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I had a bad thought

I read somewhere that after a great trauma, hair can start growing white. Like completely white. 

 So what I was thinking was that after the war, Terrasen went back to something similar to what was before Adarlan, but better. 

 A commander of the armies with golden-honey hair and flaming blue eyes, brave and noble and kind. He talks to his men as often as he can and greets them by name, asks about their families, their wives and children. He is a swordsman to behold, a warrior whose tales are told across the continent, who young boys and girls idolize. Though his ears are rounded, he will live for a long, long time. And he will remember a time when Terrasen wasn’t free. When demons plagued the land and darkness threatened the innocent. 

 A black haired Lady, who rules over her land in quiet peace. Who defends it with tooth and claw, literally. Her people love and respect her, but are aware of her power. She cares for her ward, who despite her scars looks beautiful and regal and has learned to be kind to others. And, sometimes, the people catch glances of a brave commander visiting as often as he can, smoothing down his golden hair before walking into her state. 

A black haired King, whose kingdom had once been a foe. Sparkling blue eyes that haven’t stopped reading and will not stop for a while. A pale band of skin mars his throat, and he wonders if it will ever go away. His realm, which was once filled with fear and hate, is now ruled by love and kindness and magic flourished and is wielded to the best capacity of healers, farmers and every other who wishes to do good. 

A moonlight haired witch, who rules not far from Adarlan. Her and her unit of warriors take to the skies, both for the joy of flying and the call for battle. Fearsome and undaunted, they fight battles with impossible odds and emerge victorious. By blood and the strength of her sword, she is Queen and Unifier. She brought her people home, and gave the witchlings land. 

A Lady of Terrasen, young, dark haired, and cunning. Smart, clever, beautiful, kind and strong. Her dresses, reaching down to the floor, hide her ruined ankle, even if she is not ashamed of it. A dark Fae living in her lands, because, for once, he could chose for himself. Both of them ruling together. 

And, in Orynth, in the court of Terrasen, are both the Queen and her Consort. The Queen’s husband is beloved by the people who were once reluctant to welcome him. He takes joy in a prosperous kingdom and in a happy marriage. And when he gazes in the mirror, he no longer sees a story of shame written on his skin, but a story of rebirth and destiny and hope. When he looks around himself, he no longer sees cold-hearted killers, but driven, focused loyal warriors sworn to a Queen worthy of an Oath. 

And the Queen, bent not broken, is no longer a golden haired beauty. In her spare time, she twirls a lock around her finger and refuses to think of that dark time, in a beach, in a coffin, in a dark room filled with blood-curdling screams. She pulls back her white hair, and refuses to break. Her Prince distracts her, loves her and helps her in any way she can, but he can’t drive away every nightmare, can’t light a fire in each shadow. And even though the Queen Who Was Promised is perfectly capable of lighting her own fire, darkness hasn’t left her, and the dreams won’t stop. And she burns and burns with the magic of her Goddess, but she just can’t make dawn chase away the night 


Title: Endgame

Summary: You can tell that Dean has been struggling lately and think it’s about time you two talked about it. What he suggests surprises you.  

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count: 526 (Drabble)

Warnings: Season 12 spoilers (If you haven’t watched 12.03, “The Foundry” then you should probably catch up first), angst, feelings of abandoness, insecurities

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @angelschallenge gif+adjective drabble challenge. Thank you so much for organizing this, Angel! 

My adjective prompt was “troubled” (it is included in bold in the text below) and my gif prompt is under the cut. 

Originally posted by veryamooseing

You tiptoed to the library carefully, not wanting to wake up Sam. Dean hadn’t been in bed when you’d woken up in the middle of the night -again- and you knew he’d be there; he was predictable like that.

Leaning against the doorframe, you found him on the couch, a bottle of amber liquid in front of him, half empty glass in hand.

“A penny for your thoughts.” You murmured softly and he looked up, surprised and troubled, that half smile that meant to reassure you everything was fine but did anything but, spread across his lips.

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Fandom basic dictionary: part 2
  • more of the same!
  • part 1 on my blog
  • angst: sad fanfics, deals with tragic events or struggling characters. A person can also be 'angsty'; stressed, scared etc
  • avatar: your icon, a photo to represent yourself or your account
  • trollfic: a non-serious fic, made just for laughs or to mock someone/something
  • chibi: (japanese) a character drawn in a cute manner with usually a short chubby body and a big head
  • DLDR: Don't like, don't read. Don't comment on a fic just because you don't like the genre, simply don't read it.
  • fanon: means same as head canon; what someone thinks should be canon/could be canon
  • hentai: literally: pervert (Japanese); sexually explicit scenes
  • Mary sue: typical female character that's beautiful and smart and seemingly perfect at a young age (male versions: Gary Stus or Marty Stus)
  • RPF: real person fanfic; fanfic involving celebrities, not characters
  • songfic: a fanfiction where the storyline is based on the lyrics of a song
  • -verse: used to indicate in which universe it takes place
  • mature: for mature audiences (+18), has explicit scenes
  • graphic: graphic scenes are scenes where usually explicit situations are explained with a lot of detail
  • gore: graphic violence
  • bashing: expressing negative opinions about a character/person

