riptor5417  asked:

Im new to the blog so what is the whole nihlus in the shower thing?

Oh it’s these gosh darn people being a bunch of smart Alecs to me on the internet because 500 years ago I made a sketch of Nihlus after a vote on who to turn a sketch OF A SHOWERING TURIAN into and well I GUESS I SHOULD FINISH IT because now it’s a meme and I HAVE LET THE WHOLE TUMBLRVERSE DOWN!!

No really it’s just a silly thing that amuses me so much because the support and encouragement is actually super nice while I try to finish this drawing! ❤️

  • Student:Ms. K****, why do you always use such big words?
  • Me:I am admittedly enthusiastic about polysyllables.
  • Student:(squint) What?
  • Me:(repressed smile)
  • Other Student:She just said she likes big words.
  • Me:Bingo. Read more books, be more of a smart alec.
  • Student:You're all right, Ms. K****.
  • Me:Thank you, dear.

Amnesiac Bill AU!

They eventually figured it out XD I suppose that if Bill stayed with the Pines, everyone would still be very VERY wary of him, but Dipper would probably be the first to kind of approach him and try to talk to him!

Since Bill doesn’t remember what his old outfit looked like exactly, he recreated them with a new flare!

How People See The Signs:
  • (Check mars and rising)
  • Aries//
  • What they see:bold, confident, and self-centered
  • What you actually are:motivated, independent, and narrow minded
  • Taurus//
  • What they see:anti-social, moody, and a homebody
  • What you actually are:thinking, watching from afar, and comfortable in your skin
  • Gemini//
  • What they see:loud mouth, rude, and brave
  • What you actually are:honest, open-minded, and confident
  • Cancer//
  • What they see:shy, prude, and snobby
  • What you actually are:conservative, detached, and analyzing
  • Leo//
  • What they see:beauty, arrogant, and obnoxious
  • What you actually are:truthful, fearless, and opinionated
  • Virgo//
  • What they see:smart-Alec, judgmental, and germaphobe
  • What you actually are:organized, thoughtful, and creative
  • Libra//
  • What they see:charm, open-minded, and welcoming
  • What you actually are:fake, indecisive, and desperate
  • Scorpio//
  • What they see:broody, sarcastic, and funny
  • What you actually are:secretive, blunt, and clumsy
  • Sagittarius//
  • What they see:happy-go-lucky, optimistic, and shy
  • What you actually are:flaky, kind, and selfless
  • Capricorn//
  • What they see:calm, exclusive, and cool
  • What you actually are:moody, shy, and secretive
  • Aquarius//
  • What they see:wise, hard-to-get, and emotionless
  • What you actually are:selfless, picky, and taken advantage of
  • Pisces//
  • What they see:peculiar, meditative, and soft spoken
  • What they actually are:quirky, analyzing, and considerate