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FDA approves 'trackable' pill
The schizophrenia tablets have an embedded sensor that tells doctors whether the patient has taken them.

“They” (shadow government, i.e. Bilderberg, & their puppets,
i.e. politicians, Hollywood, etc.) always tell us what they
are doing. Too many of us are entranced by their magical
technology (i.e. smart pills, smart phones, video games,
TV, Internet) to understand that once we swallow their
bitter, Big Pharma pill, there is no going back.

Imagine what they are NOT telling us.

THEIR Matrix is almost complete.

John Loeffler
-Calling Out Corruption


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Hey, I'm new to your blog here. I kinda wanna ask when this whole anti thing started and what the fandom was like back in the older days, like 2000s or pre2000? I was never in the Voltron or Steven Universe fandom, which apparently are famous for being toxic. I've started my journey in fandoms since 2010 and I've only been fully exposed to antis this year. I'm just kinda baffled at this, like WHEN did they started to appear? And why? Was there some major event that happened? Or is it gradual?

Welcome to my blog! :)

Well, it’s hard to pinpoint an exact year, but I would hazard a guess that it’s very recent. There have always been NOTPs, and squicks, and ship-wars, so that much isn’t new at all … from the 60′s where we had “Star Trek” fanzines - (supposedly that’s where we get the term ‘slash’ from, because people used said slash to signify Kirk/Spock pairings) - to modern day where you’ll see people bickering over which character Tony Stark should date.

The turning point where it became violent -?

It was right around the time we got “Stephen Universe” and “Voltron”, and judging by their target demographic and the age of anti-shippers (generally 13-22) … it’s essentially a marked generational difference and a factor to a very specific set of criteria. It could take a whole essay on why anti-shippers become antis, but I think the when is a lot simpler and not too difficult to follow.

Pre-2000 … you had very few people with computers; to interact with the fandom, you had to physically attend conventions or purchase physical fan-zines or join local groups … there was no anonymity. If you send hate-mail, it’ll get traced back to you. If you start a fight at a convention, someone is going to fight you back. The very nature of physically interacting with fandom meant that you were likely 18+ with a certain income, so you also had maturity.

2000-2010 … our Internet experience was very limited; we lacked smart-phones and truly portable gaming, and sites like Wikipedia didn’t exist, so we got our information from CD-ROMs, encyclopaedias and other people. The majority of people online were much older, because of the expense and rarity of computers, as well as the very nature of technology as it stood … it was a double-edged sword; you had more issue with predators, but also more adults to protect you and educate you on said predators. It was all a big unknown. 

Say you went onto a forum and said “Vegeta/Goku sucks!” or “Kirk’s not a fag, you queer” … you’d have adults calmly explaining why what you said is homophobic, educating you on respecting differences in opinion, and setting boundaries (either banning you or formally warning you). You learnt a lesson, but also that mistake couldn’t be held against you years later … everything was dated or deleted, nothing could be reblogged five years on to hold against you.

2010-Present … 

You basically have a new generation. This one has never grown up without the Internet; it’s on their phones, on their games devices, on their laptops, on their dekstops … they have a sense of entitlement to it, but also a knowledge that we lacked, which brings with it a sense of arrogance. This is their space and their domain, because it’s something ingrained with them since birth. 

They also don’t remember 9/11. They don’t remember the Gulf War II, let alone the Vietnam War or Korean War or the Winter of Discontent or the Miners’ Strikes or the fall of the Soviet Union or the fall of the Berlin Wall … they live in a world very much safe and censored with a massive fear-mongering campaign, to the extent they teach how to respond to terrorist attacks in schools.

So what happens … 

They’re scared. They’re scared of terrorists in their cities, of child abusers in their neighbourhoods, of various diseases that get released, of acid attacks, of FGM, of potential wars with North Korea, of Trump’s misogyny, of police brutality upon the black community … but here they have this space. It’s safe. It’s cosy. It’s their space. They suddenly don’t have to be scared! They have something that’s just for them … LGBT+ rights, no racism … they are more enlightened, but dealing with us and who came before, and - honestly - we have baggage.

Only … then they see stuff that makes them uncomfortable … 

Fandom has always been about freedom. Even when homosexuality was a sin and a crime, people still wrote about Kirk and Spock in the ‘60′s, and even now when MAPs are a controversial topic, people still openly come out as being MAP, and even in a rape culture, people still have rape fantasies … this is hard to reconcile for them. They live in a scare-mongering society. This is their safe space. They can’t make the two fit … they want to reclaim their safe space.

So they turn anti.

