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     Aria JUMPS out of her skin the second her phone beeps, the motion nearly ingrained. Until she sees Spencer’s name – then all that’s left is her racing heart, for more than just one reason this time around.

[ sms: spence 😍 ] what
[ sms: spence 😍 ] um… no one??
[ sms: spence 😍 ] or it was supposed to be no one, anyway
[ sms: spence 😍 ] if they don’t show up all over school tomorrow a la you know who
[ sms: spence 😍 ] but maybe delete them just in case???

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It was as though all his nervousness had been transferred across the table. Your entire body is on fire but, only this time, not from his gaze. You know he is giving you all the power, and you hate it. If you deny him, Aria will probably hate you for the rest of your life. You just can’t trust yourself around her father. “Is not as easy as it sounds, Taron.”

Summary: You and Taron have been divorced for four years, but your daughter’s desire to spend a week with the two of you brings up a number of unresolved issues. 

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Sort: Pretty Little Liars (take 2)

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I did this last sorting spree but then I saw an anon ask about why I sorted them into the houses that I did so I though I would add in some reasons.

Spencer- Slytherin Before I go into why I sorted her into Slytherin I would first like to explain why I did not place her into Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw seems to be a house that a lot of people place Spencer into. It’s true Spencer is intelligent and she can be witty but from what I’ve seen her Ravenclaw traits come from a Slytherin place. Let me explain, she percusses knowledge and all around excellence because it is what her family expects of her rather than she has an innate love for learning. She is ambition, driven and most definitely resourceful.  You see throughout the show that she will ‘use any means to achieve’ her ‘ends’ which(being from the sorting hat song is clearly a Slytherin trait. I would also like to point out that I know that the actors and actresses who play roles tend to have an understanding of the character that is almost as deep as the authors since you cannot play a character you do not understand well and Troian Bellisario(the actress who plays Spencer) once tweeted something that said just how Slytherin Spencer is further conforming my belief that she is a Slytherin just with Ravenclaw traits.
Hanna- Hufflepuff Just like with Spencer I am first going to address the other house that Hanna is commonly sorted into, Gryffindor. Just like Spencer with her intelligence there is no denying that Hanna can be brave, but look at where that bravery comes from. Hanna’s bravery reminds me of the sort of bravery that Hufflepuff’s have. Think of Cedric putting his name into the cup of Hufflepuff’s that stayed for the battle of Hogwarts, that bravery came out of a place of loyalty and duty rather than sheer nerve. An this is how I interpret Hanna’s bravery. And sure she is brave but her more defining trait, I think anyway, is her loyalty. Her fierce loyalty to her mother, to her friends and Caleb. Like when everyone was saying that Lucas was A and Hanna wouldn’t hear it because her loyalties are to him as well as her other friends. A lot of what causes Hanna problems more so in the later series are to do with her loyalty. She wants to be loyalty to everyone which isn’t possible and tends to shut people down the most when she feels her loyalties have been abused which I think is more Hufflepuff. Just remember that just because a person can be brave it don not make them a Gryffindor any person from any house can show bravery in the right situation and it takes more than that to have the bravery of a Gryffindor just as it takes more than a little intelligence to be a Ravenclaw and ambition or loyalty to be a Hufflepuff or Slytherin.  
Emily- Gryffindor I was having a conversation with my friend about this and she said that she didn’t think that Emily could be a Gryffindor because she wasn’t openly gay from the start. I disagree with this. True Emily wasn’t open about being gay from the beginning but from what I saw that was more to do with acceptance of herself than letting her fear control her. Throughout the seasons you really see Emily develop, in season one she was sort of under her parents control to an extent and as she develops you really see her bravery grow and whenever she is tested on it, no matter how scared she is, she always comes out fighting. I don’t want to give any spoilers so I won’t give specific examples of when she over came her fears but I will say to anyone on season one who may think that she is more of a Hufflepuff just wait for her character to develop because then you really see her Gryffindor traits shine through. And to people who are fully caught up or close enough just think about all of the obsticals that she overcame and how bravely she did it. Thus Gryffindor.
Aria- Ravenclaw I realise that Ravenclaw may not be the house that Aria is normally sorted into but I truly think she is one and here’s why. First Aria was probably the hardest to sort but I do feel that Ravenclaw is the most suited for her. Aria is smart and values learning but that is maybe not as dominant in her as it would be a in stereotypical Ravenclaw. She is however highly creative which is just another form of intelligence that doesn’t come from you typical book learning. Aria is a writer, a good student and a bit of an invertor which are all things that are very Ravenclaw. I’ve also seen her sorted into Slytherin a few times and I suppose I can see why. But I think that she only really show Slytherin traits when defending her relationship with Ezra. And I’m not saying that just because that comes out of a place of love it doesn’t count but that seems to be the only time she really shows it. In other words they are not her dominant personality traits. I’ve also seen her sorted in Gryffindor. I don’t think that she is a coward and if it is really needed she can be brave but it doesn’t really come naturally to her. Again I don’t want to put any spoilers here so I won’t give examples.
Allison- Slytherin I feel like if you doubt that Alison is a Slytherin we are watching different shows. She’s a pretty unhealthy Slytherin granted but a Slytherin none the less.
Toby- Slytherin Toby is hard to sort. He is smart but doesn’t have the Ravenclaw love of knowledge. He is loyal but it’s not a defining trait and he can be brave but not all the time and not to the level of a Gryffindor I don’t think. So after eliminating these I was left with Slytherin which I had never really considered for him before but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. Just like Spencer he plays the game. He is driven, ambitions and determined which are in many ways what drives him even if it is not always shoved in your face that they are his motives.
Caleb- Gryffindor One of the easiest characters to sort. I think that Caleb embodies some of my favourite things about the house he is brave, daring, gallant and shows a lot of nerve and shows few of Gryffindor’s negative traits. Caleb had a rough past but he got through it by being brave and you see this all the way through his appearances on Pretty Little Liars and Ravenswood.
Paige- Hufflepuff Again this was easy and just like with Spencer Lindsey Shaw(the actress who plays her) placed her in this house. Paige is incredibly loyal and selfless. She is one of the hardest working characters on the show as you can see by her amazing swimming.
Mona- Slytherin Like with Alison she is an unhealthy Slytherin but the traits of a Slytherin are what drives her. I Mona is a character that truly shows all of the Slytherin traits she just doesn’t use them for good.
Ezra- Slytherin Ezra, believe it or not, is a character that really develops through the show and as it goes on you really see that he is a true Slytherin(and no am I not saying that he is A don’t read into that) it’s just that the better you get to know him and his story it becomes clear that he is Slytherin.
Jenna- Slytherin-Just like Mona and Alison she is an unhealthy Slytherin(this show seems to show few healthy ones) but she is an obvious Slytherin.
Mike- Gryffindor Mike is brave. He fights through his genetic depression and lashes out and defends people like a Gryffindor. He has a temper and when he does lash out it tends to be violently, which isn’t just a Gryffindor tendency but from what I’ve seen it tends to be more of a Gryffindor trait then any other house.
Mellissa- Slytherin Mellissa is a through and through Slytherin. She is driven by ambition and is certainly cunning. She works like a Slytherin, thinks like a Slytherin and defends the people that she loves in a classic Slytherin way even if they can’t always see that that is what she's doing.
Ella- Ravenclaw Ella is creative, inventive and values knowledge and with these(as well as being a good mother) are her main motives and traits she definitely a Ravenclaw.
Ashley- Gryffindor She is courageous and stubborn and this leads her to have a huge amount of emotional endurance. Her courage is really what drives her and enabled her to get through everything and be such a good mother to Hanna.  
Byron- Ravenclaw Hard call between Ravenclaw and Slytherin for him because of the Meredith thing but that was just one time that he was more sneaky and just being sneaky once does not qualify him as a Slytherin. I placed him in Ravenclaw in the end because as a Professor he has donated his professional life to learning.
Jason- Hufflepuff Hard to sort and even harder explain. Jason is very loyal to his family which is mostly what you see him for in the show thus Hufflepuff. No matter how much he fight with Alison he does love her even though he turns her in but that was more out of a sense of duty and what is right and loyalty to Spencer then anything else.  

