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You said that Slytherin and Ravenclaw are alike. Can you please tell me how are they alike?

Slytherins and Ravenclaws are alike in the sense that they both:

  • love knowledge, Ravenclaw’s for knowledge, Slytherins for both knowledge and power,
  • like witty comments and banter,
  • in general they both like learning,
  • they value smarts, knowledge, creativity and resourcefulness
  • massive nerds,
  • both house tends to have a few oddballs in their midst,
  • neither can handle incompetence or idiocy,
  • generally speaking, both houses see failure as a learning curve, rather than the end of the line,
  • both houses like getting good marks.

Literally the scene where under Zone Of Truth Taako admitted that Ango was smart and valued and then called him “precious” under his breath is all I fucking need in my life like

He was under ZOT that is 1000% unfiltered Taako feelings
Thats how Taako feels INSIDE
He tries to hide it but he loves this kid so much??

And the fact that he finally let himself be vulnerable and show it has me feelin some kind away

Oliver’s formal education is severely lacking. But Oliver is highly intelligent and I think he just soaks up  information like a sponge. 

He failed classes in high school and college because he didn’t care- he was too busy being absolutely terrible and getting away with whatever he wanted. But when he’s actually interested…

He learns how to fix a plane radio just by spending time helping his father and spending enough time tinkering. 

He becomes fluent in Russian in roughly a year. 

He learns a decent amount of Chinese over the course of five years. 

He learns how to fly a plane in under a year. 

He recognizes a random quote from the Odyssey and is able to recite the rest of it back at least a year after reading the book. 

He learns Argus’s tactical patterns despite only working with a team on a handful of occasions and remembers them five years later. 

He develops a range of technical skills which allowed him to operate as a vigilante for months before adding the computer skills of Felicity. And for two years before incorporating the tech support from Cisco. 

I think four years working with Felicity has allowed Oliver to absorb a lot of computer science knowledge (he’ll never be anywhere near her level, but he’s more skilled than the average person). I think Oliver is continually storing away tactical strategies and fighting techniques that he observes in allies and enemies alike- it’s part of why he’s such an accomplished warrior. I think Oliver has far more political knowledge than most people assume, just because he’s spent so much time around people like Moira, and Robert and Walter and Malcolm. I think that since getting back from the island, Oliver has spent a good deal of his spare time reading, making up for the education he now realizes that he wasted. 

I think Oliver’s spotty educational history, his brooding nature, his quick temper and his general tendency toward action over introspection, all hide the fact that he is an incredibly intelligent man. One capable of concocting brilliant strategies. But who is continually ignored and underestimated because he doesn’t display his intelligence in the same ways that the math and science geniuses around him do.  

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Ahhhh I'm not good with these requests things and idk I don't wanna rush you or force you to do it or anything but what would it be like if each main Mystic messemger character ran their own kingdom?

~I might be running with this ? so forgive me lol. 

◉ Yoosung 

  • If he had a kingdom, he would be an elf king ????
  • He’d be the youngest king to rule
  • But everyone loves him because he’s so kind and caring
  • I see him as an elf because he’s extremely smart, he values those that are near and dear to him especially family, he’s gentle but can be brave when he needs to be 
  • He would probably take a lot of walks in the forests of the kingdom to watch the animals and gather herbs 
  • He would be very very involved in the affairs of his subjects 
  • Yoosung would walk around the towns and if he see’s any injustices he is stepping in 

◉ Jumin 

  • Everyone is a little scared of him
  • Like, no one in the kingdom really sees him ? 
  • Or knows him
  • He hides himself away but he runs the kingdom very efficiently 
  • The truth is that he just doesn’t care to be so public 
  • He likes to keep to himself 
  • He isn’t mean but he is strict and expects his castle to be run a certain way 
  • SUPER good at communications with other kingdoms and lands to establish trades 
  • People are usually scared to ask him for help but when they actually do, they find that he is surprisingly kind and diplomatic 
  • He will do whatever he can to ensure that his subjects are happy and safe 
  • People that work in the castle are crazy loyal to him

