smart sharpen settings

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hey!! would you mind doing a tutorial on how you sharpen your gifs? they're so perfect! if not, then that's fine but thanks anyway :)

i’m terrible at explaining sorry omg i’ll try!! <3 it will be under the read more. 

please like or reblog if you found this useful. feel free to ask if you have any questions.

how to go from this

 to this

to the final product:

NOTE: i use photoshop cs5 portable

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Any gifmakers who use Photoshop CC know that using the same sharpening technique as CS5 gifmakers doesn’t have the same effect on CC. When sharpening on CC, gifs can turn out “muddy”, or undersharpened, unlike the crisp CS5 sharpening. After many many months of fiddling with my actions and techniques, I finally found a way to better replicate the crisp CS5 sharpening look. I figured I would share what I learned for other people also struggling to make their gifs look better.

My process is under the cut.

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how to make lineart gifs

Many people asked me (while I was on break) how to make lineart gifs. It is very easy, I learned it accidentally. I decided to write this tutorial, BUT my English is horrible and my photoshop in Russian (I tried to transfer), but I hope you’ll understand it xd

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Gif Coloring Tutorial

I was asked by kristensjaymes for help on how to color gifs from Brooklyn Nine-Nine so I thought I would just turn it into a tutorial. For this tutorial, I’m going to be focusing on both light and dark scenes.

Before we start, here are some beginners guides on HOW TO MAKE gifs, and they are easy to follow:

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • You can also do a Google/Yahoo/Bing search. There are tutorials scattered across the internet on how to create gif images!

Now let’s color!

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anonymous asked:

hiii i really love your gifs they're so so pretty and good quality !!! so i wonder what are your sharpening settings? sorry if i'm bothering you :/ xx

ello, you’re never bothering me (: Thank you <3

i don’t really have one sharpening setting… I switch it up but one that I recommend (it does make your gif bigger (the mb’s)) is filter -> smart sharpen with these settings:  

I also use actions sometimes but it really always depends on how i feel and how i want my gif to look (: Also use videos that are 720p or above!! 
If you have any other questions just let me know (: