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Black and Latinx teens, on average, are more vulnerable to the type of abuse that provokes a teen to run away from home because they are more likely to live in high-risk environments. But prevailing narratives that these missing children are just runaways leads to less sympathy and media coverage for them when they are reported as missing.

Take the case of Relisha Rudd, an eight year old who went missing in D.C. in 2014. Her case was almost exclusively covered by The Washington Post, and a handful of local and black news outlets. Cable news did not loop the disappearance of Rudd like they did for the highly publicized cases of Natalee Holloway, Elizabeth Smart or Caylee Anthony.

Little mainstream media coverage is contingent upon the belief that black and brown girls are less valuable, says Hillary Potter, a professor of ethnic studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. And she adds the lack of coverage has another dangerous effect: It can perpetuate the idea that black and brown girls aren’t victimized.


White Collar aesthetics. 

Wanda told Clint that he was pulling his punches. This means he wasn’t hitting Natasha as hard as he could have.

All three of them know what he’s capable of doing in hand to hand combat. But Clint also knew that in his right mind, he’d never be able to hurt Natasha the way he did under Loki’s control, he couldn’t allow himself to. And Wanda caught that.

Talking to a reporter in 2013, kidnapping victim and rape survivor Elizabeth Smart recollects the conversation she had with her abductor shortly after he led her into the hills behind her family’s home.

At just 14 years old, Elizabeth was abducted from her Utah home one night in 2002 after a man broke in and forced her out of bed. The intruder warned her that if she attempted to make a noise, he would kill her family while they slept. Not wanting to endanger her loved ones, Elizabeth bravely followed his instructions and was led out of the house at knife point. They then walked through the hills behind the home and into dense woodland, and it was during this time that Elizabeth came to recognise her captor. Just months prior to her kidnap, Elizabeth and her mum had given $5 to this man after they saw him begging on the streets, and they even offered him some work. His name was Brian David Mitchell.

Mitchell took her to a temporary camp built deep into the woods, which is where she met his co-conspirator for the first time: Wanda Ileen Barzee. Elizabeth was led into a tent, where Mitchell began performing a wedding ceremony and announced that the young girl was now his wife. Proceeding this, he pushed her onto the ground and raped her. For the next 9 months until her discovery, Elizabeth was moved across the country while being starved, raped and forced to consume illicit substances on what she described as an almost daily basis.

In March 2003, after convincing her captors to return to Utah, Elizabeth Smart was finally rescued. She had even persuaded her captors to hitch-hike in the hopes that somebody would recognise her as a missing person. One citizen did recognise Mitchell and Barzee suspiciously escorting a young child dressed in robes and a veil. Police immediately responded to the call, and the kidnappers were caught and subsequently arrested. Brian Mitchell, now 63 years old, spent 6 six years in a psychiatric institution and is now serving a life sentence as a federal prisoner. Wanda Barzee, now 70 years old, was given 15 years for her involvement.

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Draw the Schuyler sisters as cats

Ideally you can tell who’s who

Angelica is an Abyssinian, Eliza is a Ragdoll, and Peggy is an American Shorthair

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Hello! So here's something that popped into my head. What if instead of chaining him to the mast, Lizzie pushed jack into the longboat? How do you think he would've reacted to her taking his place in the locker?

Hiya hon,

Sorry, I wasn’t ignoring your other ask that was similar to this, I’ve just been puzzling it out. As much as I love the idea of the grand gesture, it wouldn’t have worked. The Kraken was after Jack. It would not stop until it devoured him. So putting him in the lifeboat would have just endangered the remaining crew, and Lizzy knew that. I don’t think she would have gone to the locker, she would have just died.

Furthermore, part of the reason why the scene in which Lizzy chains Jack to the mast is so powerful is because Elizabeth, even though she is fascinated by him, lusts for him, and some of us argue loves him, is NOT willing to make herself a sacrifice for Jack. She makes him pay the debt he owes in a way that no one else in these movies ever manages to. She saves herself and the rest of the crew. She does what she has to do.

In this time period women were expected to endure the fates men placed upon them, to be pious and endure in a saintly fashion all the indignities that came with being a woman in 18th century western culture. But Elizabeth put her foot down and said no, I will not be a martyr. She did the hard thing, DESPITE her feelings for Jack, and his for her—and he was proud of her for it.


There was such a backlash about Elizabeth’s “betrayal” of Jack back in the day, and I sense that in the fandom even now. But as much as I love Jack, and well, that’s A LOT—I’ve never seen it that way. Though this is a wildly fantastical story about pirates in the 1700s, the essence of this tale rings true in so many ways to so many of us in this modern day. So this is what I say to all you young girls out there.

