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Nikola Tesla’s Experimentations and Inventions Proved that his “World System” Would Provide:

1. Television.

2. Universal twenty-four hour daylight by wireless illumination (artificial Aurora Borealis).

3. Instantaneous transmission of typed or handwritten characters all over the world.

4. Operation of flying machines by wireless power.

5. Navigation of ships through fog or channels by wireless “tuned compasses.”

6. Interplanetary communication.

7. Operations of all manufacturing and transportation machinery.

8. Setting and regulation of all clocks around the world.

9. Smart phones.

10. A prefect government secret signal service by exclusive wireless waves.

11. Universal stock ticker.

12. Doppler radar.

13. Irrigation and fertilization of world by wireless power.

14. Magnetizing of enemy battleships and submarines to attract torpedoes.

15. Reproductions of art and photography at any distance.

16. Absolutely exclusive use of video, audio and text communication.


2007 references

Rihanna Umbrella

“Don’t tase me bro” + frozen yogurt

Britney Spears

My Chemical Romance

Flip phones

Track suits

home loan ads

1 Hour photos

Back when Subway kids eat free?

EDIT: apparently the Subway spokesman or something went into child pornography stuff and went to jail or something.


When circuit city was going out of business


deal or no deal

shit was happening with washington mutual?

PSA For Those Wanting a Cheap Way to Film From a Real Tripod.

$5 selfie stick from Wal-Mart

With a nifty secret

That screw the bracket goes on is a standard-size tripod mounting screw which means if you have a smart phone… (I’m using the first old one I could pull out of my phone drawer so I can take pictures with my actual phone)

Considering smart phones are often better for low light (due to built in LED lights that trigger when filming in darker conditions) and often better quality than cheap camcorders this is a mighty fine way to make an instant video camera for something like a webshow.

Helps me because I don’t have any lighting solutions to use my real cameras like my digital handy-cams or Rebel T3 right now.


The Hologram is Breaking Down

Apr. 27, 2017

Captured today in my new hobby of zooming in on airplanes with my new 40x zoom camera.  The UFO watchers in LA have much higher zooms than this, but this one is enough to really see that the planes are not planes.

The craft that we see spraying chemtrails appears not to be a solid object.  It appears to be of the same material as the very trail coming out of it.  We are living in a hologram created by our minds, a false illusion.  The illusion is perpetuated by our ignorance and by our willingness to be mind controlled.  We take into our lives devices designed to suppress and alter our brain waves, so we can’t see what’s going on around us.  It’s not just because we’re always looking down, but because we’re being controlled through and through.  Worried about computer operated driver-less cars?  We already have them.  The people driving the cars are completely controlled by their smart phones and GPS machines.  That’s why everyone drives like a moron these days.

The chemtrails are a psy-op to keep us afraid and anyone speaking at any of the major chemtrails summits or taking up ridiculous lawsuits against geoengineering are paid shills.  I’ve been too nice for too long.  Michael Murphy, Dane Wigington, Scott Stevens, annoying newcomer Matt Landman, crackpot ninny Cara St. Louis and the rest, I see through you.  No understanding of orgone energy, spreading fear and helplessness, and appealing to a business entity that calls itself a government that has no authority to regulate anything.  I do not want to hear about the “good aliens” saving us or the “Alliance.”  Don’t speak to me of fairies and air spirits.  We’re at war with off worlders and it’s up to us to grow up, stop ignoring reality, and do something about it.

There is a major cover up going on here, and this cover up is about our own life force energy and manifesting power and of the alien interference on Earth.  Lawsuits?  How can you sue shape shifting inter-dimensional entities that are here to suck off the life force energy of our Earth and live on our suffering?  Is this actually a plane or a hologram in the computer program that the controlled opposition says is the government spraying us?

“By this invention every live part of Mother Earth’s body would be brought into action. Energy will be collected all over the globe in amounts small or large, as it may exist, ranging from a fraction of one to a few horse power or more. Every waterfall can be utilized, every coal field made to produce energy to be transmitted to vast distances, and every place on earth can have power at small cost. One of the minor uses might be the illumination of isolated homes. We could light houses all over the country by means of vacuum tubes operated by high frequency currents. We could keep the clocks of the United States going and give every one exact time; we could turn factories, machine shops and mills, small or large, anywhere, and I believe could also navigate the air.

“One of the most important features of this invention will be the transmission of intelligence. It will convert the entire earth into a huge brain, capable of responding in every one of its parts. By the employment of a number of plants, each of which can transmit signals to all parts of the world, the news of the globe will be flashed to all points. A cheap and simple receiving device, which might be carried in one’s pocket, can be set up anywhere on sea or land, and it will record the world’s news as it occurs, or take such special messages as are intended for it. If you are in the heart of the Sahara your wife can telegraph you from Washington, and if the instrument is properly made you alone will get the message. A single plant of a few horse power could operate hundreds of such instruments, so that the invention has an infinite working capacity and will cheapen the transmission of all kinds of intelligence.”

–Nikola Tesla

“A Talk With Nikola Tesla.” By Frank G. Carpenter. The State, December 18, 1904.

The Emoji Movie Didn’t Have to Be Bad

It’s only been a couple days now and already “The Emoji Movie” is looking to be the worst reviewed movie, by both critics and movie goers, released this year. And while it’s easy to just say the movie is bad and leave it at that, I can’t help but feel a little sad about this. Mostly because, honestly, I think you could possibly make a good movie out of this concept. I’m in agreement with MovieBob when it comes to the thinking of “You can make a good movie out of anything” because if films like “The Lego Movie” have shown us, you can take a premise that doesn’t sound good on paper and make it something everyone can enjoy. Now, yes, you wouldn’t be able to make a “Citizen Kane” level “masterpiece” on this concept. But, you could, at the very least, make a decent comedy out of the device that uses emojis, smart phones. Smart phones have been ingrained into our society for quite some time now, and there’s a multitude of ways you could get some jokes out of it. Having scenes where people communicate with one another in various ways, but no one uses the call feature, effectively taking the “phone” out of smart phone. People reading/watching something about how “smart phones are destroying our society” while they’re on a smart phone, pointing out the hypocrisy of those who think this new tech is “regressing our society.” God, the amount of fun you can have coming up with apps that would be found in the Google Play Store/Appstore that serve no purpose but to be one note jokes/free-to-play games and the numerous micro-transactions they have! Honestly, a movie about smart phones kinda writes itself and doesn’t lend itself to feeling samey or unoriginal. You do run into the problem of it being cynical if someone decides to be “holier than thou” with the “smart phones are scary and I don’t like them!” approach. But put into the right hands and the right mind set, you can get a pretty funny take on our society and smart phone culture.

I do not have a cellphone, for cultural reasons. I do not want to be available all the time. I prefer to have a conversation with no phones on, nobody under the table texting or answering a message. And I’m not into any social network. My social network is our dinner table, which seats maximum six people. My wife, me, and four guests maximum.
—  Werner Herzog