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Where Every Brown Sugar Baby Should Look for Her Next Sugar Daddy and Why

The more the game changes, the more it stays the same.

     Best friend, my first disappointment with sugaring came when I realized that sugaring sites were not for me. When I joined Tumblr, I was surrounded by stories of women who signed up for Seeking Arrangement and within an hour found their inbox full of messages from men willing to hand them the world or at least a pair of So Kate’s on the first date. When I joined Tumblr, I thought that I was going to command large allowances just because I existed, not because I did any work. I learned otherwise.

     My successes with sugaring came when I got very clear about what exactly it was that I was sugaring for. I realized that I couldn’t make myself care about designer goods. They’re pretty, and I loved looking at them on Instagram but dating a man so he could buy me luxury goods just did not seem like a lot of fun. But art supplies? Everything I needed to write a novel and maintain my blog? That sounded much more feasible. As soon as I committed to it, it happened. As soon as I got off the sugaring sites, it happened.  

     As an introvert, I did get off the sugaring sites, but it took me quite a while to get off the internet. I used Tinder to find the three gift daddies that I had. Last month, I went free styling for the first time.   

     There is a general horror around free styling that, trust me, I understand. If I didn’t have to leave my house, I wouldn’t. But I realized a few things. The sugar sites are not set up for you to succeed. We, as sugar babies, are the draw that is used to attract men with money and unrealistic dreams.  

     Do you want to have the perfect relationship? A young, beautiful, smart woman who will hang off your every word and, unlike escorts, will be with you and you alone for a fraction of the price that escorts are demanding? Sign up for a membership with our site at the low price of $39.99/month and become a sugar daddy tonight!

     While this might not be the exact language the sites are using, I guarantee if you go on any of the sugar sites you will see something similar being touted to men.  I also promise that the men that have the real potential to be amazing sugar daddies and give you things you didn’t believe that you could get aren’t on these sites.

     And, honey, maybe you haven’t noticed but online dating-sugar or vanilla- is not set up for black women to succeed. I’ll say it once more. You’re far more likely to find the man you’re looking for when you let go of the sugar sites.
So what happens next? Next, you change your mindset. There is one thing that needs adjustment, your attitude, in two different areas. The first is what a sugar daddy looks like. Maybe you don’t have this problem. But I do. I tend to find myself thinking that sugar daddies look a certain way. They’re white and in their 40’s-50’s. Most of them are married. But this isn’t what sugar daddies look like. They can be any age. They can be any race. They can be anywhere. When it’s time to free style, don’t think that if a Black man, an Asian man, a Martian, whatever, approaches you that because they don’t fit in with the idea of what you think an SD looks like you can’t pay any attention to them.

     There will be three types of men that you’ll meet when you go out: cheap men that would like your time and attention for free, men that will simply ask how much you want or make it known that they have no problem paying you, and men that are willing to spend money on you but need some type of connection with you first. Ugh, connection. Don’t you hate that word? Men should just hand us money because we asked for it right? We’re young, we’re beautiful, we’re smart. Just fork over the coins.

     But consider this. How often do you give money to complete strangers because they asked for it? How often have you walked up to an attractive or interesting looking person with $5 that you know you don’t need and said: “here this is for you just because you look cool or like you needed a little help”? Never right? If we were a society where that was the norm homelessness would not be an issue. No, we give our money to people we like, to people that have bettered our lives in some way, to people we trust. But, still. That word-connection. Months and months of dates. Maybe even putting out. That must be what I mean, right? Nope. Not what I mean at all. A connection can be made in 15 minutes or 15 months. It really just depends on how well your personality meshes with his.

     How do you tell these men apart? Let’s build a scenario, shall we? Let’s say you meet a man at a bar. You each talk a bit about who you are and what you do for a living. His job sounds promising. You don’t know exactly how much he makes but when you google it in the bathroom after touching up your lipstick you see that it’s an acceptable amount. He buys you a drink to continue the conversation you’ve already started, but when the night ends, he doesn’t pick up the tab you had started before he sat down. Splenda! Salt! That’s what Tumblr will tell you. I say wait. You spend some time texting. He says he wants to take you out. This is when we find out what kind of man he is by analyzing a few things:

