smalltown usa

Just think about it though
If I was on Broadway right now doing a show I’d probably just be getting home to my apartment
Feet tired from dance choreography
Right hand tired from signing playbills
Mic tape stuck behind my ear
Hairs from my wig and sequins from one of my quick change costumes on my arms
Scrolling through my tumblr tag to see how people like me
Getting fanmail from kids who live in Smalltown, USA
Show-themed cookies from Scmackery’s
Tweeting other Broadway actors
Hoping the show will last at least another season
Noticing the bootlegger in the mezzanine, row AB seat 6
But not saying anything
Because there’s probably a kid living in Jacksonville, Florida
Who’s been waiting on this bootleg for months

That would be the life

....Take Me Back To When

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Pairing: Kirk x reader

Warnings: motherhood? Is that a warning? Lots of nostalgia

Words: 2749

A/N: Took me way longer than I intended, but here’s part 2 of “I Was Younger Then….” Thanks for sticking around and being mostly patient with me while life got in the way of pretty much everything. 

I’d love to hear any and all feedback you want to give me!! 

Part One is here if you missed it!

“I Was Younger Then….”

She groaned as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. Squinting at the alarm clock, she could barely make out the numbers that told her it was far earlier than she would have liked to be up. She felt the cold sheets beside her, and sighed as she remembered that she was still alone. She stretched, turning down the noise on the baby monitor as she grabbed her robe off the chair and pulled it tight around herself. She padded down the hall to her daughter’s nursery. Picking up the baby, she rocked her, whispering comforts as she headed to the kitchen to heat up formula. Shaking her head, she noted the dinner that had been left out was untouched. Her husband hadn’t come home last night as promised. Biting back disappointment, her mind wandered into a sudden memory of years ago.

She was eight years old. She and James had pulled yet another dumb prank on his brother, and they were pressed together tightly in a closet, each of them fighting to get to the keyhole and watch everything go down. “Shhh!” She giggled, and James turned to her, shooting her a glare. She clamped her hand down over her mouth to stifle the noise and he grinned at her. The two of them had become inseparable in the three years since they’d met, and she could tell that he was close to laughing himself. A set of footsteps had them both going silent, and he took the crack in the door so she could watch through the keyhole.

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What I’ve Learned From A Hellish Month of Christmas TV Movies

The quiet and subtle look behind Steve Guttenberg’s eyes says exactly what i’m thinking: Kill Me.

Because for the past month, without really thinking about it, without really meaning to, I have absorbed a nightmarish amount of Christmas Movies. “Watch” is too strong a word - I’m not such a sadist that i’d sit down to purposefully watch these movies, rather, they’ve been a grey background noise, the sort of, off-colour grimy sludge to the Major Studio-released Christmas film’s full and even blanket of boring snow. 

I don’t actively watch a lot of TV as it goes out, but the TV is always on. If i’m going to purposefully watch something, it’ll be on demand and sometimes on DVD, and yet I can’t imagine being in my house without the TV on, seething quietly in the corner. And I put it on just so it can seethe, just because you have to have something to look at and hear besides your own boring thoughts (and if you can’t tell from the mere fact that i’m writing this piece - I AM boring). And I like having something stupid and escapist on in the background - that’s how i’ve seen movies like Speed and Independence Day so much - because they’re always on, they’re familiar, they never demand your attention and they’re suitable background chatter (or in the case of those movies, background screaming and explosions).

So when Christmas rolls around (or, October in the case of terrifyingly eager channels), instead of scrolling fruitlessly for something to scream into the ether while I write (or eat, or sit, or exist), it’s easier to just throw on the free-to-air movie channel True Movies, which a full month before Halloween turns into True Christmas. Hate watching is my life blood; I think i’ve probably spent a good 50% of my film watching on poor films - The Room, The Toxic Avenger and Troll 2 all rank as some of my genuine favourite films. And, because it’s hard to find something decent to watch with the limited options of Freesat (Oh Sky Movies, how you tempt me with your premium content and your 8 daily screenings of that terrifying Jim Carrey Christmas Carol), what my options really boil down to are either DIY Programmes, or a Christmas Movie that I can take the piss out. And the DIY shows don’t feature Steve Guttenberg playing a Santa Claus that teaches a child to play basketball, so it’s a no-brainer. There is the third option - the quitters option - which is to turn the TV off. Yeah fucking right.

