smart electric drive

It may well be the Beetle of the new millenium.  While the Smart Fortwo debuted at the Paris Auto Show in 1998, it has gone through several minor and not so minor changes, and the 3rd generation Smart Electric Drive which launched in the US this summer, is pretty much perfect.  While street legal golf carts are all the rage from Emerald bay to Manhattan Beach, the constant battery tinkering, lack of doors and airbags left me cold.  Thanks to attractive incentives from Mercedes, and spiffs from the gov’t, the Smart can be leased for under $140/month-which makes it significantly cheaper and safer to own than a golf course retrofit.  

Combine that with free parking in a lot of places, free charging in almost as many, a Yakima rack and an 11'0" Chris Christenson Glider,  and you’re pretty much all set.

Free parking for your session, “charging” while you’re in the line up=GMS