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Friendly reminder that Mabel didn’t start the whole ‘making fun of Dipper’ incident.

Friendly reminder that Stan started it by making fun of the game, not Dipper.

Friendly reminder that Mabel started laughing when Stan said “buttress”.

Friendly reminder that Dipper called Stan, Mabel, and Soos “not smart enough to figure the game out”.

Friendly reminder that Mabel wanted to sleep when she finally actually called Dipper a dork (and even then it was only the language he was using, not him).

Friendly reminder that it was Dipper who brought up the fact that she and Stan make fun of him and only then does Mabel respond with actually doing it–though she never actually calls him names or makes fun of him.

Friendly reminder that Mabel overheard the entire conversation from the end of last episode and lied to Dipper about what Ford said to Stan to protect his view of the author who he has idolized this entire summer.

You know. Friendly reminder.

In addition to the whole ‘Mabel didn’t apologize’ debacle, something else that’s been troubling me about Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons is the emphasis on intelligence. It’s brought up over and over and over– clearly as something we’re supposed to be noticing.

The first time it comes up is when Dipper says that Mabel and Stan “Aren’t smart enough to understand” the game (which was super rude and inappropriate, don’t get me wrong. It’s just not what we’re focusing on right now), and later when Probabilitor calls Dipper and Ford “the smartest players” to play it.

As soon as they’re gone, Stan’s reaction is to say,  “Eh, maybe let him get a couple bites in Ford’s brain first. Even things out smartness-wise.” and AToTS has already established that it was one of the things that wound up breaking the two of them apart. 

During the game against Probabilitor, Dipper still doubts Stan and Mabel’s ability to win, and Stan’s conclusion, once they do, is that “All your smarts are no match for dumb luck.” It’s promptly proven that ‘dumb luck’ didn’t have anything to do with it, since Stan rigged the dice roll, but it’s the wording that was important.

Even after the conflict is settled and they’re going to watch the Duck-tective finale (which, by the way, Stan claims has a lot of mystery to it and Soos has put a lot of thought into, if the way he called the plot twist is any indication), Dipper’s reasoning is that he could “use a little mindless fun”.

The sheer number of times it’s brought up– in addition to the role it played in breaking the Stans apart and being referenced in Little Dipper and Little Gift Shop of Horrors/Abaconings– makes me really nervous about it.

Because if there’s one thing Stan and Mabel aren’t, it’s dumb. Stan’s a professional conman and managed to exploit Cash Wheel, which is to say nothing of the trouble he (and Goldie) got himself into in Vegas. As for Mabel, Hirsch himself has gone on record stating that “Mabel is a lot smarter than anyone gives her credit for” (the context is actually super relevant to why she was teasing Dipper this episode, but that’s another matter entirely).

The implication that they aren’t smart or that Dipper and Ford are superior because they’re ‘smarter’ is probably going to come up in future episodes.

Ford is not a villain! He’s an antagonist! Antagonists are not necessarily bad people!

Mabel has nothing to apologize to Dipper for! He’s the one who said she and Stan “aren’t smart enough” to play the game, which is WAY more cruel than anything she’s ever said to him!

Her writing home to their parents is not a throwaway scene!

This episode was not “filler”!



People, Places and Things rehearsal images

Emma was having the time of her life.
Now she’s in rehab.

Her first step is to admit that she has a problem. But the problem isn’t with Emma, it’s with everything else. She needs to tell the truth. But she’s smart enough to know that there’s no such thing.

When intoxication feels like the only way to survive the modern world, how can she ever sober up?

Photographs by John Spinks.

People, Places and Things is the latest collaboration between Headlong and the National, following the acclaimed Earthquakes in London and The Effect. Find out more and book tickets.