“It’s very weird how genes are. Dave [Grohl], Krist [Novoselic] and Pat [Smear] came over to a house where I was living. It was the first time [the ex-Nirvana members] had been together in a long time. And they had what I call the “K. C. Jeebies,” which is when they see me, they see Kurt. They look at me, and you can see they’re looking at a ghost. They were all getting the K. C. Jeebies hardcore. Dave said, “She is so much like Kurt.” They were all talking amongst themselves, rehashing old stories I’d heard a million times. I was sitting in a chair, chain-smoking, looking down like this [affects total boredom]. And they went, “You are doing exactly what your father would have done.” Frances Bean Cobain

Conversations I just had:
  • Me: The fuck did I just watch?
  • Other Me: A cute, if occasionally sappy historical romance about a couple of bisexual con men struggling with the monogamous aspect of their relationship before eventually finding happiness when they add a smart, wily and beautiful young con woman as a permanent third in their relationship. Set to the background of Aztec Human Sacrifice and Cortez invasion of and eventual destruction of the Aztec Empire
  • Me: That's a surprisingly accurate description.
  • Other Me: Well, it's called "The Road To El Dorado." What did you expect?
  • Me: The Gay was a surprise.
It’s an Honour

“I’m not her, I’m not her, I’m not her!” Lily Luna Potter screamed into the empty air surrounding the frost covered lake. Because Lily Evans was a 21-year-old woman with kind green eyes and a warm smile, who gave her life for her only son. To Harry Potter, Lily Evans was a hero, his hero, the woman who sacrificed her life to give him one, to Lily Luna Potter, Lily Evans was a burden. She was a beautiful, smart, young, kind, burden, who’s fleeting memory haunted Lily’s every move.

Because Lily Potter was not like her names sake, life was only worth living if she was living for herself, Lily Potter was willing to fight to the death, but for no one but herself. Because while Lily Evans was warmth and forgiveness and sacrifice, Lily Potter was icy cold and unforgiving and self-preservation. 

Because when Harry Potter named his daughter after the Mother he never knew, he was setting a standard she would never reach, because how can you live up to someone who can do no wrong?

“I wish I could look like him” Fred Weasley whispered into the mirror as he pulled his curly brown hair into a bun that never seemed to hold. Because Fred Weasley I was George Weasley’s other half, and even though his son was just as charismatic and mischievous as his Uncle, nobody ever looked at him and saw his predecessor, nobody saw the Weasley hair and the freckle covered Weasley skin, they saw Angelina Johnson’s dark skin and equally dark hair.

Because when George named his only son after his late Brother, he was giving Fred II an honour that he never wanted and would never be able to live up to. It didn’t matter that the two boys had the same smile or the same laugh, they didn’t look the same, and even though he would never say it, it haunted Fred every time he looked in the mirror.

“I can make him proud” James Sirius Potter said as he pinned the head boy badge onto his tie, because when people saw him, all they saw was James Potter the first, a boy who burnt brightly and died young, the quidditch star with a heart of gold. 

Because James Sirius Potter had spent his whole life trying to live up to the legend of James Potter. James’ future had been decided for him by a man he had never met. James Sirius Potter by any other name would not have been a quidditch star, Head boy would have been a distant dream. All of James’ dreams were someone else’s, because while James was given the opportunity to live, it was at the cost of James Potters life.

When Harry Potter named his eldest son after his Father, he was hoping for a bond he never got to have, and James Sirius potter would do anything to give it to him.

“I don’t want to be like him” Albus Severus Potter cried to his parents. Because Harry James Potter believed that Albus Dumbledore was a hero, to Albus Potter, he was a man as close to a villain as you could get. Albus did not believe in greater causes, especially when it meant raising a child just to kill a few years later.

Albus felt like his name was a curse, it was something that shouldn’t be spoken aloud, because names had power, and the power that his namesake held was not something that he wanted.

“It’s an honour” they were told.

But an honour was not supposed to feel like this.

detention - (amazingphil smut)

anon asked for a teacher fic with Philip so…

by the way, whenever I write a phil fic,there seem to be less notes then when I write dan ones??? So like, if you read this and think it’s half decent then like it please I need the validation of others to feel human. I try my best not to include pronouns for he reader, but in this fic the reader uses she/her pronouns, I’m so sorry if this bothers you

Warnings: smut, kinky as Philip lester himself, teacher x student relationship. Also, this is English type secondary school because that’s where I went and I don’t know how to write American high school lol. Y/N IS SIXTEEN. THIS IS THE AGE OF CONSENT IN THE UK. cool.

“Y/N!” Mr Lester shouted, making you jump. The whole class was stating at you. You had fallen asleep in class. Again.

“Y/N, this is the third time you’ve fallen asleep in class this week! I can’t keep letting you off so easily. You’ll stay behind after school in my classroom.” He told you. You had no choice but to agree and just hope he doesn’t keep you long. As he turned back around to continue his science lesson , you couldn’t help but stare at him.

Okay. So you might’ve had a huge thing for him. But who could blame you? Every girl in school did. He’s tall frame, broad shoulders and those eyes! He was fucking beautiful, and you couldn’t help but fantasise about what you could do during the time you had after school,al the things you guys could get up to…

The bell rang signalling the end of lesson and shaking you from your horny thoughts. ‘It’ll never happen,’ you thought. ‘He’s your fucking teacher, Y/N" . You got up from your chair and picked up your bag, leaving the classroom.

“Don’t forget, immediately after school” Mr Lester called after you. You nodded and closed the door behind you.


Making your way through the hallway, you pushed and shoved against your fellow students who were trying to make their way out of the door and into the cold fresh air. Not you. Instead you had to spend your time with Mr Lester. Him and his smile that always made you feel… things. You found yourself outside of his classroom door and knocked gently, before pushing he door open slowly.

