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What Kind Of Chairman Is Bruce Wayne?

*Disclaimer: I am by no means a Batman expert, just an occasional fan; sorry for any errors. I know I probably put way too much thought into this but I couldn’t help myself.

The bf meerkatultra and I were discussing the cost of living in Gotham City the other day and he thought the cost of living would be very low since it’s such a grimy city but I don’t concur. 

Gotham City is overpopulated, unstable, and home to either the very wealthy or the very poor. I think there are only two(?) suburbs. It’s a society that is riddled with corruption and has come to accept the evils of organized crime and violence in order to survive and lead better lives. All of these conditions have lead me to believe that the cost of living is probably very high. Especially given all the random acts of violence in addition to the organized. It just shows the huge income inequality between the haves and the have nots. The larger the disparity, the more unstable everything becomes. And that’s just because humanity is so diverse yet we can’t live outside of ourselves and are constrained to our own minds/perceptions of the world. 


Which is why I believe Bruce Wayne is going about saving his city the wrong way. Gotham doesn’t need a vigilante - another person committing more violence. Batman is a band-aid for the bigger issue - he’s not actually changing anything - he’s just playing whack-a-mole. 

Gotham needs a policymaker and a philanthropist; someone who has the means to make a difference, i.e. Bruce Wayne. He could influence so much more change as Bruce Wayne, the chairman of a multi-million(billion?) dollar company. I know he finds his Harvey Dents and sponsors them but obviously that isn’t working out too well…I mean, look at what happened to Harvey. Wayne obviously feels like he’s responsible for helping his city otherwise he’d be bankrolling Batman instead of being him. 

I just really want to know how Bruce Wayne runs Wayne Enterprises. Is he outsourcing? Are most employees full-time or part-time? What are their benefits like? What’s their compensation like? Do their incomes increase with the rate of inflation? How many residents of Gotham City are in his employ? You know his company has access to all sorts of resources (he owns practically everything!), so where are they? Because a high cost of living is partially caused by a lack of resources - which is also probably why so many Batman villains try to gain power over the population using the water supply. 

It’s clear to me that Bruce Wayne’s preference to help Gotham as Batman instead of as Bruce Wayne is a selfish/mentally unstable decision. He’s definitely a product of Gotham because the city’s corruption is sustained because of fear and Bruce Wayne holds onto Batman out of of his own fear…Similar to how Oliver Queen holds onto Green Arrow because of his time on Lian Yu. They literally wear their fears. It’s quite unhealthy and maybe if he sought professional help for it, Gotham would be better off because he’d have the ability to function normally in the world and be a better chairman and actually enact the change he wants. Anyway, enough of that tangent. 

I just have so many questions about how Batman is running his company. I NEED TO KNOW. What kind of owner is he really though? Does he even think about these things? Any thoughts??? neil-gaiman

On another tangent, I just found out that Wayne Enterprises bought The Daily Planet after Lex Luthor. So, if Smallville had stayed on longer, Batman would have been introduced and I’m dying just a little right now because I miss my favorite show and I really want to see Bruce Wayne as Clark Kent’s boss. Lois Lane would totally have kicked Batman’s butt.

After a two and a half year journey, the Smallville Season 11 comic series concludes today. It is worth a read whether you want to know what happens after the Smallville TV series finale or you want to read an alternative Superman comic compared to the New 52. The comic series is availiable as digital comic, comic book or paperback on Comixology, Amazon or your local comic book store.

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