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I don’t confess to my crush. I WAIT.  When I have someone that i like i’d be like,

kicking butt.

I like Hasebe-san because he keeps talking and talking and what i need to do is just listen then mock him.”

I ignore him even he’s yelling right in front of my face

He’s so passionate and full-on and i’m like, no thanks

BUHAHAHA i was laughing the whole time


Re-watching smapxsmap videos and I just had to post this because SMAP and their version of Shinsengumi’s ‘Makoto’ flag is hilarious www XD

This is an SP episode in which every members asked one question to test whether 'Do you really watch me properly?’. Since Shingo acted as Kondou Isami in NHK’s Shinsengumi he asked the members to draw Shinsengumi’s flag.

Kimura Takuya Perfect.“Sorry, I really love Shinsengumi” was what he said (YAY sasuga! Nakama da! XD)

Nakai drew some self made logo. LOL obviously he knew nothing about Shinsengumi www XD

Tsuyopon’s sketch is quite decent but he included an Adidas like logo because according to him 'I think there’s something here (like a logo)’ XD; Else the makoto is correct XD

Gorogoro wrote a kanji for 'election’. HAHAHHAHAHA. 


昨日の放送日まで内緒にてましたけど、うちの弟がスマスマSPに出ました笑 My lil bro appeared on the most famous Japanese tv program yesterday #wnyc #smapsmap #smap #スマスマ #名古屋 #大須 (W N.Y.C)

@ladygaga you surprise me with your outfits everyday. You surprise me with every act of kindness you commit and I think it’s one of the best traits about you. You’re a kind and loving human being who loves her friends,family, and most importantly her fans. Thank you for being you💗💗💗💗💗💗💗😊! #gaga #ladygaga #smapsmap #artpop #littlemonsterforever #mothermonster #myinspiration💗💗💗💗😊


First part of the Lady Gaga interview on SMAPxSMAP 6th January 2014

(Video is frozen in the beginning, don’t worry, becomes normal)