PLL 6X02 Songs of Innocence: First Impressions & Thoughts + What’s Up with Aria’s Dress? + Something Big going on with Hanna + Loving this Ali! + Oh Andrew I Feel for You + Many More Things Wrong with Aria + Does Kenneth Really Know about Charles?

hey guys , so tonights ep was absolutely my fave! imm just list a couple things that stuck out to me and basically my first impressions:p

1. Lorenzo…. i couldn’t believe he was on PLL if anyone is familiar with the tv show Single Ladies, then you’ll know him from that show, interestingly he played  a gay character on that show, now its looking like him and ali are building some kind of budding friendship..maybe relationship? so far loving his character, finally someone who doesn’t know ali (please mar dont turn this guy shady), i think this is very good for ali, to see her in a different way with someone she doesn’t know, and show us this side of ali that we haven’t seen.

2. I’m definitely getting those toby shady vibes again dammit! its this look he gives that he would always give back in season 1 when he was hella shady, and it seems like the creep factor just keeps popping up with toby. I still cant trust this guy. We all saw that intense exchange with him and ali, i know toby might still have some grudges against ali , but i honestly think theres more between these 2 that we dont know about. I really don’t believe toby showed up THAT NIGHT just to thank ali for freeing him from jenna. Toby and that night still don’t add up to me.

