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Name your 10 favorite characters from movies or TV series, then tag 10 friends.

I found this incredibly hard to do. At least the movie/TV series thing had many books dropping out, and that was good. But still. This is inevitably going to be a mess, this list. But here’s ten that came to mind. (Gah. I had to keep removing some where I realized my love was based on books - or fanfiction - and not the actual movie/TV series!)

(1) Sam Seaborn, The West Wing. He’s not the character I read the fic about–that would be Josh–but I find as I get older and WW gets farther away that Sam is one of the characters I quote the most, one of the characters who really stuck with me. I identify with him more and more, as a lawyer who fled lawdom myself, and as a writer. When Sam’s trying to really nail that happy birthday message? I love that episode. But perhaps my favorite Sam moment is when someone (CJ?) asks him who his favorite writer is and he says Toby. Awwwww! (Really, honestly, I could have picked anyone from this show’s first two seasons. Except for Mandy but does anyone ever really remember that Mandy was on this show? But I didn’t even *mention* Mrs. Landingham, or Ainsley, or Donna, or LEO, or Charlie, or THE PRESIDENT, or ABBEY, or LORD JOHN MARBURY OH MY GOD. I could fill up this entire list just with West Wing characters.)

(2) Rose Tyler, Doctor Who. I have such a love-hate relationship with the Doctor that I couldn’t put him down on this list. But my relationship with Rose remains just love. A lot of this is the magic of Billie Piper, I think, upon reflection, and that adorable tongue-biting smile thing she does. But Rose is braver than I would ever have been, but in a believable way that still made me identify with her. She was full of flaws, but I never got exasperated with her over them. And she gets stuck in a parallel universe and she finds her way home, by God. (I ignore, however, everything about JE. Including its existence in the world. What? Journey’s End? What’s that?)

(3) Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock. I was an ACD-canon fangirl before I was a Sherlock fangirl, and I always had a weakness for Holmes in the canon, but Sherlock in Sherlock has completely stolen my heart. I have a lot of issues with S3 (…a LOT of issues) but what I have zero issues with is the Sherlock we got in it: hurt and vulnerable and oh-so-devoted, and trying so madly to cover it all up. I *love* Sherlock Holmes. You know that scene in ASiB when Mycroft asks, “What might we deduce about his heart?” I’ll tell you what I deduce about his heart, Mycroft: It is bloody enormous and one great, big, throbbing wound for you to step on if he’s happened to give it to you but he will literally fight *to the death* if you’re the one he’s chosen. Gah. My heart breaks for his. 

(4) John Adams, 1776. If you have never seen “1776,” you need to go watch it immediately so you can understand how awesome John Adams is. If you have seen “1776,” then I have no need to explain this. 

(5) Tim Canterbury, The Office (UK). Tim’s supposed to be the person we identify with in the show, so it makes sense that I do. But it doesn’t lessen the fact that I adore him. Keeping his sense of humor in the face of really quite a lot of downtrodden-ness that goes on. 

(6) Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project. I am not exactly like Mindy Lahiri. But I identify with her a lot. And so she gets on this list. 

(7) Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock. I felt like Jack was kind of the tour de force character of this brilliant show. I mean, sure, there were a lot of really awesome characters on this show, but Jack was, for me, consistently the funniest and most devastating. (And the Jack/Liz friendship is one of my favorites ever written, as an aside.)

(8) April Ludgate, Parks & Recreation. Another show where there were a lot of characters I could have chosen but I’m going with April. 

(9) Paris Geller, Gilmore Girls. This may be blasphemy, but I was never a huge fan of Rory on Gilmore Girls. She was…too much for me. But I adored Paris. I want to know what Paris is up to today. In fact, I want an entire show all about Paris. Why don’t we have this show? I WANT IT RIGHT NOW. 

(10) Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl. Because Blair rocked. 

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