went to a househunters-watching party over the weekend; here’s my impression of the show

VOICEOVER: She wants a historically accurate thirteenth century castle in the heart of bustling downtown L.A. He has his heart set on living in a small metallic orb that would float over a bottomless gorge, beyond space and time. Can this pair of newlyweds see eye to eye???

WIFE: The location is nice but I don’t know about these staircases…I just had my heart set on an escalator made of sand and artisan brie.

HUSBAND: Well it’s definitely not a small floating metallic orb.

REALTOR: That…would defy several laws of physics.

WIFE (squinting): Do you have anything that is simultaneously larger, cheaper, newer, and more historic?


WIFE: And I need a big kitchen. I love to cook!

(Cut to footage of the wife in her current kitchen, wearing an apron and surrounded by pots and pans. She is hitting a banana with a hammer. On the counter next to her is a pile of doll hair.)

HUSBAND: Yeah, get her a nice kitchen. Of course, I won’t be spending any time in there, ha ha! (His laugh is loud but his eyes are so empty. They are empty all the way back.)

WIFE: And I need a room for my shoes. That is simply non-negotiable.

HUSBAND: Also, if we can swing it with our budget, I’d love a finished basement where I can really unwind and stew in my toxic masculinity and repressed emotion. And hardwood floors.

WIFE: And hardwood floors.

HUSBAND AND WIFE IN EERIE UNISON: Hardwood. Floors. (somehow it sounds like way more than two voices, more like the collective whisper of an army)

REALTOR: Okay, I will certainly, um. See what I can do? Anyway, this next house, it’s a metallic orb hanging on a sturdy cord near a ravine—

WIFE: Well it’s definitely not a genuine thirteenth century castle—

HUSBAND AND WIFE: (stare at each other in open contempt)

REALTOR: Heyyy so why don’t we take a look inside?

Learn to Be Lonely - Part One

Summary:  An abandoned Hydra base comes to the attention of the Avengers when Tony intercepts a message.

Word Count:1,318

Warnings: Language, violence, death

Author’s Note:  Oh my God, it’s happening.  Thank you to @buckyywiththegoodhair for listening to me complain.

Also - this is kind of the introduction so not a lot of reader in this part.

Learn to Be Lonely Masterlist

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A few of the Avengers watched from a safe distance, waiting for their leader to make a decision. Tony nudged Sam, gesturing subtly for the younger man to approach his friend.  Eyes wide, Sam shook his head, quickly stepping behind Natasha and giving her a gentle push in Steve’s direction.  She whipped around, glaring, before sending a meaningful look at Tony, who snorted.  Steve’s voice broke the silence and halted the silent argument that was happening across the room.

“Suit up.  We’ll head out in ten.”

Relieved that none of them had to actually engage the agitated man, the group nodded before heading towards the elevator.  No one really knew what to say.

After all, it wasn’t every day that a top-secret Hydra fortress was discovered.

Somehow, someway, Hydra had a castle. A castle, hidden in the snowy mountains of Europe.  One of the best kept secrets of the inner circles of Hydra, Castle Santis was rarely documented and no one but a select few knew what actually happened there.  Tony had intercepted a message between one of Hydra’s higher officers ordering transport of “the gift” to an undisclosed location.  After that, it had been a simple matter of sending in a few Starktech drones to do reconnaissance.  A few hours later, they had a confirmed location.  After that, it was just a matter of whether or not they should actually go.

For all they knew, it could be a trap meant to lure them into the middle of nowhere.  Or, it could be a huge mistake to let this “gift” be moved before they had a chance to neutralize any potential threats.  The whole team had discussed it at length before deciding it was a decision best left to Steve.  Exasperated, the super soldier had spent hours deep in thought.

But he had reached a decision and the team was going.

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Run Away (Yondu x Reader)

Ten years he had protected her, cared for her and for what for her to just up and leave. He had saved her from what most likely would have have ended in a life as a pleasure slave only for her to steal one of his ships in the middle of the night and go. “Where are the coordinates of the ship?” he demanded from one of his crew members. “They are not coming up sir.” Kraglin said and Yondu gave a scowl. She was smart she had disabled the GPS tracker on the ship. Licking his teeth he stood and marched to his room. Slamming the door shut he looked over the room to see her things layed about. She had only taken a few belongings and a small platinum orb they had swiped from their last salvage. The item was worth at least three thousand credits and it made his temper flare more to know she had stole from him. Seeing the picture of him and her on his desk he gave a loud roar and threw the desk across the room. He tried to think of what would make her want to go. Why would she leave him? Had he done something wrong? Gritting his teeth he sat on the bed that just last night he had held her beneath him as they made love. Never before had he shown any woman love. She had been the one to tame his wild ways, end his whoring around. He would have done anything for her if she only asked. Letting out angry huffs of air he sat up and made his way back into the crews area. “I want her found. Ten thousand Credits to anyone that can tell me her location. They ain’t to touch her, she’s mine!” He growled.

Walking around her small home y/n gave a sigh at the long day it had been. It had been so much easier when she was stealing and living with Yondu. He had made sure she never had to work too hard. That she didn’t want for anything. Feeling an ache in her heart she tried to regain her composure. It had been a long day and all she wanted was to finish folding the load of laundry and go to bed. Going into her bed room carried the basket on her hip with one hand as she reached up to flick on the light with the other. As soon as the light turned on she was shoved against the wall and held their by a hand on her throat. Looking she felt her heart stop as she saw bright red eyes staring at her. “You thought you could get away from me girl! That I wouldn’t find you? I gave you everything and you just steal from me and leave without a word! I loved you!” Yondu yelled. Seeing his eyes get brighter and the fin on the top of his head glow y/n felt as a tear rolled down her cheek. When the man saw her crying he tried with all his might to hold his composure but gave a loud roar as he dropped her to the ground and turned away, rubbing his hand over his face. Turning around he looked to see her sitting on the floor with her knees pulled up to her chest and her hands covering her face as she cried. “Look at me.” he said as he moved over to knell in front of her. When she didn’t move her hands he grabbed her wrists and pulled them away with one hand while he gripped her jaw with the other. Looking into her bright e/c eyes he sighed “Why?” he asked but she didn’t answer. “WHY?!” he yelled making her flinch. “I…” she started but was cut off by the sound of crying. Snapping his head in the direction of the crying Yondu looked back to her before standing and marching in the way of the cry. Down the hall from her room he opened a door that the crying was coming from. She was quickly standing and running towards him as he made his way into the room. Walking over to the crib he saw there to be a baby inside. He stood in shock as he stared down at the pale blue baby. He didn’t move a muscle as y/n hurried over and lifted the crying baby into her arms. Knotting his brows he watched as she held the baby to her breast and tried to comfort it. He felt like he couldn’t breath. Before he could say a word he fell to the floor, “YONDU?!” she screamed.