“Ah, Miss Y/N" he said. He gestured for you to sit down inter seat opposite him and so you did, letting yourself meet his transfixing blue eyes. “What an I going to do with you?” He started, leaning back in his chair. You couldn’t help but notice that his hair was slightly ruffled which made him look even hotter than usual. “You’re one of my most talented mathematicians and if you really concentrated in class, I’m sure you would get straight A’s”

You tried to pay attention, but shit, he looked so goddamn hot in a tie. “If you just managed not to fall asleep in class, your grades would be through the roof! Universities would be begging for you to come to them. Who wouldn’t want a smart, beautiful young lady for their school?” he continued. You could feel your face heat at the word ‘beautiful’. He thought that?

“I know sir, I’ll try to stay up in class but I get distracted…” you explained, your gaze dropping to your lap.

A smirk made its way to his lips, one that made your heart hammer in your chest. “By what?” He asked, leaning closer to you. You opened your mouth in reply but nothing came out. He looked at you, knowingly. “Do you find me distracting?”

You wished the ground would open up and swallow you already, taking you away from this emvarssing moment. You could slice the tension in the room with a knife, and you couldn’t tell if it was sexual or if it was just you being turned on by this guy’s fucking smirk. Suddenly, he leaned in closer, making your breath hitch. You looked down again but he took your chin in his hands, lifting it up so you were facing him.?

“Don’t worry. If it makes you feel better, you distracts me too” he spoke. At this point he was so close that you could feel his breath on your lips. You shivered at his words and without even thinking about it you leant in to his lips and kissed him.

You instantly regretted it, feeling like an idiot as you tried to pull away but he held you in place by the back of your neck, kissing you back. You were surprised by his sudden dominance but it only seemed to turn you on even more

The desk between the two of you made things a little uncomfortable so he cleared the things on his desk onto the floor and pulled you closer to him by your neck. You slipped over the table to sit on his lap and were surprised to find that he was already semi hard. The knowledge filled you with a sense of pride, that you could turn him on so fast with just a kiss. His hands were tangled in your hair and yours were tugging at his tie , pulling him closer to you if possible. The kiss was desperate and needy, full of pent up desires and longings.

“We’re going to have to make this a quick one darling” he said, tugging your skirt down roughly. You stepped out of it as it fell to your ankles and moved to pull down your panties but he stopped you, grabbing your wrist. “Uh-uh love, I’m doing that” he said hooking his fingers on each side of your panties. He pulled them down your legs much slower than he did with the skirt, dropping the unwanted material to the side.

He traced his fingers from your inner thigh until he reached your pussy, gathering the wetness on his finger. “Fuck, you’re so wet for me already Y/N” he moaned, sucking the juices off his finger. He returned his finger to your entrance, tracing around it while remaining locked in eye contact with you. “You’re such a dirty little girl” he breathed out into your ear, “thinking about me in class”. He slipped his finger into your entrance with ease, earning a long moan from you. “Do you think about me fucking you with my fingers on my desk?”

You couldn’t even reply. You simply moaned again in response. “Ph-phil!” You sighed out. He pulled his finger out all of a sudden and gave you a stern look.

“That’s Mr Lester to you” he reminded you, before returning his finger. This time, he thrust three fingers into you, making you scream out in surprise. He silenced you with a kiss, exploring your mouth with his tongue as you felt your orgasm coming. He must’ve felt your walls clench around him because he yet again removed his fingers from you. You opened your mouth to complain but he interrupted you by shoving his soaked fingers in your mouth. “Suck” he simply said. You obediently sucked on his fingers, looking him in the eyes as you did so.

You could literally see his pale blue eyes darkens with lust as he groaned at the sight of you doing such dirty things. He pulled his trousers down his legs and palmed himself over his boxers, before pulling them down too. Your core was pulsing in anticipation as he stepped closer to you again, stroking his erection. “Turn around” he barely whispered. At this point you were completely in submission as you turned without a thought.

You felt his cold hands push you over the table, leaving you bent over for him. It was such an exposing position that you felt yourself start to feel embarrassed before he shoved into you, quite literally pounding the thought out of you. You were screaming in pleasure again, but this time he was prepared. He hastily removed his tie from around his neck before tying it around your mouth, muffling your moans. He grunted as he thrust into you again, fucking you hard and deep. He was gripping your waist so hard he was sure there would be hand marks on your hips the next morning.

“S-sir, I’m gonna cum!” You tried to say, but it came out as gibberish with his tie gagging you. Without warning, you released on his dick, making him moan out at the sight of your cum dripping down your leg. He want stopping though. Despite your sensitivity, he was going even faster if possible, making you cry out in intoxicating pleasure. You couldn’t even think, let alone try and stay quiet. Finally, with a final string of ‘fuck’ and ‘oh sh-shit y/n’ he came in you, filling you up with his load.

As soon as he loosened his grip on your waist, you could feel yourself start to fall. He fucked you so hard you couldn’t even stand up. He laughed and held you again, guiding you to your clothes by the wrist. “Here” he said softly, smiling at you as he gave you your clothes back. You returned the smile, surprised at the gentle side of him after sex.

“I hope now you won’t be distracted in class anymore” he said, a cheeky grin on his face.

You turned to him, pretending to think about it. “I don’t know… I think we may have to have a few more lessons before I learn my lesson”

03. Room 16

Doctor!Jimin Smut, Angst Scenario.