And so I find myself absorbing these films by osmosis. Am I an active spectator? God, no. But, do the film’s main themes somehow worm into brain like a ghost parasite that I cannot track back to a source? Yes. Sickeningly, yes. Sometimes I will hum a theme and, confused, will feel like it’s been dumped into my head from nowhere. A divine little ditty materialising from nothingness. But then I remember it’s Dolly Parton’s song from Unlikely Angel (a movie in which she dies, and because Dolly Parton is clearly so very evil, she will be sent to hell unless she can do good deeds on earth as a christmas angel. Dolly Parton roasting in the fiery pits of hell because she slept with a few men is too upsetting an image to comprehend, and it’s weird that this family film posits it as a genuine option. Love you Dolly) and it’ll make me not want to live anymore. Am I watching these movies because i’m depressed, or am I depressed because i’m watching these movies? We might never know. But here is what I do know:

. George Wendt is in all of them. Yes, imdb tells me that Norm ‘Core’ Peterson himself has been in a whopping FIVE Christmas TV Movies - one of them being Larry The Cable Guy’s Christmas Spectacular - a show that sounds so primally unappealing that I’d need approximately as much beer as Norm consumes in one season of Cheers just to get through 10 minutes of it. So, even if you’ve played a beloved character on what is considered the greatest sitcom of all time, and even if you’re beloved yourself, your career will not escape the clutches of the Christmas TV Movie. For it is not just America’s most beloved Alcoholic who shows up in these things. I’ve seen multiple appearances from Shelley Long, John Ratzenberger and, ready yourselves for this, even Kelsey “The Hammer” Grammer on these channels. And this brings me to my next point:

. There are so many Christmas Carol adaptations - all terribly cast. 

Your eyes don’t deceive you. This is Frasier “The Blazer” Crane himself playing Ebeneezer Scrooge in the imaginatively titled musical adaptation of A Christmas Carol, A Christmas Carol: The Musical. Despite the fact that he is decades too young, the wrong nationality and the wrong build, shape and look, some producer somewhere clearly had watched an old Frasier (perhaps the one where Frasier is visited by 3 Ghosts and is taught to stop murdering people), shrugged and said “he’ll probably work for scale”. But the bad casting doesn’t stop there, because when Kelsey sings into the void, the void sings back in the form of:

If you ever wanted to see Frasier sing with the ghost of a victorian George Costanza then this is your lucky day. If you didn’t want this then I have to ask what your priorities are in life, weirdo. 

                             Kelsey reflects on his career choices

You don’t need me to tell you it’s a bad film, but i’m going to anyway: it’s a bad film, its biggest crime being that it is hopelessly fucking boring and nobody wants to hear Scrooge sing for two hours. The bad casting continues in the cleverly titled 1999 adaptation, A Christmas Carol, where somebody who somehow has the job of choosing who to put in which films chose lovely, lovely Patrick Stewart for Scrooge. 

Decidedly not old and disgusting looking, Patrick is handsome and, erm, bald, meaning he’s no physical match for Scrooge - and he’s also a perpetually delightful human being. He’s a good actor, but we love him too much to believe him, and Scrooge really didn’t have “Cute and Adored” as one of his primary characteristics. At this rate, the next adaptation is going to star Hugh Jackman as Scrooge and Keanu Reeves as Jacob Marley (I really want to hear Keanu say “Woe is me” in an English accent). Elsewhere, you have the TV Movies that put a clever and modern spin on the story by putting Tori Spelling in the title role which is something I suppose you could do. 

