Ahoj, jmenuji se Natálie a jsem Tiny House z Jižní Caroliny. 

Další Tiny House v pořadí u nás na blogu se jmenuje Natalie a je “zaparkován” v městečku Asheville v jižní Carolíně. Další důkaz toho, že i v malém prostoru si můžeme vytvořit příjemné a komfortní bydlení bez hypoték, zbytečně aktivních sousedů a ranních probuzení v rytmu dlažebních kostek na ulici před domem. 


“(( my regression blog isn’t my main but it’s smallspace-soft-boy ))

these are some pictures I took from PEI!!!! the first one is a picture of the ocean when we were crossing the confederation bridge to PEI from Nova Scotia; the second picture is just like a random one I took on the bus; the third one is a bubblegum milkshake from Cows Ice Cream it was sooooo good!!!and the fourth and fifth ones are pictures of a double rainbow that happened when we we’re go karting!!!! it was so so pretty!! PEI was so much fun!!! all the Canadian teenietots who haven’t been must try to go!! lots of pretty things to look at!!

love, mitchy!!!

P.S sorry this post is so long!!!”

Oh my god, the pictures are so beautiful! It sounds so fun, I’m sure your day was so nice and I’m so happy for you! 

anonymous asked:

dada!!!!!! I jus wanted to tell you I love you a lot an I hope you had an amazing day!!!!!!! also I had a really good day too!!❤️❤️ love: Mitchy💟 (smallspace-soft-boy)

I love you too, baby! Thank you so much! How was your day? I’m happy it was good! <3

Probably the only time the coffee table is photo appropriate is during nap time.. This morning, little miss used this table to do some preschool fun and to play “school” with all her princess dolls! With nap time underway, it was the place to crack my ikea catalogue open with a fresh cup of coffee and try to get inspired to get the bedrooms organized! @lizmariegalvan #lmbloves #coffeetable #livingroom #farmhousestyle #smallspaces #ikeahack #summer by almafied

JOURNAL PRESENTATION… “The 1000 Journals Project started in America by an American Artist, Brian Singer in August, 2000. The project is an ongoing collaborative experiment attempting to follow 1000’s of journals through out their journeys. The Project has reached 40 countries through out the world and has reached every state in the US.” As a whole class we decided to follow the footsteps of this artist and create our own Journal Wall, by using our Summer Journals.