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TIP: Set SMART goals! 💡🖊

Goal setting can sometimes be a challenge, especially without any structure on how to evaluate them. 🤔

Use the SMART system with your Passion Planner 📓 as a criteria in order to better define your goals & make them more achievable. 😁👍

SMART is an acronym for:
S - pecific 📝
M - easurable 📏
A - ction oriented 🏃‍♀️
R - easonable 💞
T - imebound ⌛️

Once you’ve defined your goals & started working on them, make sure to reflect back & evaluate your progress. 😊💭 This gives you a better understanding on how to move forward!

2.3.15 // 12:17 PM

I am so unbelievably exhausted from this weekend; I went home from school (a 3.5 hour venture) to get there safely before the unforgiving winter storm. Monday morning all schools within a hundred-mile radius were closed, but we still managed to arrive to my 8 AM neurologist appointment. I’ve got to schedule my MRI, EEG, RA, and blood work soon (as well as my hip MRI, CT, and surgery… oops). the neurologist confirmed my trigeminal neuralgia, which is kind of scary because he said it is sometimes indicative of MS… :( anyway, my mommy was kind enough to drive me all the way back to school! my medicines I picked up though are really making me sleepy, making it incredibly hard to function for a full day…

I’m continuing to study for my anatomy exam on Thursday. current setup: 

  • 13” MacBook Pro, complete with a marble case and mortar & pestle sticker monogrammed with my (grad) school colors.
  • iPad mini with a Bluetooth keyboard (I’m sorry I don’t know the brand, my sister was nice enough to let me borrow it). 
  • Jawbone UP band currently charging so it can fully prepare for all of the fantastic activities I have planned for this week. 
  • Victoria Secret PINK backpack. 
  • Vela Spiral Notebook. 
  • A pretty cool folder I found at Walmart. 
  • Vander’s Human Anatomy & Physiology, 13th Edition + McGraw Hill LearnSmart. 
  • Forever 21 pencil case holding Stabilo pens as well as some Target Dollar Section items. 
  • Blueberries from Meijer that are about to go bad. 
  • Cactus, Aloe, and unknown plant. 
  • Wood dining table which is way more exciting than any of you are aware! I finally got a table into my apartment yesterday after not having a dining table for 10 months!! 
  • Arctic Monkeys Pandora station playing from the TV.
Louis is smart, don’t forget it

I’m starting to get really, truly, genuinely offended by the way larry theories ignore how smart Louis really is, and instead casts him in the role of the poor oppressed prince fighting for his love. I see a different story with Louis, and in this case, he is the master of his own position in the industry: 

Let’s start all the way back with the “I met Harry in the toilet” story. Fandom narrative is: it’s true love instantly. Hi/Oops, all of that. Instead, lets look at this from the perspective of Louis, who is young, and who wants to break into the industry. He said ages ago that he knew Harry was going to be a star, so he asked for his autograph and got a picture. (Some of this story could be complete bullshit, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the video/audio where he said this, but let’s assume this is true. It works in his favor either way.) This is supposedly at the Manchester arena auditions. 

I have no reason to think otherwise – X Factor is a lot more complicated bts than they make it look on TV. The genuine singers go through at least two auditions with various producers before they get the invite to get on stage in front of the judges. This is Harry’s audition process - the real ground up story. Liam the first time, Niall probably, and Zayn. Louis, on the other hand, is a different story. In addition to holding pure voice auditions, they look for “characters”. X factor is a singing competition but it’s also a TV show and the producers need things to get people interested and talking, so they look for people with stand out personalities. Some of these people who can’t sing, or cant’ sing as well get plucked out from the regional auditions (if they’re there in the first place, I believe they do straight up casting calls with talent agents too) and get a guaranteed through-spot in order to build a television narrative out of it. If you were watching this year (2015), think Bupsi. Decent voice, huge personality, made it through to live shows at the expense of several people who had much better singing voices. This is Louis’ way in: we’ve all seen his stage audition with the judges and it wasn’t great, certainly not as good as other people that year. Or even as smooth as the other boys that year. So with this in mind, Louis makes it through to Bootcamp, and pours everything he has into making himself stand out as a personality as well as with his voice. (think of that clip of Zayn talking about how he can’t dance, and Louis behind him dancing with no inhibitions, nothing holding him back. He is laying it all on the line because he has no more guaranteed advancement, he’s all on his own. 