“Okay, this is a real weird request. Tell me if you are up to it, if not I will request something else. So, Jimin doctor smut? One where the reader is very shy and innocent?”-Anon

(F/N)- Full Name. (Y/N)- Your (First) Name. (L/N)- Last Name.

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Such A Joker (11/?)

Part 10

James POV:
I cut into the food that Lee cooked popping it into my mouth. “Oh my god.” I say savoring the amazing flavor. “Good?” Lee asks laughing. “Oh my god.” I say again laughing.

As we continue to eat Lee drops her fork. “Oh my god! I got it!” “Got what?” “The message! I think I know what it means! The iron sisters? It’s Arkham bridge! The iron sisters Arkham bridge! The towers are called Mary and Betty!” I nod my head and continue eating. “I remember as a kid we use to call them that.” “Right! And there’s a park under the towers on the Gotham side. A garden? It all fits!” She says getting excited.

I scoff. “Lee. It fits an impossible story. He didn’t speak with Lila Valeska. She’s dead.” “So you say!” I roll my eyes. “Come on you’re a doctor; a scientist!” “There are plenty of things in this world that can’t be explained by science.”

“Yeah people who enjoy folk dancing for instance. Doesn’t mean ghosts exist.” “You’re very arrogant in your certainty. This could be a clue to a murder. The poor women.”

I huff. “Fine. I’ll go with (y/n) tomorrow.” “Tomorrow?” “Now? You want me to go now?” “I’ll come with you.” “It’s dark.” “I have a flashlight.” She smiles at me with puppy dog eyes.

I sigh and stand up putting my coat on. “Oh call (y/n)! I’m sure she’d want to come!” I turn to her with a smile. “So you like her? She doesn’t give off any bad vibes?” Lee smiles. “From what I can tell she’s a smart, young, beautiful woman with a very handsome father.” She kisses my cheek as we walk out the door.

(Y/n) POV
I moan as Jerome kisses my neck and trails his hand up my thigh. My phone starts ringing taking me away from complete bliss. “Don’t answer it.” Jerome says into my skin. “I have to. What if it’s my dad?” I say and get up grabbing my phone. Indeed it was my father. “Hello?” I hear him sigh. “Hey sweetie. What are you doing?” “Uh just watching a movie. Why?” “Well Lee figured out the message and we’re on our way to the Arkham bridge. She wants you to come.” “Arkham bridge? Um yeah. I can make it. I’ll see you in a couple of minutes.” I hang up and turn around to see Jerome.

“I have to go.” “Why where?” “Arkham bridge. Mr Cicero came after everyone was leaving and gave us a riddle about Lila. Now I have to go to Arkham bridge for something.” Jerome grabs my hand quickly and pulls me to him placing his lips on my head. He hold me tight. “Jerome what’s this about? I won’t be gone long. I’ll be back.” I say placing my hands on his cheeks. “You’ll be back, but not to stay with me. You’ll be here to arrest me for the murder of my mother.” I drop my hands and stare at him. “The hatchet is down there isn’t it?” He nods and hugs me again.

“I love you (y/n). You don’t understand how much I love you. I’m so sorry. I-i should have been more careful. Oh god I’m gonna to lose you forever.” He sobs into my hair. I pull away again kissing him. “It’s okay. We’re gonna be okay. I’m going to do everything I can to help you.” Jerome just stares into my eyes. “I love you doll.” “I love you too J.”

I make my way to the Bridge and see my father along with Lee. “So where do we start?” I ask. “Down at the Garden. We make our way to where the weapon would’ve been tossed down from up here.” Dad explains as he shines his light around.

We make our way down to the bottom seeing the homeless campers around. “And what are we looking for exactly?” I ask. “Probably nothing. Jim thinks it’s a total waste of time. Thank you for doing this by the way.” Lee says patting my father on the arm.

“Let just not make a habit out of it. This is no place for a lady.” Lee looks at him. “Ha.” “What do you mean ha?” “You’re a hypocrite. You say you want a strong woman to share this crazy life with, but at the end of the day you just want me to sit back and bake you cookies.” Oh burn!

“Not necessarily cookies.” My father says. “He like pie better. He’ll eat any type of pie.” Lee turns to me and laughs. “Good to know.”

We come to the middle of the garden. “Well if someone were to throw something it would probably end up around here.” I say looking around to if I can spot anything, and maybe hide it better.

“Lee, (y/n).” My father says making me turn to him. In his hand he’s holding a bloody hatchet. “THFC? What’s that mean?” Lee asks out of pure confusion. “The hell fire club. They’re a satinets cult. On a string of ritual murders.” I say shiny my light over the weapon.

“They haven’t been active for a decade or more.” My father says the wheels in his head tutting. “Guess they’re back.” Lee says with sad eyes. “No I don’t think so.” Dad says and pulls out his phone. “Dad what are you doing?”

“Hey sarge I’m gonna need a couple noble units to pick some people up, but listen they need carful handling.” I gulp my lip quivering.

“(Y/n) meet us at the station. You’ll be helping me question Jerome.” “J-Jerome? Why you don’t actually think he could do something like this do you?” “And you don’t think that why not? The times don’t add up and he was very suspicious. You’re a great detective so why do you think differently?” My father stares at me and I look the other way. “(Y/n) do you have something to tell me?” I shake my head and turn around. “I’ll meet you at the station.”

I get in my car and bang my hands on the wheel. “DAMNIT!” I scream in anger.

