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Damaged Richie x Reader

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Author’s note: This is a short one but I needed a break from binge watching stranger things because of a massive headache so… I hope you guys like it!

Reader’s pov:

I ran as fast as my feet could take me, the leaves crunching with each step. Tears streamed down my cheeks, blurring my vision. I didn’t care, I just needed to get away from them, away from their harsh words. The quarry was silent with the exception my own heavy breathing. My feet dangled over the edge of the rock, I was alone with my sorrows. I let it all out without a care, until I heard leaves crunching behind me. I turned around quickly but was kind of relieved to see it was only Richie.

“Hey.” I mumbled, trying to wipe away the tears.

“Hey.” He said quietly sitting beside me. “What brings you here?”

“My parents.” I confessed. “No matter what I do it’s never good enough.”

I tried to keep it together, I hated feeling so vulnerable, especially around others.

“I’m here if you need to let it out.”

I nodded. It wasn’t long before the tears streamed down my tear stained cheeks again. My breathing grew shakier as I replayed the situation over and over in mind. The harsh words echoed, it hurt as if I was rubbing salt into open wounds.

“I’m just so unhappy. I try and every time I think I’m getting there, they put me down like I’m nothing to them.” I mumbled, wiping my tears away.

Richie probably couldn’t understand what I was saying but he still listened to me ramble. His hand rubbed my back, in attempt to make me feel better. I buried my face in my hands, the fact I was telling Richie my sob story was embarrassing. This wasn’t who I was, I was strong and independent. I never let someone get under my skin or stand in my way. Now I’m just broken.

“I’m fucking stupid and disgusting.” I sobbed. “I’m good for nothing and everyone knows it.”

My breathing became labored, I was getting myself so worked up and I felt out of control.

“No you’re not.” Richie commented. “Don’t fucking think like that.” 

I looked up from my hands, Richie was staring down below at the water’s surface.

“You’re smart as hell and guys cream their pants just looking at you.” He said.”

“Do you really think that of me?” I questioned.

“Yeah, all the losers do.” Richie said looking up at me. “Your parents don’t know what they are talking about.”

While Richie was pretty open about his home life, I was not, it wasn’t as bad as Richie’s but it wasn’t a place I really called home either. I just felt emotionally drained and sorry for all the rambling Richie had to listen to.

“I-I’m sorry.” I stuttered, wiping my face.

“It’s okay Bill.” Richie smirked.

That put a small smile on my face.

“There we go, theres that pretty smile.”

That made me blush slightly. It was weird, Richie being sweet and not raunchy at all was rare. I could count those instances on one hand but it was a nice change.

“Thanks for listening to me.”

“Thats what friends are for right?”

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Hi! I'm just dropping in to say that I love your voltron gifs! And I was wondering which sharpening settings you use for them? You don't have to answer if you don't want~ Hope you have a nice day! <3

Hey there! Thank you for dropping by with this nice message <3

So since a few people have asked before, I decided to make this post a very short rundown of the sharpening process I usually do! Sorry if any of this is confusing, I tried my best to explain it but if you’re still unsure about something, feel free to DM me for more questions if you’d like!

Sharpening Gifs using Surface Blur + Smart Sharpen

Basically, my sharpening process always involves surface blur and smart sharpen. I’ll show with screenshots the settings I usually pick, but I’m going to assume you already know the first steps of gifmaking so I’m going to skip ahead!

Once you convert the frames to timeline, then convert them to Smart Filters, I usually start with the Surface Blurs. (here’s a screenshot in case you’ve never used it before)

Usually, I do 3 surface blur filters, then 2 smart sharpens in a row, in that order. Each filter I put on, I use progressively lowered settings, like so:

I start with radius at 15, threshold at 8, then lower it a bit with each surface blur.

Next, I go through the Smart Sharpen filter (which is under the Sharpen tab as seen in the first screenshot above). This, I also do with progressively lowered settings, like so:

Only 2 Smart Sharpens though, because I find that over-sharpening doesn’t look so good.