3. SOMETHING IS GOING ON WITH HANNA, out of all the girls it really seems like hanna may have been tortured the most ,as to why? i have no clue but something big is going on with hanna, and i always had this sense about hanna knowing way too much, i think she knows alot of things that she keeps to herself, A might know about this.

4. Now we see the girls dealing/using their coping mechanisms in their own way, but this was interesting to me, and i think it was meant to show us some vulnerabilities with the girls, and maybe some new sides we haven’t seen before.

5. I DONT THINK ARIA WAS TAKING HER MEDS I found it a little brow raising when aria talked about the meds the docs gave her, and place emphasis on the meds in particular for being  “anxious” why those meds? its interesting they gave her these, makes me wonder if this is a staple pill she has been prescribed before. LIKE DAUGHTER LIKE FATHER? not only do we know byron is impulsive and anxious but now we can confirm aria is the same. We’ve seen this anxious behavior before in past seasons. In tonights ep, she was anxious all over the place, she lied right in front of us. (yeah like she hasn’t before, but this time was different,we saw how impulsively easy it is for aria to lie on a dime, & how it comes naturally to her, we know shes been doing this since she was little girl lieing to her parents (as mike said) constantly , and being good at it, it almost makes me want to place jessica as her mother, someone who has no problem making their children lie, seems like aria had the same treatment hmm)

6. HAS ARIA NOT LEARNED BY NOW ok this really bugged me about aria, and jsut makes her more suspicious as to why she wants to force the belief to herself and to everyone that andrew is A that he is the one. She was the only one so certain about this , while everyone else was a bit skeptical, because they should all know by now that A sets up people to be A. It’s like aria is overly doing it , while everyone else is pretty calm and not really wanting to point the finger at andrew completely. 

7. STOP MEN? ok what was up with aria’s dress? now we know her clothing can be described as sending messages to us, and alot of the time they can reflect on her mood, she wears stuff to match her mood etc. I read STOP MEN on the dress, i think thats what it said, so what could that mean? Again, its strange behavior from aria , does she have something against men in general in her life? does it start with byron? we know byron has expressed not protecting aria in the past and we know the unhealthy relationship they have with keeping secrets. its not the first time she has 100% been settled on who A is and quickly wants to place blame on people without evidence. Thats anxious impulsive behavior that can be dangerous, also we’ve seen unstable behavior when she grabbed maggies box, trashed ezras place, blowing a rape whistle at ali, instantly believing ali attacked her and that she’s A etc. Let’s not forget , aria had an actual patient file. I really think theres alot going on with aria mentally, the way she handles situations, copes, reacts, hmm something is off.

8. When aria has a flashback, she seems very in control of her feelings compared to the other girls, not much expression on her face. Shes handling this alot easier than the rest of the girls, she jetted to the police station to blame andrew, aria seems to be trying to control things. I really dont believe her excuses as to why she impulsively went down to the station & told that lie, she talks about parts of her brain doing this and that, just like she talked about her face doing this and that and not agreeing with her etc. This all seems strange about aria,she sure can control things but can she control herself? is her mental state not ok?

9. SO DOES KENNETH REALLY KNOW ABOUT CHARLES DILAURENTIS? now what if he doesn’t know? we know jessica was keeping secrets from him about the the yellow dresses , making ali believe the lies, jessica was constantly lieing to kennneth, he probably doesnt even know about half the things jessica was doing behind his back. can anyone explain the 2 yellow dresses and the 2 campbell farm boys? Lets not forget, spencer came to the conclusion, came to the name CHARLES, spencer can still be wrong here, and marlene has no choice but to support spencers findings to us viewers. This door could still open to being something else imo.

10. i felt so bad for andrew! i was pissed toby tried to beat him up, like i understand maybe he really thinks andrew IS THE GUY, but even toby should know by now how A works, does any of these people not get how A works by now? -_-

11. i also felt bad for emily, i felt bad for everyone except aria, yeah sorry but nothing she did made me feel any remorse, i was too distracted by her trying to blame andrew and wondering what that dress was about, honestly, everyone had genuine pain and troubles you can see it , but i didn’t get that with aria…again -_-

12. Last thought on aria, I think i can officially say i dont trust SPARIA i do not trust aria around spencer, i do not like that aria called spencer over and bam spencer has access to those pills, i never been a fan of team sparia, it doesn’t seem like a good match, i feel spencer is weak and less smart around aria, i really feel aria treats spencer like a puppet, and influences spencers decisions, that end up going nowhere, dead ends etc. maybe its just me. I wouldnt be surprised if aria picked spencer to be tortured IF that what the ”sorry” was about -_-

13. Imagine how crazy it is for the girls to be tortured that? to have to choose. Knowing who they choose says alot, and this was probably the plan to get them to separated once its revealed who they chose. It may or may not go that way, but it seems like thats where were headed.

ok thats all i got for my first impressions and thoughts, i was happy to see the mothers again tonight! hope you guys enjoyed the ep! :p

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did anyone else notice this bizarre shot in 6x03? 

