Attention Grrrls & Grrrl Allies!

Sarah is coming all the way to the Buckeye State this weekend for a super rad camp-out!

We would l-o-v-e to make an educational vlog & answer some of your questions while we roast some marshmallows! (:

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Do you have any questions or topics you want covered in a video?

[Please submit all questions and topics by Sunday, 6 PM EST time]
"Cat Grrrls" Interview!

“Our feminist of the week is Alyson Lanning from Ohio. Alyson and her friend Sarah are the gals who run the successful Tumblr page, "Small Town Grrrls.” Small Town Grrrls will keep you up to date on the current news and issues at hand. There is also a lot of good information and resources on the page as well! As a rape survivor, Alyson uses her experience to reach out to other girls. Here is a short Q&A with Alyson…“

We are only 8 followers away from 500!

Thank you to everyone who has followed us in the last year since our start. Sarah and I are so glad that our message could reach each and everyone of you in some way!

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Small Town Grrrls was originally a co-owned, rant submission blog for teen-feminists stuck in rural areas of the United States.

Then I drove down to Columbus to the Ohio Against the War on Women rally and was asked for my autograph by a small group of our followers…

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That’s right: bloggers in the flesh.

Sarah and I started dreaming of going bigger: becoming a Tumblr feminist fave.

So naturally, “shameless self-promotions” were posted on our blogs, links were shared on any social-networking site we had an account on, and followers trickled in one-by-one…When suddenly an ask from a certain journalist arrived.

When we looked in our inbox and saw that Clew Bestow wanted to interview us, we had no idea we’d be featured on Daily Life, alongside Tavi Gevinson from Rookie! It’s safe to say that we freaked the fuck out.

Since our “debut” in the Australian news, Sarah and I have met IRL, discussed the blog’s future, and created a super-giggly, unprofessional vlog for you rioters! 

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Just a few weeks after our visit ended, Sarah was given the chance to…get ready for it…MEET TAVI on her Rookie Roadtrip visit to PA.

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We’ve made some updates to the blog recently for new feminists and veteran feminists alike. Feel free to come to us with any questions or concerns you may have and once again, thank you!

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- Alyson