Of course, feel free to play with any of the above settings as you will and see what looks best for you! These are just the standard I pick for myself personally.

THEN I do this other little trick I found. See the filters lined up here?

I right click each one and change the setting to Darken.

I do this for each one. All of them are under the Darken blending option. Once in a while, I experiment and change one of the filters to Soft Light, because it sometimes looks nice depending on the scene I’m gifing.

Again, feel free to play around with all of them though! Lots of options to try out. I heard some people only use one surface blur filter, then just a normal blur layer, and then one smart sharpen. There are lots of ways to play with this. You can also use “darken” on all of them, or just a few of them.

And.. that’s basically it! I think it makes a huge difference and I really love how it looks personally, so I do it all the time. :)

Other tips with gifs + coloring

Just a random piece of advice that I feel has helped me: A gif, no matter how big it is and despite the new 3MB limit, can only hold up to 256 colors. This is why some gifs look grainy even though you feel like you’ve gotten it to the point of being what you feel is the highest quality gif it could possibly be. So to help make it look even better, I personally find that singling out a few key colors and then desaturating the other ones individually through hue/saturation filter, makes an immense difference in the end result. Black/white Gradient Maps help a lot as well!

(Also, I used this video for reference when I first started)

So there you have it. These are the basics of my gifing process. After trying a bunch of different coloring options, I now like to keep it fairly simple when I’m just doing a normal gif/gifset. No need to get too complicated! :)

Hope this helps!!

adult!Remus Lupin Imagine - Stop Thinking pt. 2

“Hiii, so I just wanted to tell you that I just recently discovered your blog and I’m in love with it and I was wondering if maybe you could do a second part to the Remus Lupin imagine pleasee it could include Sirius and him teasing moony of his younger partner/girlfriend or something like that” - Anon

I’m finally getting more consistent, however I did put off a few other imagines I’m working on to get this one done. I think I may have strayed a little from the request and it’s a lot shorter than part one, but I really hope this does it justice. I don’t really know how I would take this one any further, but if anyone has an idea send it in and I’ll probably write it! As always, I apologize for any errors and I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: minor swearing, but eh it’s not too bad

Word Count: 1600+


Remus sat with his arm draped across the back of (y/n)’s chair in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place as Moody conducted an Order meeting. This was the only indication of their being together; given the sort of taboo that was their relationship the pair often avoided openly displaying their affection.

However, Sirius still stared at where Remus rested his arm with an amused expression. Remus glanced across the table at him and when he noticed what Sirius was looking at shifted his arm onto the table. At the removal of his touch, (y/n) glanced quickly at Remus, followed his gaze to Sirius, and then looked back to Moody sheepishly. Sirius bit back a laugh, but sobered quickly when he heard Harry’s name.

Sirius interjected, and the conversation devolved into an almost yelling match between Sirius, Moody, and Molly who all “had Harry’s best interest in mind”.

(Y/n) sank back into her chair, relieved that Sirius was no longer paying attention to Remus and her. Talk to him, she mouthed to Remus, a pleading look on her face.

“What do you want me to even say, (y/n)?” Remus answered quietly, although it didn’t matter, considering the volume Molly’s and Sirius’ voices had risen to.

“I don’t know, I just want- I don’t even know what I want, never mind,” (y/n) whispered. The pair locked eyes for another moment before (y/n) turned away so she could refocus her attention on the meeting.

“I’ll talk to him.”

(Y/n) turned back to Remus and smiled softly. “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet, we’ll see how it goes.”

After the meeting finally ended a few people left, but most stayed in hopes of getting some of Molly’s cooking. They were also joined by the rest of the Weasley clan, Harry, and Hermione, who had been doing their best to listen at the door anyway.

Conversations formed across the table after food had been served, and Remus, Sirius, and (y/n) found themselves talking about (y/n)’s knowledge of what was happening at Hogwarts.

“I take it the Ministry hasn’t been much help?” Sirius asked (y/n), who had been outlining Hogwarts’ new security measures.