  • Where does he want to meet? TGIFridays or one of the best restaurants/bars in the city. Look at where he wants to take you and why. If he asks you where you want to eat and then shoots it down because it’s overpriced or “just not his scene” you have two options: dig your heels in or run. My first meeting with Bentley took some time to plan because he shot down the restaurants that I chose as not being good enough for a first date. It was a good first sign. 
  • How and what do they order? We know what a man who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money looks like when he orders at a restaurant or bar. He asks if there are any discounts or deals. Asks what’s the best and cheapest drink or food item on the menu. Makes “jokes” about how expensive everything is. 
  • How do they look when you order? A man that asks if you want anything else after you’ve decided what you want is a keeper. A man that asks what you want scans the menu and then asks if you’re sure you want those things or if you’d be happy with something cheaper presents you with two options: to dig your heels in or run.
  • What are they talking to you about? A man that talks about sex as soon as he meets you only wants you for one thing and it ain’t playing cards. Now, if he’s willing to compensate you for that time in a way that you find acceptable, fine. Get your money girl. If you want a man that cares about you as an individual but he can’t stop talking about how well he’s doing on Viagra, you have two options. Dig in or run. I suggest you run, but this is your life, not mine
  • Do they listen when you speak? Do they remember what you said? I got my first laptop from a man who listened when I talked about wanting to write. I got my second laptop and art supplies from a man who listened to my business plan. If they can’t hear you, they can’t help you. 

     When the date is over, look at this man’s behavior. You’ll know if he’s the type of man that you can keep in your life. If he isn’t, let him go. LET HIM GO! Don’t, please friend, don’t hang on to a man because you don’t think that you’ll be able to get another. This game isn’t for the desperate that need quick cash because their life is falling apart. This is going to take time. You’ll find yourself getting dressed up and going out quite a few times before you find a man that you’re willing to stick with. If you understand this from the beginning, that reaching any goal is going to take time, you’ll be far less likely to fail.

     I’d like to give one piece of controversial advice. Do not ask for a gift or token or whatever you want to call it on the first date. Remember what we talked about earlier? About how we don’t give away our hard earned money to strangers or the undeserving? This applies here. And I know, I know. The posts of girls that say they asked for a gift and got one is so much more fun to read than what I’m saying, but here we are best friend, here we are.

     You do have one thing on your side. Men know that it is their responsibility to take care of the women in their lives. Vanilla men know this. They know. I’m going to say it one more time, best friend so it really sinks in. All men know that it is their responsibility to take care of the women in their lives. What’s more, they know that the younger and better looking a woman is, the more they will have to spend. Your job is not to convince a man to spend money on you. He already knows he should. Your job is to separate the men willing to spend from the men not willing to spend by opening up your mouth and talking about what you want. Talk about college and the class that you’re going to be taking, but god isn’t it crazy how expensive books are? Talk about how much you love to write, but your laptop broke. Talk about how you want to get into digital photography but don’t know what camera to get or if you can afford to buy one. Give it a couple weeks. The right man will show up with a laptop, or an iPad, or a book, or a camera or whatever it is you say you need. The wrong man won’t have made it past the first date.

Happy hunting, best friend.

Best friend, be honest, what did you think? Do you think you could ever get off the sugar sites? Go free styling? Do you think my approach makes any sense or is something that could work for you? Leave me a comment and let me know so we can talk about it.

“It’s very weird how genes are. Dave [Grohl], Krist [Novoselic] and Pat [Smear] came over to a house where I was living. It was the first time [the ex-Nirvana members] had been together in a long time. And they had what I call the “K. C. Jeebies,” which is when they see me, they see Kurt. They look at me, and you can see they’re looking at a ghost. They were all getting the K. C. Jeebies hardcore. Dave said, “She is so much like Kurt.” They were all talking amongst themselves, rehashing old stories I’d heard a million times. I was sitting in a chair, chain-smoking, looking down like this [affects total boredom]. And they went, “You are doing exactly what your father would have done.” Frances Bean Cobain

Conversations I just had:
  • Me: The fuck did I just watch?
  • Other Me: A cute, if occasionally sappy historical romance about a couple of bisexual con men struggling with the monogamous aspect of their relationship before eventually finding happiness when they add a smart, wily and beautiful young con woman as a permanent third in their relationship. Set to the background of Aztec Human Sacrifice and Cortez invasion of and eventual destruction of the Aztec Empire
  • Me: That's a surprisingly accurate description.
  • Other Me: Well, it's called "The Road To El Dorado." What did you expect?
  • Me: The Gay was a surprise.