Then, he scrapes through, not as a solo artist but as part of a band of boys that he’s seen outpace him in the singing all weekend. He got through as a character, he’s going to be a character. We see this all the way through X Factor. From the way he’s introduced to the audience with the stingray sting, to the way he runs the fake game shows, sits front and center in most of the stair videos. And here’s the thing: he’s in a band with this boy he met at the manchester auditions, a boy who he believed has star power. So what does Louis do? He hitches himself to this curly-haired kid. I do think they were genuinely friends as well, but at the same time, Louis is trying to make himself memorable to make up for his singing. (it doesn’t matter what you think of his voice: he didn’t think he had a great voice, he’s talked about it a lot before. So he made up for it in personality.) 

And you know what? it worked. People loved the band. People loved Louis, people loved his friendships with the other boys, and people especially loved his friendship with Harry. 

Louis met this kid in a toilet, landed in a band with him, and turned that into roaring success. 

So, they kept it going. In the beginning “Larry Stylinson” was a fun thing. The band members used the portmanteau, it was a cute bromance, and everyone wanted in on it. they sat next to each other, they did interviews together, they lived together. There were articles, fun games, lots of jokes and innuendo. It worked beyond Louis’ wildest hopes. 

Until it didn’t work anymore – things turned from fun bromance into belief in a relationship. I think the transition started when they came to America (because we have weird ideas about touch that stem from our puritan roots as a country, but that’s a whole other long post), and it followed them everywhere else. What was fun, what raised Louis’ profile into one of the top two members of the band turned into something ugly when his girlfriend got harassed, when his family got harassed, when his friend, Harry Styles got harassed. 

For this next bit I’m going to assume that Louis still isn’t totally confident in his voice and in his potential post-1D career as a solo artist. 

So, instead of continuing on the path he was on, and working to be a memorable member of the band, he turned instead to working behind the scenes: to handling the business of 1D, the songwriting, the producing. Eventually branching out into talent spotting and development. Louis starts going back to X Factor more to mentor new acts. He allies himself with Simon (who IS a snake, there’s no denying that, but an incredibly successful one), who starts teaching him the ropes. 

Simon gets something out of this too. His empire is on the downslide. X Factor ratings are slipping, American Idol is slipping, X Factor american never really took off, his acts aren’t performing well save a small few (1D, Olly Murs. Little Mix are doing okay but nowhere near their potential, but then he’s never put much effort into them anyway.) And here’s Louis, this smart young man now in his 20s. Louis is looking to set himself up for a more stable career than that of performer, and Simon wants an injection of young talent and image into his empire. It works for both of them. Louis does more behind the scenes work for a few years, meets people, learns more about the business, then when he knows he has time to put into these things gets his label, his girl band. He’s actively working at a future as a music exec. He needs Simon’s favor, not to fight him, and since he’s not the horribly oppressed magic bean in love with his bandmate, why does he need to? 

The music business is full of dirty tactics. I spoke to an entertainment attorney a few weeks ago about career things, she flat out told me that she avoids music as much as she can because the industry is stuffed full of seedy people. But here’s the thing about Louis: he’s using it to his advantage, as always. He sees an opportunity with Simon. Maybe he’ll take over Syco when Simon retires or dies. Simon wants this, he wants to secure his own legacy in the business instead of going down with an aging empire. It’s mutually beneficial for them to be working together right now. 

This isn’t to say that Louis is going to end up being Simon 2.0; that also discounts how smart he is, if he’s going to just allow himself to be remade in Simon’s image. But he’s incredibly smart; he sees the opportunity to move up in the industry, to be a more stable part of it, to build a future for himself and for his family. For his kids. Freddie and any kids he may have later. It’s hard being a performer, very few can strike big and stay there forever. Bands come and go, singers come and go. The club of music execs and label heads is small and shrinking all the time as the Big Labels eat up independent ones. Louis is angling himself to be at the top of that pyramid. 