1) Don’t ever let them leave you on that fucking island.

2) Don’t let them dupe you into paying a debt that’s not yours.

3) And always know it is your RIGHT to do what you have to do to see to your own well being. The sea is full of monsters, but you are not Kraken food.

So… that one picture I did of elaine made it back onto my dash, so I decided to make a proper drawing of her wearing mel clothing and she still looks better in it than him ;p

A few redraws under the cut~ (also sorry about the quality being bad)

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!!! I didnt know you liked documentaries! i loooove them and im always looking for good true crime ones. would it be too much to ask if you could recomend me some good documentaries you like? <3

this is the hardest but the best question ever. i’ve been musing over it for the last several days, and i finally just decided to sit down and make out a list. this is by no means a complete list, nor is it a ‘best of’ list. just some that i wanna rec because i think they’re awesome. or at least, the subject is fascinating, and so the annoying narrator/bad quality/etc is worth enduring. let’s go!

♥ autopsy (tv series) - if you have hbo go, it’s better to watch them there because the quality is a lot better, but this is a link to a youtube playlist of episodes. autopsy is a show about (you guessed it) autopsies, but each episode is themed and focuses on several interesting stories about deaths/murders where the cases were solved through forensic evidence found during the autopsies. michael baden is the forensic pathologist who has done several of the autopsies, and he’s the host of the show. i could watch this every single day for the rest of my life. (expect lots and lots of gore)

♥ paradise lost: the child murders at robin hood hills - another thing i watched on hbo go, but here’s a link to a yt vid (there are two other parts to this doc; they should show up in the related videos to the right). this is the story of the west memphis three and the murders of three little boys in arkansas in 1993. it’s a fascinating, heartbreaking, and unbearably frustrating story about the conviction of 3 teenage boys for those murders. there’s another doc called west of memphis that documents the events that occur after paradise lost concludes. i think west of memphis is my favorite of them all. god, what a fucking story. (graphic crime scene photos and video of three little boys.)

♥ mommy dead and dearest - i just watched this doc today on youtube, but hbo already found it and took it down. SO! you can watch it on hbo/hbo go, but because it’s so new, i doubt it’ll be anywhere else for a good while. it’s the story of dee dee and gypsy rose blancharde, a mother and daughter in a toxic, manipulative relationship that is one of the worst cases of munchausen by proxy ever documented, and one that ends in murder.

♥ thin blue line - a doc made in 1988 that digs into the wrongful conviction of a guy named randall adams who ends up on death row for something he didn’t do. it set a precedence for the importance and influence of crime docs. because of this documentary, the case got reopened.

♥ the keepers - another new doc, but this one’s on netflix. it’s a docuseries that follows the story of the murder of a nun, sister cathy cesnik, in 1969, and the unbelievable sequence of events that lead to it. this doc has pedophiles, sociopathic priests, police cover-ups, and a tireless group of retirement-aged women, some of whom are survivors of rape and abuse by the aforementioned priests, who will not rest until sister cathy’s killer is caught.

♥ the witness - on netflix, too. i talked about this one in my last movie post, but it’s the journey of a brother to try and understand what happened the night his sister, kitty genovese, was murdered in nyc in the mid-sixties. it’s absolutely fucking heartbreaking.

♥ cropsey - (i hope this link works??) this is a doc about a boogeyman urban legend on long island. the reason it’s interesting is because the doc is made by two kids who grew up on long island hearing the story, and there’s a really interesting story about an asylum that gets unearthed while they dig around. this guy also made a doc called killer legends which talks about urban legends and the true crimes that may have inspired them. both are really good.

♥ who took johnny? - another one i’ve already recced, but i wanted to put it on this list because it’s a good one. it’s about a boy named johnny gosch who went missing in the early 80s and was never seen again. the pov here is mostly with johnny’s mother, who is still searching for her son. it’s so heartbreaking. </3

♥ most evil (tv series) - i loveeeee this series. dr. michael stone is a psychiatrist who has a ‘scale of evil’ from 1 to 22 where he places different murderers for various reasons, including mental illness, history, and motive. each episode has a theme, and i could seriously watch this show every day forever and ever and ever. <3

♥ karla homolka & paul bernardo aka ken& barbie killers - these two. jesus fucking christ. paul was a serial rapist before he even met karla, and together, they murdered at least 3 girls, including karla’s little sister. the most insane thing? karla basically gets away with it. i can’t watch enough about these two. they’re so fucking horrible.