Waking up Yondu groaned and looked around him. He saw he was laying on a bed and looking beside him he saw y/n sitting with her legs crossed under her as she held the child in her arms. He listened to her hum a soft tune and watched the child’s tiny hand tug at her hair. Sitting up he moved over to them and stared down the small baby. “Is it…” “If you ask me if he is yours I will punch you in the face.” she said interrupting him. “Well how am I supposed to kno…” He said and she furrowed her brows and glared at him. “He’s BLUE!” she growled. Hearing a cry come from the little boy they both stopped their arguing and looked down at him. “Shhh, It’s alright baby, mommy’s sorry.” she cooed, giving a small shake of her arms to rock the child. Swallowing the growing lump in his throat Yondu moved his shaking hand to rub through the boys black hair. Looking the child over for the first time he saw him to be a pale blue with the same eye color as his mothers. His hair was a jet black and the softest thing the Captain had ever touched. He wore a green jumper with little spaceships on it. “He’s beautiful.” Yondu said in a shaky voice as he looked at his son. “Is that why you left?” he asked in a soft voice and saw her nod. “Why?…” he went to ask but she again interrupted him, “Do you want to hold him?” she asked and his eyes went wide. Before he could respond she was moving the child into his arms. He was stiff as a board at first but then relaxed when the little boy cuddled into his chest.

Y/n watched as the two looked at each other with wonder clear on their faces. “What’s his name?” Yondu asked without breaking his gaze from the boy. “Kane.” Y/n responded with a soft smile. “Little Kane.” The male said making the baby smile up at him and wrap his hand around his finger. When Kane gave a yawn and closed his eyes y/n motioned for Yondu to follow her. Once the two had laid their son back in his crib he followed her into what he guessed was a kitchen.

Y/n had fixed them both a cup of a brown drink she told him was tea. Sitting at the table no one said anything for a moment. “Were you ever going to tell me?” He asked in a sad voice making her look up for her tea. “One day yes.” She sighed. “Why didn’t you just tell me you were pregnant? Why just leave in the middle of the night?” He said shaking his head and gripping his cup tighter. “I didn’t think you wanted children… I was afraid you would make me end the pregnancy. I was already three months pregnant when I left and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide it from you for much longer so I left. I came back to Earth to raise our son the only way I knew how….” She said in a whisper and this is when he looked up at her. “He don’t belong here. He ain’t human y/n.” He growled and she again felt tears roll down her cheeks. “What was I supposed to do Yondu? If I would have went to any other planet and they would have seen the brand on my arm they would have put me back into slavery and most likely did the same thing to Kane as they did to you. I don’t want that for him…” “And you think I do? I don’t want my boy to grow up fighting for his life. He ain’t gonna be nobody’s slave and neither are you. I promised to take care of you and that’s what I’m going to do. You’re my girl and that’s my son. I’m going to take care of my family.” He said as he pulled her over and into his lap.

Lifting her chin he looked into her eyes. “I need you to trust me again baby. I ain’t never lied to you. Ain’t never hurt you.” He told her and she chuckled, “you said you were going to eat me.” She said and he gave a huff. “I was being funny.” He said with a roll of his eyes. “I love you. You’re coming home with me.” he said as he stroked the side of her cheek with his thumb. “What are we supposed to do about Kane? They crew ain’t…” she said but saw his eyes flash a brighter red. “I don’t give a damn what they crew thinks. That’s my ship, I’m the captain. I make the rules. The same goes for him as it went for you. They don’t touch either of ya.” he said and she smiled “You are so possessive.” she giggled and he smiled showing off his sharp teeth. “No i’m territorial.” he growled as he cupped the back of her head and pushed his lips to hers. Grabbing her ass he heard her gasp and used the opportunity to roll his tongue into her mouth. When he could no longer take the tightness of his pants he stood from the chair and carried her into her room. Kneeling on the bed he held her ass with one hand while he pulled her shirt over her head with the other. Looking down at her he gave an animalistic growl at the Red bra she was wearing. Unhooking the metal claps he laid her on her back and pulled the material down her arms, revealing her bare breast to him. Licking his lips he leaned down to capture one of the nipples into his mouth. Biting gently he rubbed his hands down to her pants and pulled them off along with her panties. Son she was completely naked under him. “Just how I like ya.” he smirked and felt as she smacked his chest. Leaning back up he quickly shed his own clothing, dropping it to the floor with hers. When y/n caught sight of his hard cock she couldn’t help but whimper in need. The first time they had sex she had been scared to death of the huge blue member that seemed to be ribbed but now she was withering in anticipation.

Seeing this Yondu smirked, “Miss me baby?” he asked. Leaning up she grabbed hold of his shoulders and pulled him back down on top of her. Claiming her lips again he groaned and growled into her mouth when he felt her small hands wrap around his cock. Stroking the velvet flesh she was surprised when he snatched her hands away and slammed them down beside her head. “Uh uh. You were a bad girl, running away from me and now i’m going to punish ya for it.” he said in a deep voice sending shivers down her spine. Grabbing his belt from the floor she trembled for a moment until he looped it through her headboard and then around her wrists binding her to the bed. Pulling on it to make sure she wasn’t going anywhere he smiled that fox grin she loved. Rubbing his hands down her sides he kissed at the mounds of her breasts but not once did he touch her nipples. Kissing at her hip bones he heard her whine in want. Looking at her sex he growled, running his finger up her slit he felt her slick cover his finger. “Already wet for me. Such a naughty girl.” When her hips bucked he smacked the side of her leg making her cry out. Without warning he shoved one of his fingers into her heat and her back arched off the bed. Smiling he pumped first one then two fingers into her. Leaning down he licked at the sensitive bundle of nerves he had found the first time they had sex. Hearing her moan he pushed a third finger into her hole and she cried out as she stretched around his digits. “Oh God! Yondu! I’m gonna…” she gasped but he cut her off. “Don’t you dare cum. Not till I say you can.” he said and heard her groan out. Pumping his fingers in and out of her he felt her trying to pull her hands out of the belt and smacked her leg again.

Removing his fingers from her she whimpered at the loss of his touch but felt as he climbed back up her body. Pushing his lips to hers he gave no warning before shoving his length into her. Even though he had fucked her with four of his fingers just before she still had to stretch to accommodate his wide girth. Giving her time to adjust he kissed her neck and chest. Slowly pulling out of her he gave a grunt as he thrusted back inside. Again and again he thrusted into her. She was begging him now for release, the ribbed sides of his cock too much. Balancing himself on one of his forearms he reached up with his other hand to free her hands. Instantly he felt her fingers gripping at his back. Rolling his hips into hers he growled out when her nails scratched down his back. Feeling his cock twitch and his climax coming he picked up speed. Soon he was slamming into her. Burying his face into her neck he bit at her ear and licked at her neck, “Cum.” he groaned and she wasted no time in following her captains orders. She screamed his name as her pussy milked his cock sending him into his own orgasm. Pushing into her till his balls rested against her ass he filled her with his cum. “Mmmm, ahh good girl.” he grunted. When he had emptied himself he leaned back to look at her. She had her eyes lidded and purple hickies covering her neck and chest. Smiling he gently pulled out of her, hearing her whimper at how sensitive and sore she was. Kissing her lips he rolled to lay beside her on the bed. Puling the covers up over them both he pulled her into his arms, letting her head lay on his chest. “Don’t ever leave me again darling. I don’t think I would be able to live through loosing you again.” he told her, placing a soft kiss to her head. “I love you Yondu.” she whispered in her sleepy voice. Smiling he rubbed her back, “I love you too baby.”