“They’re doing everything in their power to stop Dumbledore from making any changes, and if they could, they’d replace him,” (y/n) said, her voice taking a sharper tone than normal.

“But there would be too much backlash,” Remus continued (y/n)’s thought.

“Exactly,” (y/n) sighed, exasperated.

“At least he’ll still be able to choose a new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor,” Sirius said, although his voice didn’t sound hopeful.


“Actually, what?” Remus asked.

(Y/n) glanced down the table to make sure no one else was listening to their conversation before continuing. “The Ministry is appointing someone to the position from within their ranks. They haven’t given a name yet, but from what I’ve heard, it’s someone close to Fudge.”

“When did this happen?” Remus asked, turning more toward (y/n).

“I only found out yesterday, but I’m not exactly at the top of the food chain.”

“Well, whoever they are they won’t hold a candle to our dear Moony,” Sirius interjected, smirking and tipping his glass slightly in Remus’ direction.

(Y/n) watched as Remus smirked back and shook his head, “I wasn’t anything special.”

“Oh please, the students loved you,” (y/n) responded, nudging his arm with hers.

“Not just the students,” Sirius said, muffled by the rim of the glass pressed to his lips, but still loud enough for the couple across from him to hear.

Remus and (y/n)’s expressions both shifted, though (y/n) was more hurt and embarrassed than Remus, who eyes held a dull annoyance. Sirius set his glass down, sensing the tension he had created. He opened his mouth to continue, but before he could Molly called to (y/n) from the far end of the table.

“(Y/n), dear, we’re going to try to clean the sitting room and there are some nasty pixies hiding in the curtains that I could use your help with.”

“Sure thing,” (y/n) said, offering a small smile. She rose from her place at the table, glanced briefly at Remus, then followed Molly and the kids out of the room.


Remus watched as (y/n) left the room, avoiding Sirius’ gaze as he collected his thoughts. When they finally made eye contact, neither said anything. They finished their meal in a heavy silence while the remaining Order members trickled out. Finally, they were left alone in the kitchen.

“Something you’d like to say?” Remus asked, his voice taking an edge that Sirius wasn’t used to being on the receiving end of.

Sirius held up his hands, feigning innocence. “I know I’d been gone for a long time Moony, but honestly-”

“I don’t have to defend myself to you, but maybe you wouldn’t feel the need to make backhanded remarks every time she speaks if you actually listened to what she was saying,” Remus said, anger bubbling to surface. “She’s smart, talented, and quick-witted – she has a sharper tongue than even you when she gets pissed off.”

“I find that highly unlikely,” Sirius said, another smirk tugging at his lips.

“Is that really all you got from what I said? That I compared her to you?”

“No Remus, but forgive me if I’m having a hard time taking your situation seriously-”

“Two years,” Remus said, indicating the number of years he and (y/n) had been together.

“I hear you Moony, but-”

“But what, Sirius?”

“I would tell you if you would stop cutting me off! For fuck’s sake Remus, she’s practically a child!” Sirius exclaimed, tossing his hands in the air and leaning back in his chair.

“I’m not,” (y/n) said from where she had been listening to them in the doorway. Remus and Sirius both whipped their heads around to look at her. “I realize that does sound a bit childish, but I don’t know how else to put it. I’m perfectly capable of making my own decisions, and if you had bothered to talk to either Remus or me, you might actually learn something instead of making assumptions about our relationship.” (Y/n) finished her little rant with a hmph, and when the pair just stared at her saying nothing, she ran a hand through her hair, becoming slightly embarrassed by her outburst.

“She’s right, you know,” Remus finally spoke up. (Y/n) smiled at him gratefully and resumed her seat next to him at the table.

“Alright, fine. I’ll bite,” Sirius said, glancing at each of them, trying to gage their expressions. He gestured vaguely for them to continue.

“You know he avoided me for a good two weeks when he realized he liked spending time with me?” (y/n) asked, a trying to hide her smile. She looked up at Remus, who was looking at her with a fond expression, “always so goddamn noble.” Remus let out a full laugh at her comment, and Sirius realized it was the first time he had actually heard Remus laugh since he had been out of Azkaban.