. Everything is filmed in LA and it all looks horrible. Remember the joke in Austin Powers where he’s driving through the ‘english countryside’ and it’s clearly the hills of California with a red phone box stuck on the corner? That’s what these movies feel like, except they’re all supposed to be Smalltown USA, where there definitely aren’t palm trees and it’s definitely not 90ºF. There’s something utterly depressing about seeing beads of sweat form on an actor’s temple as they wrap a scarf around their neck and make ‘Brr!’ sounds, desperately trying to ignore the Furious Hell Orb in the sky. Obviously it’s cheaper for these movies to film in LA, and….

. Boy, does the cheapness show! Aside from the bargain bin of “oh, them” actors (Gary Coleman! Tony Danza! Daniel Baldwin! That guy from a Friends episode!), there is a technical incompetence in most of these movies that is equal parts down to budget and equal parts down to HUMAN INCOMPETENCE. If you’re good, you can make a good movie on a micro budget, and even make your lo-fi mood work for you. But the glitzier these movies try to be, the more desperate they look, and some are so shoddily slapped together that they have sound problems (i’ve heard so much audio distortion this month) and line flubs kept in. Though, as unwatchable as they get, they all bow down to Santa Claus Vs The Devil, a 1959 film which I won’t spoil for you, but I will say deserves more than a passing look for being baffling, haunting nightmare fuel. 

. Nearly every film will feature a dog, and if not a dog, it’ll feature a bunny, and if it’s a bunny, then it shall be put into a pram and pushed down a hill. This is something that happens in the ingeniously titled The Christmas Bunny (also, it is law that every film shall be titled either The Christmas _____, or A ____ For Christmas), in which…well, i’ve given it away now, but a bunny is put into a pram by some boys and pushed down a snowy hill, a sentence I really enjoy typing. It is also played for high drama, and I can imagine it elicited a few sickened gasps in the 18 households across the UK that actually watch this channel. Pets are the easiest thing to hang your film on and if it’s a pet at Christmas? Even better. You don’t even have to try and connect the two. Just make a regular dog movie and have the dog fart on a christmas tree and then raise his eyebrows a bit. And - though it isn’t a christmas film, I must bring your attention the fact that there is a Marley & Me sequel called The Puppy Years, and the dogs fucking talk in it. It was a straight to DVD affair with, surprisingly, none of the original cast in it (although it’s probably one of those movies that features a still image from the first one in it so it can plaster OWEN WILSON IS IN THIS, SEEEEE!!! on the poster), and the family demographic cut down to the small, dumb child demographic.  When you get a movie that bad, they make you long to go even one wrung up the ladder of quality because…

. Anything is better than these movies. If you’re in the UK, I dare you to put Channel 5 on this weekend and sit through just one of these movies. I defy you to do it. Because after just half an hour, I promise that even the shittiest major studio turd will look appealing. I mean, when Deck The Halls aired recently, I breathed a sigh of relief and said “Thank God: Production Value”. Never mind that it’s an appalling, mean spirited, transphobic, tiresome garbage fire of a movie, I was just happy to see A Lister faces and sets that had actual money spent on them. I was thrilled to see 180º rule in tact. To hear songs that weren’t in the public domain. It’s still terrible, but at least it’s on-brand terrible. (So terrible in fact, that on an episode of the podcast How Did This Get Made, guest Andrea Savage claimed that a friend who’d been on set heard Matthew Broderick repeatedly claim “This is it. This is the lowest point”). 

For me, large studio releases like that are comfort food that end up making me sick, while the TV Movies are…what? A tin of expired tuna that has turned to dust; ephemera taking the vague form of something edible. These movies are tiring. They are exhausting. Everyone in them looks at the end of the longest day, and that day is their entire life. I mean, look at Norm for fucks sake

                                          “God almighty I miss Cliff” 

But, in a weird and lethargic act of self-punishment, I know i’ll keep these movies on, hoping that they’ll air the occasional big studio release like Christmas with the Kranks that I can loathe: but at least I can loathe it while being able to name several of the actors (even if one of them is Tim “The Bin” Allen). If I were an active, happy and responsible person, would I continue watching them? No. I’d be a person who behaves like a person. But i’m too far in now folks. Maybe tomorrow morning i’ll wake up and find it’s all been a dream and that it’s still September 30th, all these hours of Christmas TV Movies just a projection of how my future might pan out if I don’t change my ways. Or, it is really happening and i’ve still got another month of this shit.  