There’s a way you two can stay together.

“What?” I ask out loud looking around my car for the voice.

Turn yourself in for the crime you two committed last year. If you tell them you can stay with him. That what’s you want. Isn’t it?

“Yes, but I-”


I gulp at the harsh voice in my head. “No. I-I can’t.” I drive and make my way to the station. I sit in my car preparing myself for what I’m about to see.

I step out to see two officers hold Jerome by both arms. I sigh and follow them. “I’ll take him in when it’s time. I’m questioning him with my father.” They nod and hand my boyfriend over.


Request: Yes, anon

Could u do a CarlxReader where Negan thinks he can win the reader over bc he thinks she’s hot and wants her as a wife (even if she is pretty young and already with Carl) but he finds out that she’s soo in love with Carl (and in vice versa) that Negan literally doesn’t faze her at all? Could U make Reader funny and sarcastic too?


Words: 662

Sorry I haven’t been posting. this time for real I promise I’ll be posting at least once a day again


“You’d make a beautiful wife, ya know? Young, pretty, smart from what I can see, and sarcastic as all Hell.” Negan’s voice resonates in your head days after he’s said it. Days after he’s killed two of your friends, both you considered family, but one you considered to be like a father to you. “Come on back with me. You can live a lavish life under my roof. Giving me a little something something in return, of course.”

“Y/n,” Carl says, resting a hand on your shoulder. You jump, not realizing that Carl had walked up and was standing behind you. “Jeez, didn’t mean to scare you.” He lets out a small laugh and wraps his arms around your waist. “Negan is here.” You dread the words before they even come out of his mouth. You’d knew he’d pull something like this, coming early.

With a shaky breathe you compose yourself, making sure to calm yourself before stepping out and going to look for Negan. He’d requested you go see him when he came and you doubted that he’d just let you off of that request. It’s best you go find him then he find you by killing someone or just tramping through the houses.

“Well, well, well,” Negan booms when he sees you walking towards him, Carl by your side. You make sure Carl’s fingers are intertwined with your own, giving reassurance to each other that they’re there for the other. “Glad that you remembered to come and find me. I really didn’t want to go and have to find you myself.”

“Wouldn’t want all that trouble for little ‘ol me,” you say cooly. “You’ve seen me, right? I can go? Because all you asked for was to see me and, well, you’ve seen me.” Negan’s smile falters for a moment and you can tell you’ve gotten under his skin just a little bit, but then he lets out a loud laugh.

He turns to his men, telling them to go and keep taking half of everything and everything from the armory. You wait, less than patient, for Negan to stop commanding his troops and turn his attention back to you.

“I love that mouth of yours! And I bet future serial killer right here does, too.” Carl doesn’t say anything and neither do you.  He’s starring Negan down with the same look you once saw Rick wear. That was before Negan broke him that night. “You two still together, right?” Carl moves his and from yours and wraps it around your waist, pulling you into him. “Oh.”

“Oh, is right,” you say. “I’ll never be one of your wives, Negan. Nothing you could ever give me would make me feel as happy as I am when I’m with Carl and this group. Nothing.” Negan drops his smirk, not saying anything for a little.

“You two come with us on my grand tour of this place,” is all he says. You both do as you’re told and follow him through Alexandria. Negan keeps looking back at Carl and you while going through, not focusing as much as you believe he should be on everything else.

He keeps trying to get a reaction from you. He’ll make comments about your appearance, how you’re smart for sticking with this group, or responding to your sarcastic comments with his own. Nothing he does changes your opinion of him or makes you want to leave with him anymore. Even when he describes to all of you what he has back at the Sanctuary. No Carl, no Rick, no Michonne, no deal.

When it finally comes time for Negan to go, you and Carl haven’t let go of each other the whole time.

“You and Carl…” Negan says with a chuckle. “Keep future serial killer safe for me. I’ve got plans.” You furrow your eyebrows, not understand. What plans? “Goodbye, y/n.” You watch as the trucks pull away, terrified of what will come next.


In the early 1950s Maxwell Garvie met Sheila Watson. Max was a wealthy, handsome man about town in north east Scotland and Sheila was a beautiful, smart young lady, there was no surprise when the pair announced their marriage in 1955. They settled into a luxurious farm, as Max was quite rich, and had a couple of kids. It was now the sixties and sex, drugs and rock and roll fueled the mainstream mind. Max was no different than any other drug taking, thrill-seeking hippie, enjoying tranquilizers, liquor, and flying his plane at top speed pulling dangerous stunts over the North Sea. Eventually that would get boring to him so he moved on to the free love part of the sixties. He started a nudist colony in his backyard which at first, Sheila was not a fan of. It was innocent enough with just friends coming by to hang out in the nude. Things soon escalated to orgies with old friends and new. Max met a 22 year old name Brian Tevendale and brought him home to introduce him to a life of sexual inhibition. Sheila didn’t enjoy having sex with people who weren’t her husband, but she soon got into the swing of things. She and Brian began seeing each other regularly. Brian would drag his sister Trudy Birse into the lifestyle and she and Max would also be seeing each other regularly. She was married to a policeman in Aberdee who also joined the orgies from time to time, much to the delight of village gossip. In March of 1968 Sheila and Bryan ran away to Bradford, however she was coaxed back by Max. On May 15th Max was reported missing by his sister, Hilda Kerr. In August, Sheila for some reason, probably guilt, confided in her mother that Max was dead, killed by Brian. Her trust was slightly misplaced as her mother was a law abiding citizen and went straight to the police with this information. On August 17th 1968 Max Garvie’s body was found the drains of Laurieston Castle, St. Cyrus, which was Brian’s hometown. Sheila, Brian and one of Brian’s friends named Alan Peters, were all arrested and charged with murder. On November 19th 1968, her trial began and the truth about the Garvie’s orgies came to light. Up until then everything was just gossip, to the point where people in the neighborhood called their house kinky cottage. Sheila claimed that Brian and Alan had killed Max while she was sleeping. Brian said it was all Sheila’s idea. The crown agreed with Brian and said on the night of the murder Sheila first slept with Max then silently slipped away as he slept, she let Brian and Alan into the house and gave them the .22 rifle which belonged to Max. The men then smashed Max’s skull with the butt of the rifle and then shot him in the head. Sheila and Brian were found guilty of murder, Alan was released because of lack of evidence against him. Sheila and Bryan would have been executed for their crime, but capital punishment had been replaced with life sentences, and that is what they received in 1968. They were both released in 1978, Brian started a pub in Perthshire and died in 2003 and Sheila married two more times and still runs a bed and breakfast. Pictured above: the victim Max, Sheila, Sheila and Brian and a newspaper clipping including a pic of the kinky cottage. Source: Murderpedia

