Aspen is the new heir of the Small Legacy!

After a very close race and 3378 total votes (wow!), Aspen has won the poll! She’s obviously still a teen though, so the focus of the story will continue to be Avery until Aspen becomes a young adult and then she’ll take over.

I have big things planned for Aspen and I think you guys are really gonna enjoy seeing what happens … or at least I hope you do anyway LOL =D

Thank you to everyone who voted!

i saw bastille last night and it was incredible so here are some things that happened

- fake it live is amAZINg

- during flaws i was literally smashed right into dan (which was slightly terrifying but also amazing) 

- dan put charlie on the spot and made him talk, asking him how he liked chicago (i couldnt hear what charlie said he was talking really soft and mumbling a bit, very adorable)

- kyle seemed super happy but then again when is he not (he was constantly waving to people and making faces at them)

- they kept flipping someone off in the back of the crowd?? but idk who it was

- will got a promotion: he gets to play guitar and speak now

- dan waved back at my friend that was standing right next to me and was like “oh hi!”

- lots of smiling

- lots of jumping


Field Plant & Supply

“I knew that eventually I wanted to open a storefront, but made a reasonable goal of opening up next February; one year after the inception of Field Plant and Supply. It’s been pretty unreal that what started as a weekend gig has turned into what Field is today. Instead of forcing things along, I have let everything happen organically…” Start July off on an inspiring note and catch up on our recent visit with Erin Doherty of Philadelphia’s celebrated new plant hub.

Photos by Julie O'Boyle of Orchid Grey for ‪The Style Line