They don’t want to share the Internet, because it’s their Internet. If you like shouta or non-con or tentacle sex or furries … well … that’s problematic, but it’s not their problem. Get lost, mate. Why are you here? This is our space. This is our domain. We get enough debating and hassle and arguments in real life; we’re told we don’t exist as transgender people, or people blame our abuse on us as survivors, and we get called “fags” and “queer” or “n*****s” or “bitches”, and we come here to be free and be away from the things that hurt us!

How can you enjoy the things that hurt us? How can you ‘promote’ that? We don’t want to see it, but here it is in our space … if I’m being beaten in RL, I don’t want to see people being beaten online, and how can you not understand that? How can you not care about my pain? Do you condone abuse? You must condone abuse, because you’re writing about abuse. It’s wrong!

They’re children. They’re entitled. 

They don’t separate fiction from reality, because they can’t … it’s either “FICTION IS REALITY!” or “those shalashits claim fiction NEVER affects reality” … black-and-white. They never consider areas of grey, because we ourselves fucked up and never taught them that. We taught them “terrorists are bad”, without ever going into the complexities of war and politics and the history behind the IRA or the Gulf War or whatever else … we teach them stuff like “child molesters exist”, but then put the onus on them to not talk to strangers, not accept candy, not dress provocatively, all the while letting actual offenders get off the hook, and - yeah - society is a mess. It sucks. 

So that’s why they become antis … 

They see the world in black-and-white, because we taught them that and stopped teaching critical thinking, rhetoric, and analysis in schools. They think the Internet is their domain and feel entitled, because we never taught them moderation and let the Internet parent them the way our parents let the television parent us. They are more enlightened on social issues, so they want a safe space free from issues they experience in RL. They’re angry. 

That’s their motive … they just don’t draw the line at doxxing, harassment, bullying, gaslighting, abuse tactics, and refuse to engage in critical thinking, basic respect, or taking personal responsibility … they don’t do this because of the black-and-white mentality. Who cares if you hurt a shippers’ feelings? They’re bad and disgusting and preach bad things. They deserve it. 

It’s a lot of factors, but it’s also very recent … 

They also have to grow up eventually.

Edit: Also the new ability the Internet has to lack time-stamps and reblog and repost and quote … it means if you do make a mistake, it’ll be held against you forever and you’ll never live it down, so that adds to another element of fear, because you’re not allowed to make mistakes. So you have to side with the antis out of self-preservation, at least as a young person filled with said fear, because shippers will forgive you … antis won’t. You can never be wrong. Never.

That’s also part of why they do have selective-reading, bad reading comprehension, and total denial … not to mention the mental gymnastics  … they aren’t allowed to be wrong or make mistakes ever. 

『B-PROJECT Muteki* Dangerous Rhythm Game』

■『 About B-PROJECT Muteki* Dangerous』
B-PROJECT Muteki* Dangerous  is a smart phone app game. The game was announced at the 「B-PROJECT HAPPY SUMMER EASTAR」event that took place at the Tokyo Dome City Hall on July 10, 2016.

【App content】
■ Apparently the application is a rhythm game!
A number of fascinating music of B-PROJECT!! It’s a rhythm-action adventure game which you can enjoy playing it with a smartphone iOS / Android app. An app where you can enjoy the music at full power, in addition with the future new songs!

Much of the story in this game couldn’t be possible to draw and show in the anime. You also can enjoy continue the story with this rhythm game as a B-PROJECT member staff/heroin.

Also, B-PROJECT members will perform the opening theme song for this game.

■ New Group 「KiLLER KiNG」will appear!
「KiLLER KiNG」 junior unit debut!! They are juniors of 「キタコレ」「MooNs」and「THRIVE」.「KiLLER KiNG」didn’t appear in the anime, but they will finally appear in the game! What kind of unit is KiLLER KiNG? What kind of relationship they have with the B-PROJECT members?

■ Game CM release date: 2016 August 7
You can watch the CM here:

■ B-PROJECT Muteki* Dangerous release date: At the end of 2016

(Source: @Bpro_info)

Whoops! Didn’t Catch That! I Was Playing Super Mario Run On My Smartphone, It Is A Game For Smartphones, By Smart Phones. In This Game You Play As A Small Plumber Named Mario, Who Runs And Jumps On Goombas And Koopa’s, When You Stomp On Them, You Get Points. So Jump On Many Of Them As You Can. Your Welcome, Fellow Games Enthusiast

If you’ve been playing the Kuroshitsuji smart phone game “Cinematic Card Collection” (which I tried but had no idea how to go on), today is the opening of the event “Reapers’ Night Before Halloween” and if you happened to be climbing up your ranks in the game, you’ll get this card. (x)

What I really want to say is that this boy is cute in costume and you need a lot of unconditional admiration for your Sutcliff-senpai to be doing that pose with both hands xD

The Sibling Complex

Disclaimer: Batman and associated characters are the creative property of DC Comics. Wolverine and associated characters are the creative property of Marvel Comics
Warnings: Canon-typical violence & language
Rating: T
Prompt: ( @shobogan ) DAMIAN AND GABBY, HOW DID I NEVER THINK OF THIS “do you have a big sister too?” “tch. ……yes.”

