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Reunion - Rafael Barba

Rafael Barba x Reader

Imagine: Rafael Barba going to his high school reunion.

A pair of green eyes mindlessly watched his reflection as his hands threw a crisp and silky tie around his neck. Like routine, his hands looped the silky patterned tie around and securing it with a clean knot. He looked very sharp in his three piece suit and styled hair. He stood tall with his back straight and confidence that many envy. Yet, there was a hint of resentment in his eyes.

Rafael understood that networking was a part of working towards his future. He knew that if he wanted to climb up the ladder and be heard, he needed to attend the galas, dinner parties and a whole lot of kissing ass. He had to make the right friends. Rafael was a realist. He was a smart man, and he knew that there would be sacrifices he would have to make for his future.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t just a dinner party. It was his high school reunion. The only reason he was going was because he needed to speak with his old friend Alex Munoz. The last time he spoke to Alex, he told him that he was planning to work his way to running for mayor. Rafael wasn’t surprise, the man was always ambitious. Alex said his schedule has been all booked up and the only time he had was during the reunion. Rafael knew it was just an excuse to get him to attend it. Not that Alex would take no for an answer. The man always had a way of guilt tripping Rafael. So, he agreed, reluctantly, but still agreed.

As his taxi headed to the hotel, he constantly reminded himself that he was doing this because he needed to for his career. It didn’t mean he had to like it. He couldn’t help but dread the excessive bragging from adults that hadn’t mentally matured. When his taxi arrived, he took a deep breath, paid the driver and stepped out. He confidently walked through the lobby in his shiny leather brown shoes.

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randirock  asked:

Your blog is awesome! Do you have any videos of smart African Grey parrots or New Caledonian fish crows "in action", like intelligent talking, solving puzzles, or making tools? Just curious. I really enjoy your birbs; thanks for brightening my day!

I actually saw this video yesterday of an African Grey parrot solving a complex unlocking puzzle for a treat.

Also, there was a story on NPR yesterday about the The Thrill of (Near) Victory, that talked about how pigeons like to gamble. They compared it to the birds’ reactions of near wins, compared to human reactions.

given the choice, pigeons regularly choose options where they have a low probability of winning a big prize rather than a high probability of winning a small prize.

Here’s another NPR article from a few years ago about pigeon gambling. The ones I see gambling the most, are the pigeons that hang out in the gutter looking for food, only to jump out of the way of oncoming cars at the last moment.

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for ADA boys + Chuuya of what kind of pet they would pet and how would they take care of them plus how rebellious their pet woukd be?

Atsushi Nakajima

- Cats. Definetetely cats.

- He would take very good care of them and finds close comrades in his pets. He is the sort of pet owner who shares a deep bond with them. Maybe he felt more familiar with them because of the inner tiger in him.

- tbh I can see him struggling with very rebellious cats that destroy his whole apartment of their moods.

- if I had to give an gif example of how Atsushi and his pets be in those phases:

Osamu Dazai

- cats too since he hates dogs. he would adopt many cute kitten to attract women

- he would take care of them if he feels like it, but most of the time he would ask Atsushi to feed them

- Dazais cats wouldn’t dare to rebell against him. HE is the ruler of all teasing animals out there!

- Proof?

Doppo Kunikida

- I would say he is the dog owner type. a german shepard.

- he take care pretty good of his best friend and often take him to strolls

- Kunikidas dogs would be the best trained dogs in the world. they can every trick and even one certain trick to bite Dazais ass~

- Kunikidas dogs are like:

Ranpo Edogawa

- birds. Ranpo would get something like a parrot. He would teach him lines of praise or insults for his members~

- he didn’t take much care of them and let them free to buy new ones after a while. He is too bored to take care of them

- birds aren’t that rebellious, but if the parrot is smart enough he learns to tease Ranpo. So instead of praise him and insult his friends, he would switch~

- Like this:

Junichirou Tanizaki

- I would say he would get both, dog and cat. Cat for Naomi and he can play with the dog.

- He takes care of both wisely and loves both

- both pets are lovely and didn’t even fight each other.

- like this.

Yukichi Fukuzawa

- I am not going to say anything more than this gif:

Originally posted by catmemes

Chuuya Nakahara

- I would say he is going to have singing birds like a japanese bush warbler (nightingale) to relax while listening to it

- And he could be a cat lover too since they like to cuddle. He would love to have a sleeping kitty on his lap

- the pets are more likely lovingly since nobody - not even animals - dares to rebell against Chuuya.

