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In this continuity…
As a result of a nuclear chain reaction caused by the planet’s unstable radioactive core, Krypton was destined to be destroyed.
The only kryptonian who forsaw this event, was the planet’s leading scientist, Jor-El. But he wasn’t able to convince his colleagues in time to save all inhabitants.
Shortly before the explosion, his wife Lara is the first woman in centuries to give natural birth, to a baby boy… Kal-El.
His brother, Zor-El, and his wife Allura, alredy had an infant daughter, born months prior… Kara Zor-El.
Zor-El believed in his brother, and helped him build escape pods to save the family.
However, doom approached sooner than they expected, and only Kal-El and Kara were able to escape.
The pods would take them to Earth, where the intense yellow sun and the lower gravity, would give them superhuman powers.

Kal-El arrives in Smallville, Kansas, and is discovered by a farmer, Jonathan, and his wife, Martha. They adopt him, and name him: Clark Kent.
Meanwhile, Kara ends up in New York, and is discovered by a policeman, Fred, and his wife, a lawyer, Sylvia, who adopt her and name her: Karen Starr.
Clark was Jonathan and Martha’s only son, but Karen had a pair of elder stepsiblings.

While Clark grew timid, insecure and struggling to control his powers, Karen was outgoing, extroverted and had an easier time keeping her abilities in line.
The two were told by their families about their arrival to Earth, but none of them knew about their pasts.

Clark spent his time with his best friend, Lana Lang, a tomboyish girl with a strong character, with whom Clark shared all his secrets. The two rescued and adopted a dog, that they jokingly named Krypto.
Karen was a social butterfly, and had numerous best friends, specially since things weren’t easy at home. Her parents had a conflictual relationship, and her stepsiblings weren’t around. The only one she could really count on, was her pet cat, Streaky.

When Karen turns 11 years old, the superhero The Arcane takes her as his apprentice, and she moves to the ISA.
Two years later, Goldsky Ent. finally locate Clark, and he too becomes The Arcane’s pupil.
The two teenagers dislike each other at first, and compete for their mentor’s attention.
Finally sharing stories about their families, their hometowns and the truth of how they arrived to Earth, plus, noticing similarities in their abilities, the two decide to investigate about their origins.
They reach the Artic and, using the ‘keys’ from their escape pods, they build the Fortress of Solitude, where they learn about their kryptonian roots.
Acknowledging that they are cousins, the two become closer than ever, and decide to fight crime, together.
When they return, they find out that their mentor has mysteriously died.
For a short time, they are mentored by Wonder Woman, until they turn 17 years old, and take on the indentities of… SUPERBOY and SUPERGIRL.

They join the Teen Titans, until three years later, when Kal-El leaves to the newborn Justice League, taking the mantle of  SUPERMAN; while Kara switches to a smaller team, formed by her, Wonder Girl I and Batgirl.
When Kara turns 27, she changes to the persona of POWERGIRL, and joins her cousin in the Justice League.
Superman and Powergirl are also mentors in Superhero High, located in Star City .


Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice- Keyframes

The first movie from Warner Brothers to showcase the connected DC comic cinematic universe, BvS brings the two titular heros to blows 18 months after the events of Man of Steel. Superman, in the time since then, has become a figure of controversy, and Batman/Bruce Wayne sees him as a threat to humanity. Superman sees Batman as the same, and the two are manipulated by Lex Luthor, who eventually gives rise to the supervillian Doomsday. 


Top Ten Smallville Kisses | #6 Chloe and Davis in Abyss

Anyone who knows me would not be surprised to see this on my list. I’m a huge Chloe/Davis shipper and this moment when he kisses her, I just fangirl so much. He’s done everything to protect her and be a good friend but inside he loves her, and he knows she loves him back. But until now he’s waited because of Jimmy. She kisses him back, and even though she pulls away for Jimmy, she still kissed him back. You can say what you want about them, but I know they were in love.