
  • He’d playfully hit a random table and scold it for hurting you just to make you smile and laugh
  • Sweetly smiles at you, “Be careful next time okay Y/N? Now the bruise is ruining your flawless skin )):
  • But it’s okay, you’re still beautiful.”

Ha Sungwoon

  • He will start acting manly and spew out questions to find out how you got hurt
  • Laughing awkwardly, you tell him, “It’s just a bruise Sungwoon, I’m not being bullied-”
  • Skeptically, “Well how did you get the ‘bruise’?”
  • And when you tell him you accidentally hit your arm against a table,
  • After clearing up the situation and telling Sungwoon that tables CAN’T move and bully people, he ends up asking why you hid it from him.
  • “I didn’t want you to laugh at me for being clumsy..”
  • “Aw baby, I wouldn’t laugh, I’m not Daniel or Seongwoo. Tell me next time okay? I love you.”

Hwang Minhyun

  • Worried and not really angry but will be upset at the bruise on your arm
  • Would frown and stare at the bruise like it’s the cause of the end of the world cough it kind of is
  • He doesn’t want his precious baby to get hurt
  • “Y/N, be honest with me. What happened to your arm? How did you get the bruise?”
  • He wouldn’t assume right away that you’re being bullied, because who would bully you? You’re a beautiful angel in his eyes and he believes that you’re one in others’ too
  • “I just hit my arm against a table a few days ago, no biggie. It doesn’t hurt.”
  • “Oh, really?” He presses down on your bruise and your squeak out in pain. “Doesn’t hurt my beautiful butt.”
  • “Let’s just get this treated first, wouldn’t want this green-purple greple? staying on your beautiful skin any longer than necessary. 

Ong Seongwoo

  • He’d worry and panic
  • “Where’d you get that disgusting thing on your precious arm? Is someone bullying me? Tell me and I’ll go fight them right now.”
  • You’d tell him no one’s at fault and that you just accidentally smacked your arm against the table
  • He’d laugh when you tell him that and tease you for being a clumsy bean
  • With your eyes welling up, “This is what I was afraid of, you laughing at me for being clumsy.”
  • He’d stop laughing and pull you into a hug,
  • “Awww, my smol baby bean, I was just playing. I’m sorry if i hurt your feelings, but it’s okay to be clumsy. In fact, I think it’s cute. You’re so cute, I love you.”
  • And kisses the top of your head.
  • A few days later is when he’ll bring it up and laugh about it again

Kim Jaehwan

  • “Y/N? WHAT’S THAT?”
  • “It’s a bruise Jaehwan, it forms when blood from the ruptured capillaries leak out under your skin and stays trapped in one spot.”
  • “Ok, smart alec, I know that. I mean how did you get it? You hit yourself against the table again didn’t you?”
  • “Ok, but it’s not my fault?? It was an accident..”
  • He walks to the freezer to grab an ice pack for you, placing it on your arm and helping you lift it up every 5 minutes and then putting it back on
  • A few minutes of silence later, he bursts out laughing
  • WTH did he go crazy or something??? Am I dating a psychopath?
  • “I still can’t believe you hurt yourself again, you’re so clumSY.”
  • “I knew I shouldn’t have told you what happened.”

Kang Daniel

  • He’d chew on his lips and pout at the bruise
  • He’d make sure you’re okay first over anything else, would ask if someone was the cause of that bruise or not
  • “How long ago was this bruise? It looks so bad )):”
  • Telling him it has only been a few days, he frowns at you asking why you didn’t tell him earlier
  • “I didn’t want you to tease me-”
  • Smiling softly at you, “I won’t tease you -mutters ‘yet’- you should have told me regardless, look how bad it’s gotten.”
  • Pouting and doing aegyo, “Aww, let me kiss it better.”
  • And he kisses your bruise im dying rn as i type this pls send help
  • However, like Seongwoo, he’d tease you a few days later. Actually, more like a few hours later.

