good deeds decrease sadness. so kiss your mother, help your father out, drop that salaam to a stranger, insert a little bit more money into the mosque’s charity box, send some sweets over to your neighbours, give a cat some snacks. and above all, do it for Allah with the sincerest intention. you’ll feel that contentment soon the more you pile those small, but beautiful acts of worship up.

The Arrangement (pt 9)

“Is the child even mine, Y/N?”

You stare at him wide-eyed. Did he really just ask that? You felt like you couldn’t breathe in that moment. Jimin was actually being serious. He had actually thought that low of you. He had doubted your love and sincerity towards him. 
His faith in you had shattered and in turn, he had shattered your heart. 

You turned away from him, unable to look at him anymore. Jimin scoffed as you turned away, not noticing the single tear that fell from your eyes. You sat there in silence for another minute. Jimin was still fuming. He wanted answers from you and he wanted them now. 

Just as he was about to start yelling again, you cut him off. 

“You really want to know what’s going on between me and Tae?” you said with a straight face, wiping away the tears in your eyes. You take out your keys from your purse and push them into Jimin’s hands. “Go inside the house”

Jimin eyed the keys in his hands curiously. “Don’t avoid this conversation by telling me to go into the fucking house” he sneered at you. 

“Dammit Jimin just go into the house!” you almost yelled back. Jimin had finally noticed the pained expression on your face, but he didn’t care. He got out of the car and slammed the door behind him. You too had gotten out of the car, and walked lifelessly behind Jimin to the front door. 

Jimin managed to find the house keys amongst the many keychains you had and finally put the key in the door. As he tried to unlock the door, he noticed your hands in fists as you tried to control the shaking. You had wiped away your tears, but it was quite obvious that you were upset. 

Jimin finally unlocked the door and opened it to find a rather dark house. You both would usually leave at least a small lamp on so that you weren’t met with a dark house, but no such lights were on today. Jimin’s frustration only grew as he struggled to find the light switch near the entrance. Soon though, he found the switch and turned it on. 


Jimin jumped back from the sudden burst of noise. Jimin looked around the house, only to find it full. Full of his family, friends, and various decorations. There in front of Jimin stood all of his favorite things. The most important people in his life and some of his friends he hadn’t seen in a very long time. There in front of him stood some family from out of the country that he had also missed seeing. There in front of him stood hundreds upon hundreds of decorations in all his favorite colors. Ballons were floating on the ceiling and banners and streamers filled the house. There was something childish yet classy about it and Jimin loved it. Jimin couldn’t even begin to take it all in. He just stood there and smiled at everyone like a fool, totally forgetting about the whole ordeal that happened in the car. 

Suddenly, a group of guys surrounded him and messed with his hair and gave him a few light hits and punches. “Happy Birthday, Jimin!” they said in turns. “Were you surprised??” asked Jungkook.

“How do you like it??” ask Namjoon. 

“We spent like hours with the decorations he better like it” said Hoseok.

“Hours? Well me and Y/N spent weeks, no months, planning this whole thing. We literally went shopping every week because she thought of something new to get. You must have known, right Jimin? Like weren’t you the least bit suspicious?” asked Taehyung as he threw his arm around Jimin’s shoulders. 

And that’s when it hit him. That’s when he remembered what he had just accused you of and Jimin’s heart sank. What had he just done. 

He turned around quickly, finally facing you with his eyes wide. You gave him the smallest of smiles and Jimin noticed your lips trembling as you tried your hardest to hold back tears and break down. “Happy Birthday, Jimin” you say in almost a whisper, but he could still hear it. 

He tries to reach out for you, but you walk away into the sea of guests. and before he can try again, he is greeted by more guests, blocking him entirely. 

You try your hardest to smile and greet guests, but you eventually excuse yourself to change into something a little comfortable. You all but run into your shared bedroom with Jimin and lock yourself into the bathroom. You finally let the tears fall freely and you cover your mouth to hold back the sobs. You don’t know how long you stood there in the bathroom, but by now you were numb. You can hear the party at full swing outside, with loud music and people talking. Surely no one would miss your presence. You realize you can’t stay in the bathroom forever though so you will yourself to get through just tonight. You wipe off all the tear-stained makeup and wash your face with warm water. But your eyes are still kind of red. You walk into your side of the closet and try to find something more suitable for the party. 

Jimin is finally free of most of the guests at this point and begins his search for you again. He had seen you talking to a few people, but that was at least half an hour ago. 

“Sweetheart, Happy Birthday” Jimin hears. His mom and dad walk up to him, arms open for a hug. Jimin gives them a warm smile, despite his mind being focused on finding you. 

“Thank you” he says as he returns the hug. 

“Jimin, this is your last birthday as just a married man! Come next birthday, you’ll be a father too” Jimins father said. He was probably more excited than Jimin for the baby to arrive. He couldn’t wait to spoil his grandchild. 

“That’s right Jimin! The baby will be here for your next birthday darling” his mother chimes. “Enjoy this while it lasts son. You and Y/N will have your hands full this time next year” she continues. 