You’re smart enough and independent enough to stand on your own two feet. Don’t be afraid to stand up for things and put your own ideas forward because you can do it.
—  an actual thing somebody said to me tonight and I’m still all mushy over it

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min yoongi 28

28. we never talk but we make eye contact whenever anyone says something incredibly stupid during class au

You’re in your 9am, reluctantly so, and this guy’s droning voice is quickly putting you to sleep. The professor had taken time out of his lecture to get a chance to hear everyone’s thoughts on the reading and you had known the moment he asked for opinions that this kid would eagerly raise his hand.

He’d been like that since the first day. He was one of those kids. There’s nothing wrong with participating, but you got the sense that this kid only talked to hear his own voice.

It’s mid semester and mostly everyone is used to his shit, but you’re not the only one that still gets annoyed when he speaks. You go back to tuning him out and while clicking around pinterest.

“Maybe there aren’t more women in politics simply because not a lot are smart enough to get though law school.“


This gets your attention and your eyebrows shoot into your hairline. The professor was fighting to keep a neutral expression on her face, though she looked like she wanted to interrupt him.

You look at the other faces in the room to see if anyone else witnessed the pure sewage spew out of that guy’s mouth and you make eye contact with a blonde across the lecture hall that has a look of disbelief on his face. The name Yoongi comes to mind from first day introductions.

You only remember because his course was a breath of fresh air among a bunch of psychology’s, anthropology’s, history’s, pre-law’s, liberal studies - music technology major, business minor.

One of his eyebrows raises as if to say, Is this guy being serious right now?

You roll your eyes. Who knows?

The professor thankfully stops him and you’re saved from a having your brain turn into mush. Later on when you’re leaving the lecture hall, you hold the door open for whoever is behind you when you notice that it’s Yoongi. He smiles at you and trails behind you along with a few other people from class. You’re walking along when a voice speaks up from behind you.

“No one else is paying enough attention in that class to hear the bull shit that comes out of that guy’s mouth.”

You turn and Yoongi speeds up his pace to walk by you.

“We’re cursed with being good students that listen in class,” you joke.

He sits next to you in class after that and you no longer have to communicate through vigorous eye rolling.

Honestly I think I need to go back to school and what I’m leaning toward most is maybe veterinary school but like I’ve heard it’s so so hard and I don’t know if I’m smart enough to do that and I don’t know if I have it in me to do surgeries and stuff on animals. I have literally no idea what I want to do at all and it really really scares me.

No matter how you look at it, Dipper telling Mabel and Stan that they weren’t “smart enough to understand” the game was completely inappropriate and likely indicative of what’s going to happen in future episodes.

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“I feel kinda bad today because I went to a presentation an out of…”

are you studying to be a bird scientist? U always talk about birds

okay warlocksmith smith i’m finally off mobile and on my laptop so i can answer properly. but yeah I absolutely adore birds they are my favorite animals and i decided to pick up a last minute minor in wildlife conservation to gain some knowledge and experience that can help me find a career where i can work with birds in any capacity.

I wouldn’t say I’m studying to be a “bird scientist” though, because I honestly don’t think i’m smart enough to pursue any hard science pathway. Like I straight up cannot handle the college level chemistry stuff and I chose a policy major specifically to avoid it lol. So I’ll have to do a lot of research the next few months on possible careers in wildlife conservation that wouldn’t require an indepth understanding of that stuff.

I do love what little field work I’ve done so far, and spending time outside hiking around to check bird nests is a blast and I’d deff do it for the next few years of my life if i could. I guess that’s the short-term goal. I haven’t started any of my wildlife/avian science courses yet but I’m doing most of them in the coming fall. Also, in just 40 minutes I have my very first avian science class: Raptor Biology! I’m basically just taking it for fun. I’m really hoping I can get to know some of the professors and make an impression and hopefully get some work by the time winter comes around.

EDIT: also for the time being my long term goals would be to study how climate change in impacting birds. My main two ideas are to study how it changes migration patterns particularly the flyway up and down the pacific coast. Would love to live in Alaska for a few years and study the birds there. Also the dream would be to study impacts on parrots in Australia. It would be amazing to study cockatiels and cockatoos in the wild, but that seems like a privelege i may not ever work up to. idk.

