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bare minimum? i thought you meant bear minimum. as in the smallest amount of bears possible. which is why i brought one bear. there’s one bear. aka. the smallest amount of bears possible. i mean this is a problem but at least it’s not like. bear maximum

9 incredible things to do around in Kota Kinabalu for an extraordinary vacation

On the lookout for some of Kota Kinabalu’s top must-see/do adventures? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s not one, not two, but nine incredible activities, ranging from heart-stopping adventure sports, to heritage trails and amazing natural sights you simply can’t afford to miss!

1. White water rafting down the scenic Kiulu River

Get your adrenaline pumping as you paddle through spectacular countryside vistas and lush verdant rice fields!

2. Meet the world’s smallest bears at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

Learn more about these pint-sized panda-lookalike teddies and what you can do to protect their habitat.

3. Get your insta-worthy shot at the Kota Kinabalu City Mosque

Photo: Eugene Lim

Deemed the ‘floating mosque’, explore the structure that sits on a man-made lagoon, which gives it the illusion of levitation.

4. Island hop through Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

Photo: JamesJames

Most of the islands in the marine park features some of the best beaches and dive sites in Asia, all of which are just a short boat ride away from one another.

5. Take to the skies on a parasailing adventure in Manukan

Feel the sun and wind in your face with an exhilarating experience above the shimmering blue waters of Manukan and enjoy a cocktail on the pristine beach after.

6. Find your bearings at this ‘upside-down house’ in Tamparuli

Photo: shankar s.

Known as Rumah Terbalik (ring any bells?), you can now navigate your way through the topsy-turvy kampung house and its fairytale-like rooms.

7.  Zipline from island to island on the Coral Flyer

What better way to fuel your excitement than riding a 235-metre long zipline from Sapi to Gaya Island?

8. Face your fear of heights at the Treetop Canopy Walk

At 43 metres high, the thrilling walkway offers stunning views of the forest. Just remember not to look down!

9. Sleep under a blanket of stars at the Tawau Hills Park

Romance it up with your partner under the starry sky at this popular astronomy site, where you can spot the Milky Way!

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What would happen if Sam and/or Dean and/or Cas found the badass readers stuffed bear collection?

The First Teddy Bear

“What is this place?” Sam waved his hand in front of him, breaking through the cobwebs that had accumulated since your last visit to the house, over seven years ago. 

“Used to be my home.” You shrugged, following him into the house. 

“Seriously? This place?” He looked around before starting up the stairs.

“Yeah, this place. Sorry it’s not all glitz and glamour.” You scoffed.

“No, no, that’s not what I meant. You just - it’s smaller than I thought. I always wondered how you fell into our lifestyle so easily, sharing rooms and only one bathroom between the three of us when we’re on the road. Makes sense now.” Sam stopped at the top of the steps and looked back at you, silently asking which room was yours. 

“On the left.” You pointed to the purple door. “Please excuse the fact that it looks like a girl actually lives here. It was my mom’s idea to paint it-” 

“Bright pink.” His head tipped back as he laughed. “Yeah, not what I expected at all. Maybe like a navy blue, black even.” He chuckled. “And what is all of this?” He stepped toward the corner, packed with stuffed bears.

“That - um, so that actually… was mine. Not my mom’s.” You shuffled your feet. “My grandmother started buying me teddy bears for every one of my birthdays and holidays. I just - kind of kept them around. When I left I wanted to bring them with me, as something to remember her by, you know? She was gone. I just wanted a piece of the life that I knew before it all turned to hell.” Your voice cracked as you picked up the smallest bear, the oldest one. “This was the one she gave me the day she visited my mom in the hospital after I was born. It’s my first.” 

“Bring it along.” Sam wrapped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you into a hug. “We’ll find a spot for it back at the bunker. Somewhere safe.” He kissed your temple and realization dawned on him. “This is why you wanted to come back. Not because of some old lore book. Because you miss your old life.” He sighed as he realized it was his fault you were still here in the first place. 

He should’ve let you go the day you came back to consciousness. He should never have pulled you into bed with him just a few days later. He shouldn’t be waking up next to you every morning. He didn’t deserve that, didn’t deserve you - not in his mind.

But you? You were endlessly thankful that you made the decision to come back, even if it was just for this one bear. It’d look perfect in a crib next to the little jumping bean dancing around in your stomach - the baby Sam had yet to learn about.

