So as promised, the list of attendees today

Okay but friends I really want to see snowpiercer and I checked a movie site and it said coming soon? As in, 2014 it will be in cinemas somewhere in Oz? So i wanna go see it on the big screen, who wants to come. (as long as it’s not somewhere fucking ridiculous, like hours away, but it should be in syd, yes?)

And by who wants to come, I mean I am least forcing the Syd crew to come. Like, I don’t even care, you’re coming.

smallworldsyndrome  asked:

You like Abarat.
My love for you just intensified by about 300 billion.

abarat was my second harry potter coming tbh

i wrote tons of fic and doodled shit and basically abarat is very much an essence of my self because it’s wacky and delightful and bursting with creativity and ughhh WHY HAS NO ONE HEARD OF THIS SERIES what is wrong with you all

Okay so snowpiercer IS playing somewhere in Sydney, (newtown, where the fuck is that i have no idea) and you guys have to tell me when you’re free so we can organise this because you are all coming i am excited are you excited omg, losing my fucking shit.