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Human s/o was playing truth and dare with Jack, Miko, & Raf. They chose truth & Miko asks cheekily ' Do you think they deserve you?' thinking she'll get some sarcastic answer. Instead they replied' No.They don't deserve me. They deserve better & I'm no where good enough for them.'with a bittersweet smile. What they didn't know is that the bots overheard this. Headcanons about tfp bots' reaction to this?( I seriously love your writing & wish I found your blog earlier!!)

Everyone deserves love s/o!!!!

Optimus Prime:
-He can’t believe you could think so low of yourself when he thinks so highly of you
-He doesn’t bring it up there, he waits till you’re alone so he doesn’t make a scene
-He tells you what he overheard and that you deserve more than you think you do

-He’s flabbergasted and makes himself known by his sputtering of misbelief
-He argues with you in front of the others not caring, you shouldn’t be talking that way
-How can you be the one he doesn’t deserve? You’re young, smart, and beautiful! You deserve better than an old, grumpy medic! And he believes that

-No, no, no, no! You’re hurting his spark talking like that
-He scoops you up and runs off, you two are spending the day together so he can remind you how much you’re worth to him
-He tells you that he feels like he doesn’t deserve you if it’ll make you feel better, because he actually feels that way. How did he get so lucky?

-He scoops you up and scolds Miko for asking such a question even though the kids didn’t expect that to be the answer, he’s just really upset that you feel that way
-He tries talking it out to you when he takes you for a ride. Why do you feel this way? Why do you think you’re not enough? What exactly do you think he deserves that you don’t have?
-He eventually softens and gives you a heartfelt speech about how great you are and everything he could ever want, you got it

-She does a double take, “what?”
-She blames the kids and the other bots for you thinking that way, how dare they give you these high expectations of what you think she deserves
-She tells you later that she is a firm believer that ‘what you have is what you deserve’ and she is happy with what she’s got despite what you think

-He doesn’t get noticed by any of you, so doesn’t say anything for the longest time
-Awhile later, he brings it up like a “hey, remember that time you said you don’t deserve someone as great as me? That is such scrap metal.”
-He then proceeds to tell you all the great things about you and how lucky he is that he won your heart rather than someone else because who could ever love someone as great as you than him? Plus he’s an alien robot that turns into an awesome sports car, so beat that humans

-He tries to sneak away but makes too much noise that he ends up drawing attention to himself
-He’s quiet for the rest of the day and stays away from everyone processing your words
-He goes to you later and asks you how could he deserve better when he feels like he doesn’t even deserve someone as great as you

Ultra Magnus:
-He picks up and tells the kids this “game” is to never be played again
-He brings you to his quarters, sets you on his berth, and paces around trying to come up with what to say and how to put it. Every time he opens his mouth to speak he quickly shuts it and rethinks it over
-Finally he just says, “I don’t know what to say because I deserved nothing and somehow you’ve become my everything.”


Request: “Hello, can you do a pennywise imagine maybe pennywise takes cares of the reader when she was a baby and now’s she grown up and she stops him from killing the loser club ? Thank you have a nice day”

Pairing: Pennywise x Reader

AN: Sorry this is short but at least it got to the point quicker. Also, sorry if I didn’t post anything yesterday, I went to Homecoming at my school and I had so much fun!

Ever since you were in your mother’s womb, you always had someone that you could count on besides your parents. His name was Pennywise also known as Pennywise The Dancing Clown or Bob Gray. An alien shape shifting clown who ate children. You might ask yourself, how such a dangerous creature could be your friend.

The simple answer was that around the 1700′s Pennywise who was originally Bob Gray met one of your ancestors and they became very close. Pennywise stood by her side until her last dying breath. He was devastated, having grown close to the woman ever since she was a teenager he made her a promise.

Pennywise promised to protect her family as the years passed and more generations of the family came. Her family was his family so he vowed to shield them from harm and to always be by their side, that is what he did. 

From being a small little baby to growing up to be a young, smart and beautiful teenage girl Pennywise couldn’t be happier. You had grown and become something amazing, he couldn’t wait to see what the future brought to you.

At the moment you didn’t think you would live to see your future unfold. You were standing in front of Pennywise while your friends, The Losers’ Club who he had been terrorizing and trying to eat were behind you.

You couldn’t believe it when your friends had told you that he was trying to go after them. You got to his home, the sewers on time before Pennywise could attack your friends.

