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“And it was there - under the darkened skies and beside ghosts of old, that our forefathers witnessed the dawn of wisdom.” - Orator Tial

Today I’m sharing the first part of the lore of Mythaura. This will give you the brief overview of recorded history of the “Aura” - the magic of this world as it were, and origins of the beasts. There will be more sections of lore to come, each featuring an important event leading up to present day of the game.

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Tiny Box (Y/N)

A Markiplier x Reader fic where you’re playing prop hunt with Bob, Jack, Wade and Mark. 
It’s not really fluffy, just some banter and in-game shenanigans. Also some swearing but that’s usually expected.

Originally posted by dork-iplier

“Oh look, it’s the dream team versus the Three Stooges,” Jack said with a laugh.
You looked at the teams and found that you and Jack had chosen Hunters; while Bob, Wade and Mark were starting off as Props. You chuckled and Mark let out a whining protest.
“Babe! Why would you betray me like this!” He yelled, mocking heart-ache.
“I’m sorry, Mark.” You replied in your saddest tone. “But that sexy Irish accent is just so alluring.”
The boys laughed and you winked at the camera.
Your screen went black as the round started, and almost instantly, you heard your boyfriend cry out in anguish.  
“Really, Mark!” Bob said in disappointment. “All you had to do was nudge the thing and do the other thing. And you fucked it up!” 
“I’m sorry!” Mark half giggled, half howled. “My finger slipped. I’ll make it work though, watch! I’ll survive the whole round like this. The Dream Team are too stupid to spot this.”
You rolled you eyes and Jack chuckled, “Challenge accepted!” 
Your screen filled with light and you started exploring the map. Almost instantly you heard an explosion somewhere in the map and Wade’s death flashed on the top right hand corner of the screen.
“That’s not where a lamp goes, Wade!” Jack scolded.
“The chimney needed to lighten up!” Wade responded. 

As the two bickered, you headed straight to the room you knew had heaps of boxes in it and opened the door. 
From what you remember, this room should have columns of neatly stacked boxes with smaller packages flooding the floor. 
However, the room you entered looked as if someone had thrown a grenade into the middle and called it a day. The towers of boxes had been knocked over and the smaller objects were scattered about in random areas. Some object were even stuck inside each other and on the ceiling.
“Jaaack!” You called. Bob and Mark announced themselves by giggling profusely and yelling at you.
“Hey! Get out! You’re not welcome here!” Mark hollered.
“Give us some privacy!”
Jack came up beside you and started laughing. “Oh God! What happened here?”
“Two of the three stooges had a party,” You replied. You stepped into the room and started lifting the boxes one by one. You smashed those you could lift against the walls, turning them into splinters. You shot the objects on the roof, pouting as it took away your health. Jack maned the door, his gun scanning the wreckage with a deadly threat. 
“Hey stop that!” Mark said, false anger biting at his words. “Those are my big brothers!”  
“Ohh,” You cooed, “So you’re a little box!” 
“Fuck!” Bob suddenly made a run for the door, his giant form knocking things into the air in his wake. 
Jack let loose a scream and his grenade slammed into Bob with a large explosion. Bob disappeared and Jack’s body slumped to the floor. 
“JACK NO!” You bellowed. You ran to his side, pretending to cry over the limp diaper baby. 
“Avenge me!” Jack howled.
In the corner of your eye you glimpsed a small box scoot behind a larger box. Knocking another box into the remaining stack of boxes. Mark didn’t get to curse before your grenade soared towards the box and you let loose a cry of victory. 
“Gotcha babe!” 


You were quite happy with your spot. Nestled perfectly behind the logs in the fireplace, your little box form was completely obscured by the textures. The shadows hid any of your corners that might be sticking out of tent of wood. 
It had taken some impressive maneuvers to get to this spot. When the round started, you hurtled towards the box room and snatched a smaller container from the floor. Careful not to knock the bigger boxes over, you tried to hide among the rest of your kin. 
But then Jack came barreling in as a chair and the your plan was destroyed. 
“Jack! Get out!” You hissed. 
“Oh shit. (Y/N) you’re in here?” Jack whispered. 
“Yes! You just ruined my plan!” 
The door opened and Mark, Bob and Wade shuffled into the room. 
With the boxes scattered and the towers dismantled, there was no use in hiding. So you booked it out of the room just as Wade was closing the door. 
“NO! There she goes!” Mark hollered and Wade’s grenade exploded against the closed door. He died as the other props exploded about him. 
“Goddammit Wade!” Bob yelled, “You let her get away!” 
You were giggling as you whipped about the map. Mark was on your tail, leaving Bob to find Jack in the box room. 
“Babe! Babe, slow down. Let’s talk about this,” Mark said, his voice turned low and soothing. 
You ignored him and slid through a small gap in a wall. Mark cursed and was forced to go the long way round. You took the time to try out different spots. All of which were either too obvious or knocked things over. 
At the last second, you ran into the fireplace and froze as Mark entered the room. 
“Sweetheart,” Mark rumbled. “Come out.” 
You laughed as he went about the room knocking things over or nudging his form against the larger objects. He took hold of a can and started scattering the things on the higher shelves. 
Then, Mark closed in on your spot and pushed the can into the fireplace, wiggling it wildly as if trying to dislodge the textured logs. 
Before you could try and escape, the can threw your ting box form into the and you should yourself get stuck in the chimney. 