It just hit me how much I slacked off during my Philosophy degree. I took 2 Chemistry classes and 2 biology classes but both were non science major classes so “easy” classes I got a C in both Chems and a B and an A in the Bios. Took the “hard” science major Chems and made As. I shied away from STEM classes because I thought I wasn’t smart enough. Turns out I was just lazy.

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Calum doesn't seem like that type to take pics after sex, he smart enough not to do that after his nudes got leaked, that's why i think it's photoshopped.

Probably. Either way all I could see was his slim hot body lol.

Just so everyone understands my rules of engagement.  I will always treat you as an adult unless you tell me you are otherwise.  That means I will hold you responsible for your language and ideas.

I will always assume you are smart enough to understand what I’m saying even if what I’m saying is complex.  I may give you information I don’t believe you are likely to have but that is only so that you can evaluate the ideas for yourself not because I think you are stupid for not knowing it.

I play in the adult world of ideas and I take it very seriously.  Be it if I am talking about the religious origins of Ghost Dancing in the West or the history of labor unrest in the 1930s or the birth of the civilian nuclear power industry or your thoughts on a crazy show about fairy tales.  

Chicks, man.

Because my agency isn’t enough?
Because plowing me down with one dollar to my seventy-eight cents, because “this is a man’s job”, because “never have a woman in management”, those aren’t enough?
You can tell me I’m “a workplace distraction” for simply existing, that I’m a slut if I wear eyeliner and a plain Jane if I don’t
You can tell me I’m a bitch when you call him a leader
You can say I am not smart enough or strong enough or determined enough or you can just blow me off like chalk dust off your jacket with a dismissive “she’ll probably just go have babies anyway”

Because my body isn’t enough?
Because owning me with your cat-called shouts about the shape of my ass and the size of my tits, that’s not enough?
You can pin me to the wall and silence me with a fist when my ‘no’ angers you
You can rape me
You can rape me and take from me the ownership of my own body
You can stand up in court and touch me with your eyes, you can stand up there and say “she was asking for it” and expect- and receive a bass choir of “well, what were you wearing?” in return

Because my mind isn’t enough?
Because every day since I was old enough to understand what ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ meant, I knew that ‘girl’ meant shoes, and dresses, and no dirt, and bad at math, and no trucks, and dollhouses, and that’s not enough?
You can say “get back in the kitchen” and mean it, or you can say it’s just a joke, but you said it just the same
You can tell me I’m not good enough in so many words
You can duck around saying the exact phrase by using ‘girly’ as a synonym for ‘bad’

I’ll know what you mean when you tell him not to throw like a girl, or cry like one. I’ll know that ‘girly’ means bad, and it also means ‘weak’
I’ll heft wheelbarrows around the backyard all day so I’m not girly either. I’ll try to prove myself to you.
I’ll do anything so that I’m not ‘girly’, because I know what it means.
I’ll spend my whole life trying to be less of who I am.
I will hide from myself to please you. Am I less girly? Am I more deserving of respect?

Chicks, man.
If my body, my freedom, and my mind can’t satisfy you…if you think you can try to take my soul, my personality, my me, in all my girly, beautiful, imperfect, intelligent vapid, sensual, shy, loudness, you’re wrong.

Chicks, man.
Because I will not let you dismiss me in my entirety, simply because you do not understand.

You can say what you want.
Just don’t expect me to stand by smiling sweetly as you raise your axe.

I am HERE. I will be treated with respect, or one way or another, I will end up burning with my sisters.
Don’t presume to silence me, because my screams interrupt your chopping.
Don’t you dare ask me to quiet down, sweetheart, because my feminism makes you uncomfortable

—  done with dismissal
Musing on Nathan Prescott

I honestly want to believe that Nathan is a victim of Jefferson, and his instability is partly him trying to cope with it. He could easily have been drugged by Jefferson and posed next to Rachel Amber’s body. In fact, he could have been entirely innocent in the framing incident with Chloe, since Chloe has no way to verify it wasn’t someone else who slipped the drugs into her drink. 