◉ Zen 

  • Knight King
  • Classic style 
  • He is a king but his true heart lies in doing the classical knight stuff 
  • He lives to joust 
  • He’s often training and gets annoyed when he is called to do actual work like looking over treaties and paperwork etc 
  • His advisors keep pushing him to pick a queen, and they hold SO MANY balls for him 
  • But he always leaves early and never pays attention to the girls that throw themselves at him 
  • He thinks he will rescue his true love one day and they will live happily ever after 

◉ Jaehee 

  • Honestly, Elizabeth 1st anyone???? ((this isn’t a cat joke lol))
  • She is crazy about supporting the arts 
  • Often attends the plays and performances of her kingdom 
  • She is actually a pretty stern Queen 
  • It’s not that she is cruel, but if someone is breaking the rules then she will not hesitate to bring them to justice and she won’t feel bad about it 
  • She travels often
  • She enjoys seeing the lands around her kingdom and tasting the food from the villages 
  • Being a Queen is a lot of pressure for her sometimes so she will dress down and walk around to better interact with her subjects and be free of some stress
  • It makes her happy to feel like a normal person every now and then 

◉ Saeyoung  

  • He’d constantly have competitions where he could watch his subjects battle it out 
  • He grew up as a poor kid in the village and was found to be an heir so he took over
  • Sneaks out of the castle A LOT 
  • You could find him at his favorite inn/tavern place stuffing his face 
  • Castle food is great but its not the food he grew up with 
  • Tries to constantly bribe Saeran into dressing up and pretending to be him so he can be free of all of the boring stuff he would have to do 
  • One of his favorite things is riding his horse 
  • If they’re going on a hunt, no one can keep up with him 
  • Him and his horse have a special bond and they’re lightning fast when they get into open terrain 
Domestic Drabbles - 2: Blanket Pirates

Presenting part 2 of Domestic Drabbles: A Series (:

This one was also inspired by a conversation with @bharatanatyamandballet!

And the BIGGEST shout-out to my support and beta, @baz-n-simon (:

UPDATE: The amazing @dancingwdinosaurs has created a wonderful piece of art inspired by this fic! Go check it and follow her and show her all the amazing love she deserves!


Baz is a sharp bloke, and I don’t mean because of his fangs. He’s smart and studious, values his education, and takes classes at Uni every weekday. He comes over most days, but only after he studies, and he only stays the night when he doesn’t have class the next morning. Which is why I think it’s strange that this morning, a Tuesday, I wake up to find him sleeping peacefully next to me.

“Baz,” I say, rather loudly. I nudge him in the arm, and his skin feels like icicles.

He doesn’t move. If I were anyone else, I would think that he’s dead. Which, I guess, he is. Dead, I mean. Or undead. Or both.

Baz,” I say again, quieter. “Wake up.” I push him on his shoulder this time. More icicles.

“Hn…” He stirs and groans, but doesn’t open his eyes. “Wha’s it, Simon?”

Baz’s voice in the morning is always deep and raspy, and he calls me Simon instead of Snow. It was like this even when we were at Watford. And I realize that it’s always been something that I liked.

“Don’t you have class, Baz?” I ask, softer than before.

He peeks one eye open, but immediately scrunches it closed it when the sunlight hits him, and he pulls the blanket over his head.

“…’m s…ping.”


He rolls over to face me and pulls the blanket down just below his eyes.

“I said, I’m skipping.” And then he pulls the blanket right back up again.

I smile. Baz is also very grumpy in the morning, but less like a bridge troll and more like a five-year old child pouting.

“What about your classes?” I try to pull the blanket away from his face, but he holds onto it. “Don’t you have a test today? Won’t you fail?”

He snorts and pulls part of the blanket away from his face, only leaving one eye covered. “I never fail.”

I laugh. “You look like a pirate.”

He smiles briefly, then frowns, and pulls the blanket back over his face again. “I just want to go back to sleep, Snow.”

I roll my eyes and swing my legs off the bed. When I start to get up, I’m startled briefly by Baz’s icy grip around my wrist.

“Where are you going?” His eyes are peeking out from the blanket again.

“You said you wanted to sleep?”

He lets go of my wrist and pats the spot on the bed where I was laying. “Stay.”

I raise an eyebrow at him. “Why?”

“I’m cold.”


He pats the bed again. “Let’s stay in bed for a few more hours.”

I grin. “The Baz Pitch? Wanting to cuddle?”

Baz furrows his eyebrows and hides his face again. “Nevermind,” he says grumpily, pushing his icy hand at my arm. “Go away.”

I laugh and grab his hand. It’s soft, even with his cold skin.

“I’m going to find a snack,” I say. “And then I’ll come back to bed.”

Baz just groans and rolls over.

When I come back from the kitchen, Baz is already asleep again. The curtains are closed, and his head is peeking out from the blanket. And he’s hogging the entire thing.

I crawl across the bed next to him. I try tugging part of the blanket away, but Baz has a death grip.

“Baz.” I touch his arm gently. “Will you let go of the blanket?”

He shifts slightly and mumbles.  “…when I get my cuddles, Snow.”

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Bae Jinyoung Harry Potter AU

  • jinyoung is a ravenclaw like you
  • and you’ve always heard rumors about how he’s not even smart/intelligent and stuff
  • buuuut you’ve never talked to him so you wouldn’t really know
  • even though you two are in the same year and house, your paths just never really crossed
  • you’re a pureblood so you’re very familiar with wizarding traditions but very unaccustomed to the muggle ones
  • for muggle studies, the people who are more accustomed to the wizarding world are paired with people more accustomed to the muggle world
  • and while you don’t get paired with jinyoung, your seatmate ha minho does
  • minho is a slytherin and super into blood purity still and it bothers you
  • you find out that jinyoung is a muggle-born
  • and minho will say these really rude things to him and it bother you
  • but you know that if you called minho out, he’d probably hex you into next week
  • so you settle for stopping by the professor’s office one time and mentioning that you don’t think jinyoung is able to comprehend with minho’s teaching style and you make this elaborate lie up about how you and jinyoung would work much better together
  • jinyoung is obviously relieved but didnt know why you would do such a thing
  • you explain to him that you saw how ha minho was treating him and you wanted to stop it
  • he thanks you a lot
  • so you guys work together in muggle studies!
  • and it’s kind of difficult for you to wrap your brain around all the different forms of technology that muggles have
  • one time jinyoung shows you his ipod and ur like omg this is amazing???
  • sometimes you’ll be studying in the ravenclaw common room together and you’ll hear him singing under his breath
  • the thing about jinyoung is that yeah, maybe he isn’t the most intelligent or smart guy
  • but he values intelligence and is always challenging himself to learn more and you know he belongs in ravenclaw despite what some people say
  • you guys become something similar to study buddies
  • late nights in the library
  • cramming before finals, desperately trying to perfect charms and jinxes
  • you two get in the habit of sharing earbuds for jinyoung’s ipod when you study
  • you guys came up with a special study playlist just for that
  • and one night you fall asleep studying 
  • all the sleepless nights you’ve spent trying to cram for finals finally caught up to you
  • and when you wake up you’re still kind of out of it
  • jinyoung is like staring at you and does the thing where he brushes your hair out of your face
  • you realize that he also draped his school robe over you
  • and you kind of open your eyes groggily and jinyoung’s face is SUPER close to yours
  • he turns a bit pink but doesn’t back down
  • and then he hits you with a 
  • “you must be a snitch, because i’ve been seeking you my whole life”
  • and you just kind of stare at him
  • three minutes of awkward silence
  • “oh my god i’m so sorry jihoon said that would work”
  • “you took love advice from park jihoon?”
  • …”yes”
  • “i like you too, idiot”
  • jinyoung takes you on dates to muggle places
  • amusement parks, cinemas, arcades
  • and you’re in love with it (and him cough cough)
  • super sweet relationship
  • as you guys get older the new ravenclaws look up to you guys as like parents
  • really cute and sweet with each other; helping each other practice for owls, sitting in the astronomy tower together, going to watch quidditch games and having ravenclaw pride!
  • what a concept