Aria is looking through what seems to be a (craft room?) and there on the chalkboard is a measurement for cushions and if you look below it hem 4 dresses

4 dresses

4 girls

the Dilaurentes have money, I’m pretty sure Alison didn’t need dresses hemmed unless they were being custom made from scratch 

As in to fit people of diff proportions, 

4 diff people in the dollhouse…. who had dresses that just happened to fit them all perfectly….

Also there’s paintbrushes and dress patterns here that AriA the Artsy one is going through………..

why show the note about “4 dresses” if you’re not going to use that somehow, why not just leave the cushion measurement…

Another thought too this doesn’t even faze Aria she doesn’t even look at the writing on the board…..almost like she’d seen it before….why show Aria finding this and why for the second time now they’ve pointed out how smart Aria is, not to mention she takes photos…shes perceptive..she noticed the little things others miss…hidden secrets…. .

Not to mention Aria goes from being convinced Andrew is A to practically throwing herself at his feet apologizing,

is it just me or doesn’t their argument seem a little bit “staged” their gazes with each other are very intense…very focused almost as if forcing emotions…acting? and in this scene Aria is suddenly the new leader of the pack as they approach Andrew? Andrew specifically telling aria he was out looking for her and then suddenly adding i didn’t believe what people said about you..or your friends and aria later then follows with he was set up….we all were?  (WTF ARIA?)

we go from aria being so angry at Andrew and wanting him in jail to her being worried about him and in the same episode seeing her try to remember something about the doll….maybe from the twin story? Alison never specifically said the twins had blonde hair…..


In “Songs of Experience” (6x03) there were quite a few #AriaMoments that were very suspicious to me. First we have Ezra encouraging Aria to WRTIE again for the second consecutive episode. Why are they so strongly referencing Aria’s writing again now? Maybe Aria is “The Writer” as I have said many times before. I would LOVE to read all the “intense journals” of hers and see what secrets are really hiding in there.

Next we see a little bit more of Aria’s photography as she is hanging out at The Brew… There are photos of all kinds of strAnge things…the typewriter, camera, the train, buildings, a photo taken of a building OUTSIDE of a fence…a photo taken of a chair and desk from OUTSIDE the window almost as if she was spying, a photo in a hallway with an “exit” sign, photos of her bedroom. Interestingly, one that seems to zoom in on her “Yellow Wallpaper” which I have previously written a theory about…and one photo that really seemed to resonate with Aria was one in her room of the porcelain doll. Something about all these photos is just odd. These seem more like photos that -A would be taking.

Throughout most of the episode Aria is still eager to find evidence to incriminate Andrew. Was she in some way afraid of what Andrew might reveal? Maybe she should have been. Veronica Hastings did say, “Appearently, when they questioned Andrew he said a few things about you and the other girls…How you all tricked him into helping you?” But, WHO was Andrew MOST mad at? ARIA! Andrew was furious when he yelled at her, “because, I was trying to help YOU.” Did Aria ask for his help? Did she trick him? Andrew did seem to speak very openly and candidly in what seemed to be cryptic -A talk WITH Aria when they were spending all that time together. Remember that one time when Andrew said to Aria, “For such a petite girl, you bring a lot of chaos.”

The funny thing is as soon as Aria finds out that Andrew has actually been released from jail she is suddenly HAPPY to see him, and attempts to plea for his forgiveness and potentially regain his favor.

Also for the second consecutive episode in a row someone has let Aria know just how “smart” she is when Alison says to her, “You’re smart Aria, I would have never thought to look in the button jar.”

One of the final scenes with Aria we see her taking photographs outside through her window in her bedroom. She then turns to the MIRROR and photographs herself which was so eerie. Aria and her mirrors. Pretty Little Liars writer, Norman Buckley posted a photo recently on Twitter of Aria gazing into a mirror with her camera in her hand and this quote: “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” –Friedrich Nietzsche. Which may be a clue that Aria has some kind of mental illness. Or that maybe she has allowed herself to become a monster?

After Aria takes her selfie in the mirror she turns to the same doll that seems to stir up some kind of emotion or memory and takes what appears to be an identical photo as we seen her look at earlier. Weird…

SOMETHING is just not right about this little LiAr.

Below I will post links to more theories that could be connected to Aria's strange behavior we seen tonight.

Aria and the “Yellow Wallpaper” Theory:

Aria and the Mirror/MPD Theory:

You can find more clues pointing to Aria as “The Writer" in my theory here: 

Check out Spencer’s Coffee Blog for an interesting Fan Theory about Aria in SONGS OF EXPERIENCE:


Okay so literally we know that Aria has a TON of insanely accurate reasons and evidence piled up to her being A. Several different theories that could all be backed up and true. I believe them.

I believe that there is a team that is AGAINST A.