“Stop, please! Stop! Pennywise, I know you. You are so much more than just a villain. Believe me I know that! I’ve been there. Not 100% but I’ve been there. Do not let your pride get in the way of something that you really want.” 

Pennywise didn’t say a word, he just stood there.

“Please don’t hurt my friends. You made a promise remember.” You continued as tears filled up in your eyes.

“Okay, I won’t I’m sorry.” Pennywise apologized.

Although he was starving Pennywise couldn’t stand to see you sad, he’d rather starve to death then to see you hurt. He stepped away from The Losers’ Club before speaking up.

“You must leave, I can’t control my hunger for much longer. Go before I hurt you all. Go!” Pennywise exclaimed.

The Losers’ Club started running out of the sewers, making their way back to where they had come from.

“Thank you.” You smiled.

Pennywise nodded before you turned and followed your friends. It would take awhile to find another meal but Pennywise didn’t care, he cared about you more.

It’s an Honour

“I’m not her, I’m not her, I’m not her!” Lily Luna Potter screamed into the empty air surrounding the frost covered lake. Because Lily Evans was a 21-year-old woman with kind green eyes and a warm smile, who gave her life for her only son. To Harry Potter, Lily Evans was a hero, his hero, the woman who sacrificed her life to give him one, to Lily Luna Potter, Lily Evans was a burden. She was a beautiful, smart, young, kind, burden, who’s fleeting memory haunted Lily’s every move.

Because Lily Potter was not like her names sake, life was only worth living if she was living for herself, Lily Potter was willing to fight to the death, but for no one but herself. Because while Lily Evans was warmth and forgiveness and sacrifice, Lily Potter was icy cold and unforgiving and self-preservation. 

Because when Harry Potter named his daughter after the Mother he never knew, he was setting a standard she would never reach, because how can you live up to someone who can do no wrong?

“I wish I could look like him” Fred Weasley whispered into the mirror as he pulled his curly brown hair into a bun that never seemed to hold. Because Fred Weasley I was George Weasley’s other half, and even though his son was just as charismatic and mischievous as his Uncle, nobody ever looked at him and saw his predecessor, nobody saw the Weasley hair and the freckle covered Weasley skin, they saw Angelina Johnson’s dark skin and equally dark hair.

Because when George named his only son after his late Brother, he was giving Fred II an honour that he never wanted and would never be able to live up to. It didn’t matter that the two boys had the same smile or the same laugh, they didn’t look the same, and even though he would never say it, it haunted Fred every time he looked in the mirror.

“I can make him proud” James Sirius Potter said as he pinned the head boy badge onto his tie, because when people saw him, all they saw was James Potter the first, a boy who burnt brightly and died young, the quidditch star with a heart of gold. 

Because James Sirius Potter had spent his whole life trying to live up to the legend of James Potter. James’ future had been decided for him by a man he had never met. James Sirius Potter by any other name would not have been a quidditch star, Head boy would have been a distant dream. All of James’ dreams were someone else’s, because while James was given the opportunity to live, it was at the cost of James Potters life.

When Harry Potter named his eldest son after his Father, he was hoping for a bond he never got to have, and James Sirius potter would do anything to give it to him.

“I don’t want to be like him” Albus Severus Potter cried to his parents. Because Harry James Potter believed that Albus Dumbledore was a hero, to Albus Potter, he was a man as close to a villain as you could get. Albus did not believe in greater causes, especially when it meant raising a child just to kill a few years later.

Albus felt like his name was a curse, it was something that shouldn’t be spoken aloud, because names had power, and the power that his namesake held was not something that he wanted.

“It’s an honour” they were told.

But an honour was not supposed to feel like this.

Those Who Have Built and Broken Us Part One (JakexMC)

Author’s Note: This is part one of my entry for #ChoicesCreates Week 18. Thank you to the super talented @kittenmusicals for hosting this week and the wonderful @hollyashton for everything she does here!

Characters: Jake, Marissa (MC)

Pairing: JakexMC

Word Count: 1360

Book: Endless Summer

Prompt: “We are made of all those who have built and broken us”

Summary: This is set 5 years after the gang is rescued from LaHuerta. Quinn has passed and everyone wants to meet with Jake and Marissa (MC) in Costa Rica. Jake struggles over his feelings for everyone. 

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“I don’t know if I can do this,” Jake mumbles to himself, rubbing his smooth face with his open palm as he views himself in the bathroom mirror.