The Road Not Taken

This fic was written for the birthday of an amazing woman, the one and only @akai-echo whose very special day is today :)

You know her as a great video artist, giffer, images maker. She is the one who makes the great banners for so many writers - and always think they are not good enough.

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so Hapy Birthday, my dear dear friend !

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It had taken time to get used to it. The colors, so pure everywhere. White, the snow all around. Blue, the sky high above. Green, the pine trees everywhere, clad under a cloak of flakes.

Winter. When temperatures reached minus 30 celsius - because apparently the entire world didn’t use Fahrenheit or feet - and the cold welcomed her in its chilly embrace.

Katniss had loved it there. Loved the way people respected nature and its rhythm, how in sync they were with the seasons. Loved how breathing here had felt better, healthier, purer. Lighter. Even when the night could last for twenty hours a day.

“You okay, ulkomainen?” he had asked, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. She could see the white plane waiting for her, the plane that would take her back to her country, to her town, to her life. WIthout him. But they had reached an agreement a few nights ago.

“I will be,” she’d answered, relishing in the warmth of his hand near her face, for the last time. “I have to go….”

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Title:  The brave boy

Another fairy tale for @seekret-fanfic and her son based on his great youtube video. 

SUMMARY A little nervous boy is the only hope of his cursed village.

Once upon a time in a small village lived a smart and creative young boy named Jonas. He was living in a beautiful home with his parents who loved him more than anything.

Jonas had many friends but sometimes he also enjoyed being alone.

One day he was playing carefree by himself on the steep hill right outside of the village. He was so invested in his game that he didn’t notice the shadowy figure approaching from the other side. He only became aware of everything that was happening when he heard a sound. It was a wizard who was laughing evilly as he was floating above the village. He was putting a curse of the citizens but Jonas couldn’t tell what exactly the curse was doing to the people. He could only clearly see the wizard leaving a dark cloud above the village and leave to go witness the chaos from afar.

Jonas then knew that he was the only one who could break the curse and save everyone. However, he was afraid that he would do something wrong and not only not rescue the people, but anger the wizard making him retaliate on them.

His lone option was to gain courage and he realized he had exactly what he needed for that. Earlier that day, his mom was experimenting with new potions, and she made one that would give anyone the chance to create clones of themselves. Jonas always wanted to help her with the potions but she never let him test them. Luckily today was the only day she actually allowed him to get a little considering he wouldn’t prank anyone and knowing that his clones would disappear after three hours.

The potion gave him the opportunity to make only two clones but they were enough. ‘’A wizard cursed everyone and we are the only ones who can do something about it. I don’t think I can do anything but I hope we can achieve something together.’’

‘’And you created us to help you, wise choice Jonas.  As you can already tell, I am the smart one of your clones. I will help you come up with a plan in order to defeat the wizard. Do you know what he wants?’’ The smart clone asked.

‘’I don’t and I must find out. But I am too scared to confront him alone.’’ Jonas confessed

‘’You won’t be alone. You have the protection mom’s potion gave us all. And I will make you a sword if you need to fight.’’ The resourceful clone spoke.

‘’You are right, would you please get to work on that sword? How are we on that plan smartie?’’Jonas felt a little more confident.

‘’I suggest we split up. I and the other clone..’’

‘’My name is Mark.’’

‘’Mine is Tom, fine so, I and Mark will go into the village to check on the people. We will also have to help a little with the recovery once you break the curse.’’

‘’And I will do that simply by talking to the wizard?’’ Jonas was still a little apprehensive about the plan.

‘’Just start by finding out what he wants and then if he wants something difficult you can always summon us to come to you. Now get the sword Mark made and go to see the wizard.’’ Tom urged him.

Jonas went to the other side of the village where the wizard was sitting observing what he had created.

‘’So I left one of the residents out of my control. It’s brave of you to come here, boy.’’ He said with a smile on his face being sure that the boy in front of him won’t be able to defeat him in combat.

‘’I came here to ask you what do you want from us. My village is small and quiet, we haven’t done anything wrong to anyone ever.’’

‘’I know that. However, I seek out villages to capture and I ask for the most valiant warrior to combat me. I was about to go and make them decide before you show up. Should I assume you will be the one to try and stop me?’’ He thought we could easily intimidate Jonas but he was wrong.