We have seen Paige and Caleb join forces to protect the girls from A. We have seen Mona put together an army before (whose purpose of existence is still fuzzy.) We have also seen Lucas, and Jenna, and Shana, and almost everyone look sketchy in this show. There have been theories about a “AGAINST A” TEAM on the loose. We have even seen a detective and Melissa(who has claimed to be protecting Spencer since it started) join together to push Aria off the train.

I believe there is a new person who knows about Aria being A, and after watching this episode, MY MONEY IS ON ANDREW. He has said some pretty sketchy stuff to her in these past few episodes.
Last we saw of him, he was crushing on Spencer and now all of a sudden he is fascinated with Aria? Makes NO sense.

Also not making a lot of sense, Mike and his connection.
We know from his confession to Aria about The Mona Thing (great nickname in my opinion since we can’t trust all the stories we hear) that he KNOWS ABOUT A. Now he doesn’t know who A is, OR DOES HE? If his story isn’t entirely true(which I believe it is not) then why is he so emotional while he is telling Aria? I think he knows Aria is A and he isn’t coping with it, because he doesn’t want to believe she is capable of that. Also, if you believe the Aria MPD theory, we could make a case that Mike feels bad that Aria doesn’t even know herself, that she is A and is doing all these terrible things. If I found out my sister was not only capable of these things but because of a disorder, doesn’t realize it herself, I would emotional and I wouldn’t know how to cope. I would also be angry with her(which we have seem from Mike.)
We also know how Aria tends to react and how all hell breaks loose for her when one of her family members is involved with anything. She literally looses herself every time. She never wants to accept that her family could have anything to do with anything. And now that her baby bro is dipping his toes in all that Rosewood has to offer, we see her slowly coming undone. We also know she doesn’t want involve the girls in these things until she has resolved them or already dealt with them herself. When she does clue them in, we never hear everything that she told them or didn’t tell them.

All of these things have me believing that there is a group of people trying to sabotage A the best way they know how, making her distracted with her family being in “trouble/danger” . From this episode we see she never told the girls that A tried to “kill” Mike. Maybe that’s why the writers wrote in another “Aria kiss” with Andrew. She had a few seconds to think and she started crying then BOOM a kiss to throw off her trAin of thought(which is funny considering she almost got thrown off a train.) They aren’t clueless to that being a weak, drug out, over told storyline. THEY DID WRITE THIS CRAZY SHOW. The writers are very smart. And they know Aria is only EASILY distracted by two things ALWAYS, her family and love. Why not kill the mockinggirl with the two stones that hit the hardest?

IF IVE LEFT HOLES PLEASE LET ME KNOW. If I made a mistake in my evidence let me know. This is the first time I’ve ever made up my own little theory.

Wren is A , AriA and EzrA are a part of the gAme.

So this is a very long theory but I hope it’s worth it… the theory is all of my little thoughts scrunched up into one. Some of the below contains spoilers which may happen in season 6 so please read at your own risk.

Meaning of the name Aria: Intelligence of an eagle in Teutonic. Everyone always comment on how smart Aria is, how intelligent and sly she can be. So I looked at the symbolic meaning of an eagle and here is what I found:

Some symbolic Eagle Meanings include, control, dominance, freedom, command authority, determination, power, vision, ruler, inspiration, protection. All of these could relate back to Aria. Some Native wisdom also honours the eagle for their opportunistic ways. It is not that they are skilled hunters, but they go about gaining their needs in ways that are most efficient. This is a lesson for conserving resources, work smarter not harder. This could again be related to Aria, a lot of people comment on how smart she is and she definitely knows when an opportunity arises.  She is smart and she can be very manipulative and a good liar… like all good hunters. Some Native American refers to the eagle as an earthly incarnation of the great Thunderbird spirt. Legend further states that lightning bolts shoot from the eyes of the eagle. This would make sense as to why Aria wears lightning bolt shirts.  

Meaning of the name Wren for a boy: Ruler in Welsh. I also looked up the symbolic meaning of a wren. The wren is considered a most sacred bird, it is known to be the king of all birds. This could suggest that Wren is above Aria. A wren is known to be cunning, this would explain as to why Wren is so sneaky, it would also explain (spoiler alert) how he has pulled off to be a fake doctor all of this time. it is also said that a wren’s nest is protected by lightning. PROTECTED BY LIGHTNING… so Wren is protected by Aria after all they are of the same species (birds and Montgomerys). It is known that whoever tried to steal wren’s eggs or baby wrens would find their house struck by lightning. This again could be referring to Aria protecting Wren and when someone gets close to figuring out who he is, she strikes. For example, when the cavanaugh house blew up…The wren symbolised wisdom and divinity. Wren often comes up with inspirational quotes as if he is full of wisdom. It is known to be difficult to actually see a wren. This could hint at how he has been able to keep his identity hush hush for so long yet also be out in the open for everyone to see him.