Behold the rambly, unedited wonder of me trying to work this out:

He clearly has a taste for images that are ‘depressing’, but also more innocent than we saw i the dark room. If we assume he’s not just smart enough to hide the evidence, which anyone who has seen Nathan’s behavior would doubt- This is the kid who couldn’t plan far enough ahead to not shoot Chloe in his school’s bathroom- we can start to doubt that he is the main villain in the Dark Room, and even start to hope that he’s been caught in some serious “wrong place/wrong time” shenanigans. I won’t deny his photographs are definitely along the same line as those we saw in the dark room, and Nathan clearly has some alternative tastes, via the bondage posters in his room, but they don’t have the same sterile environment that we’ve seen in some of Jefferson’s shots, and the Dark Room photos are the definition of sterile. Maybe his tastes are something that drew Jefferson to him? We can imply from Jefferson’s lecture that his motif is the “height of beauty and innocence” (and if we assume that Jefferson is the photographer from the dark room, we can expand that motif to be pictures of barley legal, helpless girls) but Nathan seems to just be trying to express his personal turmoil and probable mental illness. If Jefferson is attracted to that helplessness, he might be just as happy to have Nathan around to manipulate, even if he isn’t the perfect model, since all the the Dark Room subjects are women. I mean- someone took the picture of him with Rachel at her burial site. Well, I think so at least.

When Chloe tells Max about her experience with Nathan we know that she was drugged, and that she woke up with Nathan photographing her. But why wouldn’t Nathan take her to the Dark room? Nathan is a screwed up kid, is it possible he just saw a good photo in Chloe’s desperation, one that fit his style? She was lost after Rachel left, and Nathan seems to have known Rachel more intimately than we first realized (seems like everyone did), so maybe he saw his own reflection in her… and he likes photographing things that represent him. When we find his… illustration… “Rachel in the dark room.” It seems more like the venting of a victim who witnessed something terrible, but can’t tell anyone about it. Because Jefferson has his hand tied somehow? It could alternatively be his version of “all work and no play”, scrawling it over and over again because he’s fucking insane, but I doubt it. While that matches Nathan’s personality a bit more than any other hint we’ve gotten from the Dark room, it seems too contrived for any of the characters we’ve met in Life is Strange. I would posit that Nathan was another sucker in love with the heart-breaker formally known as Rachel Amber and he stumbled across Jefferson’s actions. More plausibly, maybe Nathan had a hand in some of the Dark Room activities, in the sense that he had this elaborate studio set up, but didn’t know what Jefferson was using it for. 

I still can’t explain why Jefferson would be in possession of a Prescott fallout shelter, or if not his, why Nathan would have told him about it… which is admittedly a huge wrench in my theory. It keeps open the more than plausible option of Nathan merely being Jefferson’s apprentice, or that Jefferson is working under Nathan (or more likely Nathan’s father, as much as I doubt it). Maybe Jefferson is just a run of the mill pedophile and has entered into this at the perfect moment to throw all of us off Nathan’s trail? Again, I doubt it, but without the last episode, we can’t know for sure. The fact that Rachel Amber was killed doesn’t fit the fate of the only other Dark Room victim we’ve met, so something abnormal happened with her. Not to mention the photo of her wide awake, another abnormality. Really, there are a ton of tiny hints that point away from Nathan in the face of Max and Chloe’s suspicion, but nothing that can’t be just as easily explained away or deemed entirely irrelevant, so I won’t list them here. A bunch of other people have already compiled these lists, most from before episode four was even released. I hope that Nathan is entirely innocent, because I think he’s tragic, but the set up of the dark room can’t have nothing to do with him, unless there are a ton of unexpected revelations waiting for us in episode 5. All I can hope for is seriously blackmail on Nathan, or some serious drug-fueled ignorance. 

But one thing we can all agree on: Jefferson is a sick fuck.