From Lois to Lois

This just in-TERI HATCHER, THE LOIS LANE OF THE 90s IS TO PLAY LOIS’ MOM IN SMALLVILLE :) I was hoping for this, and now that it’s true I can’t even omg!

OFFICIAL NEWS from fancast:

Hatcher, a star of ‘Desperate Housewives,’ sure, but for our purposes also the female lead of ABC’s ‘Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman‘ series, has been tapped to guest-star on ‘Smallvile’s 10th and final season as Lois Lane’s mother, a Warner Bros. TV rep confirms. The casting was first reported by

Though Ella Lane long ago passed on, Lois (played by Erica Durance) will be afforded the chance to “see” her mother when a trove of old videotapes is uncovered in the season’s eighth episode, which is titled “Abandoned.” And based on one actress’ audition tape for the role of Ella (not Hatcher’s) that has been circulating, the mother-daughter scenes promise to deliver serious waterworks on both ends of the TV screen.

Interestingly, Lois’ mom will “appear” the week after her father, the General (played by Michael Ironside), and sister Lucy (‘Mad Men’s Peyton List) make their own returns in the episode “Ambush.”

The CW’s ‘Smallville’ premieres its final season this Friday at 8/7c.