‘’Yes I will. I have my sword with me and I will stop you.’’

They fought and Jonas wounded the wizard’s hands. Noticing that they were the source of his powers he realized that wounding them wound be enough. He was absolutely right and because of the pain in his hands, the wizard couldn’t keep the curse on the people anymore.

‘’I am deciding to spare your life under two conditions. First of all, leave and never come back here. And secondly, don’t put any more curses because if you do I will find you and avenge the people you would harm.’’

The wizard agreed and left the village never to return.

Jonas went back home. His parents narrated to him all about how helpful the clones were and that they disappeared the moment the curse broke.

All the citizens were thankful to Jonas and insisted on giving him lots of gifts. But he felt that their praise was enough of a reward. The only thing he asked was his favorite food and plenty of hugs from his mom.

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Don't listen to me ever again

A/N: it took me longer than expected to complete this and it still didn’t feel finished. POV changes a little bit. I’m uncertain about this one, which is weird because you’d think that if I spent more time on writing this it would be better. Who knows, maybe it’s just me. Well, I hope you like it and thanks for reading❤️❤️



Sun rays lit up the inside of your eyelids, alerting you to the new day. A small yawn escaped your throat as you lazily nuzzled your cheek into the spandex covered chest rising and falling beneath your face. You knew for sure you didn’t go to sleep with his chest beneath you but you didn’t mind.

“Wade?” You quietly asked, just in case he was asleep. A part of you hoped he was, so you could slip back into slumber with Wade’s chest supporting your head. It wasn’t uncommon for you to wake up with Wade in your bed. Sometimes it was weird if he wasn’t there. Your heart thumped with the thought of how much you loved waking up with him right beside you, even if you never admitted it to him.

Unfortunately for your heart’s most treasured desires, he had been waiting for you to wake up.

“Good morning kitten. I’ve been waiting for two fucking hours for you to wake up,” Wade faux groaned and yawned.

Your lips lifted at the pet name he had given to you out of the blue one day.

“Sorry, did you need something?” You asked.

Wade shook his head no, “Just my best girl underneath me.”

You rolled your eyes at the innuendo then looked up to comment when you found he was already staring at you. Mask off.

You would never get used to Wade’s face being the first thing you saw in the morning. He used to always leave his mask on before you woke up, spewing his opinion on how his ugly mug would just start off a bad day whenever you told him to leave it off. But then one morning you woke up before him. He was dead to the world from the exhaustion of chasing around bad guys during all hours of the night.

You remember the odd feeling of him leaving himself in a vulnerable state, you knew he didn’t do that around just anyone. So of course you did something that might make him shut you out and never talk to you again but it was worth the risk to make him see that the bright smile, boyish smirk, and beautiful brown eyes that were the features of his face were the first thing you hoped to see every morning.

You took off his mask. He didn’t stir or wake, just laid unconscious as you untied the back of his mask and slowly slipped it from his head then placed it on your bedside table.

After that, he never left his mask on while sleeping in the same bed as you again.

“Actually (Y/N), I did want to talk to you about something.”

Uh oh. Wade only used your actual name when he was being serious and really wanted you to listen.

Your heart skipped with concern, not knowing what to expect. Wade sat up, causing you to roll off his chest and back up to lean one side against the headboard so you could face him fully.

You nodded to give him the go ahead to start talking. He took a deep breath and stared off to a space on the wall over your left shoulder.

“I need you to stay home today,” he solemnly said. You cocked an eyebrow and chuckled,

“Wade, it’s Saturday. I don’t have work, if that’s what you mean.”

Wade shook his head from side to side, “No, (Y/N). You can’t go anywhere. You have to stay inside until I come to get you.”

You pulled back, shocked by the commanding tone in his voice, he never spoke to you like this.

You protested his directions, “I can’t just-”

“You can and you will. Promise me,” he demanded. Your body shook at the intensity in his eyes and voice.


“Promise. Me.”

The sincerity in his voice struck home. You started to see there was no changing Wade when he set his mind to something, so you gave in.

You jerkily nodded your head and cupped his warm cheek with your palm, “Wade, what’s going on? Why do I have to stay inside?” You questioned while your thumb rubbed soothing circles over his scarred face.

In turn, Wade cupped your elbow, softly caressing the bare skin, “It’s nothing for you to worry about pretty darling. Okay, now that I’ve got you set, I need to go.”

Wade stood abruptly, letting his hand travel down your arm to squeeze your hand briefly. You scrunched your brow and got up to stand behind him as he strapped his katanas to his back.

“Where are you going?” You asked and turned him with a hand on his broad shoulder. Wade let out a deep sigh and pursed his lips. He didn’t answer you, only walked out of your bedroom door with determination. You noticed he forgot something and grabbed the forgotten item off of your bedroom floor before following him.

Because of the difference in height, you had to almost jog to keep up with him as he walked the distance from your bedroom to your door. However, your heart pounded with more than just the early exercise.

You stood right behind him when he stopped in front of your door. Before you knew it, he was facing you again, towering over you. Wade stared down at you, love and concern fighting for dominance in his eyes. You knew the same reflected in yours.

You broke the silence by offering up his mask, “You forgot this,” you meekly said. Wade returned with a big grin and bowed his head down to allow you to put the mask on. Once it was properly attached to its owner, Wade leaned down and pressed a hard kiss to your cheek and smirked,

“Thanks sugar cakes. Now be good while daddy’s gone.”