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A/N: Taking Yondu requests for the time being…So if you have an idea please ask away.


Stars and Scars

A/N: this is only my second writing I have done for ACOTAR, but man I enjoyed writing this one. Feyre’s dress is based on Charlie Bowater’s (you know the one!) Let me know what you think!

Rhys’ POV

Ever since the war, Feyre hadn’t been herself. I knew she needed time to process the deaths and horrors she witnessed, but I could also see how the guilt was eating her away. I hadn’t seen her smile in months. She asked me for time, and I granted that request. I could feel her falling deeper and deeper into that pit of dispair, and it would soon swallow her whole. I needed to save her before it broke her completely.

She needed a distraction, something to break the cycle of guilt and greif. I sent a tendril of my power out to Azriel, asking him to return to Velaris. Currently, he and his shadows were gathering information about the mortal queens’ movements. He’d hate me for taking him from his duty, but he would know where to find what I needed.

I made my way lazily across the roof of the townhouse, pausing to unfurl my inky wings. I sat, content to let the sunlight warm them. Not long after I had called, Azriel landed breathlessly, a bead of sweat dripping from his brow.

“What?” Was all the shadowsinger said, cocking his head quizzically.

“Hello to you, too,” I grinned, dipping my head. “Our High Lady is in need of our assistance,” I responded, Azriel lifted a brow in confusion, but stayed silent. “I need a favor….”


Feyre’s POV

The sun shone brightly upon the florists quarters, casting it’s warmth through the open air market that Elain, Lucien and I had wandered to. Elain had decided our home was bleak, and in desperate need of “a woman’s touch.” Thus, she took it upon herself to brighten it by way of gardening.

“How about these?” Elain inquired, pointing to a packet of gladiolus seeds. “They’re usually yellow, and they only bloom at night. I could plant them in the sill outside your and Rhys’ window,” she cooed, turning to me.

“That sounds lovely, Elain.” I mumbled, forcing a small smile to my lips. Lately, it had been difficult to feel happy. To feel anything really, besides the gaping hole where my heart had been. So many things weighted me down. Mor had said that war leaves scars, but I didn’t think it would be this painful.

“Feyre, you will heal. It will just take time,” Elain murmured, concern lacing her voice. “We’re all here for you. We went through it too. You can conquer it, I know you can.” My heart lifted the tiniest bit as I recalled the strength she and Nesta had shown in that final battle. Yes, perhaps I could learn to live with this feeling; could learn to not let it overwhelm me. I met her warm brown eyes as she took my hand and squeezed. “I know,” I told her. “Thank you.”

Her mate appeared from around the corner, his copper hair shining in the mid day sun. “Have you found anything, my love?” Lucien asked her, peering over her shoulder. She leaned into his touch, but shook her head.

“I think we should start making our way home. Will you join us Feyre?” Elain inquired, turning back to me. I gave her a ghost of a smile as I summoned my wings. “No, thank you. I think I’ll fly,” I answered, and with one powerful stroke of my wings, I was airborne. When I stole one small glance back at my sister before banking for the opposite side of the river, she was smiling from ear to ear.


Rhys’ POV

Several hours after my initial request, Azriel found me in the sitting room, his arms full of small glass orbs.

“I see you found what I asked for,” I drawled from my seat by the window,

Smirking, Azriel replied, “Took me three hours of flying around and I had to call in some favors, but yes, yes I did.” I quirked an eyebrow at him in surprise.

“I didn’t realize it would require so much effort. How horrible that must have been for you, to actually work!”

Azriel snorted, rustling his wings as he set the orbs onto the couch. Almost instantly, the orbs started to give off a yellowish glow.

“Good luck,” he taunted as he prowled out the door. I rolled my eyes at his back and set to work creating my mate’s surprise.


Feyre’s POV

Sweat pooling down my back, I gritted my teeth as I landed roughly on the roof. Exhausted from the flight, I remembered to vanish my wings moments before I slunk into a chair. I felt a rush of my mate’s excitement at my return radiate down the bond, but was too tired to recirocate it. A note appeared on the small table beside me, and I sighed before reading it.

“Come to the dining room,” was all it said. I felt a small smile creep onto my face at that, and summoned the strength to stand.

As I glided down the stairs, the first thing I noticed was the music. The beautiful, enchanting music that we had danced to at Starfall. The memory of that night, the time Rhys and I had shared, made my heart swell. And at the bottom of the steps stood my mate. Clad in his usual black dress shirt that hugged his chest, it was unbuttoned just enough to let the upper portion of his Illyrian tattoos show. I paused halfway down to drink him in.

When he noticed, he straightened and sent a burst of amusement through our bond. “I have a surprise for you.”

“Oh?” I crossed my arms, stubborn as ever, and he laughed. “I feel a bit under dressed compared to you.” Glancing down, he seemed to dinally notice my dirty tunic and plain pants. Rhys’ eyes crinkled as he waved a hand and my sodden clothes shifted into a mesmerizing, flowing black dress. The straight, shimmering skirts swept the floor. Silver whorls slid up the delicate sheer sleeves and across the fitted bodice. “Better?” He asked coyly.

“It’s beautiful,” I told him, smiling softly as I took his outstretched hand.

He led me toward the kitchen, with delight twinkling in his violet gaze. His next words came out in a rush. “Now Az and I both worked very hard on this, so I hope you’ll enjoy it,” He remarked, stopping me with a hand on my shoulder. “Now close your eyes.”

I did, and let Rhys’ gentle touch guide me into the dining room. The scents of rich, spiced wine and carefully cooked roast filled my nostrils. His hand slip from my shoulder as he moved in front of me. “Okay, open.”

Tears pricked my eyes as I gasped and beheld what was in front of me. Stars, at least a hundred of them, suspended from the ceiling of the dining room. They glowed brilliantly, flickering in the fading light let in from the window. Below them sat an elegant meal; two places set at the carved oak table.

Tenatively, Rhys inquired, “Do you like it?”

Pure joy flooded through me, the first I had felt in some time. “I didn’t need you to give me the stars,” I answered, turning to him, “but they do look lovely in my dining room.” Relieved, Rhys gave me a warm smile of his own.

“Actually, they’re glowworms. Azriel rounded them up from the caves outside the city this afternoon.” He pulled out my chair and motioned for me to sit. “The little things are actually quite picky; they only glow in places they feel completely comfortable.” Placing a kiss on my hair, he added sincerely, “I needed to see you smile again, Feyre.”

He took his place across from me, and I did just that. My old self was shining through once again. I now understood that my scars truly would heal, with help from those I loved.