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Meaning of the name Charles: Strong, Warrior, free man in German. Charles became very popular in France during the Middle Ages due to the fame of Charles the Great, aka Charlemagne. Why did the magician choose Aria to go in the box? Was she a face he knew?

Meaning of the name Ezra: help, helper in Hebrew. According to the Bible, Ezra led a group of fifteen hundred Israelites out of slavery in Babylon and back to Jerusalem. Could Ezra have been incharge of the A minions? There is also the poetry connection to Ezra Pound – in addition to young Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein. Ezra Cornell was a founder of Western Union and co-founder of the university that bears his name and Ezra Jack Keats is a popular children’s book author-illustrator. This would explain as to why Ezra is connected to poetry, English, teaching and writing.

Ok so here we go…

Aria went to Iceland for a year to visit her uncle scott. Her uncle scott is supposedly (spoiler alert) wrens adoptive father (from the season six spoilers we know that Charles was sent to live with another family when he was young) this has been hinted at in many episodes for example, in 3x02 Wren confides in Hanna that his father was schizophrenic and that he traded his family in for the chaos inside of his head. He stated that he checked out his life when he was 10. This may not have been in terms of death but in terms of checking in to an institution much like Radley. His example of ambiguous loss was when a relative slips into dementia, they are gone but still here. This may be the reason as to why the Montgomery family visit Iceland for a whole year. (It may also be related to the line of one of the liars in 1x02 ‘yeah she’s gone but she’s everywhere’) Her uncle scott was not only schizophrenic but also had dementia, uncle Scott’s family needed the support and so did her uncle Scott. This may be backed up by what Byron said in 3x02 “My parents gave Scott space, and you know what happened to him.” He lost control of his own mind. Wren grew up within the same household as Scott this could be the reason as to why Wren tried to become a doctor. It is suggested that Wren isn’t actually a real doctor, this would make a lot of sense seen as though he is unable to spell simple words such as Diagnosis.

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How are Wren and Charles connected/the same person? Well as pointed out above Wren has an adoptive father and Charles was sent to live with another family when he was young (we know he would’ve been young as he said Scott checked out of his life when he was 10 and Jason rarely remembers Charles/Charlie). Also after watching recent episodes of season 6 it is made aware that Charles was sent away young. Another reason as to how they may be the same person; Wren volunteered in Radley, who would do that other than Aria? He was drawn to Radley I’m assuming that he had been there before, maybe when he was younger? He seems to know the place real well, he knew where to find the childrens ward etc. Another reason as to why Wren may be so drawn to Radley is because it is an institution for those who are mentally unwell. Either he wants to help these people, control them or even just reminisce on the days he could have possibly spent there. Whilst talking about Radley I just want to add that it is possible that Aria spent time in there too. Wren and Charles would be the same age, we know A aka Charles aka Wren is old enough (21 or over) to buy alcohol and the prom which the girls went to in the dollhouse was the prom of Melissa’s and Jason’s which suggests that Charles is the same age as them. After watching recent episodes we found out that Charles is actually a little older than Jason. Jessica in the video only spoke to one of the boys when saying ‘say goodbye to your little sister’ that little sister being Alison (the boys would have been around 5/6 depending on their birthdays so the age gap would work). I somehow feel that Charles holds this memory so close to him because this is when Charles/wren said goodbye to his younger sister, the last time he saw her maybe because he was either being taken into Radley or possibly being put up for adoption. Why was he with the DiLaurentis family? Why is Alison his little sister? Well after looking on pll wiki it is stated that Alison and Charles are related (half-brother) this could suggest that he is Jason’s non identical twin. This means that his father would be Mr Hastings (maybe the reason as to why Spencer felt like she knew him when she saw Charles in the vault, another reason to this may also be because she was quite close to Wren) if you ask me I personally think that Spencer and Wren as well as Melissa have similar traits/looks. After watching recent episodes it is known that Charles is Jason’s half brother meaning Mr D is Charles’ dad. This may be the reason as to why as soon as Wren arrived into Rosewood he went straight to the Hastings, he wanted to feel and know how it would be to belong in that family, like how Jason was apart of that family. If he was involved in this new family, he would no longer be tied to Mr D, maybe he wanted to be apart of the Hastings because he watched Mr H with the girls and Jason when he was younger, realised how good he was at being a dad, maybe Mr Hastings made Charles feel comfortable, maybe he made Charles feel loved. Because that’s all Wren seems to want… To belong in a family, to be loved. The best way to do it? Engage Melissa and become comfortable with Spencer. I believe that Spencer was more of his target than Melissa was, he always seemed more interested in spencer, maybe because she was friends with Alison? I feel that it was possibly Mr DiLaurentis who sent Charles away, this may be the reason as to why Mr D stated there is no Charles in this family, he knows he sent him off to live with the Montgomery’s. As Wren figured this out, it may be the reason as to why he signs in and out on dental records as C Cavanaugh, he doesn’t want to be a DiLaurentis so he took his mother’s maiden name. After watching the new 6x03 I can now confirm that it was Mr DiLaurentis who sent Charles/Charlie away.

