Ahoj, jmenuji se Natálie a jsem Tiny House z Jižní Caroliny. 

Další Tiny House v pořadí u nás na blogu se jmenuje Natalie a je “zaparkován” v městečku Asheville v jižní Carolíně. Další důkaz toho, že i v malém prostoru si můžeme vytvořit příjemné a komfortní bydlení bez hypoték, zbytečně aktivních sousedů a ranních probuzení v rytmu dlažebních kostek na ulici před domem. 

Space saving bunk beds

Unless you’re incredibly lucky space is always at a premium . Children’s bedrooms often have to double as playrooms, accommodate sleepovers and be stimulating and exciting spaces to grow up in .Up until now there’s been very little available in the form of bunk beds that would excite both the parents and the children- mainly poorly built pine furniture

Here are some very creative ways of utilising a child’s space to it’s best advantage Some would also work well as platform beds , freeing up more floor space for other activities .

These four beds take up very little floor space- we love the centre stairs

This would be great in a small hotel or stylish bed and breakfast

 These simple rustic bed platforms would work well singularly as well

Loads of storage incorporated in this unit

This really makes the most of a tiny narrow bedroom

Again , lots of great storage and two beds from a very small space


TASK 1… “Choose a site specific, ‘small space’ in a location of your choice. E.g. a bathroom cupboard, under your bed or in your garage. Set up a scene that tells a story (narrative) of your choice, think about adding human forms such as lego men, models, dolls etc. Take 3-4 photographs of that scene.” I have chosen to use Lego Mini-figures as you can adapt their characteristics in many different ways. I selected my figures carefully by thinking about the environments around me and what the figures could be doing. I also added in extra pieces so that the photos would come to life.