He’s forgotten how strong his jawline is when it’s not disguised under three months worth of facial growth. He knows she prefers her favorite pilot to be clean shaven, hence the mound of dark brown chin hairs amassed at the bottom of the white porcelain sink. Gently he turns the ornate handle to the left, instant hot water quickly rinsing the basin free of the residue left from his shave. He amusingly watches the water slowly circle, creating a mini whirlpool before quickly disappearing down the drain.

It’s amazing how little things like a draining sink bring back instant memories of LaHuerta for Jake. This happens a lot since they were all rescued from their endless summer five years ago. Sometimes when he smells summer BBQs or tailgate cookouts the delicious aromas bring him back there, sitting poolside, watching Raj create mouth watering smells from his hibachi. Raj’s infectious smile and constant upbeat attitude makes that island mercifully more tolerable, more real. He is the one true person, the one genuine human being who never plays games about his feelings or intentions. You always know where Raj stands and Jake admires him mightily for that.

A mention of Hartfeld University in a passing newspaper’s headline or a blurb he skims on Yahoo brings back snapshots in his often liquored mind of Sean and Craig: Captain America and his faithful sidekick. His petty arguments and pissing contests with Sean are often pointless and counterproductive, but they amuse him immensely. He misses the macho, testosterone laden banter and camaraderie he always enjoyed when he was in the military. He misses friendship and male bonding. He misses the feelings of being a part of something. He’ll never admit that to Sean. Or Craig. Craig is just a horse for the group anyways. If something needs to be tackled, smashed, then cursed at, Craig is the man. That always brings a smile to Jake’s face. He’ll do anything for Craig though. .

When he’s forced to watch one of those annoying makeup beauty ads or computer spots before opening an app, the commercials often bring thoughts of Michelle and Zahra. Maybelline always reminds him of a made up movie star. She creates a mask out of her stunning beauty, hiding behind a role, disguising an insecure, lonely girl who longs to be accepted and loved. She masters the art of deflection and defense mechanisms. She doesn’t fool Jake, though. He sees the real Michelle and he wishes he could tell her she’s good enough. That’s not him, however. He will never tell her that.

Zahra always amazes the flyboy with her quick wit and technical mind. Watching her hack systems and bypass circuits and software is like admiring a maestro gracefully stroke the ivory keys of a grand piano, producing a masterpiece that’s pleasing to the senses. He always enjoys his late night drunken conversations with her, each bitching about life and love, sin and good intentions. They never tell anyone about these moments; not even Marissa. This is their secret. He always finds her feisty attitude and warped views attractive. In another time he might entertain the thought of pursuing her more. But he’s already fallen in love with Marissa, and she’s all he wants. Zahra has Craig, and that’s all she wants. Yet Jake occasionally wonders what if, a faint smile usually on his face as he files  thoughts like these away for the next deja vu moment.

Jake can’t help but think of Grace every time he reads a story about Roarke Industries, mainly because of her relationship with Aleister. He didn’t get to know Grace that well during their time on LaHuerta, but he always remembers her smile and the glow in her deep, intense eyes. Especially when Aleister is around her. He respects the fact she tolerates, somehow manages feelings of love, for his spoiled rich ass. To him Grace and Aleister are one in the same. He still misses her all the same.

Jake looks back up, catching his reflection in the mirror. His deep ocean blue eyes have dulled some with age. The small wrinkles gradually forming around the corner of his mouth are small reminders of father time as well. He still considers himself attractive, a catch to the ladies. “This is as good as it gets,” he whispers to his reflection. “But Marissa still adores me,” he adds, a loving beam in his eyes

He adjusts his dogtags around his neck, the metal clanking against his bare chest. The biggest reminder of the strangest and altering time of his life shares this small bungalow with him. They both live discreetly but quietly and comfortably in a nondescript village in southern Costa Rica. Five years later he’s still shocked that she followed him here.  He tries to talk her out of this decision. He tries to remind her she has college, a future ahead of her, a job and kids and a house with a white picket fence. She has all the goals and dreams of a smart, beautiful, brave young woman, goals and dreams that every other person wants to achieve. A life that Jake can never provide, not as a wanted man. “I’m not like other people,” is her response, but Jake already knows this.

