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In an interview today, Michael talked about the legacy of Smallville.

Michael: “I was very fortunate enough to be Lex Luthor on the show Smallville for 7 years….listen, these sort of shows with the fan, cult following….we’re so lucky. Because these kind of shows have conventions all over the world. And by the way, Smallville was the one that started it all. Now you’ve got The Flash, now you’ve got Arrow….we were the flagship in a lot of ways.”


RIP Jack Larson (February 8, 1928 - September 20, 2015)
      Larson is best known for playing Jimmy Olsen in the 1950s television show Adventures of Superman. He subsequently made appearances in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (”Brutal Youth”) and Superman Returns. He also joined Aaron Ashmore (Smallville), Marc McClure (Superman 1-4), and Sam Huntington (Superman Returns) for the Smallville: Season 7 DVD Featurette “Jimmy on Jimmy.”