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Time to get this post out before I die hyperventilating into my “Raven Reyes” paper bag because I honestly don’t know how to deal with her anymore, but here we go. You know that moment when Raven breaks down in front of her friends and how Bellamy then calmly speaks to her to build her up again?

I didn’t know how much I needed that type of scene until I saw it to be honest - I was fully unprepared let me tell yall lmao - but now that I’ve seen it and have witnessed in which context it unfolded itself it’s honestly become one of my favorite moments in the episode, because Raven gains back her strength through the presence of all her friends in that one minute of total weakness.

Like, the writers really do love to rough it up for our characters during very critical situations, but in this particular case it’s very touching because it’s seriously not a moment created for the kicks, but the kind of moment that wants to make room for “optimism” that brings this wild set of characters even closer.

And I love how we dial down through the stress there, especially when focusing on Raven, because her breaking point is the catalyst for the unity. I absolutely could go on and on about how significant that short conversation between Bellamy and Raven is for me alone, as he inspire her the same way he inspires Clarke or the others, but I am even more affected by the fact that Raven truly isn’t able to hide herself anymore, but, as I’ve said above, works herself out of her own insecurities with the help of her friends and gains back her strength.

I mean, just look at this moment when she gradually starts to snap while standing in the middle with everyone surrounding her, watching her: 

Or how she ends up so bound and buried deep inside her own fears that all she feels she can do is sit down and hate the situation she finds herself in:

It hurts and GOD I love it here, because Raven’s feelings carry the kind of realism that many can relate to, she hates failing and she hates not being able to pull things off so she puts distance between her and the issue by practically giving up. But the point of this scene as a whole is not that Raven isn’t smart enough - as she states - because she got rid of ALIE’s code in her brain. We are actually past that already. What this scene communicates on a fundamental level is that Raven comes to realize that she is not alone in this.

In fact, all of her friends are by her side:

The “We need you” line is so important for Raven (and me obviously), because it creates a very dramatic call-back to that one time when she wanted to leave camp in season one. You know that time when Finn - the boy she loved and pretty much considered her only family - couldn’t even see why she was doing certain things (like working on the bullets) and how useless she felt because of that reaction she got from him - essentially tried to shut herself completely off from everyone around her, because they, as she believed, didn’t *need* her. Bellamy though, our heart’s guy, is the one who reminds her that they do need her with intense honesty, twice - back in season one after her confrontation with Finn and now in 4x13 when she believes she is not enough.

Being faced with the full array of cards against you is one thing, Raven has been through that ever since she landed on the ground, especially thanks to Finn and how their relationship changed on earth, but actually coming to consciously develop a sense of “team culture” through emotional connection with her friends is something else for her since Raven used to have only one person to turn to and that person failed her back then. Bellamy does what Sinclair used to do. He doesn’t simply apply to Raven’s ego, instead the writer’s manage to open up a path to her heart through faith, love and understanding.

And that pushes her forward. That love she receives from Clarke, from Bellamy, hell even Murphy (4x09), that is the game changer for her in this moment. Raven loving herself and the things she’s capable of doing is otherworldly, but expanding that love and stretching it out over this little group of messy people - that’s what she really wants, not just for herself but for everyone in this lab:

So Raven goes for it. Through the presence of her friends she not only learns as much about having people to rely on and consider a family as she can, and resolves to continue operating in a way that not only shakes everyone free - which essentially creates this sense of teamwork because there is unwavering trust radiating from every important team player here and if ALIE, a computer, can do it, so can they - but it also makes her a leader in her own right.

She’s prepared to face these obstacles with them just in time, as she’s confronted with a more mature set of challenges with her friends - the emotional progression - and inspire everyone in the room to get back to work.

And it’s beautiful. In season one she came down for a single person, now in season four she goes up and back to space with and for all of her friends.

She’s more than just an awesome person. She’s a growing, dynamically self-improving one, someone who is able to establish these deep connections with all of these people, who can navigate and bring in optimism as well as pragmatism, who is still in the process of learning, and will only get better at doing what she does - not just by herself, but with her friends, her family.

  • Me: I'm just not a flower kind if girl. I'd much rather books.
  • Random ass stranger: That's just because a special someone has yet to give you flowers ;)
  • Me: To be honest, I'm pretty sure it's to do with the hay fever.

