The Sovereign’s Orb and the Small Orb

The Sovereign’s Orb was created for the coronation of Charles II in 1661, due to the need for new Crown Jewels, after the originals were melted down by Oliver Cromwell during the Commonwealth. The orb itself cost £1,150 to make at the time, a massive sum today. The orb is hollow, weighs 1.32 kilograms and is 6.5 inches in diameter. Around the middle of the orb is a band of gemstones, surrounded by bands of pearls. The jewels include 368 pearls, 365 diamonds, 18 rubies, 9 sapphires, 9 emeralds and one amethyst. On top is a cross which is set on top of the amethyst, this is because the orb is a religious symbol, representing the monarchs role as Head of the Church of England. During the coronation, the orb is placed in the monarch’s right hand by the Archbishop of Canterbury. At the end of the ceremony, the monarch holds the Orb in the left hand as they leave Westminster Abbey. 

The Small Orb was created for the coronation of William III and Mary II in 1689. It was made so that both of the joint sovereigns could carry an orb, with Mary using the smaller of the two. It is similar to the larger orb, being hollow gold and covered in precious jewels. 

“Wow! How’d you do that, Squid-man??” the little sheep asks in awe as Squid-man and Sleepy Sheep walk down the corridor now illuminated a bit from the lighter.

Before anything else can be said, a cat’s yell echoes loudly. “Child! I have come to return your pillow.” Neko Zombie announces as he emerges from the shadows. “But first!” he reaches in his pocket and pulls out a small glass jar with a cork lid. “Here! You’ll need this.” he tosses the jar to Sleepy Sheep, who clumsily catches it.

Without saying a word, Neko begins tearing the pillow to shreds, much to the little lamb’s dismay. Soon there is little left but the pillowcase and an explosion of feathers. From the destruction, mysterious streams of light float up and merge together into a small glowing orb of blue light. 

“Quickly now child! Before it floats away! Encase the light in the jar!” Neko instructs firmly and Sleepy Sheep pulls the cork lid off and sandwiches the light between the jar and lid and stuffs the lid back on. The little sheep marvels at the glowing light orb in the jar and beams.

“Squid-man, look! It’s my soul!” the sheep says happily and he bends down to pick up the pillow case.

“THERE YOU ARE!!!” screeches a very angry Gregory and he rushes down the corridor and shoves Squid-man out of his way. “Wha-?!? WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SOUL!!!??? YOU THIEVING BRAT!!!!” he roars and raises a hand that Neko grabs quickly and he roughly turns Gregory to face him.

“You will not harm this child! I was the one who retrieved the soul! If you want to fight so badly then I’ll be HAPPY to deliver!!” Neko hisses.

“YOU need to get back to your room! I don’t know how you got out but I’ll be sure to fix it” Gregory growls and he grabs the sheep by the ear “and YOU!…You’re needed upstairs in the kitchen” and Gregory starts to take the sheep further into darkness.

“Owww lemme go!” the sheep protests and squirms and tries his hardest to get away but he’s gripped too hard.

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↭ (perseus)

↭ – My muse is lost and stops to ask your muse for directions.

Perseus let out a cool breath, watching as the human’s body slid against the wall, and crumpled against the ground. Blood dripped from their kopis, ran down the contours of their mask. With a flick of their blade, they cleared the blood from it and returned it to a sheath under their left arm. Before the body had even touched the ground, Perseus was kneeling at it’s side. They plunged their clawed gauntlet into the body’s chest, right over it’s heart. When they draws their hand back, a small shimmering orb is pooled like a dewdrop in their fingers. Holding the soul up to it’s mask, it disappears as if it had been slurped up.

Blood dripped onto their palm from the eye sockets of their mask.

Turning, Perseus was about to vanish into the night when they sensed a strong magical aura approaching. Walking to the end of the alleyway, Perseus will step out of the shadows, their mask blankly weeping bloody tears as they stare silently at Jeanne.

Operation Fuchsia Leopard || Chapter 1 (Motive Reaction) || Iwao + Daisy || Closed

Alright, this is unacceptable. What kind of jerk would take away everyone’s food? That’s just mean!
It had been a while since this was actually announced- morning was in fact long gone. But the reality of the situation has just now struck the bandanna wearing blond. Action must be taken!

Iwao was crouched behind a trash can wielding what appeared to be a paintball gun. Since this was a gift from a hero, it only makes sense that heroic action be taken with it. Anyway, it’s almost go time. This self-imposed mission is about to take flight.  He peeked out from behind the garbage can and looked at the ticket booth.


“Target sighted…”

He lifted up the paintball gun and took aim. Ready… Fire!
He pulls the trigger, and the small orb takes flight. It stays right on its course and hits Mrs. Ueno right in the side of her head. The impact wasn’t more than a sturdy thump, but it was enough to send the pink paint everywhere.


“Ahahaha! Bullseye!”
Iwao’s quick to put his hands over his mouth to try and hide his laughter. He ducks back behind the trash can, not keen on getting caught.

angelic-knight has joined me under the moonlight...

 A soft melody rang around her making the small orbs of light dance with glee as the owner held the side of her torn long dress walking about the path ahead.Wiping her eyes she did her best to smile at the little ones watching them fade away slowly as the song came to an end as did their time together.”Bye bye” waving she could see some stranger not far off looking this way.”Hello.” 