Looking at him from beneath my lashes, I purred, “Well, obviously they love it here, so…. Can we keep them?” Rhys blinked in surprise, and his roaring laughter echoed through the townhouse.

“For you, Feyre darling, anything.”

I Meant It

Regulus Black x Reader

Request: An imagine w/ Regulus falling in love with lily’s younger sister, who is in Gryffindor and looks like Lily(red hair, green eyes)they are secretly dating and Sirius and Lily found out about it and while sirius is all cool with it Lily is freaking out.

A/N: As you can tell I had writers block b/c this is so bad

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Y/N Evans grabs the desk at the very back of the potions room on the first day of class, desperate to be out of the teacher’s line of sight. Even though she and her older sister, Lily, share their fiery red hair and emerald green eyes, they definitely don’t share the same outgoing personality.

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D&D Items I came up with at 3 am when I can't fall back asleep that could probably appear in a fantasy costco or whatever.

Great Sword
A regular longsword in appearance and function, but it gives you complements and reassures you after you miss. +2 Diplomacy while equiped, and you get +2 to hit if you miss.

Rich Man’s Club
It’s a Golf Club, one of the big ones. Same stats as a shillelagh, but you automatically crit when striking a prone enemy.

A gun with a small portal in it, the projectile depends on how much money you put in it.
1-10 A regular Arrow
11-100 a Fire, Ice, or Shock Arrow
101-500 A bomb
501-1000 1d4 Bombs, with every 100 above 500 adding +1 bombs
1000+ a Balista bolt

Future Strike
A deadly weapon of extreme power, but the damage has a slight delay. 1d8+3 with 1d4 Chaos Spear, but the damage hits the target 1d4 rounds after the target is struck. (Chaos damage is a custom enchantment in our game, cannot be used by lawful characters. Roll a 1d8. If you roll a 1, nothing. 2, 1d4 ice damage. 3, 1d4 fire damage. 4, 1d4 Electric damage. 5, 1d4 fire and 1d4 Ice damage. 6, 1d4 shock and 1d4 Ice damage. 7, 1d4 shock and 1d4 Fire damage, 8 1d4 damage from Fire, Ice, and Shock.)

Androgynous Clothing
Made for a Nonbinary Wizard, these generic clothes are enchanted so it is impossible for people to tell what gender you are while wearing them. This generally makes people more awkward, so you have +2 to bluff and Diplomacy checks, and +4 to disguise.

Invisible Sculpture
This sculpture was created by a master artisan to be their greatest masterwork, but it was cursed by a competitor to be invisible, and thus the work has been defiled, or perhaps enhanced? The confusion around the meaning of art and whether it is now rendered pointless means you have +4 when appraising or evaluating Art.

Amazon Merchant Beast.
This large flying insect can be summoned using a small push-button, and you can buy basic supplies and sell items on the fly, with delivery fees attached of course.

This is a small fish shaped like a boomerang magically modified to stay alive no matter what. You can throw it at an opponent within 30 ft to ranged attack for 1d6 water damage, but you must make a dex saving throw of DC12 to catch it again. It is also kind of creepy, and showing it gives you a +2 to an intimidate check

Personal Raincloud
This item is a small orb that, when it detects you are on fire, releases a dark cloud that rains on you and gets you wet. However, you must make a will saving throw of DC13 or start feeling depressed.

Migraine Generator
This device is a small device with a suction cup and a button. Place it on a person with a Melee touch attack, and it gives them a migraine, making every task require a concentration check and every concentration check you normally could make is now impossible to do. Lasts for 30 seconds. If you fall prone while holding it, it goes off on you.

Sobering Mug.
Created by an alcohol therapy group, this mug removes alcohol from a drink. Pouring it out restores the alcohol to its contents, and it appears to have alcohol in every way until you drink it and don’t get drunk. On the side is a picture of a smiling dwarf man.

Buster Sword
Like the Final Fantasy sword of the same name, this weapon is a massive hunk of steel made into a weapon. However, this sword is entirely decorative and is impractical for combat, and it only to appeal to a tough person aesthetic. +4 Intimidate while it is on your back.

I am a Masterwork+1 Knife. I am cursed so that I can only ever be referred to in the first person. I have intricate carvings and an Elven design. I deal 1d4+2 damage, and I appear to have no secondary effects. It is unknown how I was cursed.

Chicken of Summoning
Upon first glance, this appears to be a regular chicken. However, if damaged in any way it will summon another identical Chicken of summoning as a swift action, and ruthlessly attack whatever damaged it. The number of chickens will grow exponentially until whatever harmed it is defeated or is out of sight, upon which the other chickens will vanish and only the original will remain. This chicken was discovered after someone attempted to cook it, and the resulting swarm killed a famous chef.

Dice of Fate
Pick a number between 1 and 100, and tell your DM what this is. Roll percentile dice, and if it is what you chose fate itself will aid you, causing a mysterious coincidence that aids your goals.

Enchanted facial Cream
This product is excellent for growing facial hair, and it is enchanted so it grows exactly in the style you want. It can grow on any body, and it looks groomed and well cared for.

Twirling Spear
While in all other aspects a regular spear, if you hold it about your head and make a dex check DC15, you can levitate up 20ft. Using this ability is a full round action and you can only move vertically.


I was asked a while ago if I could make visual references for Awakening tome effects to go along with my tome project, so I compiled a whole bunch of screenshots of every tome in the game and matched them with each cover! These should be helpful if you ever want to draw characters casting a specific spell or if you’re just curious about what all the tomes actually do when you use them!

The covers for all the tomes are here as well, but you can find higher quality ones in my original master post of the tome project here. You can see the details and writing on each much better. Additionally, just for fun, I decided to make this the complete tome essentials post and include a written description of how each spell looks (in case the picture isn’t enough to visualize) as well as in-game information about each and every one!

Everything else is all under the cut in order of how they appear on this post! Sorry about it being so super long!

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So, I wrote a bunch for the r/r week and then felt like I needed some BB/Raven goodness, too.

Kinda RISQUE. 

Raven thought she knew the entire spectrum of emotions. She was familiar with them all, even when she would deny herself many of them. It was how her powers manifested, so maintenance was imminent.

However, that didn’t mean that she didn’t understand them, or the gist of them, anyways.

Happy was happy. Overall good vibe, and very fleeting. 

Rage was the exact opposite; uncontrollable anger and fury that needed to be constantly kept in line. 

Timid was easily frightened, and often denied because of pride. 

Such emotions the empath was well acquainted with.

She had it all under control; she was the one in charge, after all. 

Naturally, that was bound to change.

[follow, follow, follow the cut~]

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Sunday Shift

Started off as a memory of when I worked in retail, and grew into this klance fic. Hope you all enjoy :)

Words: 3928

Chapters: 1/1

Characters: Keith, Lance, Allura, mention of Shiro and Pidge 

Pairing: Keith and Lance

Summary: Keith works a lazy Sunday shift at the local drug store, and finds it to be more boring than usual. It isn’t until a stranger makes his way through the front doors that the day takes a sudden, if not more pleasant, turn. 