Park Jihoon

  • He would be in shock at how you managed to get yourself a bruise
  • Nevertheless, he would comfort you and ask if you are fine, if you need anything
  • “Does it hurt? Do you want me to get an ice pack? When did this happen? Why didn’t you tell me anything?”
  • “Not really, no, a few days ago, and because I was scared you’d laugh at me for being clumsy.”
  • Chuckling at your reason, “Awww, my baby was scared)): Do you want me to make you feel better?”
  • “Yes, please. Do aegyo for me, my cutie pie :DD”
  • Kku kku kka kka, 내 마음속에 저장  I love you my clumsy baby.” dEAD im deaddddD

Park Woojin

  • He would try to act like he isn’t worried, and would keep up the cool guy act
  • “So, -head nod- what happened to your arm?”
  • Just to tease him to see how he’d react, “I got bullied today)):”
  • “WHAT. BY WHO, who would dare to mess with my baby bird? Is it Seongwoo? It’s always Seongwoo isn’t it?”
  • “No, -giggling- it’s not Seongwoo oppa, and he’s your hyung. Be nice and have more faith in him, he wouldn’t bully me lmao.”
  • Insert a flustered sausage, “O-oh, then what happened??? How did you get that bruise on your arm?”
  • “To be honest with you, I accidentally smacked my arm against the table ledge..”
  • …..
  • Aaaand he’ll jump at you and tickle you for worrying him, “Don’t scare me next time, I WAS WORRIED. I WAS ABOUT TO FIGHT SOMEONE.”

Bae Jinyoung

  • He’s still awkward and a small baby so he wouldn’t be able to fight someone if he had to
  • But he wants to, it’s the thought that counts
  • When he sees that you tried to hide your bruise from him, he’d feel hurt
  • “Why are you hiding it? Stop hiding, tell me what happened. How did you get that bruise?”
  • Sheepishly rubbing the nape of your neck, “I was walking out the door right and I was swinging my arm and I bumped into a table..”
  • He’d stare at you in second-hand embarrassment and clap and smile and laugh like he usually does to get over the embarrassments he feels
  • “Ok, I know you didn’t just get this bruise today, it looks too old. How come you didn’t tell me you hurt yourself? I could’ve helped lessen the pain. Does it still hurt)):”
  • “No, I’m okay Jinyoung-ah, it doesn’t hurt as much anymore now that you’re here.”

Lee Daehwi

  • Confuzzled baby otter
  • Wouldn’t know what to do besides bombarding you with questions and comforting words
  • Would in a frenzy speak in English and Japanese sometimes
  • Please let me know next time, I don’t want to be excluded from the things that happen to you. I want to protect you.”
  • What?!?? But I’m not a- “I’M NOT A CHILD DAEHWI???”
  • “You are a child, you’re my child. You need to be protected at all times.” -nodding to himself-
  • “But??? You’re the actual child here, go drink your milk sweetie.”

Lai Guanlin

  • Poor baby chick would be just as, if not even more, confuzzled like Daehwi
  • He wouldn’t know what to do
  • “Does it hurt? What can I do for it to feel better?”
  • You didn’t want him to worry so you tell him, “It doesn’t hurt LinLin, I’m fine.”
  • “Are you sure? It looks like it hurts though ;-;”
  • Then you teasingly tell him, “If you want to make me feel better, smile for me. I love your smile and when I see it, all the pain and sufferings I feel and go through, goes away.”
  • Obediently, he smiles that gummy smile of his that you love so much
  • Worryingly, he asks, “Do you feel better now? Does the bruise still hurt?”
  • Grinning at him, “No, it’s allll better now, are you hungry? ‘Cause I am.”
  • “Yeah! LET’S GO EAT CHICKEN Y/N!! :DD” i always associate chicken with guanlin..why???

not proofread!

funny not rlly story, i’m actually very hungry right now, i had SAT testing this morning and i didn’t eat breakfast. i devoured my food when i got home, then i napped. then a few hours later, that’s right now, i was forced to go to my cousins. i was typing this reaction here at my cousins and my cousin-in-law was sitting behind me.

he SAWWW me typing this and he askeD me what it was and i told him it was homework… and he continued watching me type. iT WAS SO AWKWARD???? like dont stare at me or my screen as im typing??? 

but it’s all good, he can’t read english so im fiNE (^:

aNYWAYS y’all prob don’t read these notes at the end but i hope you enjoy! ♡

Nowhere Near Done | Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Warnings: Smut, NSFW gifs (not mine), Dirty Talk, Dom/Sub hints.

