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*hands you one golden drachma* 1 or 10 Laurel/Felicity fic please? Thanks!

1. soulmates au


Laurel’s never really believed in soulmates. They were so rare and unbelievable, and honestly, honestly she just wanted to have a good life with a good love and soulmates be damned she just wanted to be happy.

But then the mark appears on her wrist, when she’s sitting in Verdant in the morning and Oliver is talking to her about Tommy and she’s not quite sure who the mark is for. Because it could be for Oliver and it could be for Tommy and her thoughts are interrupted when a quite pretty blonde girl who looks barely old enough to drink makes up some definitely fake excuse involving Oliver and a router. She’s pretty sure it’s a sex thing. But the mark gets darker at that, so maybe her soulmate’s Oliver.

It’s not such a bad thing to think that, but the mark just fades from that point on, becoming a barely visible grey beneath the skin, like a bruise, through the Undertaking and the summer afterwards. Soulmates are a load of crap she’s not equipped to handle, Laurel decides, but oh how she wishes she knew who hers were so she could have someone to lean on right now.

The second time the mark gets dark is when she’s once again in Verdant, drunk off her ass and angry at the world over her disbarment, joking with Oliver about a job she’s pretty sure is mostly about sex, when said holder of that job walks in. Felicity is poised and pretty and somehow put together and it should make Laurel more angry but really it just makes her sad.

“Hi, Laurel. How are you?”

She ignores the slight burning in her wrist as the mark grows darker. Oliver sends her home and goes to whisper closely to Felicity. She decides she doesn’t care.

For a while after that the mark will bug her at random times. But she learns to not pay it any mind, because it never makes sense. And so often it’s when she’s down in the Arrow Cave (as Felicity has begun calling it) and Laurel begins to wonder if Oliver’s only her soulmate when he’s being nice. That’s not really the kind of soulmate she wants.

But then Oliver dies, and Felicity helps her realize this is about more than Sara and the mark goes full black and she’s so so confused because if Oliver is her soulmate then why is it behaving like this?

He comes back. He doesn’t believe in her. And it feels like no one does. Even she doesn’t believe in herself - a new type of vertigo proves that pretty efficiently.

When she wakes up, it’s Felicity there who comforts her, and makes sure she’s okay. “How are you feeling?” She asks, and it’s pretty much the same question from about a year ago but it means so much more to Laurel now. When Felicity reaffirms Laurel’s own doubts, however, it feels like the world is crashing down and it’s only then that Laurel realizes how much she’s valued the one structure of support who’s never let her down.

But Felicity’s words quickly become words of encouragement, and the prick at her wrist’s pulse becomes a steady throb with her heartbeat as black ink floods her wrist and one glance down at Felicity’s still-outstretched arms reveals a similar mark there.

“Just… be yourself.” She finishes, and Laurel has never wanted to kiss her more, because suddenly the past few years all make sense, and Felicity has somehow simplified her greatest struggle into something so short and beautiful it could be poetry.

She kisses her. Felicity responds more enthusiastically than Laurel had expected.

When they break away, their foreheads still touching, Felicity whispers “Well that was better than I imagined.”

“How long did you know?”

“That night… in your office. I’d thought it was Oliver for so long but he was gone and you, you were right there.”

“Yeah. Big oaf got in the way a lot for me too.”

“So, soulmates, huh?”

Laurel answers her with another kiss.

send me a number and a ship and i’ll write you a short fic


ok gonna write a small bio

Name/nickname: Batplier /and or Star

height: 5′4″

personality: shy, quiet, nice, scared of almost everything

likes: when its quiet, hugs, being pet, cuddles, nice people, calming music

Dislikes: loud noises, being hurt, rude people, loud obnoxious music, being sad, getting his hair pulled

favorite food/drink: fruit, chocolate covered strawberrys, caramel apples, kiwis, apple juice, kiwi juice

food/drink he hates: any kind of red meat, blood(because he can drink it, its just he doesn’t like it), any type of alcohol 

*runs in the hallway with friend, friend steps on jogging pants by mistake, foot slips, shoelaces aren’t helping, faceplant unto the floor with friend, laugh asses off by how dumb we’re acting*

Okay, okay, that wasn’t so bad, right. WRONG.

*goes home, rain pours down like a waterfall, got no umbrella/raincoat, runs 45 meters while screaming frantically to my house*

Well, this just gave me a good comic idea.

