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Evening Prayer - 15 Jun 2017

I’m feeling my economic privilege tonight, God. There’s still some residual grumpiness in me from the 3-hour car ride to get here, which is pretty silly when I consider that (a) I have a car to drive even if it is in really slow traffic, (b) I have a job to send me to this conference, and © I could listen to an interesting book as I drove because I can afford a smart phone and audio books. So I’m feeling my economic privilege tonight.

Though I know I don’t deserve them any more than anyone else, thank you for these resources in my life. Amen.

CTA Calls for Acceleration of Internet of Things Agenda


The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) today called on policymakers to embrace the incredible possibilities the Internet of Things (IoT) will offer as the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Digital Commerce and Consumer Protection Subcommittee holds a hearing tomorrow entitled: “Update on IoT Opportunities and Challenges.”

“Thanks to Chairman Latta’s leadership, policymakers will have an open forum to learn about the way the technology community is using the Internet of Things to create benefits for individuals, the economy and our environment,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA. “The IoT will save lives, improve our health, increase our safety and security, improve our environment and change education. Thanks to audio/visual, smart home, wearables, transportation and others products and services, the IoT will save consumers time and money, reduce CO2 emissions and enhance our nation’s role as a global tech leader.”

Last year, CTA released an IoT white paper providing a framework for policymakers to “aggressively accelerate the positive steps government can take to promote IoT innovation while refraining from broad regulatory action that would derail or delay new IoT applications.”

Additionally, CTA’s The Energy Savings Potential of Home Automation Technology study revealed home automation products such as temperature, circuit and lighting control, if used for energy savings purposes, could collectively avoid up to 100 million tons of CO2 emissions and reduce total residential primary energy consumption by as much as 10 percent.

About Consumer Technology Association:

Consumer Technology Association (CTA)TM is the trade association representing the $292 billion U.S. consumer technology industry, which supports more than 15 million U.S. jobs. More than 2,200 companies – 80 percent are small businesses and startups; others are among the world’s best known brands – enjoy the benefits of CTA membership including policy advocacy, market research, technical education, industry promotion, standards development and the fostering of business and strategic relationships. CTA also owns and produces CES® – the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. Profits from CES are reinvested into CTA’s industry services.


  • CEO Summit
    June 21-24, Amalfi Coast, Italy
  • Innovate! and Celebrate
    October 9-11, San Francisco, CA
  • CES Unveiled Amsterdam
    October 26, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • CES 2018
    January 9-12, Las Vegas, NV

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Frontier Silicon’s Smart Audio solution with Google Assistant


Frontier Silicon, a leading provider of consumer audio technologies, announces that its Smart Audio platform, Minuet, has been upgraded to include Google Assistant.

Minuet already allows brands and manufacturers to develop smart audio devices with Chromecast built-in. With the addition of Google Assistant, users will be able to control their smart speakers via voice and use these speakers not only to play music but also to access internet services, such as news, update personal schedules and control a wide range of smart home devices.

As a reference platform, Minuet provides a complete toolkit for brands and manufacturers to develop smart audio devices with Google Assistant quickly and cost-effectively.

Frontier Silicon is one of a very small number of solution providers chosen by Google to work on this technology.

Anthony Sethill, CEO, Frontier Silicon, said:

“With the advent of voice control and smart home music streaming, smart speakers are quickly becoming hubs for the smart home. By incorporating Google Assistant into Minuet, we will enable third party brands and manufacturers to bring to market their own high quality voice-enabled speakers quickly and cost effectively.”

About Frontier Silicon Limited

Frontier Silicon is the world’s leading supplier of technology solutions for digital radio and smart audio products. Frontier Silicon’s audio products offer solutions for DAB/DAB+, Internet Radio and Wi-Fi enabled wireless speakers and soundbars - from silicon through software to production-ready platform designs. Customers supplied by Frontier Silicon include Altec Lansing, Bose, Brookstone, Denon, Grundig, harman/kardon, Jensen, Onkyo, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Pure, Roberts, Sony, TechniSat, Yamaha, and many more.

Frontier Silicon is a trademark or registered trademark of Frontier Silicon Ltd. Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

About Chromecast built-in

Chromecast built-in is an audio platform developed by Google which enables smart speakers to stream via Wi-Fi over 150 online music services, such as Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio.

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[ Video ] - Sennheiser AMBEO smart headset: 3D Audio recording for everyone!


Sennheiser AMBEO smart headset: 3D Audio recording for everyone!

Oh shit its ya boy Cavoc

35 years of fabulous hair. Well-known, not only because of his looks.

His wolfy form has a curly coat unlike many other werewolves. He also lets the lighter colored mane part of his coat grow out while keeping the rest neatly groomed for that ‘just like my human hair’ look.
When fullmoon wolfing out he’s here to go for a hunt and take the younger ones with him. Yay, camping trips. He figured out this ritual makes the younger ones lose the fear of full moon pretty well.

He gives a lot of fucks about his looks and doesn’t step out of his aesthetic. His aesthetic being kinda punk-y and mostly black.

In his human life he works as a tattoo artist by daylight and regularly as a barkeeper in a club at nighttime. 

He’s borderline gary stu with having ridiculously many skills. He can get adecent hang of any string instrument in no time, he also plays drums, and because he’s into music he’s also smart about audio. He’s good with people. he’s not unfit, he’s pretty booksmart and helps Vas with his university homework if he’s stuck. Honestly what’s wrong with this guy.

He belongs to my trio of “characters who are into hookups” but unlike Magic he’s mature, chill and charming.

He’s the kind of big brother figure who won’t ask you whats wrong but he’s up to listen whatevers bothering you without judgement. He knows life can be shit. You could tell him youre into drinking piss and he would still nod understanding and continue sipping his tea.