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Didn’t anyone ever tell you there’s one thing you never put in a trap, if you’re smart, if you value your continued existence, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow, there’s one thing you never, ever put in a trap. And what would that be, sir? Me. - Doctor Who (Happy 53rd Birthday!)

Oliver’s formal education is severely lacking. But Oliver is highly intelligent and I think he just soaks up  information like a sponge. 

He failed classes in high school and college because he didn’t care- he was too busy being absolutely terrible and getting away with whatever he wanted. But when he’s actually interested…

He learns how to fix a plane radio just by spending time helping his father and spending enough time tinkering. 

He becomes fluent in Russian in roughly a year. 

He learns a decent amount of Chinese over the course of five years. 

He learns how to fly a plane in under a year. 

He recognizes a random quote from the Odyssey and is able to recite the rest of it back at least a year after reading the book. 

He learns Argus’s tactical patterns despite only working with a team on a handful of occasions and remembers them five years later. 

He develops a range of technical skills which allowed him to operate as a vigilante for months before adding the computer skills of Felicity. And for two years before incorporating the tech support from Cisco. 

I think four years working with Felicity has allowed Oliver to absorb a lot of computer science knowledge (he’ll never be anywhere near her level, but he’s more skilled than the average person). I think Oliver is continually storing away tactical strategies and fighting techniques that he observes in allies and enemies alike- it’s part of why he’s such an accomplished warrior. I think Oliver has far more political knowledge than most people assume, just because he’s spent so much time around people like Moira, and Robert and Walter and Malcolm. I think that since getting back from the island, Oliver has spent a good deal of his spare time reading, making up for the education he now realizes that he wasted. 

I think Oliver’s spotty educational history, his brooding nature, his quick temper and his general tendency toward action over introspection, all hide the fact that he is an incredibly intelligent man. One capable of concocting brilliant strategies. But who is continually ignored and underestimated because he doesn’t display his intelligence in the same ways that the math and science geniuses around him do.  


Queen Breha was very smart, and understood the value of diplomacy. She ruled Alderaan with a kind and even hand. The citizens of the planet loved her for her fairness, but Breha wasn’t always quiet and gentle. When there was a crisis, she was quick to respond. She was the perfect queen for one of the most important planets in the galaxy. 

Ok but important Alex Danvers Headcanon Tho:

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Ok so look at Maggie’s face, the slow smile developing, while Alex is TechnoBabbling.

Maggie loves it.

And it shows with the affection in her voice – and Alex’s pleased response – when a moment later she calls her “Nerd.”


Because hear me out:

She is indeed a GIGANTIC nerd. And she’s from an entire family of GIGANTIC nerds.

She’s used to being called a nerd.

And it never bothered her – not exactly – because she had pride in her family, and Eliza and Jeremiah taught her to value being smart, to value knowledge, to value being passionate, to value being on top of her game. So being called a nerd relentlessly never bothered her. Not exactly. Family pride. Pride in herself.

But she never exactly loved it, either.

Because the other kids? They meant it to make sure she knew that she was other, that she was different. And she liked being different. But it also… tugged at her. That they kept calling her a nerd to separate her from them.

It made her lonely. Even if she would never admit it.

And then MAGGIE SAWYER comes along and calls her a nerd, with so much affection, with so much turned-on-ness, with so much admiration and KIND teasing. The kind of teasing that is intended to make you feel CONNECTED, not separate; like she belongs with Maggie.

No one has ever called her a nerd like that.

And she absolutely loves it.

Domestic Drabbles - 2: Blanket Pirates

Presenting part 2 of Domestic Drabbles: A Series (:

This one was also inspired by a conversation with @bharatanatyamandballet!

And the BIGGEST shout-out to my support and beta, @baz-n-simon (:


Baz is a sharp bloke, and I don’t mean because of his fangs. He’s smart and studious, values his education, and takes classes at Uni every weekday. He comes over most days, but only after he studies, and he only stays the night when he doesn’t have class the next morning. Which is why I think it’s strange that this morning, a Tuesday, I wake up to find him sleeping peacefully next to me.

“Baz,” I say, rather loudly. I nudge him in the arm, and his skin feels like icicles.

He doesn’t move. If I were anyone else, I would think that he’s dead. Which, I guess, he is. Dead, I mean. Or undead. Or both.

Baz,” I say again, quieter. “Wake up.” I push him on his shoulder this time. More icicles.

“Hn…” He stirs and groans, but doesn’t open his eyes. “Wha’s it, Simon?”

Baz’s voice in the morning is always deep and raspy, and he calls me Simon instead of Snow. It was like this even when we were at Watford. And I realize that it’s always been something that I liked.

“Don’t you have class, Baz?” I ask, softer than before.

He peeks one eye open, but immediately scrunches it closed it when the sunlight hits him, and he pulls the blanket over his head.

“…’m s…ping.”


He rolls over to face me and pulls the blanket down just below his eyes.

“I said, I’m skipping.” And then he pulls the blanket right back up again.

I smile. Baz is also very grumpy in the morning, but less like a bridge troll and more like a five-year old child pouting.

“What about your classes?” I try to pull the blanket away from his face, but he holds onto it. “Don’t you have a test today? Won’t you fail?”