OH god it’s a CHRISTMAS EPISODE. our core four pairs have broken up, fp is about to die and it’s a CHRISTMAS EPISODE

mary booked a singles cruise so i guess they couldn’t get molly ringwald for more eps this season

yay my girl polly’s back for a presumably horrifying dream sequence

That Kubrick-esque centered shot of Hood!santa climbing over the couch back????? *kisses fingers like cartoon italian chef*

Cheryl still EXPECTS her mother to put out jason’s stocking and demands to know what such a tiny candycane is doing in their home because she is still GRIEVING but still SO MUCH . this is what the death of a twin looks like take fuckin note marvel

Also nana rose didn’t die in the fire? so that’s nice.

“86,000″ “what- dollars?” like the hospital in smalltown usa might charge people in pesos or forint- godbless you archie

“Kevin’s secret santa has a 20$ limit” “Kevin needs to chill” no, v, YOU need to chill. or rather don’t. because we love you so much.

“Havent you heard? we’re still friends!” “oh yeah. isnl’t everyone?” i love these girls almost as much as the lund and byerly’s checkout lady who never judges my wednesday night sale sushi runs

fp looks so thin without his jacket and warm vestiges i’m worried about him is he taking his vitamins eating his spinach if he has been surviving on hot pockets and beer since he got out i will be so cross with him

“BOY.” i’m DISTRAUGHT. fp and jughead are living together again and we’re finally getting to see what that looks like and it’s exactly as heartbreaking as we knew it would be

also fp wears his wallet with a stylish chain that goes from his pocket to his beltloop because it’s apparently 2008 in that trailer

“Couples massage…. thanks” “You can go with betty!” audience: YES PLEASE.

also who the fuck would do a couples massage with their highschool boyfriend- veronica lodge that’s who, but who ELSE.

archie didn’t spend any money on his gift and it is obviously the ebst one int he exchange and we love him



oh dear. mr. svenson. of course i love that betty and co. know the janitor at their school’s name. is that normal? i went to an enormous highschool- i barely knew my teacher’s names half the time. but i imagine it’s very sweet and very betty of her.

oh god jughead came to riverdale high for the gift exchange because he’s a good dude. a good dude.

his little SMILE when he feels how heavy it is is the most boyish he’s looked since the scene where we find out fp is his dad in the drive in episode and I’M NOT OKAY

veronica giving archie an expensive engraved watch is CLASS COMMENTARY and it is very good of archie to try to explain that to her calmly and without accusation or bitterness i don’t know if i would handle it that well cuz fun fact i once accused a guy of making me into Pygmalion because he tried to take me to a restaurant with multiple spoons

jughead wants to help but now sweetpea has replaced joaquin as the unreasonably beautiful surrogate son fp feels more comfortable putting in danger than his own kid help

what is the point of showing cheryl is interested in buying a tree? other than maybe she’s going to spend more than her mom can afford now??? or that she’s back at archie now that josie is weirded out by her possessive obsessive tendencies? not sure what the point of that was

nice reverse zoom/dolly into a dutch angle on this modest janitor house

the parole officer calls him “jughead” that is all

hermione and hiram being deliberately flirty in front of veronica after she and hermione had that talk about loving one’s partner

“Since when are you a communist *deliberate eyeroll at hiram*” i still can’t tell whether season 1!hermione or season 2!hermione is the act and i’m still RIVETED

okay it was to show she’s just spending a bunch of money to piss off penelope who coincidentally, is wearing a WINNER of an outfit rn damn son i have that but like- not as good cuz my black lace sheath is from target

not to take credit away from cheryl’s high quality cherry sweater

“you should have drowned them at birth like a basket of kittens” NANA ROSE. NANA FUCKIN ROSE. COMIN IN HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS.