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Tony "borrows" Pepper's clothes sometimes, when he wants to feel pretty. How do you think the Avengers would react?

Lmao “borrows” as if he either wouldn’t fill out her clothes properly or stretch them out in the wrong places. “You can borrow from this section,” Pepper says, motioning at a particular part of the closet. “THESE. ONLY.” And Tony meekly agrees because she could just choose not to let him borrow them at all.

(”These aren’t your sizes,” a snobby lady says at a boutique. Pepper’s evil eye makes the snobby lady shrink and obediently fetch dresses in the size she asked for or that could be altered to that size. She didn’t bribe JARVIS to help her get Tony’s sizes to be treated like this.)

I know how the Avengers better react unless they want me to rip through the multiverse to come kick their asses.

Natasha has seen weirder things as a spy. If Tony wants to wear a blouse or a skirt or a dress, she doesn’t care. What she cares about is him being comfortable. “And that blouse clearly isn’t,” Natasha says, looking down her nose at it. “What is that, polyester?” Tony hunches his shoulders. “It’s got cotton in it!” “Honey,” Natasha tells him pityingly, and then a bunch of new blouses show up in Pepper’s closet. (”Ninety percent polyester,” is Natasha’s only explanation. “I’m going to find that bitch and kick her ass,” Pepper hisses, livid, and also calls in a complaint to the boutique. Snobby lady is fired.)

Clint has also seen weirder things as a spy. He doesn’t get it, but he’s not gonna make fun of him for it. He just doesn’t mention it. He interacts with Tony the same as he always has. Tony appreciates this. (Okay, so, maybe sometimes he’d like it if Clint would say something, but nothing is better than anything mean.)

Bruce’s only problem is Tony wearing a dress or skirt in the lab. “That’s a safety hazard, Tony!” Tony frets. “You mean you don’t… care?” “I turn into a giant green rage monster and it’s a miracle I even have pants on when I transform. Why would I judge you?” Tony doesn’t understand how the two relate but Bruce has said he doesn’t care so he’s just going to take that as the blessing it is.

“Man of Iron! What a beautiful gown! Had I known you enjoyed dressing in such garb I would have brought a bolt of our fabric for you when I returned from Asgard!” ‘nough said. Thor is a Labrador.

Steve is the only one who has a problem with it and he’s smart enough not to say anything. So he avoids looking at Tony when he sees him wearing a skirt, or keeps his eyes just above Tony’s head when he’s wearing a dress. His voice is noticeably strained when he speaks to Tony, and his shoulders always sag with relief when he leaves. I like to think that Steve will eventually see it as less strange and just quirky, but wearing women’s clothes was considered a whole lot differently in the forties. (”This is what you fought for,” Steve tells himself in the mirror, ashamed of how hurt Tony looks when he can’t meet his eyes, ashamed of how Tony has stopped dressing the way he likes because Steve has made him feel bad about it. “You fought for people’s rights. If Tony wants to wear… that… he’s allowed to. Get it together, Rogers.”)

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Ok so in fallout 4 they play the song "uranium fever" over the radio, that got me thinking about nuclear reactors, and if thorium reactors are relatively cheap, have less toxic waste for a lot less time(300 or so), and thorium is more abundant than uranium, why do we still use uranium reactors?

I feel like I’m not smart enough to have a good answer for that 😬😝 I’m impressed it made you think that hard tho! I just like the song hahaha

Nevada’s Infidelity - Part 1

Sparked by Anon’s request re: Nevada cheating & things go crazy.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3.

Canon Character: Nevada Ramirez (Trouble In The Heights)

Originally posted by hannibalmorelikecannibal

OCs: his sister Natalia, & her since-childhood bff; his gf ‘Niñita’/Reader.
Also: Marcella, a girl who frequents the club. 

All OCs are from:Don’t Call Me That’

Warnings: Cursing. A lil’ bitty bit of violence-ish but nothing crazy.

Nevada had come in late.
Later than usual; 3 AM, the witching hour.

Usually, he was smart enough to go to his own apartment when he was in such an awful state- he smelled like a hot mess of tequila and cigar smoke.

“You’re a drunkard, Nevada-” your accusation was well deserved, but he tried to press on past your anger anyways. He’d already woken you and Natalia, hollerin’ the lyrics to some song neither of you girls really recognized. “You’re a wreck,” he had you backed against the wall, your face cupped up in his hands; his kisses on your throat burned, you didn’t want them, not now. “Get the Hell off'a me, Vada, I’m tired.”