What Would Happen… - CLOSED - [WWH Drabble Masterlist]

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Last time I suggested a series of read-throughs once you finish the first draft to give you an overview of things that you need to focus on when you go in for the rewriting and editing. Sometimes, you have an entire scene whose essence is generally right, but maybe the order or the wording or the focus isn’t quite right. Even worse, you try to take a stick and scissors to it and it’s not doing anything, just staring at you with that bad prose. Here’s a technique I’ve found helpful, and hopefully you will too.

Step One: Change the font size to the smallest you can still bear to read, change the margins to 0.5 all the way around, and hit print on just that section. These changes will help you save paper, always a plus.

Step Two: Grab anywhere from 3-5 different colors of highlighters or markers. Designate the colors to the following plot arcs:

  • main plot
  • subplot
  • main character development

If you have more than one subplot, use a different color for each; same goes for if you have more than one main character. Be very discerning about who constitutes a main character and who is really a secondary with a large role acting as a subplot for the book. Try to whittle it down to those 3-5 colors. Less is preferable to more. What you’re going to do is break the story down into its most basic components. Write yourself a key/legend for the colors so you don’t get lost. For my piece that’s pictured, blue identifies the main plot, pink the subplot, and orange signifies character development for my main character. Transitional sentences that don’t have anything to do with anything except to facilitate scene or topic changes I left uncolored.

Step Three: Highlight each sentence according to its function in the story. Often times, whole paragraphs will be all one color, but every now and then, there will be a multicolored paragraph, or a color change halfway through. Be sure to color accordingly. Don’t get lazy and assume.

Step Four: Cut the story into pieces according to color.

Sometimes you’ll be left with one sentence awkwardly hanging out on its own slip, like that pink one right above the blue section in my piece. Try to keep things all in connected pieces of paper. If one paragraph goes onto the top of the next page and it’s the same color, tape them to make them one slip. You can see that a little bit with the blue paragraph.

Step Five: Switch things up! Move the pieces of your scene-puzzle around, keeping in mind that you’re trying to streamline this prose and also see what things simply don’t fit. By highlighting, you should be able to better see what things feel out of place or sections that might come off as choppy. Try moving things in a way that attempts to put related story lines together. Obviously not all the sections of each line need to be together, but the more you can connect things that go with each other, the smoother your scene will flow. Of course, there may also be sections you choose to remove because they no longer go in this scene. That’s okay. Set those aside and keep fiddling. Transition sentence can always be rewritten to fit the new flow, so don’t worry too much if right now the rearranged pieces don’t entirely fit. Sentence beginnings can be altered to fit with their new place, and sections you decide to remove from this scene can be fit into other places in you novel if you think they’re still necessary.

Step Six: Implement the changes into your digital copy, changing transitions and the little details to fit. This may include changing actions or setting to fit with your new order. My scene started out with my character on a rooftop, then she hopped into the street and had a conversation, then went up the street to observe something, hopped back on the rooftops to have another conversation, hopped back down into the streets to witness something else. In the new scene, she observes something, has her conversation in the street, witnesses something, then gets up on the roof and has her conversation. Those little changes about where she is had to be made, but it takes only a few word changes to clarify those.

Here’s a tip: Be very discerning and tough on your prose. When you are deciding if a slip needs to be kept or not, consider if there’s a better way to incorporate the information. If there is, chuck that slip. This technique allows you see if the focus of the scene is on what matters and not on something else.

Here’s what my piece started out looking like:

Here’s how it ended up:

(side note: the large white chunk at the top of the second column should be colored entirely blue, however I knew I needed to simply rewrite that whole section, so I left it uncolored.) Yes, some pieces stayed the same, and I didn’t get rid of a lot (the slips set aside at the bottom are ones that were removed), but what I was able to do was refocus on what mattered, remove excess fat, and recognize where things didn’t flow. Look at the first column of the top picture! What a mess! In the end, the scene smoothed out, and I felt a lot better about the whole section. When I first learned this technique I thought it was ridiculous and that it would never help, but if you’re really, truly stuck on a scene and can’t figure out what’s wrong with it, try this out.

(still need help? not sure how this would ever help you? my ask box is always open.)