The lines he had been rehearsing in his head were standard for retail workers. There was the “How can I help you?” line, and the more polite “What can I do for you?” one.  

They were almost second nature by this point, and Keith should have been able to ask them without batting an eye. Unfortunately the lines got muddled somewhere on the road from his brain to his mouth, and ended up coming out as a strangled “How can I do you?”  

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marlosbooknook  asked:

Ok. So what if When Jamie sends Claire back through the stones in 2x13 he can still hear her when she's like crying and stuff on the other side because the veil is so thin. Becuase in 2x01 she is super emotional on back in the 20th century and I doubt Jamie would have just walked away...Like when Frank and Claire could hear each other in 1x08. Like I'm so prepared for this angst wreck my soul please.

anything for you, my love! 😘
tissues are recommended to help improve your reading experience.

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a question of space, a matter of time 

title source

He knew as his hand pressed the roughness of the stone that she was gone – the cold surface reflecting the feeling rooted deep in his heart. His eyes were closed and he dared not open them, out of the sheer fear of seeing the world without her in it.

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“W-Who are you?”

Yoongi furrows his eyebrows in confusion as he stares at the young boy standing in front of him. Something about the boy brings on a wave of familiarity, as if Yoongi’s met him before, and it’s unnerving really. Why did this boy’s skin tone match Taehyung’s so much? Why did this boy’s eyes remind him so much of his own small sharp catlike brown orbs? Why did this boy have the exact same mole on his top lip that Taehyung had?

Everything about the younger scared Yoongi, though he had no idea why.

“I’m your son.” The boy speaks firmly but with a slight lisp mixed in his Daegu accent, so like Yoongi, the elder gasps. “You won’t believe me but I need you to.”

Yoongi nods.

“My name is Min Sanghyuk, I’m twelve years old and I’m from the future.”

The boy was right, Yoongi doesn’t believe him. The elder actually tosses his head back as his body shakes with laughter.

“Okay, sure kid.” Yoongi wipes a stray tear from his eye as he catches his breath. “Your joke was funny, now go run along now before your parents kick your ass for being outside so late.”

Sanghyuk’s eyes hardened into a glare. The boy moves quickly, pulling something from under his shirt and another gasp is pulled from Yoongi’s mouth when he sees what it is.

“W-Where did you get that….”

The necklace is dull in color, a soft brown nothing like the bright gold it is when Yoongi gifts it to Taehyung on their wedding night, but the elder sure it’s the same necklace. After all, how many necklaces were out there handcrafted into the shape of a heart twirled into an infinity symbol? How many other necklaces had that exact design made out of black diamonds with the day Yoongi and Taehyung met engraved onto it? Yoongi was sure the necklace the boy had wrapped around his neck was the exact same necklace he’d gone to nearly fifty stores to find and it scared him when he realized there was no way the boy could have gotten another just like it.

“You gave it to me.” The boy’s eyes shine wet with unshed tears. “Two weeks after you and papa Taehyung divorced.”

Yoongi’s blood runs cold. Sanghyuk’s hand curls into a fist.

“It was during his funeral, you gave me this necklace and told me it was the only place papa would want it to go to.”

Yoongi remembers the day he married Taehyung, the day he gave Taehyung that same necklace this boy, his son, wears around his neck. It had been cheesy but Taehyung loved it, the younger loved the way Yoongi had gently tapped on his glass with a spoon to get everyone’s attention before standing up to pull the younger onto the dance floor for their first dance. They’d twirled together and messily stepped on each other’s feet while they laughed and were so in love. Yoongi had picked the end of their dance as the moment he pulled the necklace out with shaky hands.

“Min Taehyung, this necklace is a promise that our love is forever.”

Taehyung had teared up as Yoongi gently placed the necklace on him and when he spoke it’d been so quiet only Yoongi could hear it.

“Min yoongi, I promise the day I take it off will be the day my love for you ends.”

Yoongi wants to vomit as he finally understands what the boy said.


Sanghyuk nods.

“He died in an accident,  he’d gotten into a car crash driving to your home to get back this necklace after you ripped it from his neck during a fight.”

Finally, Yoongi breaks down. For the first time since Sanghyuk had stopped him on the street, the elder breaks down so hard he feels as if the world is ending.

“It’s why I’m here,” Sanghyuk speaks firmer than before and Yoongi stares at his son. “I’m here to stop us from losing the most important person in our lives.”

So I was working on my punisher morning thingy and I decided to do a Loki one.
Anyways requests are open 💖
Pairing:Loki x reader
Word count: 200-300
Author: me
The air felt timid, small flakes danced across the crystal like windows of Asgard.
The sheets felt silken against your heated skin, a smell of cologne and freshly washed hair wafted across your nose as you pulled the liquid gold closer.
“Time to get up, love” a cool voice whispered against your ear, leaving a chill behind in its wake, causing goosebumps to trail along your pale skin.
“So soon” you mumble cracking an eye open to meet emerald colored orbs.
A small smile worked its way across his stoic face as he leaned closer to you.
“sadly yes” he sighed breathing in your scent as cool lips lightly tapped your forehead,humming as you stretched.
His arms snake across your small form pulling you close, kissing your nose and finally your lips.
“I wish this morning would last forever” you sigh, allowing yourself to wallow in his comforting embrace.
“As do I my queen, but the kingdom awaits” he said in a smug tone, releasing you and standing broadly in the chilled room, bringing some of the sheets with him causing you to groan in disapproval, giving in and sitting up.
“Why do you wake me up, when you certainly could rule on your own.” Chuckling he turns to you, his eyes crinkled with delight.
“Well you see (y/n) there is no king without his queen, and no kingdom without both of its rulers” with a grunt you look at him “and why do you have to be so theoretical so early.” With his signature smile he stretches over to you, eyes with a mischievous glint to them. “Whatever you ask of me my love, shall be answered” he chided slipping his arms around you and pulling you to him.
“By the way (y/n), it’s not early, it’s one in the afternoon”

Love me like you do (Part 5)-Balem series

A/N: I recycled a character from another Balem fic I did haha I’m too lazy to make another….goddamn you Balem and your charming ways. Making Reader not give in is so hardddd. Also, I feel like this chapter sucked but…well eh. lol it’ll get better. ❤️


Slowly, people began to walk into the banquet hall, each one dressed in fine clothing that spoke volumes of their status. You had no clue as to who any of them were, but they looked important. In fact, you’d imagine if you were invited to dine with Balem you had to be someone special. Though, you ventured a guess this was strictly business not for pleasure.


You looked up to see another girl handing you the pitcher you left on the table, and with a smile she walked off to gather some food. Being Balem’s personal waitress was hardly a gift, but when you thought deep on it, the choices before you weren’t plentiful. So, with all the pride you could swallow, you sighed and walked over to the stern looking man, standing beside him as he glanced at everyone entering the room.


Balem held his chalice up, not meeting your gaze but directing his demand at you. There was something degrading about it all, and as much as you wanted to throw the wine over his head you didn’t. You lifted the pitcher, pouring him half a glass and backing off just enough to give him some space. He eyed the chalice for a moment, before taking a sip and placing it on the table.