The door opened, shut, and Wade was gone.


The whole time Wade had left you the day had gone by smoothly, albeit slowly.

Until the bomb exploded.

Around five thirty, a loud boom sounded, accompanied by shaking of California earthquake standards. You had been making a large box of frozen tacos, hoping Wade would be back by the time they finished. Screaming erupted from everywhere you heard as you fell to the floor from the explosion.

‘Maybe this was why Wade wanted me to stay inside,’ you thought through your haze of panic.

Fear seized your heart and you quickly got off the kitchen floor to run to the door. You nabbed your phone and keys off the coffee table as you tripped by, attempting to pull your sneakers on.

Finally, you reached the door and wrenched it open, mind flying through different scenarios. Aliens attacking, mutants attacking, non mutated, non alien, people attacking.

The stairs flew under you as you sprinted down them, gunning for the exit. If you knew anything about earthquakes or explosions, it was that they could destroy a building along with everything in it in the blink of an eye.

You ran towards the glass door, arms up, and body slammed it open then tumbled out onto the destroyed street with a gasp. Your feet stopped working as you took in the warfare invading your home. There were small fires and people bleeding. Some alive, some not so alive.

Tears stung at your eyes as you thought of where Wade might be in all of this. You knew it wasn’t rational because he couldn’t die but he could still feel pain. And right now, he could be somewhere feeling extreme pain. Or even worse, he could be buried beneath a building with no way to escape.

Your thoughts were interrupted as another explosion rocked the world around you. This time, you screamed out as you were flung into the middle of the road. Dust flew through the streets. Dust that you didn’t have to turn around to know was from your apartment building that just collapsed.

So you did the logical thing. Stood stock still and screamed for the only one you wanted. You ignored the blood dripping down your forehead and into your eye. You pushed past the fear of not knowing when another building was going to collapse. You only screamed Wade’s name, hoping he was somewhere around you.

“Wade!” Your voice became more hoarse with every scream, your legs grew tired. And you eventually stopped. Your brain was sloshing against your skull, threatening to spill out of your ears. Without warning, your legs gave out from underneath you.

All at once, the world shut up. Ringing took over your ears and blurry tears took over your eyes. Your mouth was filled with dust from each toxic inhale. But the only thing clear through the carnage was the thought of Wade.


Wade Wilson took off running towards your apartment when the first explosion presented itself. He could hear his Avengers teammates yelling for him from behind,


“Where’s he going?”

“Deadpool, come back!”

But he would never come back. Not when you were potentially in danger. Wade could hear Iron Man flying over him and Captain America running behind.

Wade jumped over cars and people, trying to get to you as soon as possible. Images of you bleeding, left all alone, flashed through his mind, giving him motivation to run faster.

He arrived just in time to see your apartment building collapse completely and send a cloud of dust in every direction. Wade couldn’t seem to breathe.

“(Y/N),” his voice cracked while whispering your name. His brown eyes, suddenly wet, scanned the masses of people, looking for you, hoping that you didn’t listen to him and didn’t stay home.

Tony Stark interrupted Wade’s thoughts, “No sign of life in the wreckage. JARVIS scanned the rubble. I’m sorry Wilson.” Wade didn’t know how Stark knew there was someone in that building that meant something to him, but he did. And he put a heavy metal hand on his shoulder in comfort.

“No, she’s in there. She’s in there somewhere, we have to find her. She’s not-

There’s no way she’s-”

Wade couldn’t finish his sentences, he only spoke in fragments because of the huge lump in his throat he kept having to swallow around.

For the first time in five years, Wade was feeling a wound that even his regenerating cells couldn’t fix. He couldn’t accept that you were gone. Smart, young, beautiful (Y/N) was gone. Wade looked around, not in any particular direction though. He was too focused on thinking about how much he never told you, how much he never showed you. It was like his world had been ripped right out from underneath him.

That’s when he thanked his lucky stars that ‘Captain Flagpole’ was such a do gooder.

“Excuse me, ma'am, are you alright?” At first he tried to tune out the cap’s deep voice.

“Yeah, just a headache is all.”

The tone of your voice wasn’t as perky as it usually was but still unmistakable music to Wade’s ears.

Wade whipped his body around and saw the cap helping you up off your knees with a hand in yours and another on your back. Before you could get fully pulled off the ground, Wade ran over to you and pushed capsicle out of the way so he could envelop you in his arms.

You knew how strong Wade could be, so you also knew when he hugged you and such he would hold some of his strength back so he didn’t crush you. Not this time. This time, he completely wrapped you up to his chest, one arm banded across your back, the other made its way to your hair.

You returned the hug, your arms almost as strong as his. Both of you were shaking of relief and tears when Wade suddenly pulled back but not completely.

He brought both of his gloved hands around to your face and firmly gripped your pale cheeks, “Never do that again. Do you understand?”

Through the tears streaming down your face and sobs threatening to wrack your body you fiercely nodded. However, Wade didn’t seem to be finished,

“Because I can’t lose my best girl.”

And with that, to the surprise of the other two avengers present and to yours, Wade ripped his mask off and slammed his lips into yours.

You barely registered Iron Man’s wolf whistle and you didn’t see Captain America’s blush. You were too busy enthusiastically returning Wade’s kiss.

After what felt like too short of an amount of time, Wade pulled back and rested his forehead against yours.

“(Y/N), I…”

“I know Wade, me too.”

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