Marissa is the first woman to steal his breath, making it difficult to concentrate when he kisses her neck, the smell of strawberries from her silky soft hair overloading his senses, or when she mischievously bites his bottom lip  before releasing a kiss. She’s the first woman to send his stomach in frenzied flip flops when he watches her sleep, barely keeping the urge to caress her dark olive skin or stroke her long chestnut brown hair to himself. She’s the first woman he truly respects and admires. Her loyalty and ferocious, almost obsessive need to help those she loves is so enduring to him.

Somehow she continues to keep in contact with everyone from the island. He’s probably better off not knowing how. Jake really appreciates Marissa communicating with the gang for him. None of them have any idea how much they mean to him. They have no clue how much they helped heal him, how much all of them helped him love and trust again. Especially Marissa. He admires and feels bad for her about Diego. For some reason he stopped all contact with everyone after their rescue. She never complains or speaks poorly of her best friend, even though Jake can tell the absence of her childhood confidant is tearing her up inside, but she never speaks poorly of him. She never gives up in Diego. She never gives up on anyone.

After one last look in the mirror, Jake washes his rough and calloused hands and drives then quickly on the green and yellow hand towel dangling off the metal bar next to the sink. He runs his hands through his shoulder length brown hair, his mind heavy with thought and emotions. When Marissa tells him of Quinn’s passing  a massive lump immediately forms in his throat. His eyes begin to sting as he tries desperately to keep tears from rolling down his cheeks. The smell of chocolate chip cookies usually reminded him of Quinn. She loves to bake and Jake believes it was therapeutic for her. She always saves the first cookie for him, as if that particular cookie is the best of the batch. He doesn’t know why she does this, but it always makes him feel warm, wanted, and thought of. He misses her fiery red hair and childish, innocent smile.  

Marissa is the first woman to make Jake cry. The news of someone’s death, especially someone he cares about like Quinn, is hard for him to process. When Marissa shares with him that everyone he risked his life for on an unknown enchanted island, wants to return the favor and cone see him here for a memorial and a reunion, the pilot breaks down in his girlfriend’s arms.


Request by annon:

Ohh can you do a crossover of the reader having to choose between Tony Stark and Harrison wells? I think that would be interesting lol. I love the Negan and Harry wells crossover you’ve done it’s great!

A/N:  Request still open guys! don’t be shy! :D

Earth 1 Harrison Wells (EoWells) x Reader x Tony Stark

-Are you jealous? – she asks walking through the cortex and stopping in front Cisco’s computer –

-No – sighs – Y/N listen… - he moves in his wheelchair to where Y/N was – I understand that you have this opportunity and it’s your dream to work with Stark…-

-But.. –Y/N turns to see him –

-But I know guys like him – Y/N smiles at him and moves up from her seat to sit on his lap and put her arms around his neck –

-And How are guys like him? – she asks biting her lip –

-Well… the man is a genius, billionaire, philanthropist and all that shit he claims to be… He hires a young, beautiful, smart woman and then he wants to get off with her –

Y/N starts to laugh – why don’t you put it in your autobiography, dear? – she says giving him a kiss on the lips –

-What do you mean? – he asks, giving her another kiss –

-You know what I mean – the elevator doors open and Tony appears; they both saw him surprised, Y/N gets up from Harrison’s lap

-Mr. Stark, what are you doing here? – she asks –

-There was no security in here so I came in because you didn’t answer your phone, I told you I’ll pick you up at four o’clock, there’s a SHIELD business that we need to attend… is here where you work? – Tony asks looking around –

-Yes – she responds – I’m sorry my cellphone just dies…-

-Don’t worry – he says –

-He’s my boyfriend, Harrison Wells – She introduces him, Harrison looks at him with his poker face –

-Hi –Tony says, coming to greet him –  A pleasure Dr. Wells, I have read your work about quantum physics and it’s amazing –

-Thank you

-Well… I’m very sorry to have to steal your girlfriend, but she has a brilliant brain and it will only be a few hours-

-Yes I know, she’s brilliant… Y/N, be careful – he whispers and they walk away a little –

-Dear… he just flattered your quantum physics works

-also your brain, Y/N promise me you’ll be careful –

She sighs – I’ll be – she kisses him – I’ll see you at home – she says walking away with tony –

-Nice to meet you Dr. Wells – says Tony as the elevator doors close.

requests still open! (x)


English isn’t my first language, sorry for the horrible grammar!

let me know if you like it! :D

Girl Meets Season 5 - Episode 2 – Girl Meets Jealousy

Synopsis: What can you expect when you’re finishing high school? For Riley her entire world will turn upside down and picking up the pieces will bring her and her friends closer together.

