smart sharpen actions

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Hey, I love your gifs, especially your PSD's they are the greatest and I am mostly inspired by them because the colouring is so cool, but I have one question, could you make an action which you use for your gifs? I know the settings are written, but I am using PS 5 and there is no setting as "More Accurate" but I love your action :)

Without smart sharpen:

With smart sharpen:

smart sharpen action.

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wow your las kihyun gifset TT all your gifsets are so awesome and neat how you do it? the quality is stunning!

first of all asdfasd thank you so much ♡ I’m from the old school I use ps cs5 and kmplayer here are tips that maybe you will find useful 

  • videos 1080p or more (720p is fine too)
  • use smart sharpen (or a sharpen action)
  • to colour the gifs my tip not too bright also, don’t add a lot of vibrance that make the gif look a little blurry 
  • when you saved it check the quality 100% is the best

that’s it I’m not good with explanations THANK YOU AGAIN I’M HAPPY YOU LIKE MY GIFS! 

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Can you do a tutorial on how you crop your icons?

Sure thing. There’s also THIS tutorial here by druiidae on her old account in case mine is a little too complicated to understand (sometimes I can’t explain things to save my life). Please like or reblog if you found this helpful.

All you’d need is;

—- Photoshop (any version works) 
—- Screencaps 
—- A PSD 
—- Photoshop Bridge (or not at all because I’ll show you both ways)

We’re going to turn this Elena screencap:

into this icon;

Here we go !

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