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what do you find attractive about a guy?

i like funny guys, guys who understand my sense of humour, guys with a cute/unusual laugh, cute smiles, good hair (preferably curly), a kind heart, good style, good taste in music, love for art, good at cuddles, passionate kisser, a guy who smiles in between kisses, mutual love for animals, a guy who smells good, who doesn’t mind listening to me talk shit about random
stuff, someone who takes care of me, a guy that understands how shy i am, feeling appreciated and wanted, a guy who watches you without knowing in pure admiration even when u look like shit, someone who reads, smart guys, guys who value sex for the connection (not the orgasm), guys who make it impossible to be mad, guys who don’t like arguing & do anything to avoid, i like guys who talk about how they feel when something bothers them (no matter how small it is), guys who care to ask how my day went, guys who never let u go to sleep without saying goodnight, i like boys who are complicated & have layers to them, i especially like guys who understand and respect monogamy

Slytherin Traits Analysis


As far as I’m concerned, this is the most unsung value of Slytherin house, and easily the hardest to demonize. After all, what is more admirable than someone who has very little to work with and yet clenches their jaw, makes due with what they have, and finds a way to get through their problems? It is the value behind most underdog stories! Although there is an association made sometimes between Slytherin and wealth (mostly thanks to the Malfoys), we see plenty of evidence of poor Slytherins too (see Severus Snape and Tom Riddle), and in many cases we see Slytherins use their talents, strengths, and advantages to find a way to get ahead. Riddle uses his magical talent, gift for Parseltongue, and natural charm. Snape uses his talents in dueling, Potions, and Occlumency. Slughorn uses his amiability and talent in Potions. Lucius uses his money and influence. Draco uses his father’s influence and his own charisma. Narcissa uses her wits and convincing air. Regulus uses his brain and sneakiness. Sometimes these examples are not always positive, but it certainly makes it clear that from a tiny acorn of resourcefulness can sprout a perfect oak tree of a witch or wizard.


For a snake, determination is what makes everything work. It’s taking care of your two-year-old child when you’ve just had a baby as a single mother and have no money for a nanny or sitter. It’s working for your mean boss who threatens to fire you every hour to prove them wrong – to show them that you can’t be scared so easily. Determination is very important to achieve our ambitions; it’s where we get our confidence, what gets us up in the morning each day. Without drive, there can be no passion, and without passion, there is almost no possible chance of success.


How many times have we heard people argue that all Slytherins are cowards? Too many times, honestly…and it’s not deserved. Slytherins can be very brave – look at Severus Snape, or Regulus or Andromeda Black. Heck, even villains like Voldemort, Bellatrix, and Umbridge wouldn’t likely be characterized as explicitly “cowardly” either. Slytherins are also not the only characters who are ever considered cowardly – we’ve seen Ravenclaws like Lockhart and Quirrel and Gryffindors like Pettigrew be cowards too, not to mention characters like Fudge who we don’t know the house of but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess wasn’t a Slytherin. So yes, first, to get this out of the way, self-preservation =/= cowardice. Self-preservation means…just that! Looking out for oneself. And that is a very undervalued thing. Selflessness is generally considered eternally virtuous, but if one looks at it carefully, it can also cause a lot of harm. Never taking care of yourself can destroy your health as well as your emotional state, and if someone truly loves you, they should want you to be happy and healthy…thus it would be in your best interest to look after yourself. And if that person doesn’t want that, then that could mean you’re pouring your heart and energy into someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Self-preservation is not selfishness. Self-preservation is not cowardice. It is recognizing your own value and knowing you only have one life to live, and therefore choosing not to throw away your shot.

A Disregard for the Rules:

Most Slytherins tend to have a blatant disregard for rules, mostly because rules only hold them back. Say no one is allowed to use potion ingredients but certain professors, but they gotta figure out who stole their homework last night. You think something like that’s gonna hold them back? Nope. Another example would be Voldemort himself. Wanna live forever? No way in hell is anyone gonna stop him, whether it’s some Gryffindor he tried to kill as a baby, Dumbledore, or the entire Ministry of Magic. 

