smallest gig

John & Paul (1961)

23 April 1960 - Today in Beatles History John and Paul perform as a duo at  a bar, the Fox and Hounds on the outskirts of Reading, Caversham, Berkshire,  billing themselves as ‘The Nerk Twins.”

“At first, nobody went into the tap room to watch them,” recalled Mike Robbins, the then landlord of the pub. “My regulars were in the other bar, saying “Who are these Nerk Twins, then?”

The unlikely performance happened because Mike’s wife Betty was Paul McCartney’s cousin. The couple had both worked as Butlins Redcoats before taking on the pub and the teenage Lennon and McCartney were keen to get their advice.

‘It was the Easter school holidays and John and I had hitchhiked down from Liverpool to help out in the pub,’ Paul McCartney recalled. ‘We generally dossed around for a week and worked behind the bar. Then Mike said that me and John should play there on the Saturday night. So we made our own posters and put them up in the pub: “Saturday Night – Live Appearance – The Nerk Twins”.

‘It was the smallest gig I’ve ever done. We were only playing to a roomful, a small, throbbing roomful.” - excerpt from the article, “Meet The Nerk Twins - what John and Paul called themselves in their only ever gig as a double act – in front of three drinkers at a sleepy Berkshire pub” by Geoff Baker, Daily Mail, 18 October 2008