♥ the black dahlia, aka elizabeth short - okay, i’m in love with betty short, so i’m gonna link to a bunch of docs about her. i don’t have a favorite, and there isn’t one that i would consider definitive. i wish there was more out there, and i wish there was a good doc that had a good budget and a lot of care taken in its creation, but alas. so here are a few docs that at least give you some good info, crime scene pics, and theories:

one | two | three | four

(please come talk to me about elizabeth short. any time. ask me anything. i love her.)

♥ luis garavito aka the beast - ohmygod. luis garavito. colombian serial killer who has admitted to the rape/murder/torture of at least 140 boys, though it could be closer to 300. there have been mass graves of his victims uncovered. what blows my mind is that this happened in the nineties. 

♥ just melvin, just evil - disturbing and sobering doc about a viciously sadistic, horrible pedophile who ruined the lives of so many children in his family. the lives of all his victims were forever changed and ruined by a single man, and what makes this doc so special and painful is that you get to witness them confronting him when they’re grown.

♥ david parker ray, the toy box killer - if you haven’t heard of david parker ray, omfg, are you in for a story. this guy. he built a torture chamber in a trailer outside of his home and kidnapped, raped, and tortured women for years in it. and it all takes place in a tiny place called truth or consequences.

♥ there’s something wrong with aunt diane - a documentary about a car crash in 2009 that resulted in the deaths of 8 people, including 4 children. the events leading up to the crash and the mysteries behind what went on in that car just before and during the crash itself are just… so, so bizarre. a really interesting doc. (graphic crime scene photos at the end)

♥ the boneyard: leonard lake and david ng - just… the story of how the police even found out about these two in the first place is so fucking amazing. what comes out of the ensuing investigation is just staggering. these two fucks tortured and murdered at least eleven people, probably more. and you won’t believe what it takes to get one of them brought to justice (and what happens to the other one).

♥ wild child: the story of feral children - feral children are one of my very, very favorite topics to research. i’m endlessly moved and fascinated and inspired by stories of them. this is a great doc that touches on several instances of foundlings and gives you some names to rush out and do research on and find more docs about. there isn’t enough out there on feral children. not even close.

♥ theresa knorr - okay, i watch a lot of crime docs. a lot. very, very little shocks or phases me at this point. but this woman? holy fucking shit. theresa knorr stuns me. there’s something about women serial killers that fascinates me, and i think it’s that most of them know their victims intimately or are related to them somehow. knorr is the worst. the. worst. what her children have to endure before they’re murdered is unspeakable and beyond what even my warped brain could imagine. my god. 

♥ mary vincent (lawrence singleton) - this is a link to an episode of a show called ‘i survived’ which has two other stories on it, one that’s kinda boring and the other which is almost as astounding as mary’s story. but mary’s story is just… astonishing. she was fifteen when she was picked up as a hitchhiker and raped, dismembered, and thrown over a cliff. and she fucking survived. i love her. i want to hug her.

♥ catching a monster - peter scully - GOD. this fuck. peter scully is the most horrifying human being i’ve ever seen. his story is ongoing and not finished yet, but this doc talks about what he did and how he was finally arrested. scully ran a pedophilic red room/film studio where he tortured, raped, and murdered children for rich people who paid him to do it and film it. just. yeah.

♥ kidnapping of elizabeth smart - mindboggling. just… not only how she was taken, but also why and what happened while she was gone. and how she was found. stockholm syndrome is another thing that fucking fascinates me, and i wish this doc had focused more on that aspect of the story, but i understand why elizabeth is reluctant to discuss it. anyway! such an interesting story.

♥ the murder of james bulger - james bulger was a 2-year-old boy from merseyside who was brutally murdered by two 10-year-old boys. the violence they inflicted on this kid, and the way his body was found is just… a nightmare. there are two docs on this murder that i’ve watched and find interesting in their own rights, so i’m gonna link to both: 

one | two

(after you’re done watching these two, look up the two boys who murdered him and see what they’re up to now. one of them will stun you.)