You squealed in shock, puffing out your cheeks to stop yourself from laughing. 
“What?” Mark asked, his voice suspicious. “Is someone in those logs?” 
You giggled quietly, but the sound quickly turned into laughter as Mark threw his grenade into the fireplace and it exploded without killing you. 
“What the hell?” Mark mumbled. He walked away and started rummaging through the rest of the room. 
“Jack, are you ok?” You asked. Your question was answered by a large explosion and Booper-Dooper’s death on the screen. 
“No,” He squeaked. Jack was silent for a moment. Then your ears were blasted with his laughter. “How the hell did you-”
“SHHHH!” You frantically waved your arms, “Silence! I don’t know how it happened, it just did and I’m very happy right now!” 
“Oh my God, Mark.” Jack chuckled, pity dripping from his lips. “You won’t find her.” 
“I will!” Your boyfriend exclaimed. “Baby-doll, get your sweet ass out here!”
You actually tried moving, but found yourself stuck. Shaking your head you watched Mark scramble about the room.
“You’re not even in here are you,” He concluded, jogging out of the room.
“Get your ass back here, Mark!” You called, “I am in here, I’m stuck.”
Bob joined Mark search the room. They came so close sometimes that Jack made small excited noises, then cursed them for being so useless as they walked away.
“Give us a clue then!” Bob spat.
“I’m related to Tiny Box Tim,” You shrugged. Nothing else came to your head as a hint. Anything else and they would have made a bee-line to you.
“She’s a fast-food box!” Wade screamed and Mark’s grenade exploded against the table with food.
“No,” You laughed as his diaper baby collapsed to the ground.
Wade and Bob were getting frustrated, Jack couldn’t stop laughing at how close they were. But so far away at the same time. 
“I’ll give you lots of kisses if you tell Bob where you are,” Mark said and you pretended to think about it. 
“How many kisses?” You asked.  
“As many as you want!” Bob yelled, his frustration clear. “Mark will give you a massage as well! Cook you dinner! Tell me where you are!” 
Jack and you laughed. There was ten seconds on the clock. 
“Fine, go to the chimney.” You ordered and you watched Bob’s form run over to you. He fired into the nest of logs. 
“No, go all the way in and look up.” 
Bob crouched and wormed his way into the fireplace. At the sight of you, the three men howled and cursed. Bob shot you just as the clock turned 0. 
“We win!” Jack and you yelled. 
“How did you get up there?” Mark screamed. You could practically see him throwing his hands in the air in frustration. 
“You knocked me up there!” You told him. When you knocked the can around you bumped into the chimney and I got stuck.” 
“We are never playing with you again!” Wade said and you camera high-fived Jack.

[My Newest Tattoo]

Who would have thought tattooing the inside of your fingers would hurt?  My mentor decided that since I didn’t think 3RL needles hurt, I needed to experience a 1Liner needle…my dumb ass chose the inside of my finger to test it on (I have plans for the free spaces on the outside of my fingers, and fingers are my favorite place for tiny tattoos).  I wussed out and switched to the 3RL(which still hurt like a sonofabitch on the inside of the finger), so now he gets to laugh at me.  Fucker <3

That said, I got two adorable tattoos out of the experience, so I won’t complain.

But yeah, placement kiddos.  Smaller needles hurt worse than larger groupings, and some areas are just naturally more sensitive than others; but it’s bearable. (I mean hell, my mentor tattooed his own dick for fucks sake...PS please don’t tattoo your own dick, he’s a professional with around a decade of experience under his belt)

Needles: Pre-sterilized, single use, blister-pack 3Round-Liner and 7Round-Shader Tattoo Needles
Ink: Pre-sterilized Kokkai Sumi
Misc: Paper Towels, 91% Isopropyl Alcohol, disposable ink cups, Dial Gold Soap
Care: Dial Gold Soap, Tattoo Goo

damn medieval plate armor was a work of engineering genius i had no idea


So last night I wasn’t able to get any sleep because it was honest to god bugging me that I hadn’t ever taken the time to look at the final defending spawn point on Gibraltar. The big black room with the meeting table.

