i was fucking around with this tablet i got, trying to figure out what did what and accidentally doodled lewis b/c he’s really simple but i actually really like his?? 

by my level of art skill, this is some mona lisa shit

Magic School - Ch. 1

Note: So, this is my first ever fanfic… I assure you that it’s going to be shit, since my cat is walking over my keyboard. :3 Enjoy xD Oh, and it’s STLW, duuuuh.
Also note: There is gonna be a Mia here. I am Mia and I have the guts to include myself there.
 This is not STLW still, but you wait. I am working on it! <3

The start of a new day. Martyn, the Sapling King was just waking up and had to go to school. Well, he didn’t wake up by himself, Toby woke him up. Toby was Martyn’s best friend. 
  -Good morning-Toby smiled at his friend and helped him get up in a sitting position- Come on! There is a new student today! I heard she is the Queen!-he squeaked and pulled Martyn along when he got dressed.
 Toby was right! There was a new student coming today. She was also a spirit, like everyone else! Everyone was on their chairs when the three teachers came in: Zoey, Rythian and Duncan. 
-Good morning class. Well, looks like the Sapling King is here. What an honor -he smiled, welcoming the King- Well, today we are welcoming a new student! Please come in- as Rythian said that, a slim girl with peach-blonde hair and aqua eyes came in. She smiled as everyone gasped. 
 -Um.. Teacher? Isn’t this the the Sapling Queen who was gone for a long time?- a black-haired girl raised her hand.
 -Yes, miss Dream. Her name is Mia and she is the Queen as you said- Rythian nodded and gestured Mia to sit next to the King on the front seat. 
-Now class, we are going to go out today. You all are going to introduce yourselves to the Queen and tell her what your powers are- Zoey announced and gestured everyone to follow her. Mia walked next to Ryhtian and Duncan, her big brother and her cousin. Everyone got out and stood next to each-other in a row. Mia stood in front of them and smiled. 
 -Well, I guess it starts from me. Hi, I’m Sparkles. I am an Alpha spirit, and my most favorite power is the music one- a ginger boy said.
 -Now, okay, I forgot to mention, show the Queen what powers you have or in this case, the one you like most- Duncan said. Sparkles nodded. Little black and white sparks started forming on the tip of his fingers and he shot them in the air, forming musical notes and music actually playing. 
 -Okay, me next. Hello there, my name is Kaeyi Dream. I am also an Alpha spirit and the powers I’ve developed most are the Nightmare-Dream powers- and with that said, little light blue sparks formed on her left hand and dark purple on her right hand. She shot them at the ground and summoned Nightmare and Dream dog. After seconds, they disappeared. Suddenly, two boys came running towards them. One of them had brown hair, the other had blonde hair. Mia’s eyes widened and she ran to them and hugged them both. 
 -Lewis, Henry! Oh my god! You made it!-she squeaked and continued hugging them.