I think that’s a big reason why Slytherin is known as the ‘evil’ house. We have our own rules, our own boundaries for ourselves. Other rules we deem unimportant, though we’re still aware of them. It doesn’t matter if we break some rules that another person made up, but if we break our own? No, that’s not okay. Someone could be perfectly okay with stealing something, but if you have to hurt a person to do so and they’re not okay with that? It’s not happening. The code of honor is different for each Slytherin – sometimes it can even be just as principled as the rules already in place. The important thing is that the code of honor comes from us, not an outside source. If we believe in it with all our hearts, we will fight to protect it.


This value is what makes some mistakenly label people as Ravenclaw instead of Slytherin. The main difference is where the intelligence comes from. Ravenclaws tend to rely on academic, logical knowledge – the sorts you find in books that can be measured and catalogued. Slytherins rely on emotional knowledge, or common sense – the kind you can only get by working a job first-hand, or the kind you acquire from knowing somebody intimately. Slytherins are usually very insightful people and they can often read others without much difficulty. They are the sorts to make connections from their own experiences to make conclusions about something outside themselves. For example, Voldemort is able to predict Harry’s behavior a few times in the books simply due to how intimate his knowledge is of the boy thanks to their Horcrux connection, and Severus Snape is able to predict (correctly) that Quirrel isn’t to be trusted because he himself is a master of deception and espionage. Even Regulus is sharp enough to know it would be more prudent (and it would also twist the knife into Voldemort more) to quietly leave a note with the fake Horcrux in the Horcrux’s hiding place for the Dark Lord to find instead of openly confronting him. Cleverness is not as easily measured in tests as book smarts, but its value is truly incalculable.


Slytherins are known for being ambitious, and most of us are, but just to get something straight, ambition is not something to be solely demonized. People say that we Slytherins would do anything for power, but if you look at house members like Narcissa Malfoy, Horace Slughorn, Regulus Black, etc., their ambition was not power. It was protecting their family and freedom. Ambition is really just recognizing what you could achieve and growing towards it. An ambitious attitude, they say, can accomplish anything, no matter what life throws at you. Slytherins realize this, and that’s how they may achieve greatness. Merlin himself was in the house from fen, and to this day people say his name for regular things (e.g. “Merlin’s Pants!”). The good thing about ambition is it is all about scale, and whether you want to become a powerful politician or just a beloved member of your community, you can achieve greatness at any level and in many ways.

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A Place For Everything by carryonsimoncarryon

It took a few conversations with Penny for me to start to notice.

Before We Turn Into A Monster (With Two Heads) by eroticgropefest

Simon wants to sleep with Baz. Really, he does. He’s just…not ready yet.

Birthday Surprise by feverfooted

“Where are you taking me?”

Blanket Pirates by carryonsimoncarryon 

Baz is a sharp bloke, and I don’t mean because of his fangs. He’s smart and studious, values his education, and takes classes at Uni every weekday. He comes over most days, but only after he studies, and he only stays the night when he doesn’t have class the next morning. Which is why I think it’s strange that this morning, a Tuesday, I wake up to find him sleeping peacefully next to me.

Small Talk by the-hooligan-in-question   

Baz, who just wants to use all the hot water in peace, is forced, much to his chagrin, to talk on the phone.

The Pants Incident by macroglossus

 in which baz is salty

The Hufflepuff Who Lived by carryonsimoncarryon

Simon is obsessed with quizzes, and not the educational kind, or else he may have done better in school. No, it’s the useless quizzes he seems to love so much. 

unimaginable by sncwbaz

The both of them were laying on their backs, one of Simon’s legs hooked over Baz’s. Baz was drawing circles on Simon’s wrist as they both stared at the ceiling. Everything was nice and quiet. Baz cloud think of many moments in his life where being nice and quiet with Snow would have been unimaginable.