smallest toe

anon asked: omg so idk if you saw but when the moderator was like "but cap REALLY loves bucky." Chris called Seb 'honey' so I would love maybe a 5+1 times fic of Chris calling Seb pet names? Or whatever direction you want to take it in lmao I love your writing!! 😊💖💞

Good god, anon, you know the way to my heart.

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1: “Babe, we’re -” Chris cuts himself off when he smashes his baby toe into the edge of the hotel bed and staggers against the mattress, “Ow, fuck!”

From the attached sitting room, Seb wanders in, pulling a t-shirt down over his stomach.  He frowns at Chris, now sitting on the foot of the bed and clutching his bare foot in his lap, and asks, “What the hell are you doing?”

Fuck,” Chris swears again, passionately.  He grimaces at his foot - the smallest, weakest toe of them all taking on a metal bed frame - and has to shake his head before explaining, “Stubbed my toe.  We’re gonna be late.”

Seb gestures down at himself, says, “I’m ready, you’re not even wearing shoes.”

The look Chris levels at him makes Seb laugh.  He kneels against the fancy hotel room carpeting, taking care not to dirty his clean pants, and pets Chris leg until he stops swearing.

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