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Not too sure if you seen this. But wizard Dadsona bringing the Dads to Diagon Alley, but then introduces the other Dads to his work which is like a Newt Scamander where he goes into his suitcase and takes care off all the fantastic beasts before releasing then back into the wild. One on one reaction please?

((hey! Sorry, I did see this and still had your other ask, it’s just taking me a little while to find the inspiration for this one! I hope this response satisfies, I didn’t want to make you wait any longer haha))


-still very skeptical of the whole wizard thing
-like just really tense about it?? Gets jumpy and scared when he’s in the wizarding world because he doesn’t understand it
-when he finds out what you do though he thinks it’s so sweet??? How could he fall in love with you even more??
-also wants to learn every little detail about the creatures


-is firing off the names of these animals like it’s nobodies business
-literally thinks this is the dopest thing. This is like his dream come true
-that being said, Robert is still Robert, so he plays it cool
-sneaks one of the creatures home in his pocket when no one is looking
-it actually likes him a lot and you can’t bear to separate them


-he’s familiar with most of these creatures but has never seen a lot of them in person before??
-obviously they all love him. He’s amazing with animals and magical animals are no exception
-he’s like Hagrid-level good with creatures
-and it’s probably really cute to see him getting tackled by large and small
creatures alike
-he’s so taken by you in this moment. You’re so perfect for him and he’s astonished


-is losing his gd MIND look at all this cool shit
-like when did you start doing this? How have you been keeping this from him all this time you traitor
-he laughs and asks how he can help
-he wants to take care of the little beasties with you!! Wants to help ya out
-and is probably very good at it honestly


-he always wondered why you seemed to know more about magical creatures than anything else when you told him about your world
-and now he has a clear answer
-he likes the most pet-like ones the most, but finds them all pretty impressive
-thinks you must be like a god if you’re able to handle all these different creatures


-immediately starts taking notes
-asks you to show him around is taking notes the entire time
-“Hugo, most of this information is already written down somewhere”
-“Yes but if I write it down I’ll remember it better”
-he doesn’t want to touch or hold any of them (tbh he’s pretty frightened)
-but he finds them each fascinating in their own ways


-insists you show Carmensita sometime!!
-he thinks it’s pretty impressive but honestly the amazingness of it kind of goes over his head??
-he thinks of it like visiting a zoo. It’s cool and all but they’re just animals
-the fact that they’re incredibly powerful animals doesn’t change that
-but then you bring Carmensita back with you two and Mat’s all of a sudden regurgitating the facts you gave him
-he has a great memory if it means he can show off for his daughter