“I can’t say I’m surprised,” Sirius responded, chuckling along with Remus.

“I went looking for him, he tried to scare me off, but lucky for him, I don’t scare easily,” (y/n) knocked their shoulders softly together, and when Sirius didn’t comment, left it resting against Remus’.

“I thought this was… reckless, and frankly a bit mad, but-”

“But were both a little reckless and little insane so I think it worked out as well as it could have, given the circumstances,” (y/n) finished. She turned back to Sirius, sobering slightly. “I get that you weren’t exactly expecting to return to one of your best friends and his roughly 10-years-younger girlfriend, but I try not to look at it like that.”

“I think I can try to look at differently too,” Sirius said, offering (y/n) his first genuine smile.


The three sat at the table for another hour and Sirius watched how both Remus’ and (y/n)’s faces lit up when they talked to each other. Remus had barely even glanced at him through the entire conversation, he was too busy looking at (y/n) like she hung the sun in the sky.

When there was a lull in the conversation (y/n) suggested that her and Remus should probably get going, because it is getting late after all. They all sat for another moment, before (y/n) left the kitchen to retrieve their cloaks from the front hall.

Once she had left the room Sirius turned to Remus, “have you told her yet?”

“I think it’s a little late for that, considering it’s been in the Prophet and-”

“No I don’t mean your furry little problem,” Sirius said waving his hand nonchalantly. “Have you told her you’re in love with her?”

“Oh,” Remus said, sitting up a little straighter, “y-yes, but- but not nearly enough.”

“I’m sure you don’t really need to, considering it’s so obvious,” Sirius said, his signature smirk returning.

Remus opened his mouth to respond, but (y/n) reentered the room holding both of their cloaks.



Remus and (y/n) apparated together to their shared flat. They stood quietly in the entryway before (y/n) spoke. “I think that went well, yeah?” she looked up at Remus expectantly.

He pulled her into his chest, wrapping his arms all the way around her waist, “I agree, you were charming as always, love.”

“Oh, stop it,” (y/n) mumbled, snaking her arms around his neck.

Remus looked down at her, his face taking a more serious expression, “you know how much I love you, right?”

(Y/n) blushed slightly, but kept her eyes trained on Remus. “Yes, but tell me again,” she giggled.

Remus laughed along with her before starting to walk her backwards through their apartment listing all the reasons he was in love with her, punctuating each one with a soft kiss.


Come To Bed

A little fluffly McSombra drabble is good for the soul.

McSombra. Fluff. 

The darkness has long since surrounded her. It’s always been naturel, even inviting. She cannot be found unless she wishes to. The only visibility coming from the light emitting from her multiple computer screens.

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your graphics are so pretty! i want to start making gfx so i wanted to know if you have any tips or tutorials :-)

aaaaa thaNK YOU so much this really made my day omg,, i do have some tips (?) according to what i usually do when i go about making a gfx but a disclaimer before i get into it - i’m no professional at making gfx / at photoshop!! so all these are either learnt from tumblr blogs like chaoticresources or yeahps or from places back when i was learning digital art a few years back :”)

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can you do a tutorial in how to do a gif with a steady background!? like you did with mob :3

hi there! and yes, i will make a tutorial for you on how to render gifs. this whole process is really tedious to do, so you’re going to have to spend some time and put some effort if you’re willing to do this. i’m really bad at explaining things so i’ll try my best ;;

difficulty: 3/5

things you will need:

  • photoshop (i’m going to be using photoshop cc)
  • prior knowledge in gifmaking/the basics

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Space Jam II
Skull Kid
Space Jam II

In the beginning we’re always perfect, because I honestly have no feelings. I’m always too smart to let them surface, because I know yours will start peeling. And I have this set of rules and guidelines that I swear I won’t stop following. It’s only a matter of time before the weight is too heavy and I am Staling. Two types of lovers in this life, One who sees all the struggle in my eyes. Tries and tries and tries and doesn’t lie, but it’s only a matter of time before she bores me half to death and I have to leave before I start to die. The other kind, so stuck in her eyes. Pounces on the first sign of weakness. She’ll start to question what she sees in this, so I’ll stop letting her breathe unless..despite all of my bitter weakness, she still loves me like we just met. It’s a silly display of childish games. Doesn’t make any fucking sense to me, why as being as nice as I can be always ends up with me being lonely. I finally realized to be happy with what I have. I always have to settle for something less, because I can’t be underneath her again.