i honestly don’t know if it’s ever stated if nana rose is penelope’s mom or clifford’s but judging purely on penelope’s eyeroll and non-verbal expression of “UGG. MOTHERRRRR” i’mma say her’s.

betty pulls her sweater over her hands when approaching her mother because how often did alice tug roughly at young!betty’s clothes to make sure she was PICTURE PERFECT at all times

we all knew that it was going to be a finger right we all knew

and of course she only tells archie because this is betty cooper we’re talking about

“would the sisters talk to us?” “pft- they better” betty’s gunna beat up a nun

also my first assumption is that the janitor’s sin is pointing out the wrong guy to the lynch mob??? could be wrong but it seems kinda odd that archie isn’t bringing up that part of the story

the lodges have the same “christmas classics” cd as my mom because of course they do

the fact that veronica finds the deed to pop’s and doesn’t react in shock or anger but sits back in her dad’s leather office chair and crosses her legs to think things over is CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT

jughead knows fp too well to apologize for thinking badly of him and the duffles and IT HURTS SO GOOD


oh god jughead is calling on the next gen serpents for help this isn’t going to end well, son

“take out penny” take out? TAKE OUT???? TAKE OUT?!?!?! JUGGIE. take a nap.

sweet pea and fangs are either the bestest of bros or engaged to be wedded i can’t decipher their eye communication exactly

the serpents are FACTIONING and this CANNOT end well


next gen serpents are going to fuck everything up and i can’t take jughead trying to do an intimidating under the brows stare seriously

we all think that nun is the drug dealer lady in the wheelchair right?


“the truth” THE LODGE TRUTH. HOOO BOY. *pours another drink*


i just pictured fp’s face if he saw this and did the most ridiculous puppy whine

“oh noooo. no girls allowed” NANA ROSE BLOSSOM. MY MAIN GIRL.

founding families. what did i say.

hefty sigh at barchie kiss. like- i’d be more into this if they actually built it and didn’t keep breaking up and putting everyone back together back and forth

oh cheryl saw- THAT i’m interested in

they’re not going to tell us the lodge truth because they’re bastards

penny didn’t show up for your pickup, did she?” “no…. no she didn’t.” JUGHEAD IS THE PARENT AND FP IS THE KID AND IT IS HORRIBLE AND PERVERSE AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH

“this life you tried to protect me from? i’m proud of it!” *WHALE NOISES* FP’S FACE. FP’S *FACE*. THIS IS THE LOOSE HENRIAD CRIME FAMILY AU I’VE BEEN HURTING FOR.

oh god there’s one black guy in the picture please don’t tell me our sweet angel pop was involved in this how old is pop he’s not old enough right tell me he had no part in this



oh god oh god oh god did sheriff keller shoot bh so he can’t talk oh god oh god oh god

this is too easy and we all know it i’m still pulling my multiple killers theory and i haven’t given up on shady!keller yet

weird sound editing trying to give studio quality to josie and kevin just jammin acapella outside a diner


YASSS JUGHEAD GETS HER A SIGNED FIRST EDITION OF BELOVED WHICH I HAVE BASICALLY BEEN WAITING FOR SINCE BETTY SAID SHE LOVES TONI MORRISON IN EPISODE ONE. well- not exactly this. but that IS one of my alltime favorite books and a huge influence on my own gothic writing so to see it referenced on this show is just GRAND

we all know it’s not over juggie, we all know.

Episode Scorecard:

Number of sick beat drop rhythmic editing moments: none

Episode hair MVP: Nana rose’s stripe was featured as a plot point and is always of the highest quality

Do I still miss Joaquin: yes

Episode outfit MVP: Penelope’s black lace sheath

Cast/Crew shoutout: There were some really solid cinematography moments, but I would have liked to see better editing? pacing was a bit rough.

Low Battery Blues

destiel fic; PG; 4k
Prompt: Imagine that person A decides to send person B a picture of themselves next to a funny statue/really weird stuffed animal/the world’s most beautiful chocolate cake/whatever else with the caption “im leaving you i found someone else” thinking person B would find it hilarious, except they send the caption before the picture and the signal is bad so person B doesn’t see the picture, just the caption, and they start crying.