Words: 1262

“Alright, guys,” I exclaimed, walking into the library where the brothers are waiting for me, “do I look like a real, sophisticated FBI agent?” I twirled dramatically.

Dean and Sam both stood, eyes large and mouths hanging at the jaw. I felt my cheeks heat up at their reactions.

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Princess of Themyscira: Part 4

AN:This chapter came fairly easy, I love how it turned out.

Words: 1813

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

The only thoughts on your mind as you climb the steps up towards your grandmother’s palace are ones of sleep. Your body aches, your spirit is sore, and to be completely honest, you feel a bit hollow inside. All you want is to collapse on your bed and sleep. Of course, life isn’t that easy.

    At the top of the stairs, you find your grandmother and your sisters waiting for you. You’re a bit surprised. Usually, by this time, they’ve drunk themselves into a stupor, having told each and every one of your mother’s battle stories. The hangovers typically last for days, and you’re usually the one to hold back your sisters’ hair in the morning.

    You say nothing as you take a seat at the top of the stairs, and turn to face the horizon. The sun is just beginning to rise, and no one seems inclined to say anything, so you sit in silence until Io finally asks, “What was she like?”

    You turn towards your sister and stare. You’d heard the stories, how Io had been madly in love with your mother, and how she had cried for days when she had been officially banished. After a moment you say, “You knew her longer, shouldn’t you know?”

    Artemis’s hand lands roughly on your shoulder, “We knew Diana, Princess of Themyscira. Warrior of the Amazons. We did not know Diana, mother of Y/N, Warrior of Man’s World.”

    You bite on your lip, “You don’t want to hear what I have to say.”

    “And why not?” Euboea asks.

    “Because it involves Man’s World. It involves my brothers. It involves my father, and however much love you have for my mother, and for me, you have just as much resentment for them.”

    “Have we ever shown this resentment? Said bad things?” Hellene asks.

    Your answer is swift and unforgiving, “Yes.” You can see the shock on the faces of your friends, of your grandmother, and from the rest of my sisters. “It didn’t take you long to accept me, despite being hesitant at first. But I remember the hushed whispers in those early days, what you all would say when you thought I wasn’t around.”
    You swallow thickly, “You hate my father for having taken my mother away, but if you knew my mother as you claim, then you would know that no one could make her do anything. And to understand who my mother became when she left here, you’d first have to understand my family. And that starts with my father. And to be honest, I don’t know if it’s a story you’re going to like.”

    There’s several long minutes of silence before Io finally says, “Diana was our sister. We wish to know her. You come from her, if you say we need to start with your sire, then that is where we shall start.”

    You take a shaky breath before nodding once, “Well, to start, he wasn’t my sire. He was my father, and whatever your misgivings toward men are, he was a good man. He was born into wealth, to a loving mother and father. My grandmother, his mother, wanted a child desperately and it took several miscarriages before she was able to have my father. But he was her world. And my grandfather, Thomas, was a doctor. He turned away from corporate America to help people. To try and relate to those less fortunate than him.

    “They were murdered in front of my father when he was eight. That one moment defined the rest of his life. He was left in the care of the family’s butler, Alfred.” You smile at the name, and pause for a moment as the memory of the older man takes center stage in your memory.

    “Alfred was amazing. Managed to raise my dad, and my brothers and even helped raise me. He and mom got along so well. He took care of cleaning and cooking, and everything, and anytime one of us had a problem we would go to him.”

    You pause to wipe away a tear, before continuing, “As my father grew up, he became obsessed with vengeance.”

“Of course.” Artemis’s voice is sure, understanding, as she says, “If any of us were in the same position we would do the same.”

You smile, “Except he didn’t.” You receive puzzled looks before saying, “He found the man who murdered his parents, only to find out he’d been hired to do the job. He had a gun in his hand, he could have killed the man but decided against it. Decided that he wouldn’t become the very thing his parents had tried so hard to fight.

“He went on a journey across the world. Trained under hundreds of masters in escape and martial arts. He was gone for nearly eight years, and when he returned, he took on the persona of Batman. He donned a mask and a cape, and worked to protect the city he loved. That’s how he met my brothers.