It sends shivers down my spine knowing that this base was used for such important meetings and stuff, like? We even have names of previous agents on the lockers here. (I’m laughing at Sparks because??? I can’t believe Sparks Nevada was an Overwatch agent. Good for him.) 

And because of battles and things, I’ve never really LOOKED at the details of the spawn rooms, what they used to be, or some of the smaller looked over areas like that one comms room next to the first attacking spawn. 

Feel free to use these screenshots for whatever!

Once more, Layer was walking through the high grass of yet another Waterfall. This timeline, too, unfortunately, was crawling with monsters, like usual. Way too many to kill properly without wasting huge amounts of time on it. Such a hassle, why couldn’t he just find a timeline that was empty, there had to be at least a few.

And as he walked through the cave, without any real destination in mind, slowly but surely he realised just how much it was frustrating him. He wasn’t even finding any more humans, or other interesting things to take apart and study, hell, not even a worthwhile fight!

To do something against his thin patience, the shade grabbed himself a little snack, by killing and absorbing some of the smaller monsters dust and soul shards in the area, currently wandering alongside the river, small amounts of ink dripping off of his body.


Compilation of tips I’ve learnt through ten years of hirsutism

For waxing/epilating 

  • Applying baby powder beforehand helps sooo much since it means that there is less oil on your hair/skin which means the wax sticks better to hair resulting in a cleaner finish and less wax residue on the skin. It also helps with epilating because it coats the hair allowing it to be picked up with the tweezers more easily.
  • If you don’t have any fancy after wax lotion or wipes baby oil works just as well, it removes any left over wax and won’t irritate your skin
  • Don’t laugh but if you’ve ever seen at a barber or hairdressers they have this little brush for dusting any loose hair away, it’s a good idea to do the same thing wherever you’ve epilated because there will always be hairs lying about that have fallen out of the epilator. You don’t need anything fancy though even an old makeup brush will do the job.
  • On that note make sure you clean your epilator regularly to keep the tweezers sharp and give the cleanest results, most epilators now days come with a removable head and a little brush for cleaning out the old hairs. It’s also worth wiping the tweezers with rubbing alcohol/surgical spirit to keep them clean. 
  • Always use the edge of the wooden spatula when applying hot wax, the biggest mistake you can make with wax is applying it too thick or too thin, applying it with edge instead of the larger flat surface will make it just right. Also remember to apply the wax in the direction the hair grows and then rip off the strip in the opposite direction to the hair growth.
  • Also leave about a 1cm patch at the bottom for grabbing, believe me it helps if you leave a grabby bit instead of just sticking the whole strip down and not knowing where you’re going to rip it off from.
  • The sooner you can rip the strip off after applying, the better. Make sure the strip is smoothed down against your skin, take a deep breath in, count to 3 and then as you exhale rip the strip off in one smooth movement. Try not to pull the strip upwards as that can break the hair, but rather try and keep your wrist closer to your skin.
  • DON’T take a hot bath or shower for at least 24 hours after waxing or epilating. You don’t have to take a freezing cold, just make sure it’s not scalding hot and please don’t apply heavily fragrances lotions or deodorant if you’ve done your underarms, the alcohol can cause irritation. A GENTLE scrub is fine.
  • Red bumps are NORMAL, little whiteheads can be normal too even up to almost a week after hair removal if you’ve removed hair from a sensitive area such as your face or chest. Aloe vera gel/cream or chamomile lotions are miracle workers.
  • Don’t keep waxing the same spot over and over again in one go, if there are any stray hairs just remove them with tweezers. If you pull your skin taut whilst waxing it should help reduce the amount of strays.
  • Cut the strips into smaller pieces for smaller areas and remember that in some places such as the underarms hair often grows in different direction so apply the strips accordingly. Also giving the hair a slight trim might help for areas like underarms or bikini line where the hair can grow very long and curl about.
  • Make sure you’re pressing down hard enough with the epilator, I mean don’t go crazy or anything but don’t just have it lightly running over the top of your hair.