A/N: This is for an anon prompt that I received. Special thanks go to Shannon and @totumd97 for beta reading

AO3 link

“Hurry up, Sammy, I’m starting to feel like a douche standing next to this guy,” Dean said as he struggled to keep his ridiculously cheesy pose.

“I’m trying to, Dean, but your phone keeps giving me a ‘battery low’ warning that gets in the way,” Sam grumbled. “Ah, wait. Okay…got it!”

Dean relaxed from his pose, stepping away from the large sculpture of Apollo and holding his hand out to get his cell phone back from Sam.

“Quick, I wanna send this picture to Cas before my battery dies.”

Sam handed the phone to him with a teasing smile on his face. “You know you two are really gross, right?”

Dean went into the messaging system he always used with Cas and started typing. “You know we only do that to annoy you, right? We’re not nearly as into PDA when you’re not around.”

He snickered at the offended look on Sam’s face at the bald-faced lie. They’d only been dating for a few months, and were still firmly in the ‘can’t keep my hands off you for more than a minute’ honeymoon period of their relationship.

Dean had met Cas in his second year psychology class, which was mandatory, even though Dean was an engineering student, and he was pretty sure cars didn’t need therapy. But he couldn’t begrudge having to take the class since it led him to Cas. Castiel Novak, theology major, youngest of five brothers and sisters, and – if you asked Dean – probably the primary reason the sun rose in the morning. Okay, he would never say that out loud, but he was head over heels for the guy and he was pretty sure the feeling was mutual.

They’d become friends after they were assigned a project together, discovering that they actually had some mutual friends such as Charlie Bradbury, CompSci major, and Kevin Tran, pre-med student. For a little while, they’d danced around each other, unsure about the other’s feelings. But with a little help from their mutual friends and Cas’s most infuriating brother Gabriel, who’d somehow all figured out that Dean and Cas liked each other even before they realized it themselves, they ended up being tricked into going a date. By the end of the evening, they were making out on Dean’s dorm room couch, and from that moment on they’d been inseparable.

This trip actually marked the first time they’d been apart from each other for more than a weekend, and Dean was experiencing Cas Withdrawal SyndromeTM already. But he’d promised Sam years ago that he would take him on a trip with just the two of them as a high school graduation present, and he was actually enjoying it a lot. Just Sam and him and his baby, spending three weeks together in the Midwest going from motel to motel and doing whatever they felt like doing.

Today was a good example of the total randomness of their activities. They’d been driving through a small town in Utah when Sam had noticed the Greco-Roman museum that was inexplicably situated between the town library and a flower shop. Sam had dragged Dean inside, and they’d soon discovered that the museum was basically a collection of replicas, which made sense. It wasn’t like a museum in Smalltown, USA would have actual genuine Greco-Roman artefacts lying around. Still, the replicas were of a fairly good quality, and Sam seemed happy enough, so Dean just let him have his fun.

But then he’d noticed the pièce de résistance of the entire collection - a large statue of a naked Apollo sporting an impressive set of abs – and a plan had immediately formed in his head. He hadn’t messaged or called Cas in the last two days and he was in a teasing mood.

And now, his plan was put into action.

Me: Hey, it’s been fun these past few months, but I’m leaving you. I’ve met someone who’s absolutely divine.

Just as Dean hit send, his screen started to dim, and the ‘battery low’ warning flashed on his screen. He had 1% left. He quickly hurried to attach the picture of him standing next to the sculpture to a follow-up message. A second after he hit send, his screen went black as his battery gave up the ghost.

Sure that the message had reached its destination, Dean pocketed his phone and went to stand behind Sam, who was admiring a decorative vase, ruffling his hair and earning a “Hey! Jerk,” as a result.

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Pompeii chapter 8


Sakura blinked awake in the scant, grey hours before dawn. She frowned, shaking her head as she tried to remember her dream. Something about whispering…

She sighed, knowing already that she wouldn’t be getting back to sleep today, even though her bed was extremely comfortable.

