smallville 2


Time moves on.


Smallville 10.04  // Supergirl 2.01

Clark: Lois, I’ve been trying to hold on to things that used to protect me. This farm, my parents. I’ve known we should be moving to Metropolis for a while now. I guess, I was afraid that I’ll lose myself if I let it all go.
Lois: Clark, I would never let that happen.
Clark: I’ve been worried that, if we didn’t have this place to come home to, then we’d lose each other. This place grounds us. But maybe that was just an excuse for me not to, not to move on. It’s not the place that makes the home.
Lois: Smallville is my home Clark. Not this one. This Smallville, right here. You are all I ever need.

Smallville 10x17 Kent


Just watched the finale of Smallville.
WOW. Just WOW.
This was one of the BEST shows I’ve EVER watched! I cried during almost the whole finale. I don’t really know what else to say and I’m still very very emotional because I can’t believe it’s really over like what am I supposed do with my life now? (I watched 3 seasons (8,9 and 10) in 6 days!
Really i don’t know what to say now. I thought that the last 3 seasons were the best. And I just loved everyone in this show (ok without Lana Lang).
I’m gonna go now and be sad and probably cry alone and maybe sometime when I can actually think straight I’ll write more about my thoughts about Smallville.

Oh and Clois is my new otp😝

My Top 10 EPIC Superhero OTPS Currently Destroying me:

1. Clark Kent & Lois Lane [SMALLVILLE/SUPERMAN]

2. Peter Parker & Mary-Jane Watson [SPIDERMAN]

3. Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak [ARROW]

4. Matt Murdock & Karen Page [DAREDEVIL]

5. Barry Allen & Iris West [THE FLASH]

6. Thor Odinson & Jane Foster [THOR]

7. Clint & Laura Barton [MARVEL’S AVENGERS SAGA]

8. Tony Stark & Pepper Potts [IRON MAN]

9. Wade Wilson & Vanessa Carlysle [DEADPOOL]

10. Bruce Banner & Betty Ross [THE INCREDIBLE HULK]