For shaving or hair removal cream

  • Keep your razor sharp!! This is such an important tip for a smoother shave, disposable razors, mens razors or razors meant for the bikini line are almost always sharper. Of course you should be careful because a sharper blade=easier to accidentally cut yourself. Keep your blade clean too, I find the that wetting it and then smacking it lightly inside the basin helps to dislodge some of those pesky hairs.
  • To help reduce the likelihood of cuts, especially in those bits that always seem to get cuts like your knee, gently pull the skin in the opposite direction of how you’re shaving. If you do get a cut, dry your skin, apply a little anti bacterial of some sort and hold a folded up piece of tissue hard against your skin as a diy compress. Once the worst of the bleeding has stopped apply a blob of savlon or sudocreme to help the blood clot and protect your skin.
  • Some people swear by shaving in a certain direction but I tend to find that first shaving in the same direction as the hair growth and then in the opposite direction gives the best results.
  • NEVER dry shave!! It’s so painful, it’ll irritate your skin and the results are generally crappy. Play around to see what gives you the best results out of shaving cream, gel or mousse. Some people even use hair conditioner!
  • Don’t go out sunbathing for at least 24 hours after applying hair removal cream.
  • Always scrape off hair removal cream in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  • Make sure the room you’re using hair removal cream in is well ventilated! Every hair removal cream smells like satan’s anus EVERY SINGLE ONE. Don’t get caught up in that ‘fresh scent’ bullcrap, make sure you’ve got a window or 5 open.
  • Same deal with hair removal cream, don’t use highly fragranced products on your skin for 24 hours after applying hair removal cream. The alcohol in those products sting like a MOTHERFUCKER.
  • Please for the love of all that is sweet and holy don’t use hair removal cream on your pussy. Even those ones that are meant to be for bikini line hair or w/e. Somehow a little bit always ends up getting in your pussy no matter how careful you are and it will sting so bad your mum will feel it. You might as well just shave it.
  • Two words. TENDSKIN!!!! It’s awesome.

For when you can’t be arsed to remove the hair, or the hair hasn’t been removed properly or when your trying to transition into not removing the hair but still feel insecure af

  • Tights are the bomb for leg troubles. Cute patterned tights or tinted stockings are great because they hide anything you’re insecure about and look like you’ve  made more of an effort then you have.
  • Ditto with knee high boots or socks.
  • High waisted bikinis are awesome because they cover up happy trails, lower back hair, butt hair and a fair amount of bikini line hair and look really cute and retro.
  • Scarves are a saviour for neck and upper back hair.
  • There are a lot of really great tutorials on youtube for covering up facial hair and stubble for a variety of complexions.
  • Don’t laugh again but body glitter or sparkly body sprays, powders or creams help disguise the hair, make you feel like a fairy princess and once again makes it look like you’ve made more of an effort then you actually have :p

General advice

  • You are beautiful
  • And awesome
  • And deserve to be happy and have fun
  • You’re not alone in what you’re going through
  • No one is looking out for your hair, other people don’t notice it as much as you do.
  • You should tip your waxer unless they’ve done a spectacularly awful job if you go to a salon
  • Men don’t care about ingrown hairs
  • Your friends aren’t staring at your hair when you aren’t looking and secretly thinking that you’re ugly/disgusting.
  • No one is believe me.
  • Those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind
  • If you still feel bad after this remember that eurovision is next week so that’ll be good for a laugh

I hope this has helped a bit, I tried my best to call on all my hairy wisdom but if you still want to ask about something please feel free to do so! Love you all to the moon and back xxxxxxxxx

anonymous asked:

hello im 16 and plan living off campus with a friend during college. Do you think 200 sqft is enough for two ppl?

My dude I am not the right person to ask. Just…. just imagine sharing a room with a sibling, except the person isn’t your sibling. Living space really depends on lifestyle- if you’re claustrophobic and you need a lot of alone time then sharing a studio with someone might be uncomfortable. Maybe you like company and not feeling alone!! But Even if it IS uncomfortable, you’ve got to weigh what it’s worth: is it worth it to be uncomfortable for a while as you get through college? Is the price worth it?

Talk to someone who you know and trust about living space and think about what is good for you. Some people thrive in smaller areas, that’s why tiny houses are a fad. I can’t tell you where your values are or what’s gonna be comfortable for you, that’s something we discover for ourselves.


Based off of this

Warnings: Fluff, injured archangel, stitching up wounds

Word Count: 1190

Author: Gwen

Piles of lore took up the small table in the motel room with some important newspaper articles tapped to the worn wall. You were busy looking through security footage for a possible led. So far nothing added up and you had been there for a total of a week with nothing. The Winchesters were always ready to help, but you wanted to prove you could solo this one. However, as the days pressed on it became harder to ignore their numbers on your phone.

Although they weren’t the only ones that you had on standby. Gabriel made it clear that he would help whenever you called and proved that several times as he got there quickly. Not that you didn’t enjoy his help, but it was hard to concentrate with his good looks around.