A/N: Okay so even though I’ve still not gotten around to writing the main MAIN fic for this universe, I couldn’t help but tie this little team up into the big Amalgamation Comic Universe I’ve been dreaming up for the last few months. So that’s what’s being referred to as the ‘Merge” and ‘Mergers’ are people from other worlds/continuities that you don’t identify with. 

For all intents and purposes this is Prime/New-Earth Damian and Cassandra, with 616 Laura and Gabby. If you don’t know what that means, you’re a more worthwhile human being than myself, lemme tell ya. 

Jonathan’s seatbelt wasn’t quite fitting the way it was supposed to, though Gabby figured it wouldn’t. It was created for dogs and not wolverines. Still, he seemed content enough, sleeping in the backseat all to himself under all the blankets and pillows that she and Laura had packed for their journey. 

“I think he’ll sleep the whole ride this time,” Gabby informed Laura. She was sitting on her knees in the passenger seat, leaning against the corner of the chair to better look at their pet. “We won’t have to take a pee break.”

“And I remember telling you to sit down and use your seatbelt,” Laura responded, not taking her eyes off the road, though Gabby suspected that behind her sunglasses she was glancing into the rearview mirror. 

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Do you think Kurt would’ve took interest in consoles, like the PS4 and Xbox? What do you think he would’ve thought of smart phones

Kurt liked video games. he had  the original DMG game boy and a SNES console  that he bought at circuit city.

just because

kurt playing atari 2600

game boy on table to left, South America.

no idea on the games.  somewhere I read that he and dave liked the ‘racing games”

speaking of dave

can you imagine kurt, with a smart phone?   not that he was a dunce, but he was certainly NOT techno savvy.   he was with music equipment.

Nintendo talks about Smart Phone Apps coming in 2015

“Basically, Nintendo’s utilization of smart devices means to "make a stronger bond with our consumers through the use of smart devices,” instead of to “do business directly on smart devices.” We are continuously considering what we should do and what we can do to achieve that goal. Although this is not directly related to the application (for smart devices) you are referring to, even now if you access Nintendo’s Japanese website from a smart device, it is not in a layout for smart devices. It is rather embarrassing that we are so behind on this compatibility, but we plan to optimize our Japanese website for smart devices within 2014. In addition, we opened a website called “Play Nintendo” in the U.S. this month that introduces Nintendo characters to children and their parents, assuming that many of them will access it from their smart devices. This website is available at (please use the newest browser), so please take a look if you are interested. This service is currently only available in the U.S., but Mr. Miyamoto and I would like to make this kind of service available on a global scale.

The application under development that I said we would like to release within this year at the Corporate Management Policy Briefing in January is one that utilizes Mii on smart devices. I think many people know what a Mii is, but they are virtual characters users can create on Nintendo video game systems that appear in games and resemble the user, or their family or friends. We introduced Mii with the release of Wii, and now you can use them on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Using Mii becomes more interesting as the Mii population expands and as more interesting look-alike Mii are made. They appear in “Super Smash Bros. for Wii U” and “Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.” Many consumers have enjoyed playing “StreetPass Mii Plaza,” and “Tomodachi Life” is a game that would not have been developed if Mii did not exist. It can be said that Mii was originally born in the development process of “Tomodachi Collection” (Japanese title) for Nintendo DS. I showed it to Mr. Miyamoto and asked him, “Isn’t this what you wanted to create?” since I had heard that he wanted to do something similar to this. If we were able to expand the Mii population and Mii were usable on consumers’ smart devices, for example, if consumers were able to create their profile icons on social media using Mii, we believe consumers would be happy, and we are developing something like it now. However, it is clear that the main pillars of this year-end sales season for us will be the “Super Smash Bros.” and “Pokémon” games, and when we started designing the Mii application, we realized that by refining various elements, we could end up with a better final product, so we decided that we should release it when we are confident it is capable of making a solid bond with our consumers. 

When Nintendo first releases its application for smart devices, I believe that many people will be interested in it enough to try it. In order to make the most of this opportunity, instead of releasing it within this year when we feel there is still room for improvement, we would like to release a more polished version. We are positive that we can make a stronger bond with our consumers using Mii, and that our consumers will enjoy and activate the application from time to time if such an application is created, but we would like to release it next year, instead of this year.“ — Satoru Iwata