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Mt. Shasta & Redding Public Talks

If you are in the Mt. Shasta or Redding, CA area, come visit with us this weekend!  On Saturday, I’ll be doing a talk on orgone energy for clean air and healthy homes, and will explain the science of how it removes geoengineering toxins from the sky and neutralizes electromagnetic fields.  All fear of chemtrails will be gone!  On Sunday I’ll be doing a more advanced workshop for the NorCal Dowsers, where I will go on to explain the mind control matrix, etheric warfare, and the interplanetary frequency war now underway.  You’ll leave with the tools to protect yourself from psychic warfare and will no longer be taken in by the psy-ops, like chemtrails, which are now neutralized.  You’ll also learn how your technology is effecting your thoughts and will learn to break free from this transhumanist agenda.

March 18 - Silk Road Studio, 1:30-4pm, free!
107 E. Alma St.
Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

March 19 - NorCal Dowsers Meeting, 1:30pm, suggested donation $5
Shasta County Library, Community Room
1100 Parkview Ave.
Redding, CA 96001

Hope to see you there!


Amazon just revealed the iPhone 7’s most controversial feature before Apple could

We are less than an hour out from Apple’s keynote event and there are very few secrets left. Amazon just launched a webpage dedicated to the iPhone 7. The webpage is littered with cases, Lightning cords and, drum roll, wireless headphones, further confirming that Apple is about to bid adieu to one feature.

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The dizzying pace of technological change means the team at ABC News Digital needs to keep a constant lookout for the next innovation on the horizon, anticipate how it might change the way people consume news and then develop new services to meet that demand. Managing Editor of News Digital, Stuart Watt, explains how he uses a tech thinking framework to try to keep ahead of the game.

By Stuart Watt 

At News Digital, we’ve always joked we reinvent ourselves about every nine months. But if anything, that figure’s out of date these days – the pace of change is so rapid that reinvention every nine months would leave us in our competitors’ dust. 

So, how do we maintain this pace of change? We’ve worked hard to build a culture that embraces the need to evolve and actively seeks opportunities to experiment. We closely watch what our competitors are up to. And we look at the media and tech environments, seeking out the cues that might turn into opportunities for us. 

That last one is the trickiest. We don’t have a crystal ball, and we certainly don’t have the resources to devote to exhaustive R&D. But over time, I’ve developed a thinking framework to help me at least try to look over the horizon. 

The framework goes like this: New technology … leads to … New capability … which leads to … New audience behaviours … which necessitates … New news services. 

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