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...if the Fates allow

Blaine’s a wizard who keeps a little shop on the muggle street where he sells items that are just normal enough to pass under the ministry’s radar but magical enough to make people’s life a little brighter. Kurt’s a recurring customer.


The shop was quite popular given that Blaine didn’t advertise. His customers spread the word of the teapots that ‘keep the tea warm for an incredibly long time!’ and key chains that jingle when you couldn’t find them. It didn’t hurt that Blaine was always polite and took the time to help all customers to find what they needed. 

There were a few people in his shop at the moment but this time, Blaine only had eyes on one. 

He had come the first time a couple of weeks before. He had flashed Blaine a gorgeous smile, looked at a few items and then walked out without buying anything. He had most likely just come in to escape the rain and had only stayed for about 10 minutes but the face had been carved into Blaine’s mind, so when he had walked in a while ago, Blaine couldn’t stop the tiny gasp that escaped him.

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anonymous asked:

How do you figure out your patterns? Do you have any tips for translating from 2d to 3d? My patterns look ok on paper but when I sew and stuff them, they never turn out right... especially when I try to make things round like balls or head shapes. They always go wonky and lopsided...

Honestly my patterns are pretty much all trial and error, but through years of practice I eventually developed a good grasp of what works and what doesn’t. While I can’t explain exactly how I make my patterns, I can think of a few things that may be helpful. You problem may actually not be related to patterns at all actually!

(Under a cut cause woa this turned out loooooooong. Talking about testing, seam allowance, fabric, stuffing, clipping and how I make spheres using math)

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man i wish i was good at drawing architecture cuz i had this cool ass dream last night where i was in some sort of rococo styled ballroom with a sky veiw and it was so bright and pretty and i really want that visual again ;m;


Requested by: a-girlworthfighting4 

Pairing: Gray/Juvia

Rating: T

Title: Camera Shy

When Mira tells him that she’s got a job that would be perfect for him and Juvia, he immediately takes it.

He hasn’t been on a job with Juvia in three months and they haven’t been hanging out as much as they used to. Her and Gajeel’s favorite musician is apparently in town, so they spent the last few weeks obsessively going to all of the meet and greets and getting into violent altercations with people (mostly just Gajeel) over tickets. It’s not as if he misses her or anything, okay? It’s just that he’s kind of tired of hanging out with the same people every day.

“What’s the job exactly?” he asks as he looks at the request slip. There are no details about the job itself—just the location, the amount they’re going to be paid and a short bio of the person hiring them.

“Oh, he didn’t really say.” Mira dismissively waves a hand and gives him this impish, little grin that makes inexplicably him nervous. “He just asked for two mages of the opposite sex with complementary magic. And I immediately thought of you and Juvia because you know, what’s more complementary than ice and water?”

She cheerily hands him the glass of beer he asked for and gives him an expectant look. Gray blinks at her.

“That’s…weirdly specific,” he says, his eyes narrowing in slight suspicion. He’s not exactly sure but there’s something about this job request that doesn’t feel right to him.

Mira’s bottom lip starts quivering. “Why are you giving me that look? Don’t you trust me? Do you think I would purposely send you and Juvia to a life-threatening mission?”

They get life-threatening missions all the time but he decides that it’s probably not a good idea to tell her that.

“No, no, it’s not that!” Gray hastily says. He’s made her cry many times before (albeit not on purpose) so he’s not eager for it to happen again. “It’s just that…you know how I don’t like going into things without knowing the full details.”

Mira’s face immediately brightens. “Oh, if that’s all you’re concerned about, then you shouldn’t worry at all! The one who made the request is an old friend of mine. He used to photograph me for my magazine covers!”

Gray frowns at the request slip. “I wonder what a photographer could want from us?”

Mira runs a rag across the countertop and shrugs. “Maybe he just wants you to protect him or something and thinks that mages with similar magic will be able to do it better.”

“Oh. That makes sense,” he says.

“So? Are you taking the job?” she asks him.

He nonchalantly nods his head, completely missing the devious smirk stretched across her lips. “Sure. Why not?”

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{Wolf’s Moon||agentaislinnoconnor||Closed rp}

The white wolf edged slowly around the corner of the building sniffing the air it looked over it’s shoulder flicking an ear, it turned and slid into the alley way, a smaller red wolf darting in behind it before crouching down low, letting out a low growl its tail low.  

The white glanced at him before scanning the area, nudging the smaller wolf towards some boxes, ~sleep~  He yipped softly.  ~Will be safe~ 

The red whined but slowly moved to the boxes and laid down shivering as he curled in on himself sniffing the air now and again, despite being down he was tensed ready to run at a moments notice, his eyes watching the white wolf as it paced.