He snorts and pulls part of the blanket away from his face, only leaving one eye covered. “I never fail.”

I laugh. “You look like a pirate.”

He smiles briefly, then frowns, and pulls the blanket back over his face again. “I just want to go back to sleep, Snow.”

I roll my eyes and swing my legs off the bed. When I start to get up, I’m startled briefly by Baz’s icy grip around my wrist.

“Where are you going?” His eyes are peeking out from the blanket again.

“You said you wanted to sleep?”

He lets go of my wrist and pats the spot on the bed where I was laying. “Stay.”

I raise an eyebrow at him. “Why?”

“I’m cold.”


He pats the bed again. “Let’s stay in bed for a few more hours.”

I grin. “The Baz Pitch? Wanting to cuddle?”

Baz furrows his eyebrows and hides his face again. “Nevermind,” he says grumpily, pushing his icy hand at my arm. “Go away.”

I laugh and grab his hand. It’s soft, even with his cold skin.

“I’m going to find a snack,” I say. “And then I’ll come back to bed.”

Baz just groans and rolls over.

When I come back from the kitchen, Baz is already asleep again. The curtains are closed, and his head is peeking out from the blanket. And he’s hogging the entire thing.

I crawl across the bed next to him. I try tugging part of the blanket away, but Baz has a death grip.

“Baz.” I touch his arm gently. “Will you let go of the blanket?”

He shifts slightly and mumbles.  “…when I get my cuddles, Snow.”

(Part 1)(ao3)


The evolution of a queen - part 1 / part 2

  • Casefile #0144
  • The Riddler

Casefile #0144

thepigeonqueen asks: I’ve always been described as academically smart during school days (“gifted and talented” was a phrase thrown around), yet have also always been told I have no “street smarts” or common sense by people who know me. I never knew which was the more valuable and thus tended to result with referring to myself as dumb as default. So! Considering your affinity for intelligence, which form of “smarts” do you value more?

Your self esteem is anemic

Iron is positivity,

In regards to me communicating, loving,
taking care of you, telling you you are beautiful;
that you are wanted and important and smart and
I value your company and thoughts and opinions

That is iron

Your self esteem is anemic
and it can’t absorb it properly
because you won’t internalize it,
eat it

Something is blocking it from actually
getting into your bloodstream
—  she speaks in poetry when she dismantles me

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TY for posting about different people relating more to different house attributes! I'm a Huffleclaw Thunderbird. What that means for /me/ is I'm loyal, book-smart, and adventurous. I try to be hardworking, just, etc, but I fail a lot. And that's okay

Tbh hogwarts houses are much more about your values than your skills. Hermione may have been smart but she valued bravery more. Wormtail may not have been courageous but he aspired to be like those who did. You can be a hufflepuff that aspires to be hardworking and fair, and sometimes you can fail and that’s fine because after all you’re only human

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To Caitlin- Firstly, you're hella pretty! Secondly, is it normal for Ravenclaws to feel like they aren't very smart at times? Or to feel insecure about their smarts? - a fellow ravenclaw :)


Second, absolutely. There’s this huge pressure on us to be the smartest ones in the room because we’re Ravenclaws and “isn’t that what Ravenclaws are about? Being smart?”. 

Nooo? Smart comes out in so many ways, and knowing everything isn’t necessarily one of them. We’re creative and crave knowledge. We’re open people that seek things out, and knowing the answer to everything doesn’t make someone inherently “smart”. It’s stressful when people take smart at face value and assume things. Hang in there, I’m with you :)

-Caitlin (Ravenclaw)


all things favourite | shows [1/22]
doctor who, renewed series (2005-present)

“didn’t anyone tell you? there’s one thing you never put in a trap. if you’re smart, if you value your continued existence, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow, there’s one thing you never, ever put into a trap. m e.”


Whatever this is, Kate, I have to try and stop it. Otherwise I’ll never see my family again.
Will you help me? 

Above is the next ensemble I wish to sell. This beautiful long, extra soft black leather skirt is an “original” from “Peter Caruso”. Hope you’re impressed. I never heard of him. It’s a US size 14 and looks exactly like it does in the photo because unfortunately I graduated into a 14/16 and went into My leather closet for good…..The top is one of My favorite items and I wore it a lot. To find a long sleeve top of soft leather is extremely hard to find; but FEDERATION in the UK made this for Me and I loved it…..ALSO, THANK YOU so much for helping Me sell the previous garments in a photo I put on Tumblr and FetLife. It made Me realize I do have some very loyal friends; but they are  smart and see the value of these garments and you can NOT find them anymore, which is a shame. Stay tuned, I have a lot of STORMY LEATHER, but for now I want to sell these two pieces. Contact Me at………..Serious inquiries ONLY.

So remember that time Barry lost his speed in 1x07 and, even after they’d zapped him with a gazillion volts, it still took his bae being in jeopardy to tap into the speed force again?

And now that Barry’s lost his speed AGAIN, it happens to be the same episode that his current bae is in jeopardy AGAIN?

An episode where Barry has no speed, and so therefore decides to cosplay as the biggest damn non-superhero hero he knows:

While ALSO getting Harry’s daughter back for him (and valuing her smarts).

The Barrison is going to be strong in this ep, even if they don’t have much screentime. Maybe Harry will even hug him back.