*still running, takes out small notebook, writes down note: “Remember that comic idea, please”, puts notebook back in*  


Honeymoon w/Michael
  • Him being grumpy bc you didn’t let the honeymoon be in Japan
  • “cancel the plans. We’re going to comic con.” 
  • “Michael that’s a year from now…” 
  • “Your point?” 
  • you having to pack for him bc all he packs is what he usually packs for touring
  • “No, you can’t bring the cat with us.” 
  • Him getting giggly when he sees the rings on your finger
  • “holy shit we are married now.”
  • “we’ve been for 2 weeks…”
  • making sure he has sunscreen on because he rarely goes out and he’s pale and you don’t want him to burn
  • him trashing the very detailed list of things you’ll do that day bc “fuck it babe. Let’s get lost!”
  • him trying to bang you anywhere while you’re out exploring so if you ever come go back to the place that’ll be a great remembrance to you both
  • getting dumb shirts that say if lost return to y/n and I’m y/n
  • getting cliché newlywed things (like matching bride and groom stuff)
  • him groaning bc he doesn’t want to leave the hotel room yet lowkey enjoying site seeing with you
  • eating constantly with him bc new foods to try
  • having one day where you and him just stay in the room and relax… and break the bed in
  • letting him plan a day that doesn’t consist of staying in the hotel room  then end up regretting it bc it ended up being something super weird
  • finally leaving and he’s cheering about how he gets to go home to his computer, puppy and finally able to carry you through the threshold to start your new lives together as a married couple

Title: Some Color

Author: marrieddorks

Artist: blondebitz

Beta: buttheyrebrothers

Genre: RPS

Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki (J2)

Rating: M

Word Count: 56,510

Summary: This is your typical guy-meets-guy story, except, well, maybe it isn’t. When jaded-tattoo artist Jensen moved to Nelsonville, a small but charming town in Indiana, to open his own tattoo parlor he hoped for many things. Falling in love was not one of them, however. A few years down the road he seemed to have achieved quite a bit - a successful business, good (and very unique) friends, and a content, if a bit quiet, life. That’s where Jared comes in. He buys the deserted shop next to Jensen’s (and converts it into a flower shop of all things) as well as the apartment above it, making them neighbors in every sense. Jared quickly takes the hearts of Jensen’s friends by storm and Jensen finds his own is already on the line too, but he’s still fighting tooth and nail. When not even the matchmaking skills of their friends seem do anything to convince these stupid boys that they are perfect for each other, a blow of fate makes Jensen finally reconsider everything. But is Jensen really willing to let Jared in or will past hurts ruin his chance of ever being happy with another person? And what secrets is Jared hiding and just how much is that going to affect them all?

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Pairing: Axel and Roxas
Genre: Fluffy, speed writing, roleplay
Length: Drabble
Requested by: skiah

Sometimes Roxas strode away from Axel in passing. Not as triumph for a loudly won argument or some sort of statement of disapproval, but just to pass by. Those fleeting moments were when Axel’s ribcage contracted and his throat threatened to swell shut because his viscera was aiming to vacate his body and make room for the all-encompassing swell of love bursting from the seams within his guts.  Roxas—that was it. There was no poetic flourish that attended his name from that point on because it was all Axel needed to make the point for himself. Roxas was love in its purest form. He was a piece of the periodic table, an elemental entity that stood on his own. Love, love, love—Axel was so painfully in love and it tied his tongue, lightened his chest and tore him into rags.

“Come here, you brat.” Because Roxas was a brat, and oh how the blond knew he was. Roxas embraced the way he was infuriating enough to force Axel’s pupils to dilate with predatory intrigue. There was a chase and pounce before Roxas shed the skin of his defense mechanism and asked him to hold his thighs a little tighter, dig his nails in a little harder and make the mattress creak a little faster. “I said come here.”

Axel grabbed the bill of Roxas’ snapback and tugged him with a short laugh that scraped like gravel along the back of his throat, but Roxas grunted and spoke as if annoyed. “Could you fucking not?”

“I can’t help myself,” Axel blatantly lied and then turned Roxas just enough to firmly plant his lips against the other boy’s. Had Roxas been in one of his moods, then he would’ve grossly prodded at Axel’s lips with his tongue simply to win the confrontation and make Axel back off, but instead he laughed and relented. Their mouths seamlessly worked together with accentuating pops and Roxas’ masked sigh, and they only stopped when Axel freed his grip on Roxas’ snapback with a slanted smile.

Roxas rolled his lips together and followed suit with his shoulders. He raised his hat, pushed back his bangs and then firmly placed the snapback back on his head with a smile that hardly reflected his opinion of the shared kiss.


Pasadena, Calif.:  October, 2012.   To say our waiter was fastidious is an understatement.  He’s kept every single order on one continuous sheet of paper.  The writing was so ridiculously small.  Nikon F100.  Nikon 2.0D/35.    Fuji Neopan 400 (Xtol - 9.5 mins) > > Epson V700 > > Photoshop CS5.

School Reading Tips

Have trouble focusing on boring books you have to read for school? Have problems with reading comprehension? Well I may have just a found a great solution! (It certainly has helped me!) it’s great for me because I love to draw even though I’m not very good at it. It’s great for several different kinds of learner because it involves listening, drawing, and writing if desired.

1. Download your book as an audio book

2. While the audio book is playing, begin doodling and writing small tidbits that you think seem important or worth drawing/ writing

3. That’s it. It’s literally that simple!

This simple technique helps fully occupy your brain so it’s much harder to become distracted and it makes reading more fun! Plus, if you have to write an essay on the book, you can use your drawings and notes to help guide you and refresh your memory when your trying to recall facts, themes, plot, etc.