“I’m expecting good news.”

His smooth voice rang through the hall, and just like that the entire room went silent, and alert as they all turned to their host. Balem tapped his nail along the arm of the throne he was in, eyes set straight ahead at the businessmen. He looked displeased already and no one had even spoken up.

“My Lord, we-”

Balem held his hand up, gesturing towards another man who sat near him. This man looked a bit older, his hair white, and beard a peppery color. He was clad in gray and silver, gold rings adorning his fingers as he stood up to address the room.

“As you’re all quite aware by now, the proposition that was placed before me was the allowance of towers to be built upon my land.”

As he spoke his eyes trailed over to the First Primary, an amused glint in his eye as he explained the reasoning behind his visit.

“Lord Balem, our most gracious host, has offered me a generous sum to do this. While I was against this before, I believe this may actually increase all of our lives in a very positive way.”

He smirked, clearly pleased with his own words and reached for the tablet in the middle of the table. He tapped across it, waving his hand over it as he fixed a hologram of charts and numbers in the center of the room.

To say you were in awe of the technology would be an understatement, but you stood silently next to Balem, trying not to look like you just found out other life existed. It was hard not to stand out though, and you shifted awkwardly on your heels as you waited for your captor’s next demand. But, he was far too preoccupied with the holograms in front of him, and he squinted at them as if he was trying to find any errors in the numbers.

“You’ve done your research, Mr. Salik.”

The First Primary rested his cheek upon his hand, calculating the business profits in his head as he looked upon the graphs. He seemed content with it, but there was something nagging at you. Like the room itself was slowly building a tension that was ready to implode on itself.

“Profits would increase by 10% within the month, my lord.”

This Mr. Salik person smiled widely, proud of his research, and you couldn’t help but feel like there was some ulterior motive behind it. But, business wasn’t something you were great at, especially when it came to intergalactic meetings. However, you always had a great intuition, and something told you this wasn’t right.

Balem leaned back into his throne, fingers settled over his lips in deep thought. He clearly wanted more explanation behind all this, and he looked over at Mr. Salik as he spoke.

“And you’re certain of this?”

“Yes, my lord. We’ve done all the research, extending your refinery to my land will in fact increase everyone’s stocks, including your own. As of now the house of Abrasax is the head of all families in business, with this business plan it would be almost untouchable.”

He lost you at that point, and your head almost started hurting at the mention of all the numbers and every individual family. It wasn’t something you understood even a little, so you just set your mind elsewhere. You thought of your small apartment back home, and your odd yet somehow charming neighbors. It was strange though, how even though it was something you were accustomed to, you couldn’t quite say you missed it much. Maybe because there wasn’t much to go back to. However, being there was more appealing than some palace filled with aliens hell bent on destroying planets.


Balem lifted his chalice once more, holding it out towards you as he continued his conversation with the men at the table. The arrogant ass, you thought. But, you still filled his cup, frowning the entire time and as you pulled away you caught his gaze. You both seemed to stare at each other for a minute, not moving, just observing as if that would help you better understand one another. Except, as he looked at you his mind seemed to be elsewhere and his green eyes slowly descended on your chest, admiring the perfect view of your cleavage. The low cut dress you wore clung to every curve of your upper body, and you could practically feel him undressing you with his stare alone. It was uncomfortable, especially in front of all these other men who were basically doing the same thing, just not as obvious as he was. Though, judging by their initial stares you guessed they realized you ‘belonged’ to this lord and him alone. No doubt no one attempted to take what was his.

You moved the pitcher closer to your body, covering your exposed skin and blushing softly as you straightened up to your full height. You looked away from him, gnawing on your lower lip as he chuckled slightly. Thankfully, no one appeared to care for the exchange between you two, and they continued on with their business conversations.

“So, can we expect your payment soon, Lord Balem?”

Salik smirked over at him, one arm behind his back as waved at the First Primary in question. Balem merely hummed back in response, holding his chalice up in acknowledgment as he took a quick sip.

“And when can I build these towers?”

The pitcher began to grow empty, and you took that as your chance to get away for a bit. You turned on your heel, rolling your eyes when you were out of sight and headed towards the large table just outside.

“Assholes, the lot of them.”

You flipped the tap of the barrel that hung on the side, filling the pitcher back up to the rim with wine. It still felt too overwhelming to return to him, so you risked the small moment of freedom to just stand idly by around the food. Nothing on the platters looked remotely familiar, and you made a face at most of it. You weren’t even sure any of this was meat, let alone vegetables or fruit. But, your stomach was in need of sustenance, so with a hesitant hand you reached towards the small glowing orbs on the silver plate, scrunching your nose at how slimy they felt. It was like a smooth gelatinous type of morsel, that held its shape really well even when you squished it down between your fingers. It wasn’t something you’d normally go for, but hunger can make people try crazy things. You popped it into your mouth, squealing as soon as the strong bitter flavor hit your tongue.

You made mumbling noises, waving your hands around as you tried to figure out where to spit it. Biting down wasn’t even an option right now, and you glanced around desperately only to find two royals walking by with odd stares. They both looked you over in disgust, as if they’d expect better of Balem’s servants, but when they got a closer look at your face they smiled.

The well dressed woman leaned over to the man giggling as she fed him lies.

“That’s Lord Balem’s new play thing. Picked her right off earth they say.”

They both laughed at her words, and you narrowed your eyes at the both of them, wanting to speak up and defend your honor only to realize you had more important matters to deal with. Like where to spit out glowing alien food and not be punished for it.


You looked up to see Mr. Night glaring at you, his rat like features twisted in annoyance as he waved you back into the hall. “Hurry up! Lord Balem is not the most patient of men and he’s out of wine.”


It was all you could manage to say, and he gave you a weird look before scoffing and heading back inside leaving you to figure out your issue for yourself. It took forever, but with whatever willpower you had you bit down on the treat, gagging at how awful it tasted before swallowing quickly.

“Oh god…”

You wiped your mouth with the back of your hand, shaking off your disgust and grabbing the pitcher before Balem himself came sauntering out to find you. As you entered the room again you could feel the stares on you, and as much as you tried to ignore their lecherous gazes it was becoming increasingly difficult to put up with. You passed Salik on your way to Balem’s side, gasping when you felt his hand brush against your behind. You swiftly turned, face a bright red and before you could even say anything the older man laughed.

“And where did you find this one, Lord Balem?”

The room was heavy with silence, and you stood, mouth agape, as Salik just looked you over with desire written on his features.

“She’s quite charming…”

Salik reached his hand towards you, and you felt your anger slowly rising. The pitcher shook a bit in your hand, your rage getting the best of you but before you could pour the wine over his ugly face a hand gripped yours and you looked down to see Balem pulling you towards him.

“Take the wine.”

He waved over another servant, and you watched as a young boy quickly grabbed the container from you. In the heat of the moment you hadn’t realized how close you were to possibly offending his guests, but frankly they deserved it.