♥ aileen wuornos - gonna end this with the lady dearest to my heart. i feel such an incredible amount of sympathy and heartbreak for this tragic woman. her life story is almost unbearable, and the journey of her lifelong abuse by men, the series of murders she committed, and how she found love somehow in between all of it will stay with me forever. there are two wonderful documentaries on aileen, both by nick broomfield, and together they tell the whole story, leading up to her execution:

 the selling of a serial killer

 the life and death of a serial killer

this is by no means a (complete) list of my favorite true crime cases! but these are some that i love a whole lot. i hope you find something you like here! ♥

I hope it is fine that I answered it like this! The two ideas were really good and I think it turned well! @letsmysticmeessenger @justdoitryro

> This boy was so happy he was able to protect you. Being by your side was really good too. Yoosung just wanted to enjoy that time with you, without worries.
> Then you told him about leaving RFA. He asked you to say it again. One more time. Yoosung was shocked! What were you talking about? It was not the perfect situation and there are some secrets… But even so!
> While you explained the reason, his expressions were changing every second. No, no. This isn’t happening. You are going to stay with him and RFA.
> Yoosung said about talking with your parents. After all he did, this was simple he was really nervous and he said so many reasons to make you stay. Yoosung was talking for hours.

> The party was a success. The mystery about Mint Eye was solved. All about V, Rika and Saeran was settled. Finally Saeyoung could propose to you.
> Well… We could say he was not expecting that. You stayed by his side and made him fall in love with you… Then you are leaving RFA? Everything will get better!
> Saeyoung wouldn’t stop asking questions about why your parents decided that, where you were going to live, what was the name of that guy.
> Yeah. He went to see your parents with you. With a list of things about that guy. Why he wouldn’t be a good match to you, all the wrong things he did and why Saeyoung was the perfect man for you.

> Zen saved you from Mint Eye and a bomb. And his heart wouldn’t calm down when he was by your side. Yet he felt really sad if you weren’t there. Is this… love?
> Wow, you are very good at acting. He would insist that was a lie. Then he would try to calm down and listen your reasons. It would go well if Jumin stayed away for some time.
> That was the worse. Zen is your knight. Why did your parents decided something like that? Shouldn’t you choose? And he was a nice and handsome! He would treat you like a princess! 
> Sends photos to your parents to show that he is better. Also invites them to watch him acting. Just tries to show his best qualities.

> That was a chaotic week for him. But at the same time Jumin was able to met you and know more about what you liked. Even discover more about himself.
> He made you stay with him all the time even if you had to be in Rika’s apartment. Let’s say he was shocked when you said about leaving RFA. And that he asked if you were drunk. 
> Jumin was the whole time thinking if he did something wrong to you and why your parents couldn’t choose him? He is pretty, rich, nice and smart. And Elizabeth 3rd.
> After the party, he goes talk with your parents. Even if you have to go by plane. Jumin is going to solve this problem. That same day. This business man.  

> You were more than a best friend, but this girl doesn’t have the courage to say it now. Maybe later? After all you did for her, maybe you could enjoy some coffee together?
> Did Jumin said something to you? Saeyoung can joke sometimes too, but it isn’t a good reason to leave RFA. What would she do without you there?
> Now she started to understand. That happened with some families and in some countries. But she was depressed it could happen with you. She didn’t even say how she feels about you.
> Talks to your parents about that not being the right time. And how you could stay with her and help her with the coffee shop. Then befriend your parents and tell them the truth later. Success.


> Jihyun wasn’t hoping everything could be solved so fast. And that he would fall in love again. With a pretty lady like you. Even think about making the surgery. 

> The first time you saw him look really sad, surprised and confused at the same time. Why would you do it? Everything was solved and you could help more people from now on. 

> V tried his best to not punch something. His happiness would go far away from him again? Then he didn’t want to fall in love. It would be better if all that hadn’t happen. 

> Jumin was angry with him and scolded Jihyun like if he was a 7 years old child. It made him notice that there was hope. He still could try to change your parents’ mind about it. 


> Even if he said rude things sometimes, Saeran made sure you knew how important you are to him. He was grateful and wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. 

> At first, he was okay with it. It wasn’t a problem. You could still help them and live with him and Saeyoung. Right? 

> Now Saeran was angry. Maybe he screamed with you? Yeah. Some things were knew to him and you had to explain everything. With calm and answering him. 

> Saeran wanted to solve that problem. That day. He just went to talk with your parents, without telling you. Saeyoung went with him too or Saeran would say what he shouldn’t. 

No daughter of mine should ever be in a position to be able to write BY GRAND CENTRAL STATION I SAT DOWN AND WEPT, exquisite prose though it might contain. BY GRAND CENTRAL STATION I TORE OFF HIS BALLS would be more like it, I should hope".
—  Angela Carter, in a letter to a friend, on why she was joining the board of Virago.