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via Melissa & Devon’s YouTube Channel

Everybody asks how we manage to live in 168 square feet without running water, so I thought I’d share the video Devon & I made before our last trip home to Colorado. It might be tiny, but it’s our home and we love it. Enjoy :)

To genuinely make a difference, we must become different; make the tiny, longitudinal shift. Meditate, direct our love indiscriminately and our condemnation exclusively at those with power. Revolt in whatever way we want, with the spontaneity of the London rioters, with the certainty and willingness to die of religious fundamentalists or with the twinkling mischief of the trickster. We should include everyone, judging no one, without harming anyone. The Agricultural Revolution took thousands of years, the Industrial Revolution took hundreds of years, the Technological Revolution took tens, the Spiritual Revolution has come and we have only an instant to act.
—  Russel Brand