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A/N:Read the tags 😉

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Such A Joker (11/?)

Part 10

James POV:
I cut into the food that Lee cooked popping it into my mouth. “Oh my god.” I say savoring the amazing flavor. “Good?” Lee asks laughing. “Oh my god.” I say again laughing.

As we continue to eat Lee drops her fork. “Oh my god! I got it!” “Got what?” “The message! I think I know what it means! The iron sisters? It’s Arkham bridge! The iron sisters Arkham bridge! The towers are called Mary and Betty!” I nod my head and continue eating. “I remember as a kid we use to call them that.” “Right! And there’s a park under the towers on the Gotham side. A garden? It all fits!” She says getting excited.

I scoff. “Lee. It fits an impossible story. He didn’t speak with Lila Valeska. She’s dead.” “So you say!” I roll my eyes. “Come on you’re a doctor; a scientist!” “There are plenty of things in this world that can’t be explained by science.”

“Yeah people who enjoy folk dancing for instance. Doesn’t mean ghosts exist.” “You’re very arrogant in your certainty. This could be a clue to a murder. The poor women.”

I huff. “Fine. I’ll go with (y/n) tomorrow.” “Tomorrow?” “Now? You want me to go now?” “I’ll come with you.” “It’s dark.” “I have a flashlight.” She smiles at me with puppy dog eyes.

I sigh and stand up putting my coat on. “Oh call (y/n)! I’m sure she’d want to come!” I turn to her with a smile. “So you like her? She doesn’t give off any bad vibes?” Lee smiles. “From what I can tell she’s a smart, young, beautiful woman with a very handsome father.” She kisses my cheek as we walk out the door.

(Y/n) POV
I moan as Jerome kisses my neck and trails his hand up my thigh. My phone starts ringing taking me away from complete bliss. “Don’t answer it.” Jerome says into my skin. “I have to. What if it’s my dad?” I say and get up grabbing my phone. Indeed it was my father. “Hello?” I hear him sigh. “Hey sweetie. What are you doing?” “Uh just watching a movie. Why?” “Well Lee figured out the message and we’re on our way to the Arkham bridge. She wants you to come.” “Arkham bridge? Um yeah. I can make it. I’ll see you in a couple of minutes.” I hang up and turn around to see Jerome.

“I have to go.” “Why where?” “Arkham bridge. Mr Cicero came after everyone was leaving and gave us a riddle about Lila. Now I have to go to Arkham bridge for something.” Jerome grabs my hand quickly and pulls me to him placing his lips on my head. He hold me tight. “Jerome what’s this about? I won’t be gone long. I’ll be back.” I say placing my hands on his cheeks. “You’ll be back, but not to stay with me. You’ll be here to arrest me for the murder of my mother.” I drop my hands and stare at him. “The hatchet is down there isn’t it?” He nods and hugs me again.

“I love you (y/n). You don’t understand how much I love you. I’m so sorry. I-i should have been more careful. Oh god I’m gonna to lose you forever.” He sobs into my hair. I pull away again kissing him. “It’s okay. We’re gonna be okay. I’m going to do everything I can to help you.” Jerome just stares into my eyes. “I love you doll.” “I love you too J.”

I make my way to the Bridge and see my father along with Lee. “So where do we start?” I ask. “Down at the Garden. We make our way to where the weapon would’ve been tossed down from up here.” Dad explains as he shines his light around.

We make our way down to the bottom seeing the homeless campers around. “And what are we looking for exactly?” I ask. “Probably nothing. Jim thinks it’s a total waste of time. Thank you for doing this by the way.” Lee says patting my father on the arm.

“Let just not make a habit out of it. This is no place for a lady.” Lee looks at him. “Ha.” “What do you mean ha?” “You’re a hypocrite. You say you want a strong woman to share this crazy life with, but at the end of the day you just want me to sit back and bake you cookies.” Oh burn!

“Not necessarily cookies.” My father says. “He like pie better. He’ll eat any type of pie.” Lee turns to me and laughs. “Good to know.”

We come to the middle of the garden. “Well if someone were to throw something it would probably end up around here.” I say looking around to if I can spot anything, and maybe hide it better.