“Don’t say that, don’t call me that;” he groaned, nipped your skin between his teeth hard enough to make you whine. “I take care'a you, do everything for ya,” you rocked yourself off that wall rough enough to make him stumble; “be nice, it’s your turn-”

Typically, he was way better at dirty talk;
the tequila must have fried his brain a little too much tonight. 

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Eurus character not only is not credible because she is super intelligent, but also because people around her would have to be super dumb to fall for things.
It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, you can’t just manipulate people into doing anything. They don’t have to be super smart to resist manipulation, average smart is enough to see through the most deceptive techniques possible.
The only thing that would work to make people do what you want is violent threats, which is not how Eurus character is presented at the start of TFP.
In fact the only kind of powers Moftiss managed to display in front of the viewers IS her making violent threats.
I guess there was that glass scene that required Sherlock to be incredibly dumb too.

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So um, my friends want to play with REAL ouija board because one of them thinks it's a science where "Oh you're moving it but you don't feel like you are". Another is smart enough to be nervous. What if they accidentally get it to work? What do I do? I've never touched one because I've been to scared, but I'm concerned my not being a skeptic and rather welcoming to most things will mess something up...

Well, ouija isn’t my thing so take this with a grain of salt, but I do feel like if you just set up some protection and cleansing of the space, the board, and yourself, and you very clearly define it as only allowing positive spirits, you’ll be just fine.

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Wow, Isak may be a smart guy but he is really stupid leaving his internet again for someone to see.. first the tabs, now his facebook.. the kid is a mess

i mean to be fair sana was smart enough to tell him to open it and isak didn’t think there was any reason to close out of it!!!! though i mean he’s still a mess let my son live ok 

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do you think Supergirl is smart enough to keep Maggie around as a frequently offscreen fiancee who is busy with police work and can't be at the DEO every day but comes around every few episodes for everyone-at-the-bar scenes or hurt/comfort moments or even the occasional action girlfriends bit but mostly they're happy and Alex's plot is about super-stuff?

I want to say yes, I think they’ll keep her around even if she cannot appear in every episode

but I have no idea. I wouldn’t put it past them to have Alex and Maggie break up and then give Alex a new love interest

I think it’s probably in their best interest to keep Maggie around as much as possible, and I hope they do that

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Wolffe with a Blind s/o who has some serious insecurity and they barely go out anymore because of all the jokes the other clones make?

He would never force them to go outside if they didn’t want to, but he would always offer to be there when they did. He’d them they were still beautiful and amazing, that it didn’t matter to him if they were blind or not. If he ever heard any of his brother’s make jokes, there would be serious hell to pay. Eventually everyone is smart enough to know not to bring it up, and a few would even apologize to his s/o after finding out it genuinely bothered them. He wouldn’t want to demean them in anyway, but he does offer to help them get around the house or area if they should need it. And if they wanted, he would sit with them on a rooftop for hours and describe everything he saw. Never once would he complain or make his s/o feel like a burden.

there are few places to be that are more dangerous than between me and fresh pizza


Do NOT cut tonight. I know it’s hard and I know there are good reasons. But promise me. Whenever you see this on your dash you don’t cut tonight. Don’t even think about it. Whatever happened today to make you want to do this, it’s gone. It’s over. Don’t think about it. Put your favorite music on and think of the best thing you can imagine. And keep those blades away from your beautiful skin. Please. Stay strong. I promise you, you’re not alone. I love you.

The houses as things I've done as a child
  • Gryffindor: Literally tried to climb everything.
  • Hufflepuff: Would act cute for older kids to get stuff.
  • Ravenclaw: Thought of the most logical way to get to the second floor without using the stairs and attempting to go through with it.
  • Slytherin: Would manipulate my little sister into doing things for me. I also had kids sign a contract to be my friends.

no offense but wuthering heights has the best final line of any book ever in the history of human sentience 

i lingered round them, under that benign sky; watched the moths fluttering among the heath, and hare-bells; listened to the soft wind breathing through the grass; and wondered how any one could ever imagine unquiet slumbers, for the sleepers in that quiet earth. 

i literally ascend to a higher plane of existence reading this, i feel it in my bones. i want to carve this entire book on the back of my skull but this line especially.