And here’s the thing about Bigwig Music Exec Louis Tomlinson: he knows what it’s like on the other side. Because he was there: he was a kid from a poorer background with no connections. He was in the X Factor contract which is incredibly exploitive in terms of what the band puts in and what they get out of it. (they’re a billion-dollar boyband. Individually they’ve seen a tiny fraction of the money they’ve brought in for the labels and promoters.) I want him to use that experience in the future. With his own label, with this new girlband he’s working with.

To say he’s just this guy who is blindingly in love and fighting to come out from under Evil Simon Cowell’s thumb completely ignores that he’s been working for years to put himself exactly where he is right now. That he’s been playing the game and playing it well

Louis is exactly where he wants to be. 

And I hope in 30 years we see Louis Tomlinson getting piles of lifetime achievement awards.
The World's Smartest Office Building Knows How You Like Your Coffee
It knows where you live. It knows what car you drive. It knows who you’re meeting with today and how much sugar you take in your coffee. (At least it will, after the next software update.) This is the Edge, and it’s quite possibly the smartest office space ever constructed.

Longread about the two faces of the future of work. Smart systems for a convenient worklife balance or all-seing and surpressive eyes for efficient and productive work. Choose wisely.


Heat 3 Smart Gloves

Unlike many other modern gloves which are designed for extreme weather, the Heat 3 Smart gloves are not equipped with battery powered heating systems. In order to give you the necessary protection against the cold, these gloves rely on superior craftsmanship and the incorporation of high quality materials.

Join the cult of the Orb and bask in its Bluetooth-controlled radiance
Praise the Orb. Behold the Orb. The Orb is light. The Orb is smart. The Orb is life. The Orb is a smart lighting system from a new startup called Shade that’s looking for funding on Indiegogo soon. (Despite the name, it’s shaped like a disc, not an orb, but I digress.) Its unique circular-but-not-orb-like design is meant for controlling the direction of the light output in addition to the usual brightness and color settings that most smart lights offer. … Read more

@quake-the-skye-johnson Tony’s morning had beena nightmare. Hammertech held a huge media conference announcing their newest creation. A smart A.I system for everyday use. Called Friday. Tony immediately had to call them out and go public with the Pattens for Her. Causing a huge media strom. The military, the phone companies, you name it all bidding on Friday. Not her code but Friday herslef. The board was yelling at him for keeping something like this a secert. Tony had no idea who leaked her but he was going to get down to it. He opened the door and to find his girlfriend relaxing on her laptop. “Hey, sweetheart. Is there anything you wanna tell me?” He . tested the waters.

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Even if you’re so rich that replacing everything you own in one Ambien-fueled, smart-home shopping spree is no big deal, you’re going to find that your new stuff is super difficult to install and absolutely none of the components are compatible with one another. Finally and most importantly, smart home developers create their technology so rapidly that their homes are obsolete before they’re even finished being built. You know how a new computer or smartphone gets replaced by a newer, better computer or smartphone within like six months? Picture that, only it’s your entire house.

Every year new smart home systems are released. Which is great for the general advancement of technology but not so great for the homeowners who built their houses with the equivalent of avocado-colored refrigerators.

In the rush to get a platform advantage, companies can’t decide standards for products, rendering the appliances and hardware obsolete in about a year when they should last for a decade. They’re having a technological arms race, but nobody can go to war because their weapons keep being recalled.

6 Amazing Inventions You’re Being Denied For Stupid Reasons

Nintendo’s new membership program is My Nintendo

The replacement for Club Nintendo has been announced, and appears to expand greatly upon its predecessor. My Nintendo accounts will shared across multiple platforms, including game systems, smart devices, and PCs. The loyalty program will award points for both purchasing and playing Nintendo games, which can be redeemed for digital purchases, merchandise, and discount coupons. It is being designed with ease of use in mind, allowing simple registration and the ability to register friends across multiple platforms. It will also somehow be compatible with real-world venues, such as theme parks, stores, and even cinemas. Finally, it will take advantage of cloud storage to allow transfer of data between devices, bridging the gap between consoles and smart devices.

Nintendo Accounts and My Nintendo will launch with Miitomo, Nintendo and DeNA’s first mobile title, next March.