I didn’t know how small
small could get
until small things
started making me sweat –

– putting on clothes
   getting something to eat –

I make my muscles
memorize the motions
so I can repeat them – 

it makes me happy
just to see 
a clean fork in the drawer
clothes folded and put away –

I didn’t know how small
small could get
when misery takes the place of ease
doing such simple things –

how leaden hands and lethargy 
are symptoms of a disease
and making mountains out of molehills
is my specialty.


You make me feel so small

Smaller than a grain of salt

Like I’m not worthy of anything at all

So I’m locked in my world

Where flying is possible

That’s where I don’t feel small anymore

Are you feeling small?

Like you’re not that good at all?

Is this the reason of

making others mourn?

Close your eyes and melt your heart with love

Then I promise you will never feel alone

Making others feel so small.

Okay I couldn’t resist making this maid so pLEASE FORGIVE MEEEE-

This is Chocolate and her parents were butts who kept her home till she was an adult. She needed friends, right? Yeah. So she made puppets and used them as friends. They’re still her only friends. They all have weird names but then there’s Hank
I hope you like my nugget cause it’s really hard to draw at night on your iPad with your really sweaty fingers!!

- Zoombow


anyway, so like rip her soul??? Because like, who wants to be working for the mafiafell!bros, they’re like the uf!bros if they lost that small smallsmall spek of softness they had, you read My Little Princess this ain’t gonna end well.