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hey, i've asked a few other people about this but so far i've just gotten the answers 'fewer frames', 'less colour' etc, just general google advice on making low size gifs. i sometimes see really long (as in a LOT of frames), super high quality 540px anime gifs from people and was wondering how they achieve this effect without going over tumblr's size limit? they look like they should be 4MB or something with the colours and the sharpening

Try using smart sharpen or surface blur. The smart sharpen option lets you sharpen and blur an image at the same time, and the more you blur an image the less “heavy” it becomes. Or, some people use surface blur on their gif to blur it, and then they sharpen it afterwords for a crisp clear effect. That’s it, that’s the secret. 

PS Tutorial: Smart Objects

I know many PS users that basically don’t know how to use smart objects. I, personally, rarely use normal layers; I use smart objects instead, because they give users a wider space to use their creativity and help them get rid of many PS constrains such as the blur of resizing for multiple times. Using smart objects has many other benefits which will be introduced in this tutorial.

Warning: This tutorial is kind of long!!

Contents of the tutorial:

  1. How to turn layers into smart objects.
  2. How to edit a smart object.
  3. Benefits of using smart objects:
    • Multiple resizing.
    • Filters editing (Add, edit, and delete filters).
    • Changing blending options of a filter.
    • Erasing parts of the filters using the smart filters’ layer mask.
  4. Smart objects and Layer masks.

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Submitted by George Voniatis

External image

This is the equipment i take to work on a daily basis. The hard drives have all the projects i have completed over the years and an architectural library consisting of everything from rendering materials and stock images to photoshop brushes and tutorials.


[720p/Video] Kim Woo Bin-Surface 2 ‘Smart Lifestyle ‘(Full Version)

Mirror, mirror on the wall - who has the fairest ORGANS of them all? Smart surface reveals ‘your’ insides

Mirrors have existed for thousands of years but the looking glass has just been given a 21st century makeover.

A new digital mirror gives people X-ray vision to let them see their insides – complete with bones, organs and muscle on show.

The 3D art installation, called the ‘Primary Intimacy of Being,’ recreates what a body looks like inside and eerily tracks a person’s movements as if they are seeing themselves.

External image

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Yo! Me again :) So I was a little late watching the new Cissy episode and so I watched it today. I wanted to ask for your thoughts, because I really love reading what you have to say :D I keep seeing people so offended and disgusted with the episode. I didn't see anything wrong with it whatsoever, of course they say I wouldn't understand. I'm transgender and I loved the episode. What did you think? Was it offensive in your eyes? And what did you think about Randy's story? I love Sharon now :)

I feel like I’ve talked about a lot of what I wanted to in an already existing post, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to put it in one place. This episode was a fucking experience, because the very existence of the episode caused a reaction on tumblr before it even aired. 

So there’s the 2 days before it was aired, the episode itself, and the afterglow.

It kind of weirded me out that everybody expressed fear  towards this episode. People got nervous and scared because they thought Matt and Trey would say something bigoted. I could understand annoyance and anger. Maybe some people feeling insulted because of what Matt and Trey might say.

But holyyy shit, tumblr was fucking dramatic about it. Like… god damn.

There were fucking PARAGRAPHS, walls of text about how transphobic Matt and Trey were, how this episode was going to be absolutely HORRIBLE, people posting their thoughts on an episode that hadn’t come out yet.

A lot of people were rueing this episode. Some people were even telling others to not watch it. Me, I wasn’t really worried about it. 

