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It’s funny how the difference between a really smart, well-informed little kid and a brainwashed kid coached to say what the grown-ups told them seems to be whether you agree with what the kid is saying or not.

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Yo autistic guy (sorry I don't know your name hunny) I have tourettes and I honestly don't know much about autism, but I've noticed people treat me like they treat this really smart autistic kid at my school. And honestly, if someone says you're faking it(I'm professionally diagnosed and people say that to me everyday) either ignore them or piss them off. Like when people call me fake I'll point out random things they do and say they're fake. It usually makes them stop. Hope that helps👌~👻

Ghostie knows what he’s talking about.

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Roast Me

You look like that annoying smart kid from Attack on Titan went through an emo phase. You’re such a mopey bastard that Akutagawa came to you for lessons. You are without a doubt the biggest twink vampire since Diabolik Lovers became a thing. Goth Kurapika. Would probably cease to exist on a subatomic level if you smiled just once. 

In order to honour students for doing well in school lets put them through extreme stress and anxiety by singling them out and forcing them to come up in front of the rest of the school and receive a certificate. That should make them feel good.


10 Black Shows I’d Like To See On Netflix

1. Martin

2. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

3. Moesha

4. The Parkers

5. My Wife & Kids

6. The Wayans Bros

7. Kenan and Kel

8. Smart Guy

9. One on One

10. Everybody Hates Chris


the way he looks at her, when she starts talking he sits quietly and listens. He seems to genuinely enjoy watching her answer questions in interviews. ♥

If Cartoon Network/Adult Swim Shows were group projects...
  • Steven Universe: The group of smart kids all working together and contributing equally to the project to turn in a decent project with some noticeable flaws.
  • Adventure Time: The group that made the one kid do all the work for the longest time and now she's out with a broken ankle so they have to find a way to finish it without her.
  • MagiSwords: The group that tries a little bit but only enough to get a passing grade because they just don't give a shit anymore.
  • Gumball: All the artistic kids working together to make the biggest art project, but forgetting that there's supposed to be a paragraph to go along with it.
  • Rick and Morty: The super seniors/potheads who draw dick pics all class but actually it turns out the dick pics have a much deeper meaning.
  • Teen Titans Go: The group of friends who just fuck around the entire class and have a blast but barely put any effort into the project but the teacher doesn't care at this point they just want them to leave them alone.

Here, have some nostalgia!
Pixel Perfect, Zenon Girl of the 21st Century, Sky High
I’ve Got a Date With the President’s Daughter, Boy Meets World, Read It and Weep
Stuck in the Suburbs, Smart House, Life Size
Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior, Cow Belles, Now You See It…
Seventeen Again, Phil of the Future, Cadet Kelly
Twitches, Life With Derek, Naturally Sadie

When anyone tries to tell me how much better education was “in the good old days”.