Tripping over herself, Sakura rose to her feet and started her day. She stuck bobby pins into her short hair haphazardly, pulling it back from her sleepy features.

She moved through the motions, brushing her teeth as she looked at the dim, grey sky outside. She opened the balcony door, allowing the bracing cold to awaken her.

“Right,” she said, spitting into the sink. She smacked her face, grabbed a roll, and pulled on her climbing boots.

It was time to explore the wilderness.

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What. The Actual. Fuck.

Fandom, this not how we fandom.

This is not how we treat each other. This is not how you treat people in general, but for goodness sakes not your own fandom.

Fandom is the fantastic immersion in a shared passion and love, expressed in writing or drawing or squee-tweets or wherever the inspiration takes you. This is your family, your community, your support systems for all your creative endeavors and your friends you can count on to be there in the wee hours of the day and late hours of the evening and smack-dab in the middle of the goddamned day because you know what is awesome about your fandom friends? They are everywhere, in all shapes and sizes, with life experiences and backgrounds and histories that can shatter offline realities in Smalltown, USA or ArrestYouForHomosexuality, Russia.

Your fandom community is inclusive, it is educational. It is all walks of life, all political views, all/no genders, all religions, all the things that give life color and character and the beauty of a rich world.

It is comfort and escape, it is solace and quiet. It is loud and rambunctious, and fandom is so terrifyingly powerful sometimes it’s almost awe-inspiring. It is laughter at ridiculous shit your friends say, it is tears for loss of fandom friends, and it’s coming together to support victims of natural disasters or someone who needs a safe place to live.  

Fandom is fucking amazing.  Fandom inspires people to write, it teaches people to draw, it takes pride in it’s awareness and drives conversation regarding race, health and disorders, cultural appropriation, and pretty much every ‘ism.  Hell, it even teaches people about sex, sexuality, gender and romance, personal acceptance and relationships in their own offline lives.

You know what fandom is not?

Fandom is not hate. Especially not hate on any of our community. It’s not disrespect for someone’s art, it is not anon-filled inboxes of tumblr wank, it is not bullying (whether it be fan or cast/crew/network, like what happened with eaddymays) and it sure as hell is not attacking an author over their works. 

Come on, fandom.  We are better than this.  We are better than this because we fucking write/read about the pain and consequences in our fanfic, we paint it in our fanart, and we talk about it in our meta and in our personal messages.  

The bullying has got to stop, in whatever shape or form.  There are people on the other side of that text and being an asshole - while I totally believe it is within your freedom to be an asshole - is not how the other person (who has never done a goddamned thing to you) deserves to be treated.

This is going to continue being a hate-free zone.  Debate and discussion?  Most welcome.  Encouraged, actually.  You don’t like a show or movie I do?  That’s okay and I invite the conversation to discuss why.  Besides, there are probably common interests we do share, which is brilliant and awesome in every way.

However, if you’re going to use your voice and freedom on the internet to be shitty to other people in your community?  I’m going to use my voice and freedom to express how being shitty to others is not who fandom is, what we are, or why we are here.  You are not supported in your actions, it is not condoned, and it is not tolerated.  

And if you are being targeted, say something to someone.  Please.  Say it to me, say it to your friends, say it to to everyone on Tumblr/Twitter/MySpace.  Don’t let it build til it drives you from fandom because fandom is no longer a safe space for you.  This is not who fandom is, and believe it when I say, you  are welcome, you are fantastic in whatever form you choose to participate, and you fucking belong. 

I really want to write a fic (I think I might tbh) where Sam and Gabe live in Smalltown, USA. I’m talking population 4,000 or less, dirt-road and everyone-knows-everyone kind of living. And Gabriel’s one of those outskirt outcast kind of people, one trip into ‘town’ a week just for the basics and mostly keeping to himself. Using the guise of night to sneak into town and fix Ms. Mill’s broken window and leaving little pieces of himself behind with his hands and his heart. 