No Orange for Life


Randomly checked the NaruHina tag today and there’s something amusing going on today; decided to write something short & sweet. :) Headcanon credits to whoever ( tachipaws ?)created the Naruto-anti-orange idea.

Pairings: NaruHina, implied SasuSaku

Word Count: 1131

It feels like skin.

It feels like his hands are cupped around the pleathery—not even good enough to be real leather— skin of an old grandpa.

It doesn’t end there—he hasn’t even gotten started on the weird raised bumps, or the nauseating smell that sweeps the contents of his stomach to his throat, and this is just the peel. Once the atrocious thing is unraveled there is still stringy pulp to gnaw through and sticky juices that always always, without fail wind up between his fingers and make them itch like—

“Oi, Dad. Just hurry up and eat it.”

A pause; followed by a dramatic groan as Naruto drops his head into his lap.

“But Boruto…I can’t.

“What? Why not?”

“Because it’s a…it’s a…”

“It’s an orange,” his son deadpans.


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Person A has woken up in the morning and Person B is sleeping next to them. Person A thinks about how wonderful it is to be next to Person B. Then Person B rolls over in their sleep and their arm smacks Person A in the face.

Chloe wakes to the gentle vibrating and buzzing of her phone’s alarm. She quickly reaches across to her nightstand and grabs the phone, shutting the alarm off before it wakes up her still sleeping girlfriend who, unlike Chloe, had chosen all afternoon classes this semester (and every other semester).

Chloe likes to be awake early. She likes to be the first one up in the house. She likes watching the sunrising over the lake whilst on her morning run. She likes having time to go over her class notes whilst eating her yogurt and muesli. She likes making a second bowl of yogurt and muesli, and leaving it in the fridge for Beca, who would otherwise have nothing but black coffee for breakfast. She likes not having to race the other girls to the shower to get to class by 8AM.

But by far, Chloe’s favourite thing about being an early riser was being able to catch a glimpse of a sleeping Beca Mitchell. She set her alarm ten minutes earlier than she actually got up just to allow herself some time to watch Beca sleeping.

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Work in Progress (hopefully i can finish it over the weekend, i really should be working now)

I’m imagining Assassin!Elsa being given an assignment where she ends up wearing the canon ice dress.

So even though i’m not writer i’ll give it a go.

“WHAT?!” she shouted “A party?! No, sir with all due respect I have to refuse.”

“Sit down, Arendelle” said the commander tiredly “the org needs him dead and you’re the only one I trust to take him out.”

“But I can’t. A party- sir please.”

The commander pulled a dress onto the table. Elsa raised an eyebrow.

“Look, Elsa. Basically you’re the only one available at the moment who will fit the dress AND has the ability to kill him” he rubbed his forehead tiredly “you don’t expect Dave to do it, do you? He looks like a half shaven gorilla at the best of times.”

Elsa inspected the dress. It was icy blue with long sleeves and a beautifully sequined bodice that glimmered like frost. It was a nice dress (in her favourite colour no less) and it’s been a slow month so she did need the money. But…

“You’re sure I can’t do it from a distance?” She said hopefully as she turned it over. The commander shook his head.

Then she saw the cape.

The dress had a freaking cape.

With snowflakes embroidered on it.


“…Fine. I’ll do it.” She picked up the dress and stood to leave “On one condition”

The commander looked at her warily “What?” he asked.

“I’m keeping the dress”

Hummingbird Cake

Pairing: Namine and Riku
Genre: AU, grief, general misery
Length: Drabble
Requested by: mantarazors

“Do you remember April 23rd two springs before this one? On top of Sun Field Park’s highest hill? You were pushing orange wedges between your teeth and kept wiping your mouth with the back of a sleeve that was too long. I think you were writing something, but there were crayons beside your ankles, too.”

Riku dipped his fingertips into the strawberry compote smeared across his piece of toast only to push the digit through the charred bread. A defining crunch sank into the apartment’s drywall, and he wondered if that was why the place carried such dark ambiance. The walls binged on the negativity he radiated and in turn created emotional smoke damage that stained the paint and filled the carpet’s fibers with soot.

“I wasn’t going to say anything, and then you asked if we’d gone to high school together knowing we hadn’t. You did better than I could’ve. I wouldn’t have said a word to you.” 

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Ways to become motivated again

-clean your room/reorganize your room
-discover new music that reenergizes you
-write down a list of your goals
-write down small goals that you can accomplish today
-write down simple every day things you can do each day to bring you closer to achieving your bigger goals
-whenever you see quotes that spark something inside of you, write them down so that in the future, when you’re feeling unmotivated, you can read through them to reawaken that spark
-close your eyes and picture yourself achieving all of your goals, living your dream life, feeling as happy as you always wished you would feel, and then open your eyes and start working towards it