Balem’s hand remained over your own, and with a rough tug he pulled you down into his throne and onto his lap. You gripped his clothing in shock, looking up at him as he curled you into his chest. His eyes scanned over you for a moment, but he just as quickly glanced over to the man who would dare touch his property. You expected him to yell, to scream and threaten death to all in the room, instead he smirked. It was an odd reaction to you, but there was an anger in his eyes that only you seemed to be privy to.

“Mr. Salik…”

His voice was even, almost eerily calm as he lifted your hand in his. He pulled it towards his mouth, smirk still upon his lips as he dragged them across your knuckles in a possessive yet somehow charming manner. “She is rather captivating, isn’t she?”

Your heart fluttered in your chest, making you stiffen under his intimate touch. You never expected him to be this…kind to you right now, at least not in this way. Sure, he was obviously attracted to you, but this hardly seemed the reaction he’d normally have. Maybe it was all the wine he had consumed, but you believed he was the type of man who held his drink well.

“Yes, quite.”

Salik, unaware of the rage glowing behind Balem’s green eyes, smiled even wider, licking his lips in a manner that made you shrink back in disgust. However, Balem didn’t let up on his show of ownership, he just pulled you flush against him, your breasts almost against his cheek as he led his lips up your sternum. You froze in his hold, face no doubt a brilliant shade of red as he pressed his lips into your heated skin. Normally, if any man touched you like this without a warning you’d of slapped them hard on the cheek. Yet, with him, all your senses seemed to stop and your thoughts became a jumbled mess of panicked screams.

“Then let me make this perfectly clear, Mr. Salik…”

Balem stopped his hot trail of kisses at your collarbone, his eyes coming up to meet yours as he said the last part of his sentence.

“Touch her again, and I will have your head decorating my walls.”

With every word his tone began to rise, the anger now very clear to all in the room. You could almost feel the dread that ran along all their spines, and as Salik made to open his mouth and speak Balem held his finger up and screamed.


He turned his rage filled gaze towards the older man, corner of his lip twitching as he tried to stop himself from being rash. You flinched a bit at his yelling, hand clutching his shoulder tighter to maintain some balance in his lap. It was all too clear that he didn’t take kindly to those who touched his things, and his mood swing was proof enough of that.

He gritted his teeth, jaw tightening as he leaned back into his throne. His eyes didn’t leave Salik’s and he took one last sip of wine before tossing his cup on the table unceremoniously.

“Leave us. NOW!”

All the other businessmen scrambled out of their chairs, heading out of the banquet hall as Balem kept his gaze fixed on the old man. You could tell Salik was frightened, yet you had to give him some credit for sticking around and attempting to meet Balem’s gaze with equal fervor.

“Balem, I will not stand to be humiliated-”

“Understand this, Mr. Salik. I will build my towers on your miserable planet tomorrow. With your consent.”

“And what makes you think I’ll give you it now? I rescind my offer, and all the others will know that you’re the reason they lost profit.”

Salik stood from the table, throwing his napkin to the table and turning to storm out the room. Before he could make it to the doors the guards shut them, holding their weapons in front of him.

“What is the meaning of this?!”

Balem looked over his shoulder, gesturing for a servant to come get you. “Take her to my chambers.”

“Yes, my lord.”

They bowed, and gently removed you from his lap as they rushed you out the room.


“How disappointing. I’d of admired your spirit more if you put up a fight.”

Balem paced around the throne room, eyeing the tablet he held with a pleased look on his face. The contract was set, and the rights to all of Salik’s holdings were now in his possession with no one to contest it.

“Balem! Do not do this!”

The First Primary looked down at the floor, the marbled tiling becoming transparent as the harvesting docks became visible beneath. Mr. Salik was laid inside one, squirming around in a panic as the needles and saws drew near his body. His screaming was muffled by the thick walls, and Greeghan stood above him, awaiting his Lord’s command.

“You promised!!! I gave you what you wanted now release me! I beg of you!”

Balem ignored his cries, and instead walked up the steps towards his hovering throne as he turned dramatically and sat upon it. He crossed his legs, looking down at the pathetic man with an amused expression.

With one wave of his hand, Greeghan growled darkly and pulled down on the lever, and the only sound in the room was that of Salik’s pained screams.


A/N: If there was mistakes…well, oops. I never proofread because I’m lazy. Haha. Feedback welcomed!

Originally posted by anneboleyns

astrological chart of the USA

looking at the chart of a country/nation can provide basic insights about its government’s/society’s attitudes as a whole. looking at the charts of nations or real-world events is usually called mundane astrology, which is what we’re looking at today. just as a general disclaimer, this is not meant to provoke or offend any with strong nationalistic attitudes, just to examine the chart of the united states with a critical eye. 

this is the chart of the adoption of the declaration of independence. this is what we will be considering as the “birth” of the country.

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Thorns PT 4 *short chapter*

Rated Angst: 

Summary: Can love really find a way? 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 


Each letter stabbed my soul so delicately that I didn’t know whether or not to welcome the pain. I’m use to my father calling my name in a monotone voice that made my name sound like a bore. My mother sang my name as if she was in an opera. My workers made my name sound like it was the devil’s name. However, she made my name sound sweet as candy and she made it taste like honey.

I walked in slowly afraid this might be a beautiful nightmare that will come to an end soon. I felt anxiety formed within the pit of my stomach spreading around my body fusioning with my blood making it into one. My footsteps felt heavy as if I had two chains around my ankles. My demons are telling me I’m not worthy of her presence. I heard the bed creak every so lightly meaning she is moving around a bit. I finally entered the room but I was to afraid to look her into those beautiful orange sunset eyes… the tiles does have an amazing pattern….


Why isn’t he looking at me? Everything doesn’t make sense. I need to know the truth.


MC!!! MC!!! For the love of God please wake up….. I can’t afford to lose you…. Not now… I swear once you get out of this bed, we are going to eat the biggest ice cream and pop the biggest syrup bottles….Please….you are everyone’s angel….. You helped us all…. Why couldn’t we help you….I couldn’t save you….

I felt drops of rain hit the palm of my hands. My body was awakening sending signals to the rest of my body to wake up from slumber. I felt my blood traveling throughout my body giving life. I felt myself come back alive and I thanked my god first. I tried opening my eyes but it was still too heavy. I tried focusing on my surroundings and all I heard were muffled prayers. I always find it ironic that hospitals has heard the most prayers than the church. I heard machines beeping louder and quicker. There was a faint sigh by the man radiating his warmth onto the palm of my hand. He felt like home. My eyes finally gave into my determination and the world was blurry. I wonder if babies had the same thought when they first open their small orbs. I blinked a few times and noticed the white ceiling with a bunch of wires hanging from them. No wait..that couldn’t be right. I blinked a couple times faster and my eyes were seeing a bit better than before. I was looking around my surroundings understanding the my first assumption is right, I am at a hospital. I just do not know the reason why. I moved my head slightly to the left and I saw a beautiful man and I started to cry.

“God is that you?”