Aside from being the smallest bears, sun bears are also the most arboreal out of all eight bear species.  Sun bears both eat and sleep in trees, and are skilled climbers thanks to their long, powerful claws, flattened chest, muscular forelegs, and inward-turning front paws, all adaptations to make climbing easier.  This is all likely to help the bears gather food, such as fruits, insects, eggs, and honey. 

Waking Up with You

          Marty inhales deeply, stretches his waking limbs, and then looks over at the clock.
          7:23 A.M.
          He sighs and settles down again.
          “You awake?” he asks Rust.
          “Mmhmm,” Rust hums a low note.
          “I thought so,” Marty says.
          “Haven’t been awake long,” the other man drawls.  
          Rust’s voice in the early morning is a distant roll of thunder. A swelling echo in a deep cavern. A shot of whiskey – the spreading warmth and the burning. It’s slow and languid. Thick as tree sap and deep as a well.
          “You thinkin’ ‘bout somethin’?” Marty asks.
          Rust cracks open one water-blue eye and then the other.
          “Nothin’ in particular,” he replies. “Why?”
          “Talk to me anyhow – about anything, I don’t care. I want your thoughts this morning,” he says gently. “I want your voice.”
          “All right,” Rust says easily.
          Christ, somehow it’s become Marty’s favorite sound – Rust saying all right. Rust agreeingBending. Giving. Obliging. Surrendering. Rust saying yes.
           He takes his time, stays quiet and thoughtful awhile, and then licks his lips. Takes a breath. Clears the gravel from his throat and begins.
           “Since I was young – real young – I’ve always been slow to wake. I’ve always been one to linger at the edge… To wander through the fog. I’ve always had to…search for waking.”
           Marty watches Rust closely as he gathers words together like wildflowers into the finest bouquets. Sometimes, he lifts his hand up off his chest to gesture – all slender fingers and thick knuckles and a warm gold band. 
           “A lot of times, in my search for waking…I’d find something else instead,” he says. “I’d find…a memory.” Rust swallows then, and takes a breath. “I’d think I could hear the gulls crying. Smell the heat. Taste the ocean. I’d think I could see, just under my eyelids, the sun and the breeze caught in the sea glass-colored curtains.”
           Rust’s eyes finds Marty’s in the half-light.
           “Galveston,” he says. “I lived there with my mother – not for long – at this little motel by the beach. Sometimes, at that edge…in that fog…I’d think I was in Galveston. Until I felt myself shivering. Until I realized I was cold. And then, I’d wake up,” he snaps his fingers, “realize I was in Alaska with my pop and scramble out of bed to make sure I hadn’t let the fire die.”
           Marty needs to touch Rust now, can’t bear the smallest distance between them. He reaches out and Rust comes willingly to be held. He rests, falls silent awhile to drink in the calm of Marty’s heartbeat, of his fingers ghosting down the length of Rust’s backbone then climbing up again.
          “Then, there were times…” Rust says, softer now, “I’d think I could hear the wolves howling into the neon ribbons of the aurora. I’d feel the icy stillness aching in my bones. I’d snap awake to tend the fire…and Claire would ask me if I was okay.”
           He exhales a painful sort of laugh.
           “And then…” he says, “sometimes I’d…I’d be so sure…” His voice begins to quake and so, he stops.
          Marty holds him tighter now. “Don’t,” he whispers gently. “Don’t.”
           It’s all the permission, all the encouragement Rust needs not to say that sometimes he’d feel the petal softness of Sophia’s breath and the clammy stickiness of her fingers on his chest and the weight of her head rested on his arm. That sometimes he’d be so sure she was asleep between him and Claire, only to wake in the emptiness, in the loneliness of the apartment in Baton Rouge.
           Rust nuzzles Marty gently, allows their lips to brush, but doesn’t kiss him yet.
          “The point is…” he rasps, soft and low, “I’ve never been too sure exactly where I’m at when I wake up… Until I started waking up with you.”
          “Rust…” Marty says – because it’s the only word with any meaning. Now, more than Marty wants for Rust to speak, he hungers for the mouth from which all his words spill forth into their world.
          They kiss each other hungrily and bleed the hours from the morning.