“Lee, (y/n).” My father says making me turn to him. In his hand he’s holding a bloody hatchet. “THFC? What’s that mean?” Lee asks out of pure confusion. “The hell fire club. They’re a satinets cult. On a string of ritual murders.” I say shiny my light over the weapon.

“They haven’t been active for a decade or more.” My father says the wheels in his head tutting. “Guess they’re back.” Lee says with sad eyes. “No I don’t think so.” Dad says and pulls out his phone. “Dad what are you doing?”

“Hey sarge I’m gonna need a couple noble units to pick some people up, but listen they need carful handling.” I gulp my lip quivering.

“(Y/n) meet us at the station. You’ll be helping me question Jerome.” “J-Jerome? Why you don’t actually think he could do something like this do you?” “And you don’t think that why not? The times don’t add up and he was very suspicious. You’re a great detective so why do you think differently?” My father stares at me and I look the other way. “(Y/n) do you have something to tell me?” I shake my head and turn around. “I’ll meet you at the station.”

I get in my car and bang my hands on the wheel. “DAMNIT!” I scream in anger.

There’s a way you two can stay together.

“What?” I ask out loud looking around my car for the voice.

Turn yourself in for the crime you two committed last year. If you tell them you can stay with him. That what’s you want. Isn’t it?

“Yes, but I-”


I gulp at the harsh voice in my head. “No. I-I can’t.” I drive and make my way to the station. I sit in my car preparing myself for what I’m about to see.

I step out to see two officers hold Jerome by both arms. I sigh and follow them. “I’ll take him in when it’s time. I’m questioning him with my father.” They nod and hand my boyfriend over.


In the early 1950s Maxwell Garvie met Sheila Watson. Max was a wealthy, handsome man about town in north east Scotland and Sheila was a beautiful, smart young lady, there was no surprise when the pair announced their marriage in 1955. They settled into a luxurious farm, as Max was quite rich, and had a couple of kids. It was now the sixties and sex, drugs and rock and roll fueled the mainstream mind. Max was no different than any other drug taking, thrill-seeking hippie, enjoying tranquilizers, liquor, and flying his plane at top speed pulling dangerous stunts over the North Sea. Eventually that would get boring to him so he moved on to the free love part of the sixties. He started a nudist colony in his backyard which at first, Sheila was not a fan of. It was innocent enough with just friends coming by to hang out in the nude. Things soon escalated to orgies with old friends and new. Max met a 22 year old name Brian Tevendale and brought him home to introduce him to a life of sexual inhibition. Sheila didn’t enjoy having sex with people who weren’t her husband, but she soon got into the swing of things. She and Brian began seeing each other regularly. Brian would drag his sister Trudy Birse into the lifestyle and she and Max would also be seeing each other regularly. She was married to a policeman in Aberdee who also joined the orgies from time to time, much to the delight of village gossip. In March of 1968 Sheila and Bryan ran away to Bradford, however she was coaxed back by Max. On May 15th Max was reported missing by his sister, Hilda Kerr. In August, Sheila for some reason, probably guilt, confided in her mother that Max was dead, killed by Brian. Her trust was slightly misplaced as her mother was a law abiding citizen and went straight to the police with this information. On August 17th 1968 Max Garvie’s body was found the drains of Laurieston Castle, St. Cyrus, which was Brian’s hometown. Sheila, Brian and one of Brian’s friends named Alan Peters, were all arrested and charged with murder. On November 19th 1968, her trial began and the truth about the Garvie’s orgies came to light. Up until then everything was just gossip, to the point where people in the neighborhood called their house kinky cottage. Sheila claimed that Brian and Alan had killed Max while she was sleeping. Brian said it was all Sheila’s idea. The crown agreed with Brian and said on the night of the murder Sheila first slept with Max then silently slipped away as he slept, she let Brian and Alan into the house and gave them the .22 rifle which belonged to Max. The men then smashed Max’s skull with the butt of the rifle and then shot him in the head. Sheila and Brian were found guilty of murder, Alan was released because of lack of evidence against him. Sheila and Bryan would have been executed for their crime, but capital punishment had been replaced with life sentences, and that is what they received in 1968. They were both released in 1978, Brian started a pub in Perthshire and died in 2003 and Sheila married two more times and still runs a bed and breakfast. Pictured above: the victim Max, Sheila, Sheila and Brian and a newspaper clipping including a pic of the kinky cottage. Source: Murderpedia