How People See The Signs:
  • (Check mars and rising)
  • Aries//
  • What they see: bold, confident, and self-centered
  • What you actually are: motivated, independent, and narrow minded
  • Taurus//
  • What they see: anti-social, moody, and a homebody
  • What you actually are: thinking, watching from afar, and comfortable in your skin
  • Gemini//
  • What they see: loud mouth, rude, and brave
  • What you actually are: honest, open-minded, and confident
  • Cancer//
  • What they see: shy, prude, and snobby
  • What you actually are: conservative, detached, and analyzing
  • Leo//
  • What they see: beauty, arrogant, and obnoxious
  • What you actually are: truthful, fearless, and opinionated
  • Virgo//
  • What they see: smart-Alec, judgmental, and germaphobe
  • What you actually are: organized, thoughtful, and creative
  • Libra//
  • What they see: charm, open-minded, and welcoming
  • What you actually are: fake, indecisive, and desperate
  • Scorpio//
  • What they see: broody, sarcastic, and funny
  • What you actually are: secretive, blunt, and clumsy
  • Sagittarius//
  • What they see: happy-go-lucky, optimistic, and shy
  • What you actually are: flaky, kind, and selfless
  • Capricorn//
  • What they see: calm, exclusive, and cool
  • What you actually are: moody, shy, and secretive
  • Aquarius//
  • What they see: wise, hard-to-get, and emotionless
  • What you actually are: selfless, picky, and taken advantage of
  • Pisces//
  • What they see: peculiar, meditative, and soft spoken
  • What they actually are: quirky, analyzing, and considerate
Twitter Q&A From Jade Hassouné’s Takeover

Q: What do you most love about the shadow world?

JH: Tough one, I love a lot! My favourite thing: the variety of mystical beings. Also the magic & runes & Clary’s power to create.

Q: What do you think about my Meliorn makeup?

JH: I love it!! I saw it a few times fantastic. Excited for you to see what’s in store for Faerie beauty this year. 

Q: I’m so so so exited for this!!!!! See ya in a week!

JH: See you in SIX days! ‪#Shadowhunters

Q: What’s the name of your cat? It’s so cute! I have a cat too, 2 haha

JH: Hi! My cat’s name is Tiger & he’s a MaineCoon just like Stella & Rajah (Alberto and Dom’s cats). Aren’t felines brilliant?

Q: What do you have in common with Meliorn?

JH: I have a lot in common- I commune with Nature, I meditate, and have a grounded/thoughtful approach to life. Namaste

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Requested by Anon


“You must find it before the others do." Kol repeated as he wondered around the abandoned house, flicking at things and occasionally glaring at you as he tried to find what you’d been sent to find that morning.

“It’s not here, if it was I could have found it… in fact I would be home watching a movie, not here with you.”

“And if you’d looked properly we would both be doing what we want instead go being here.” He sighed.

“Ok well seeing as you’re immortal and I know it’s not here, I’ll leave and tell Klaus you’re being a huge waste of time” You huffed sarcastically and he scoffed at you.

“A smart alec witch, how original.” His tone had you growling under your breath. “Oh, wait it isn’t is it Darling?”

“One more word and I’ll lock you in here.” You warned and he smirked.

“You…” Before he could finish you stepped out of the house and the barrier flared.

“I’ll have Elijah send something yummy.” You turned on your heels with a satisfied pout. “Oh and by the way it’s not in the house.”


Amnesiac Bill AU!

They eventually figured it out XD I suppose that if Bill stayed with the Pines, everyone would still be very VERY wary of him, but Dipper would probably be the first to kind of approach him and try to talk to him!

Since Bill doesn’t remember what his old outfit looked like exactly, he recreated them with a new flare!


Roman x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Out of my way!” you snapped at Roman who rolled his eyes.

“Make me.” he grumbled back and you glared at him.

“You think I won’t have Destiny teach me how to curse you?” you snapped and he chuckled.

“A smart alec witch, how original.” Roman teased and you shuffled your bags on your shoulder.

“So, what, deal with it.” You snapped.

“I’m kind of a big deal.” Roman sighed and chuckled. “I wouldn’t try and curse me.”

“Bite me Godfrey.” You snapped and stormed off.

The Zodiac Signs: Expectations v.s Reality
  • Aries: always yelling and is always happy. Aggressive// Just wants a hug and is super fun to hang out with
  • Taurus: Pervert. Hungry all the time. Sexy & lazy// SuuUuUper chill and a very dependable friend
  • Gemini: Super talkative and friendly but secretly evil. Annoying and loud//Cutest things in the world! Funny and good at cracking jokes.
  • Cancer: Clingy cinnamon roll that is constantly on the verge of tears//actually annoyed with the world and just wants to curl up in their bed and sleep.
  • Leo: Beauty queen that's too self absorbed and wants attention//Super Chill and very fun to hang out with. Will beat up anyone who hurts you
  • Virgo: Smart alec that isn't to be messed with//Not-so-smart alec that's antisocial and just wants some peace and quiet.
  • Libra: Perfect little angel that couldn't hurt a fly// A hot mess. just like all of us. still friendly though.
  • Scorpio: Emo. hates everything //not emo. actually quite funny and a very loyal and kind/caring friend.
  • Sagittarius: loves everybody//Secretly hates everybody. Just wants to have the freedom to do what they want.
  • Capricorn: Smart & cool. Has the glasses, bowtie, suit, everything.// Shy and awkward. Just wants to be loved.
  • Aquarius: Alien.// A very funny and cute alien. Sarcastic and will stand up to bullies for you. Knows more than you think.
  • Pisces: Cute yet dumb little muffin that has no idea wtf is going on with their life. Push over// Actually quite intelligent. Still cute. Most likely to die with 1234567890 cats. Secretly an assassin, probably.
Songs on Shuffle Tag!

tagged by @praise-the-lord-im-dead​, thanks!

Rules: put your music on shuffle and share the first ten songs that come up (no skipping), and then tag others to do the same :)

1) Gee, Officer Krumpke! - West Side Story (Leonard Bernstein)
2) Pelléas et Mélisande, Op. 80 - Gabriel Fauré
3) You’ll Find Your Way - Light for the Lost Boy (Andrew Peterson)
4) You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch - More Than a Story (Go Fish)
5) Rey’s Theme - Taylor Goodson
6) This My Soul - Ghost of a King (The Grey Havens)
7) What a Friend We Have in Jesus - Hymns (Michael W. Smith)
8) Prelude after Weis - M. m. Ponce - Song and Dance (Michael Partington)
9) Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus - David Warren
10) Portrait (Out of the Blue) - The Celts (Enya)

Yup, looks like a fairly accurate sampling: we’ve got sarcasm, piano covers, classical, hymns, and contemporary…

tagging @brambleberrycottage, @valiantarcher, @idratherdreamofjune, @ladysnowangel, and @thetreasurechest (if y’all want)


“What sort of man is that keeper of yours who captained us?”

“[…]  Hardworking, anyhow, and decidedly intelligent.”



“Scudder?  A little too smart to be straight.”

Alec Scudder cosplay test!  Yes my cigarette is just a rolled up piece of paper okay I don’t have any real ones and I don’t want them. Can’t wait to be him at English club!