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Summary of Day Whatever this is

So today we started in Lafayette, CO and I spent a lot of time talking to my friend’s mother-in-law. We’ve known each other for a few years and it was great. My friend and her husband however, were long gone on a business trip. They left at 4:30AM.

Then we started driving. Colorado slowly became reminiscent of the North Dakota scenery, which if I’ve spoken with you since then, I’m sure I’ve told you it’s the most depressing scenery. Part of me is amazed by the flatness of the state, but the rest of me is bored to tears by the amount of corn and insects. Also that bird that dove in front of my car.

Then eventually we hit Kansas. Surprisingly, Kansas had the BEST rest stop I’ve ever seen. It was clean and big and filled with friendly staff and even had free coffee. I didn’t think that Kansas would register on my list of states that I liked, but it did. Also, as soon as I crossed the state line I started playing Carry On My Wayward Son and while [name redacted] was trying to nap. But there was no way that I could enter Kansas and not listen to Kansas. That’s preposterous.

Speaking of [name redacted], she has some massive amounts of work to do and like, I might have to drop her off in Ohio at the Republican National Convention soon. And if that happens, all ya’ll east coasters watch out, because that means I have some free time to visit ya’ll while she’s working. I can travel at pod7et’s stupid travel rate. I uhhh … met this German couple who is also road tripping and we both have traveled for 12+ hours/day only I managed to travel over 1000 miles and they haven’t. Uhhh … I swear I haven’t broken any land-speed records in my Prius. I mean, it’s a PRIUS!

So after Kansas, we went to Oklahoma, and then to Texas, and then back to Oklahoma and we stayed with this awesome couple on Oluskee, OK. If you ever are traveling, I’d recommend them. They re a great example of southern hospitality from New Yorkers. A+, would do again!

Tomorrow we are headed toward Arkansas (a phrase I never thought I’d utter, but I have a friend who lives there because her husband works at a local college). I can’t wait to see them again. It’s been years. And on the way I might get to have coffee with @formidablepassion which is EXTRA exciting!!!

I really want to write a fic (I think I might tbh) where Sam and Gabe live in Smalltown, USA. I’m talking population 4,000 or less, dirt-road and everyone-knows-everyone kind of living. And Gabriel’s one of those outskirt outcast kind of people, one trip into ‘town’ a week just for the basics and mostly keeping to himself. Using the guise of night to sneak into town and fix Ms. Mill’s broken window and leaving little pieces of himself behind with his hands and his heart. 

One day, Gabriel hears whispers (it’s how they communicate in town you know?) about a wide-eyed up-and-coming college graduate who just moved into town (Sam duh) and Gabriel doesn’t really think much of it. What’s another addition to the dust-coated town he called home? 

And he forgets about the newcomer until a wave of whispers comes hoovering above the isles at the supermarket. Something about how Sam helped little Ms. Harvelle by changing her tire and he even got a smile from her. And Gabriel’s like hmm good guy and goes about his daily life. 

Until the next wave. This time Sam had taken in stray cats someone left in a box on the side of the road on their way out of town. His arms are covered in scratches, they’d say and they’d shake their heads with a smile.Then it’s whispers about how Sam built little Timmy down the road a tree house because his parents had died the month before and he’d  needed a place to escape to without eyes to watch him grieve. It took days, but Sam didn’t seem to mind. Never mind the money he spent on the supplies. That Sam, he’s a crazy they’d say. And Gabe, well, color him intrigued. Though he never did seem to catch the man everyone had fallen in love with. Only the ripples he was creating. Only the way forever-grumpy Mr. Singer even had a smile when Gabe totally nonchalantly (not nonchalantly at all) brought up the topic while getting his car checked. 

So, Gabe listens and takes it all in and starts to look forward to the next time he goes into town to see what this man would do next.

And Sam, Sam’s on the opposite end. And he hears whispers too. Whispers about outcast Gabriel who lets the kids toilet paper his house and, legend says, joins them whenever he gets the chance. Who would want to clean all that up? they said. Gabriel who steals around in the night, fixing people’s broken windows and flickering lights so they feel safe in the town he loves. Gabriel who once, and only once, got good ol’ Bobby Singer to laugh out loud at a prank he pulled on the mayor involving the mayor’s car and a shit-ton of plastic wrap. Gabriel who always has a smile and a joke for anyone that needs it and a sarcastic jab for anyone who needs one of those too. Gabriel who doesn’t seem to know his town loves him just as much as he loves it.

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