Thoughts That Linger

“I don’t quite know what is going to happen now. This Academy has taken me a bit by surprise I’ll admit. I didn’t expect it to fly off like it has. Though I am overjoyed, there are certain..other…matters that still have me worried.”

The magister let out a small silent breath as he glanced over to a small glass orb that was sitting at his desk. A silver pedastal was holding it up, giving a faint shine in the moon light that shined through the window behind the man. A silk gloved hand waved across the orb, a faint image of past destruction in lower areas of Talador slowly appeared.

“Whatever your intentions are, I hope you have one hell of a good reason for all of this. If you are after the boys, I hope you know what you are getting yourself into. Though then seem to hold much more power than your father ever did.  You are directly taking the knowledge from your Grandmother and adding it to your own. Such a smart young man you are. Beyond your fathers…maybe a bit too smart.”

The magister paused, his hand resting on the desk once more. A long pause was there, the room silent. Nothing but the faint tick tock of the large clock inside the office. Slowly the man turned his seat around, now facing the open window behind him. There shined the moon overhead, bright as a star. Eversong had its ways of making anything beautiful with it’s sky, but at the moment all the magister could see, was the burning skies of those camps in Talador. The black shadow fel flames consuming everything they touched.

“If it is the boys you are after..I only hope things turn out into our favor. But this feeling I have deep inside..tells me other wise….”

Closed Rp With shadowedcenturion

Onyx landed her ship. It was a black orb like ship. It was smaller, only 4 times as big as a standard escape pod. The landing was silent. A hole opened up in the side of the ship as she stepped out. Closing after her. A screen emitted from her gem. “Access Earth scan. This is Onyx performing Warp and Kindergarten repair. Warps have been located. Repairs will commence shortly.” She spoke into the screen to record data. The warp pads glimmered in the moonlight. They were all broken. “Deploying robonoids.” Several small black orbs came rolling out. They started squirting the warps with an inky black substance. Once covered the substance hardened over the warps. It cracked off leaving them completely repaired. “Warp repair has been finished. The warps are in operation.” She sighed. “Now to access the kindergarten and mine this miserable rock into oblivion.” She heard something. Whipping around. “There may be an infestation of humans near the warp pads.”

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"Can I touch one of your glowing balls? They look fascinating... Unless you're planning on killing me with one or two of them... Then that wouldn't be so fascinating."

“I don’t use my orbs outside of the Fields of Justice. But here.” She waved her hand, making a small sentient orb for the other. “You can keep this if you’d like.”

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A dark pulse shimmered in the air, making a small scraping noise. The noise increased in volume, then the shimmering particles in the air moved to form a small orb of white light. The orb exploded into a burst of energy brighter than the sun, then, where the orb had been, a young man with black hair and red eyes stood. He adjusted his suit and smiled.

Identifying target… Nonshadow.” The android’s hairband was glowing brightly as were her eyes as she scanned the other.


Since whitewolfterrador asked me the other day about this, I figured I might as well start off today’s session of EoS with some screenshots of my current supplies.

Like I said, I try to organize everything in sets, and go with essentials: food, medicinal berries and seeds, status seeds, some stamina-restoring items, and a small few orbs. You can probably guess from how full the bag is, but we usually don’t have much room to carry lots of treasure back: I don’t really like taking the risk of leaving certain items behind for the sake of more boxes or items.

We have double the amount of elixirs since moves are so much more useful than the normal A-button Attack (for now), and the orbs are for the sake of survival: spurn warps enemies away, rollcall is there in case of a warp trap (which is… kind of redundant since traps don’t appear yet), hurl is in case of gap-closing, all-hit is in case of needing a boost in battle, and escape is self-explanatory.

We also seem to be missing one Crosseye seed. It might be in storage, or maybe I used it while exploring the Rock Path. Hmm.


Continued from HERE.

    “Woah, woah     just ‘cause I asked why you were here doesn’t mean I don’t like it, sweet pea.”

      He looked at her with a smirk, rolling onto his side to face her, using his arm as a headrest. He looked into her small blue orbs, snickering a little. They must’ve gotten quite drunk to have done this, but he didn’t regret it. He knew what happened if she was sleeping in the same bed as him    and it wans’t because there were monsters in her closet. 

    “You must’a liked it since you’re still here, am I right?”

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Small orb penguin send to you a huggums of the soft kinds for much love and happy times (\( ' v ' )/) pls to be a smile, thank

I adore you so much my cutie patootie orb of fluff. Though not like you wanted to hear me fuss at Nolan for being a floor seat gamer lol 

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"Is your face squishy?"

          ❛ Yes. Yes it is. And it’s very soft. ❜ 

                           There’s a small pause, baby blue orbs lifting curiously
                           as the question rolls off his lips & it’s a good thing his
                           brothers aren’t here because he’d probably get slapped
                           in the back of the head.

                              ❛ Do you want to feel?


A mysterious tree known as Yggdrasil would often appear in the world of the humans, releasing many small orbs into the human world. A small proportion of the orbs are special ones known as “Time Fruits”. If a Time Fruit enters a female, she becomes Immortal. If a Time Fruit enters a male, they become crazed beings known as Angels.

Rin Asougi is an immortal who runs a private investigation agency in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district alongside her assistant, Mimi who is also immortal. Rin often converses with a mysterious unknown individual on the phone. She is often being hunted down by an assassin named Laura who was hired by Apos, an angel who persecutes immortals and is the current guardian of the Yggdrasil.