UK News - Gay marriage: Peers approve legislation

“Peers backed a government bill paving the way for gay couples to marry. It is set to become law by the end of the week, with the first weddings in 2014.”

I was a little late as seeing this the day after but about damn time. Its..not perfect as there are still issues with forcing Transgender people to divorce the very people they wish to marry again, but hey this has been a significant step towards acceptable equality and inclusion in the United Kingdom.

Stuart wants me to make a bet with him, so he has been trying to get me to shake his hand so it can be official. So when he walked me to class after lunch today, he gave me a hug, and then grabbed for my hands. I start laughing and squirming away and as I pulled my hands back, he came foward and gave me a kiss. And then ran away. It was adorbable :) There are 3 things standing in the way of me liking Stuart. I guess I’ll try to conquer them one at a time. But I’m just not ready yet. Small steps.

Goal met!

So, I just want to say that the goal I made about two weeks ago to lose 5 pounds and be 160 by the time I go to Florida was met! I’m feeling accomplished and happy I made this mini goal. I am going to enjoy vacation and try to just maintain my weight for the four days, then make a new small goal.

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