“I’ll be whatever you want me to be MC”

His voice sounds so angelic. Am I dead? Cause I know it’s not everyday you wake up and you have a handsome man right next to you. Oh god… please let it be…

Are you my boyfriend?

Probably in our past lives…. This life you belong to someone else and you love him dearly.

Hmmmph. I need to talk to the big man above whenever I see him because how can he tease me like that? Sending a man that looks like a fucking angel…..

You look disappointed. Sorry to break it to you but you were even engaged to the man you loved ever so much.

Holy shit I was engaged? Someone actually liked me enough to actually want to marry me? Holy molly. I moved my head to face him completely and with one look into his sunset eyes, I saw fear spreading throughout his body.

MC…. wait…. you’re not joking? You don’t remember? 

There was panic in his voice and my first reaction was to lie to him and say I do remember but how can I lie to someone like him. He seems similar but I’m cant pinpoint exactly where though. His voice does some similar….I recognize it because I’ve been hearing it the past couple of days. 

Who is the man I was engaged with and why isn’t he here? Once you get engaged to someone aren’t you suppose to get ready to be with someone through sickness or in health? 

He was startled with my response. Why did hate ooze out of me trying to remember the name of my significant other. Ugh. What is his name. 

His name is Jumin Han and you’ve been together for quite some time. Do you want me to tell you more? 

I was afraid to ask a question. He seems trustworthy but I was afraid of the answer. Memories were hitting me like a ton of bricks that my question glided out of my mouth before I even got the chance to stop it. 

Is my baby still alive?

Healing/Energy Reading: Energy System Checks

An energy system check is what an advanced healer does when healing. This involves looking at the energetic points and pathways/flowpaths in your body to assess where blockages/anomalies are. This is just about checking/reading the system; actually performing healing will be detailed in another article.

Pre-requisite/related info:

You will need: decent energy sensing skills, and your intuition.

1. Have something that aids in the visualization of their energetic system: Of course, if they’re physically right in front of you then that serves as the best visual aid. However, when doing this from a distance, you may need something that can help you visualize it so you can focus. I find that the best method is through a drawing of a generic energy system map, as shown above. Cleanse the map beforehand, then “copy+paste*” a portion of the person’s energy onto the map, into the Heart Point**. This makes the map represent the person, and you will be able to do the sensing through it, lowering the amount of energy and concentration the healing will require (you will still need both of those of course, but not the massive amount that it takes to visualize the map in your head the entire time.) Example of a map is above.

2. Gaze at the map; feel it and use your intuition to find out what doesn’t “feel right”. You might not see anything on the map with your physical eyes, and in fact you don’t need to. Take your fingers and lay them on whatever portion of the system you want to check on, and then “feel” for what’s there; again you will need to use your gut/intuition for this. Something HEALTHY should feel like energy is flowing smoothly, and not too slowly or quickly; it may feel like a river or flowing water to the touch. Something UNHEALTHY will feel abnormal, to both your intuition and to touch. Some examples would be feeling no energy flowing at all, itchy feelings, rock/completely solid things. Again, you will need to use your intuition because there could be exceptions, but those are some basics.

3. Talk with the person; tell them what you sense. If you are correct, 9/10 times what you describe will make sense to the person, even if they don’t really understand energy systems too well. Be transparent and detailed about what you describe; “I think there’s a rock in your Heart Point. This could mean you’re holding onto a grudge, or having some other problems with emotion that you have trouble letting go of.” Most of the time, if you explain it well, they will agree- which means you are most likely correct in your intuition. To be able to interpret and describe, know what the basic meanings of each point/flowpath are, and think logically- rocks are hard to remove, and they take a lot of time to form, which could equal a grudge/general stubbornness in moving on from that issue.

4. When finished, cleanse the map/other representation you used for this healing. This is so that your current person’s energy doesn’t affect the next energy system reading you do. You don’t need to throw away the map and draw a new one each time, just cleansing it will do. 

*To copy+paste energy, grab onto and take small portion of that person’s energy (with their permission of course), then place that small orb of energy onto the Heart Point** of the map. You can grab on through any active representation of them; I find that their icon in a recently used instant-message system (such as tumblr IMs or Discord) tend to work very well.  

**Because the Heart Point is the most central of the points, and where all energy flows through to circulate through the rest of the body.

This is just a how-to on the reading portion; I will detail healing in another article. And of course, you will need to practice, practice, practice, to git gud at this. We need more healers in this community, so I hope this was able to help and inspire a few of you!

Charred (Part Thirteen)

EXO FanFiction: Fantasy AU
Main pairing: Reader x Chanyeol
You get sucked into a mysterious world, and begin to discover things you couldn’t have imagined. But why you? And who is the stranger you are becoming drawn to?

< Previous | Next >

‘Exactly,’ your father grinned.

The two of you both looked at each other, and you felt excitement rising in your chest.

'I’m sorry but what does this mean?’ Kyungsoo said, interrupting and you looked at him, where he was staring at you and your father with a deep frown on his face, glancing between the two of you in puzzlement.

'A halfling doesn’t follow the pattern of our world, Y/N shouldn’t exist,’ you father said, 'So the moment she was born, another future is possible. That’s why she can stop the darkness.’

'But how?’ Kyungsoo said, 'If two futures are possible now, how do we make the one we want happens?’

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A Way Out

TITLE: A Way Out

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 2 of 5

AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being kidnapped and meeting Loki, who is trapped in a network of mirrors. Bored and with nothing better to do, he decides to help you escape, figuring he’ll never see you again after you’re gone. But as soon as you’re able, you return intending to rescue him…


NOTES/WARNINGS: You ever had one of those moment when you realise you’re probably not quite right in the head? I bet Loki has a lot of those. XD


    It took a bit longer than she would have liked to get the right temperature, but eventually with a sharp blow that may or may not have left a small bruise, the cuff lay in pieces on the floor. Ayrialenne had to stop herself from letting out a cheer at the small victory; she still had to find her way out, which would likely be no easy feat as Loki was quick to point out.

    They had an advantage, ironic as it was, in the form of Loki’s prison. There were, of course, many rooms with no mirrors that he’d never seen, but that still left quite a wide area he could cover and in turn guide her through. For practicality’s sake, Loki went ahead and Ayrialenne kept an eye and ear out for any trouble behind them; she hoped there wouldn’t be any, given that she was essentially on her own on that front and there was only so much she could fight against in her current form.

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Too Close: Part 2

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: angst, feels, probably language, Bucky being a clingy little shit, fluff.. if I missed anything, let me know!

A/N: I was super happy that you guys liked the first part of this, so here’s the second! Let me know what you think! <3

That night, you were unable to fall asleep. You spent the night tossing and turning, staring up at the ceiling. Even surrounded by your familiar sheets and blankets, you still didn’t feel comfortable. Your mind was racing, and you couldn’t quiet it down. You crawled out of your bed, pulling a pair of grey shorts on along with an oversized hoodie before you snuck out of the room, heading for the kitchen. Maybe you just needed a glass of milk, that always helped you go to sleep as a kid.

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