“Dick, Jason, and Tim all came to him in different ways. Each had their own journey with him, but they all were of the same mentality. To protect. It’s the same way he met Mom. The Justice League was formed out of need, not desire. Some Earth shattering crisis, where Mom first appeared. She thought dad was too broody. She worked so hard to get him out of his shell.

“The thing that did it was her almost dying. She took a hit for him. It would have killed him, but it only wounded her. Unlike most of the League, Dad didn’t have any powers. He was extremely smart, cunning, and a master of fighting. But he wasn’t invulnerable.

“Tim said that he never left her side after that. He refused to even eat until she woke up. And her first words to him were, ‘Your rules be damned, Bruce Wayne. I love you, and no matter how hard you push me away, I’ll fight even harder to get close.’ Jason said he just gave up after that.

“Dick said they became one of the most sappy couples ever after that. Only at home though. When they were in uniform they were all business. At least that’s what they claim. Dick said that a lot changed when he let Mom in. She didn’t let him isolate himself, or deny his feelings. She forced him to admit stuff, to become more open.

“My father, who apparently had a hard time admitting he cared, finally admitted that his number one fear was to lose those important to him; my brothers and my mother.”

You pause again to swipe at the tears running down your face. “I remember coming home from a night out with my brothers to find them dancing in the kitchen. We watched them for an hour. He was singing to her. Mom was the only one who could convince him to sing. He had such a pretty voice. He would have given her the sun and the stars if she had let him.

“My brother Damian came after they had been together for about two years. When my father had been traveling he met a woman named Talia. She was a smart woman. A strict woman. And a hell of a fighter. Unbeknownst to my father, a night together had created Damian.

“Damian resented Mom at first. Said there were months of snipes back and forth but my mother never backed away or coddled him. Any smart alec remark was met with one of equal standing until something happened that nobody would talk about. All I know is that Talia never came around again, and my parents were given full parental rights. I came about two years after that.”

“And?” Calyce asks.

You smile, “We were happy. We were a family. I grew up with four older brothers who meant the world to me. Who I could go to. My father wouldn’t go out on patrol without reading me a story before he left. Damian taught me fighting basics to defend myself. The others tried to coddle me too much, he said. But neither Mom nor Dad wanted me to join the family business.

“They wanted me to have a normal life, and I did. Or at least as normal as it can be in that situation. I grew up with the other league kids. I had chores and dance class. We had family trips and family dinners. Mom would tell me stories about her childhood. Dick taught me how to tumble, and Jason would taught me how to ride a bike. I’d spend hours playing video games with Tim. He made me my first cup of coffee for exams. Alfred nearly blew a gasket. Mom just took pictures.

“On weekends Mom would take me horseback riding, and we would race. My favorites memories are the ones of all of us together. Birthdays, galas, movie weekends. But my favorite is one of my mom and dad dancing.

“There was always something going on in the world. Some crisis, but I remember thinking I had never seen two people so at peace in that moment. I had never seen two people so in love. He used to call her ‘princess.’ And it wasn’t some in some condescending way either, it’s because that’s what she was, and she deserved that respect.”  

You take a deep breath, “My dad died about three months before I came here. It sent Mom into a rage. She destroyed that incoming fleet. Despite his own resolve not to kill he never tried to persuade her otherwise. He knew she did what she thought was best, that it was a last resort.

“What she did to that fleet though, it was pure vengeance. They had taken the love of her life away, and she was going to kill them for it. She became a different person after that. She was very withdrawn, and when the invasion got worse, they decided as a family that I needed to be saved.

“Alfred drugged me. Slipped something into the coffee Tim had made. They were all there as my eyes closed. They all told me how much they loved me. When I woke up, my mother was carrying me on the beach here. She’d packed a trunk with things she said were important. Put the key around my neck, and well… you know the rest.”  

This time, you let the tears come, you allow yourself to sob as you say, “She wasn’t so different from the woman you tell stories about.”

Artemis’s arms surround you, and she pulls you close, “She was very different, little one. She was a mother, not only to you but to your brothers. She was a wife. She was in love. She was a warrior.”