Review 6---Gladiator class Star Destroyer

History and facts

The smallest vessel to bear the title of star destroyer (its actually a cruiser class), the Gladiator is only 500 meters long but don’t let its size fool you. Designed during the Clones Wars but not released till after the Wars, the Gladiator was supposed to be an escort ship for Victory class star destroyers.  However, by the time the first Gladiators were released, the Victory had fallen out of favor and the Imperial class was coming to the front lines. Because of this change, the Gladiator’s purpose and role was retasked to being a long-range patrol combat ship. A crew of 1,255 runs the ship to optimal efficiency and is able to carry a maximum of 1,200 troops and supplies for 2 years of operations.  

Unlike other star destroyers, this ship doesn’t have a pointed triangular prow but instead has a prow in common with the Boardside class missile cruisers. This ship’s design is very different from the modern designs for example, the Gladiator only has two main thrusters but six auxiliary smaller thrusters placed between the two larger thrusters.

While the Gladiator has a small size, its arsenal makes up for it: 25 light turbolasers, 10 point defense laser cannons and 10 medium class concussion missile launchers and 6 tractor beam projectors.  A fighter compliment of 24 and a few shuttles are stored in hanger bay along with the 5 AT-STs walkers.

Star Wars Armada Review

Fast, deadly and balanced best describes this ship in my opinion. Smaller and less hull points than the Victory but it makes up for it in firepower and speed which is a deadly combination for a capital ship. A maximum speed of 3, this vessel is able to keep up with Imperial class star destroyers with ease and has s good turn radius has a bonus.

As with all ships in this game, there are two types of Gladiators but the changes are very minor and only in terms of firepower. Four dice in the front (2 red and 2 black) and two dice in the back (1 red die and 1 black die) but the side weapons are different for the two ships. Gladiator-I is armed with four black dice on each side, while Gladiator-II is armed with 3 black dice and one red die. Front shielding of 3, 2 on the sides and 1 in the back is its only protect along with 5 hull points.  For anti-fighter defense the Gladiator-I is armed with a blue die, while the G2 is armed with 2 blue dice. 2 Command dials, able to command 2 squadrons and has 3 engineering points.

Both types have 2 command dials and 2 squadrons they are able to control while it also has 3 engineering points.  Minor upgrades can be given to this ship but its main one is the missile launcher upgrade that can enhance the potency and amount of black dice.

Overall, I would definitely take one or two of these ships if the VSD was not your thing and too pricey for your taste. Plus if you want a fast moving fleet, this ship will be a good addition without a doubt.


The sun bear, as was mentioned before, is the smallest species of bear in the world, but don’t let their small size fool you.  Sun bears are known for being exceptionally aggressive, and there are stories of them attacking humans without provocation.  With their powerful foreclaws, jaw muscles, and massive teeth, they are formidable animals, and are considered one of the Asian rainforest’s most dangerous animals.  This ferocity is not limited to humans, either; most male bears caught in the wild show bite marks and scars on their hides, clearly from vicious fights with other bears.


The Sun Bear, also called the Honey Bear, Helarctos malayanus, is the smallest species of bear in the world and it is also one of the most unique, being the only member of its family that has not only adapted to living in the jungle but also leads an exclusively tree-dwelling life, in southeast Asia.  It is classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN as the large-scale deforestation that has occurred throughout southeast Asia over the past three decades has dramatically reduced suitable habitat for the sun bear.  It is suspected that the global population has declined by more than 30% over the past three bear generations.

my heart bleeds for the small Caribbean islands being battered by these super storms.

the countries who produce the smallest carbon footprint bearing the brunt of climate change feels unfair and cruel.

and these are tiny island nations without trillion dollar governments who rely mostly on foreign aid to rebuild after these natural disasters occur and we don’t even have a president we can trust to ensure that our neighbors in this hemisphere get the help they need and deserve. 

 i’m so upset right now.


Palm Oil Turmoil day 5, The Sun Bear. The smallest of the world’s eight living bear species, the sun bear has short, sleek fur which is usually black but can range from reddish-brown to grey. The sun bear’s especially long tongue is perfectly suited for getting at honey and insects inside trees and other tight places.
Orangutans and sun bears share the same greatest threat – loss of habitat through unsustainable logging practices, forest fires and clearing of the land for palm oil. As sun bears lose their habitat, they begin to encroach on agricultural plantations in search of food where they are then persecuted by local communities. #sunbear #palmoilturmoil #savetherainforest #nopalmoil #timelapsedrawing
#palmoilfree #penandink

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