- Chuuya and his pets would like be..

accidental-rambler  asked:

TVD!Klaus prompt: Alternate take on Klaus' first interaction with Caroline in 3x05. Thank you :)

Well… this went a little sideways. Oops.


“I can’t do it anymore, you understand, right? Can you imagine? I’ll no longer be bound by the moon. I’ll be free.”

Caroline stared at her boyfriend and shook her head, pulling away from his grasping hands. “That’s not freedom.”

Tyler rand his hands through his hair, gaze hardening. “He said you might not understand.”

“Who? Klaus? Tyler tell me you haven’t been discussing our relationship with a thousand year old monster.”

A shrug. “He understands.”

Caroline squeezed her eyes shut. She’d known from the moment that Elena had introduced her to Elijah Mikaelson that they were in trouble. He was the epitome of old world curtesy, detailing the curse that afflicted his brother, the horrendous requirements to break it.

The part that Elena’s blood must be play.

“We would forever be in your debt,” Elijah had said simply, to Elena’s family. “We do not forget, what we owe.”

She’d walked away, because something felt off, a bone deep wariness that she couldn’t shake. The monster beneath her skin did not trust easily, and Elijah had blinked at the mention of Katherine; something old and covetous twisting behind those eyes. His words towards Caroline had been quietly sympathetic, and they too had felt wrong.

“I must apologize for any difficulty Katerina’s actions have brought you, Ms. Forbes. Our history is a colorful one. ”

Carine had hated the curiosity in his gaze, the way he looked at her if he could strip her bones, discover why she’d been changed. She sincerely doubted that ‘colorful’ was even close to being the correct word for the dangerous vampire who wore Elena’s face.

If Elijah had asked, she’d have told him of the Salvatore brothers, the biting smile on Katherine’s face as she promised the game was still on. But Damon was missing and Stefan had stood with Elena during the night of the full moon. One of the ‘volunteers.’ The reason her friend had risen, at the cost of Stefan’s life.

The entire situation made her skin crawl.

She’d yanked her mom forcibly out of Mystic Falls and spent the weekend in Richmond, during the ritual. Made an effort at avoiding the entire affair. Now, her boyfriend was speaking of freedom as if Klaus Mikaelson would give it. As if he was trustworthy.

“Look, come with me.” Tyler says fiercely. “You can keep watch. It’ll be fine.”

Her skin crawled at the suggestion and she shook her head. Wondered whose suggestion she was hearing. “No.”

“No?” Tyler repeated, blinking stupidly at her.

“No, Tyler, I’m not going to watch. I’m not going with you. If this is what you want, fine. But I don’t have to be part of it.” Caroline squared her shoulders, heart hurting. “You know I think their dangerous. Did you tell him that too?”

“That’s just you being smart,” Tyler dismissed. Parroting words back at her; his tone one would use for a skeptical or unruly child.“Everyone fears what they don’t understand. You just need to see the bigger picture.”

Yeah, no. “I think we need to take a break.”

“What?” Tyler looked like she’d completely blindsided him.

“I’m breaking up with you,” Caroline said firmly.

“Don’t be stupid, Caroline,” Tyler warned, stepping into her space. “Things are changing.”

“No, you’re changing. I’m still me,” she put a hand in his chest and pushed. “And if it’s all the same, I’ll stay me.”

She knew the horror of being compelled, but this blind allegiance was nearly worse. How did they not see the snake oil of his tongue? Klaus might’ve been, from everything she’d heard, amazingly charming and magnetic, but so was Satan. Sunday School had been very clear about that, and religious non-belief aside, some lessons you should remember.

“You’ll regret this,” Tyler warned, eyes burning.

Caroline said nothing as he walked away. It hurt, watching him leave. But Tyler was right, things were changing. Battle lines were being drawn for a war she didn’t understand and she was done with being a pawn. If she had to compel her mother and disappear, she would.

A sudden feeling of being watched crawled down her spine and her eyes scanned the yard just as a figure melted out if the tree line. Her insides went cold, a gut-deep knowing settling over her as she stared at Klaus Mikaelson for the first time. Rumpled curls, startling blue eyes and dimples. He said nothing for a long moment, and she watched him warily.

Then, with a low chuckle, he swept into a formal bow, lifting up with a smile that was incredibly charming if not for the pit behind his eyes.

“Well done, sweetheart. Perhaps this town isn’t quite so boring after all.”

“Eavesdropping is rude,” the words tripped off her tongue, spine perfectly straight.

Another flash of dimples and he turned away. “I look forward to knowing you, Caroline Forbes.”

Not if she had anything to say about it.