You swallow thickly, “She was Wonder Woman.”

Boyfriend! Johnny

#8 of Boyfriend! Series

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Word Count: 1,216
Style/ Genre: Headcanon/ -
Date Posted: 30 Sept 2017

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Fire me for protecting my co-workers,feel the burn in return.

Warning: this is gonna be long.

So this story is a few years old now from my first year of varsity. I had started varsity and was doing a pretty hectic course in the medical field. As a child to a single parent who had not worked since I was 15 I obviously needed a job to cover my living expenses and what little my scholarship didn’t. So I started working part time at a book store in my local mall as it suited my personality and I love books in general. (The book store is one of those large scale corporate chain types.) The pay was as close to minimum wage as humanly possible though.

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How People See The Signs:
  • (Check mars and rising)
  • Aries//
  • What they see: bold, confident, and self-centered
  • What you actually are: motivated, independent, and narrow minded
  • Taurus//
  • What they see: anti-social, moody, and a homebody
  • What you actually are: thinking, watching from afar, and comfortable in your skin
  • Gemini//
  • What they see: loud mouth, rude, and brave
  • What you actually are: honest, open-minded, and confident
  • Cancer//
  • What they see: shy, prude, and snobby
  • What you actually are: conservative, detached, and analyzing
  • Leo//
  • What they see: beauty, arrogant, and obnoxious
  • What you actually are: truthful, fearless, and opinionated
  • Virgo//
  • What they see: smart-Alec, judgmental, and germaphobe
  • What you actually are: organized, thoughtful, and creative
  • Libra//
  • What they see: charm, open-minded, and welcoming
  • What you actually are: fake, indecisive, and desperate
  • Scorpio//
  • What they see: broody, sarcastic, and funny
  • What you actually are: secretive, blunt, and clumsy
  • Sagittarius//
  • What they see: happy-go-lucky, optimistic, and shy
  • What you actually are: flaky, kind, and selfless
  • Capricorn//
  • What they see: calm, exclusive, and cool
  • What you actually are: moody, shy, and secretive
  • Aquarius//
  • What they see: wise, hard-to-get, and emotionless
  • What you actually are: selfless, picky, and taken advantage of
  • Pisces//
  • What they see: peculiar, meditative, and soft spoken
  • What they actually are: quirky, analyzing, and considerate

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Is Cillian self-confessed shy?? He always seems SO confident at premieres and in interviews -so if he is shy, his acting skills are off the hook! Just wondering! Thank you for taking the time to answer my question! Xxxxxx

He addressed it in a 2014 interview with Interview when asked about what got him hooked on stage acting —

I don’t know. I’ve always felt kind of safe on stage, protected. I’ve talked to other performers about this and they feel the same things, particularly in the live arena. I never get nervous going on stage to do a play. Doing film or television I’ll have more butterflies. I guess because theater’s so ephemeral and it’s gone. You make this nightly contract with the audience and you redraw that contract for the next night, whereas film and television, it’s forever. I suppose it’s always about adopting personas, never about being yourself. I think they call it a “shy man’s revenge.” I don’t consider myself a shy person necessarily, but there’s something about getting under the skin of a character and allowing you an abandon or a sense of courage that you would never have in your own life.


Stiles x Reader

Requested by @stilinske

“Will you please just stay here, you don’t know what’s happening just stay out of it!” Stiles hissed as he tried to leave.

“No! I’m tired of doing what you say.” You sighed and glared across the room at him.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for a witch to get into a werewolf fight.” Stiles said through ground teeth as he tried to sound calm.

“Good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion.” You sighed and went to push past him.

“A smart alec witch, how original.” He grumbled as you yanked open the door and stomped off, glaring at Stiles when everyone returned from their fight a little battered and bruised.

“You know what Stiles.” You sighed and started to walk away as he jogged to keep up with you. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.” You climbed into your car and slammed the door.

“Hey, you can’t just go… I’m sorry… when are you coming back?” He called as everyone stood in the background looking uncomfortable.

“I don’t know but I’ll call or something yeah?” You grunted as you started the car.

“When will you call?” He asked desperately.

“When I’m as far away from you as possible.” You muttered bitterly.

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