Now back to Aria, Ezra and Wren, supposedly Wren was in Iceland the year which the Montgomery family visited. If so, there is without a doubt that the two know each other, why would they keep that a secret? Why would they not want the other girls to know? Also in 1x01 Ezra states that he spent some time in Reykjavik, maybe visiting Wren? Reasons as to why I think Wren, Aria and Ezra are working together.

Throughout the seasons, there have been many hints suggesting that Aria has something to do with all of his A business. Marlene always hints at Aria, her clothing, her personal items or personal items which belong to her boyfriend e.g. Pigtunia, typewriter. There have been too many hints for Aria to not be involved for example, the pig in Wilden’s police car, the pigs on Hanna’s cupcakes which A made her eat. Who knew Hanna loved eating? Aria, one of her best friends who grew up with Hanna. Now the typewriter, there have been many threats made to the girls in typewriter form… hello, wake up, Ezra has a typewriter in his apartment where Aria is left alone a lot of the time. Can we not also miss out all of her clothing which completely gives away everything, from the black swan masquerade dress to the Varjack cat blazer… it all screams she has something to do with all of this. Maybe those lightning bolts that were on Aria’s top was a sign that they were going to get an electric fence in season 6… maybe she was giving the girls a heads up.

A wants to protect Aria, in 3x19 we see two A’s playing spin the bottle, the bottle lands on Aria, the other A changes the bottle so it is pointing towards Spencer. If that isn’t protecting Aria I don’t know what is. Aside from this she also never seems to be hurt as much as the others, Aria has done many bad things such as; kissing Jason when being in a relationship with Ezra, shooting Shauna etc. and none of this was spilled by A. a lot of people think this is Ezra however, I feel Ezra is more of the side guy and not actually A. I feel like Ezra did all the research on the girls because he was on the inside through Aria and possibly funds some of the costing as his family is quite rich. This would make sense as the meaning of his name in Hebrew is helper. I feel that Wren wanted Ezra in on the plan because the girls would trust him, he was their English teacher as well as Aria’s boyfriend and currently Emily’s boss, he was also previously involved with Alison so he would be the perfect man for the job. If this was to be true then it would make sense as to why Ezra understands Aria so well and why he truly loves her, they are the same. It would also make sense as to why Aria forgave Ezra so quickly about the research he had found, she understood that he needed to do this for Wren but she was angry at the fact he wanted to turn it into a book, so she burnt it in order to stop him from doing this, to not only protect herself but also her family - WREN. 

In the dollhouse, Aria didn’t seem to have anything happen to her. She didn’t scream when she walked into her room and she waited for the girls to go into theirs first as if she knew what was about to happen, as if she wanted to hear their reactions. Also if I heard my friends scream like that I would not want to enter my room but it was as if she knew nothing was going to happen to her. Another reason is that none of the girls’ photo frames in their rooms had images in however Aria’s did. There was that one image of the mannequins which was also shown in Charles’ vault, the photo was in a loving family freaky frame which highlighted the importance of family to Aria and Charles/Wren. When she told the liars to torch the vault, she looked directly into the camera as if she knew who was on the other side, she knew that it would really hurt him, there were many times when Aria looked into the camera just a little too much. Like she was giving signals or trying to communicate with the person on the other side. lets not forget this GIF… our families as in the girls’ families or Aria’s and A’s?

In 5x04 Aria was talking to Harvey D about a fence installation. My first thought was wow the dollhouse was surrounded by a fence… coincidence I think not. Then after realising the sender of the email Harvey D… Sara Harvey, CharlesDiLaurentis!!! Could this have been a code name to not spark any speculations? The email reads ‘I would like to go over the materials options available for the fence project we have been discussing’ were the three discussing what kind of fence they should go for? Whilst talking about the fence, the song which was played in 5x25 ‘Don’t fence me in’ included some powerful lyrics, one lyric which really captured my eye was ‘’Till I see the mountains rise’… the meaning of the family name Montgomery is mountain. Possibly referring to the Montgomery’s (Wren and Aria) rising, having more power than the others. 

Can we talk about Aria and Mona’s relationship… it’s a weird one. They seem way too close and comfortable with each other. I thought Hanna was Mona’s bff not Aria. Haven’t Aria and Mona always had a little feud going on or was it the fact they were working together and Aria didn’t want that spilling out. When they were in the dollhouse they were the ones holding each other and Mona even gave Aria a compliment she directly told Aria that she could get through this and to cover up how weird that was she said they all could. They know a lot more than they are letting on. Their strange relationship doesn’t just start in season 5 either, it went way back. Remember when Mona called Aria Big A? Was that a hint or was it just an inside joke they had. Maybe Aria was big A then, maybe she was covering on behalf of Wren/Charles or maybe she was the big A of all the A minions. There was always someone higher than Aria… Wren/Charles, but she was the only one who knew that.