I did expect them to throw some criticism at it, because that’s what they do. They’re critical. Criticism does not translate to hate. Criticism is important in all things. I am a firm believer of that, and I’d wager to say Matt and Trey are too. 

Matt and Trey might be rude lots of times, but they are not bigots. They’ve shown time and time again that they are against silence and censorship and believe firmly in freedom of expression, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to be against something like transgenderism.

But really… this episode was really light on the criticism. Like. A LOT lighter than I expected it to be. They really didn’t touch on anything too deeply, and I feel like that was smart. They scratched the surface on transgenderism itself and focused on how transgender folk are treated.

That is a pretty safe move. I mean, we do get some of Randy’s mentality explained. He really likes the safeness he feels in female restrooms. It made him relaxed enough to write songs and developed a female persona.

Cartman was being completely insincere with his, obviously, but his insincerity allowed the introduction of the definition of Transgenderism. We get some more explanation of the subject as a whole from Mr. Garrison. And from the way he’s portrayed it seems like he’s definitely made some decent strides in not being a bigot anymore.

Also for those of us that don’t get the thing Butters said.
“He’s not a woman, he’s not a man, he’s something that you’ll never understand. But he would die for me.”
He was quoting Prince. 

Wendy… I’m not really sure if she was being insincere. I mean, it’s easy to write her off as just being transgender just to spite Cartman. But she did it so straight faced, and didn’t seem angry at all at him by the time she changed her appearance.

Plus, at the end of the episode she didn’t change her clothes. Maybe she’ll stay that way.

Another neat detail was that the transgender children didn’t really fall under any scrutiny by the rest of the children. They didn’t joke about them, they didn’t question or try to test the transgender children, they just acknowledged it and went about their daily lives. They were not bothered by it at all.

Even when Cartman implied to Stan that people were going to start ripping on him for dating Wendell, Stan wasn’t really bothered by the idea. He just asked for clarity from his Dad. He was really open minded about it. 

Speaking of that, I like the whole continuity of the season so far. It just strings together so nicely. First episode they started the “Go fuck yourself business,” second episode they go back to school and everyone’s all pissed off so they have to throw a party and have Lorde sing for them. This episode there’s a reporter wondering why Lorde played at a party in such a small town.

Continuity makes me so happy ugh

Also. The reporter says “It’d be a shame if someone was having fun at Lorde’s expense.” I’m pretty sure he’s talking about those articles saying “South Park calls Lorde a middle aged man” and getting all pissed off. It’s cool that they can make cute little jabs at the viewers like that. 

But I’d like to reiterate, nobody in this episode, with the exception of two people, questioned or even had a problem with the transgender individuals in this episode. 

The reporter and Randy’s co-worker.

And those people immediately changed their tune when Randy/Lorde expressed his/herself through her song, those few lyrics about how it made her feel to be isolated. 

The image of me that you see is distorted, twisted, broken, fractured
isolated miles out to sea
I don’t want a separate place
I need to feel safe, not thrown away”

These people are part of our society. This episode acknowledged that. Acknowledged that they shouldn’t be isolated. That they shouldn’t be separated from us. Not even in bathrooms.

Simultaneously, we shouldn’t give them special treatment. That’ll develop a mentality that still separates them from us, on both sides. They need to be incorporated into our society, recognized as a norm. 

I hear a lot of people say that they still had a problem with this episode, that they got some minute details wrong, or some shit. But is it not made completely clear that they support transgenderism? Especially with the ending? With Sharon’s speech?

What this episode did as a whole was bring to light that transgender people exist. It wasn’t a negative light. It was a light of acknowledgement. And it made it perfectly clear that if you feel uncomfortable with them, then you’re the one that’s not being normal. 

All in all this episode was amazing. It’s one of my favorites now. It was one of the positive episodes of south park. Not one of those cynical ones like Biggest Douche In The Universe or Stanley’s Cup. It had a happy ending. It was positive as fuck. It left me with some really good feeling vibes. For the rest of the day I was left feeling pretty good.

….Feelin’ good on a Wednesday.  > U >