One day, Gabriel hears whispers (it’s how they communicate in town you know?) about a wide-eyed up-and-coming college graduate who just moved into town (Sam duh) and Gabriel doesn’t really think much of it. What’s another addition to the dust-coated town he called home? 

And he forgets about the newcomer until a wave of whispers comes hoovering above the isles at the supermarket. Something about how Sam helped little Ms. Harvelle by changing her tire and he even got a smile from her. And Gabriel’s like hmm good guy and goes about his daily life. 

Until the next wave. This time Sam had taken in stray cats someone left in a box on the side of the road on their way out of town. His arms are covered in scratches, they’d say and they’d shake their heads with a smile.Then it’s whispers about how Sam built little Timmy down the road a tree house because his parents had died the month before and he’d  needed a place to escape to without eyes to watch him grieve. It took days, but Sam didn’t seem to mind. Never mind the money he spent on the supplies. That Sam, he’s a crazy they’d say. And Gabe, well, color him intrigued. Though he never did seem to catch the man everyone had fallen in love with. Only the ripples he was creating. Only the way forever-grumpy Mr. Singer even had a smile when Gabe totally nonchalantly (not nonchalantly at all) brought up the topic while getting his car checked. 

So, Gabe listens and takes it all in and starts to look forward to the next time he goes into town to see what this man would do next.

And Sam, Sam’s on the opposite end. And he hears whispers too. Whispers about outcast Gabriel who lets the kids toilet paper his house and, legend says, joins them whenever he gets the chance. Who would want to clean all that up? they said. Gabriel who steals around in the night, fixing people’s broken windows and flickering lights so they feel safe in the town he loves. Gabriel who once, and only once, got good ol’ Bobby Singer to laugh out loud at a prank he pulled on the mayor involving the mayor’s car and a shit-ton of plastic wrap. Gabriel who always has a smile and a joke for anyone that needs it and a sarcastic jab for anyone who needs one of those too. Gabriel who doesn’t seem to know his town loves him just as much as he loves it.

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Summary of Day Whatever this is

So today we started in Lafayette, CO and I spent a lot of time talking to my friend’s mother-in-law. We’ve known each other for a few years and it was great. My friend and her husband however, were long gone on a business trip. They left at 4:30AM.

Then we started driving. Colorado slowly became reminiscent of the North Dakota scenery, which if I’ve spoken with you since then, I’m sure I’ve told you it’s the most depressing scenery. Part of me is amazed by the flatness of the state, but the rest of me is bored to tears by the amount of corn and insects. Also that bird that dove in front of my car.

Then eventually we hit Kansas. Surprisingly, Kansas had the BEST rest stop I’ve ever seen. It was clean and big and filled with friendly staff and even had free coffee. I didn’t think that Kansas would register on my list of states that I liked, but it did. Also, as soon as I crossed the state line I started playing Carry On My Wayward Son and while [name redacted] was trying to nap. But there was no way that I could enter Kansas and not listen to Kansas. That’s preposterous.

Speaking of [name redacted], she has some massive amounts of work to do and like, I might have to drop her off in Ohio at the Republican National Convention soon. And if that happens, all ya’ll east coasters watch out, because that means I have some free time to visit ya’ll while she’s working. I can travel at pod7et’s stupid travel rate. I uhhh … met this German couple who is also road tripping and we both have traveled for 12+ hours/day only I managed to travel over 1000 miles and they haven’t. Uhhh … I swear I haven’t broken any land-speed records in my Prius. I mean, it’s a PRIUS!

So after Kansas, we went to Oklahoma, and then to Texas, and then back to Oklahoma and we stayed with this awesome couple on Oluskee, OK. If you ever are traveling, I’d recommend them. They re a great example of southern hospitality from New Yorkers. A+, would do again!

Tomorrow we are headed toward Arkansas (a phrase I never thought I’d utter, but I have a friend who lives there because her husband works at a local college). I can’t wait to see them again. It’s been years. And on the way I might get to have coffee with @formidablepassion which is EXTRA exciting!!!

sir, officer joe from smalltown usa might rescue puppies and donate to local charities, but as a whole the police institution is a disgrace to society