Another reason, in 6x02 Aria was so quick to put the blame on Andrew because I think she knows who A is. She was trying to protect someone, she even went as far as to lie to the police but then again it wouldn’t be the first time. Aria is usually such a really good liar, everyone has commented on this… maybe this time she wasn’t because she was worried about them actually finding A and she wouldn’t want that. She was panicking, trying to cover something up so badly that it just sounded like total bull. In 6x03 we saw Aria try to apologise to Andrew… come on Aria, you can’t expect him to be kind to you after you tried to pin it all on him. Andrew was clearly set up… maybe by Charles/Wren, Ezra? After all he was making a move on his one true love Aria.

After watching the recent episodes, I have decided that Aria has been getting a lot more threats than the other girls. I think this may be a way of A/Wren/Charles telling her to get her shit together, if not she will be found out and leaked to the other girls. The doll witht he two heads may represent how two faced Aria is, afterall if she is helping A she is playing two roles. The knife in the eye could suggest that she should be aware of what she is doing and that if she doesn’t do as the plan states or as she is told she will be punished.

There is also a spoiler which suggests that Aria and Alison are connected more than we think. They are connected through Wren Kingston/Charles DiLaurentis. This would make sense as Aria will see Wren as part of her family, she will look at him as a cousin and we now know that Alison is Charles’ sister for definite.


Many may many theories.

Charlie - It derives, of course, from the classic name Charles which, in turn, comes from a German word meaning “free man.” He is free from Mr D, the one who disliked him, the one who took him away from his family and possibly put him into Radley or up for adoption. He is now a free man to get revenge.

SARA. Who is she? She is definitely not who she says she is… the painting in her dollhouse room leads me to believe that she is actually Bethany and that she escaped from Radley that night however from watching todays episode, I want to believe that she is Wren’s (not Charles’) sister. It was when she commented on her family, on how she hoped her dad would come back and be different but he never was which made me think your dad is mentally ill, he would come back from the institution but then he would have to return because nothing had changed. He was still mentally ill. Or maybe she is Bethany Young and Wren visited her in Radley. All part of the plan… Sara Harvey could be a fake name to cover her tracks. The Indian meaning of the name Sara is soul. ‘A does have a soul’ was this a hint? A has a certain Sara helping him out. Harvey also has a specific meaning. From the Breton given name Haerviu, which meant “battle worthy”, from haer “battle” and viu “worthy”. This was the name of a 6th-century Breton hermit who is the patron saint of the blind. One of the PLL producers also posted a photo of a candle prop which they didn’t use. The prop was the Saint Alice Candle, Saint Alice is the patron saint of the blind and paralyzed… now we know Bethany used to live with Jenna after we saw the box which said Bethany and Jenna’s room. Could Bethany/Sara be protecting Jenna? My other theory about Sara is that she is somehow related to Spencer, I find it strange that there initials are the same and that in the meaning of Harvey, the battle of Hastings was mentioned. She is somehow tied to the Hastings. After watching Sara very closely I have definitely come to the conclusion that I do not like Sara Harvey what so ever. She is just so god damn sneaky. Her strong need to shower every time she finds out a little more information. Her tattoo which resembled the bird cage tippy lived in. When Emily was trying to find Sara’s chip Sara turned around and kisses Emily BECAUSE SHE DOES’NT HAVE A CHIP. BECAUSE SHE IS WORKING WITH A. 

Speaking of A, I think there was more than one A. It would make sense as to why A is everywhere because A is more than one person. There is the ruler, Wren but then there is the protector (Aria) the soul of this whole plan (Sara) and the helper (Ezra). The mentioning of A being more than one person can be seen on various A text messages and the way which the 3 different people sign them. Also, Ezra has access to funds as well as his typewriter. There is

A#1 - - A

A#2 – A

A#3 Kisses – A

I personally believe that Kisses – A is Aria, due to the hint which Marlene gave to us about the kisses shirt. Although there was 3 A’s in the beginning I think they eliminated it down to two (Sara and Wren) and then eventually just Wren/Charles. 

B and C, I always thought that Ezra was just making a sarcy joke but perhaps he was actually talking about Sara (Bethany) and Charles (Wren). A at this moment in time could have been Mona. 

In the 6x04 preview it says that Charles is dead. Charles is dead… but Wren isnt. Charles goes by a new name now, he is the same person but he changed his identity, the reason as to why Charles (Wren) has brown hair, most boys who are blonde young often tend to have dark hair when they are older anyway but their accent doesn’t tend to change. Wren’s English accent, seems to be fake to me.

I know it all seems a little mish mash but I just scribbled my thoughts down on a piece of paper and then I tried to make it make sense.