“Uh.. speaking of Y/N, have you seen her?” Jimin asks nervously. 

“Oh, I believe I heard her saying that she was going to go change into something more comfortable. But she’s been missing for a while, Why don’t you go change and make sure she’s ok too sweetheart?” Jimins mom says as she practically pushes him in the direction of their shared room. 

Jimin walks nervously towards their room, not knowing how to approach you and beg for your forgiveness. Why did he ever doubt you? The look on your face when you had just wished him happy birthday haunted his mind. 

He opens the door to your shared room and to his surprise, it is also fully decorated. There are balloons dancing across the ceiling and twinkle lights around the room. Jimin walked further into the room sitting on the bed as he tried to take it all in. He noticed the light on inside the bathroom and realized you were inside. He looked around the room and realized just how much you had planned. You really had gone the extra mile. 

Jimin finally notices a wrapped present on his nightstand. It was beautifully wrapped with a bouncy bow on the top. He had no doubt in his mind that you wrapped it. 

He carefully ripped the wrapping paper off, only to be met with a white box. He slid the box open and Jimin was shocked. Inside laid the childhood book he had you about all those many nights ago, The Velveteen Rabbit. The book had been published many times, but Jimin had initially owned a very old copy, dating back to around the 50′s. When he tried to find the same book, he couldn’t find the same copy or anyone willing to sell. But the book that laid in front of him was something beyond his imagination. 

He opened up the front cover and looked at the first page. The publishing date of this book dated back to 1922, meaning this was the very first edition. This must have cost a fortune, let alone impossible to find. 

Inside the book also had a small card. Jimin took the card out and placed the book on the side of the bed. He carefully opened up the card to find your small and beautiful handwriting on a pretty birthday card.

Dearest Jimin,

Happy Birthday, sweets! I thank god for blessing me with you everyday. And I guess I’m also thanking your parents for what they did 22 years and 9 months ago. ;)

 I know that we didn’t get into this marriage by choice, but I can happily say now that I always, always will pick you. I love you so, so much. I know I’ve been busy these last couple of weeks, but I hope you finally understand why and hopefully this all makes up for it. Did you like your gift? You really weren’t kidding when you said it was hard to find! I hope one day in the future, we can read this book to our child and maybe they will love it as much as you do. You’re going to be a wonderful father, Jimin. I just know it. I can’t wait to meet our little baby in a few months! Ok, I’m rambling…in a letter. Anyways, love you baby. Hope you have a wonderful day <3



Jimins hands trembled as he read the letter. How could he have doubted your love for him? How could he have been so stupid? Just then, he heard the door of your bathroom and you emerge, seconds later. Jimin stands up and meets your eyes for the first time in a while. 

It’s obvious that you’ve been crying but you tried to cover it well. But he could still tell. The glow from your eyes were long gone. You look at Jimin with a blank expression, as if you had just seen right through him and it sends a shiver down his spine and it scared him. 

You break eye contact and start to make your way to your door but Jimin stops you as he grabs your wrists. “Baby I- I’m so sor-” he starts. But before he can finish, you yank your hand out of his and walk out the door, leaving Jimin alone in the room.

Jimin stood frozen in the room as the door slammed shut after you walked out. How was he going to make it up to you?

You had returned to the party and Jimin soon followed behind you but you had already started mingling with guests again. You refused to even look in Jimin’s direction. If you even felt him coming closer to you, you would make the effort to move away. 

Jimin noticed you avoiding him and it was hard to get to you. There were so many guests! But Jimin wasn’t the only one who noticed the change. Taehyung also noticed the second you tried to excuse yourself to go change. You seemed really upset and it was easy to see that it was because something had happened between you and Jimin. Though it wasn’t in his place to pry, he felt bad that you were so upset on the day you spent the last 2 months planning. 

Taehyung had found you amongst the crowd and the people you were talking to had excused themselves. You gave Taehyung a small smile, but even he could tell how forced it was. “hey…you okay?” he asks slowly, hoping not to get anyone else’s attention.

Your smile slowly fades only for you to give him a faker smile seconds later. “I’m fine, Tae. Why?” you say, hoping not to discuss anything at the moment. You knew that if you talked about it, you would end up crying again.

“H-have you been crying? I don’t mean to pry, but is everything ok between you and Jimin? I just don’t want you to be upset today after all you planning for it!” he says. 

But before you could answer, you felt arms snake around your waist. “Nothing is going on, Tae. Don’t worry about. And thanks again man for throwing me this party. You’ve planned it so well with Y/n” Jimin says, showing up out of the blue. You look up at Jimin, surprised that you didn’t see him coming. Both the anger and sadness filled you up again. Taehyung could practically see all the tension in the air. 

You pulled Jimin’s arms around your waist, rather forcefully. “Excuse me boys, but I’m going to set up the food” you say as you give Taehyung another fake smile and walk towards the kitchen, not even giving Jimin a glance.”

“Dude what the hell happened?” Taehyung asks Jimin, pulling him to a corner. 

“Nothing, just drop it” says Jimin, growing frustrated. 

“I usually would, but not today. Do you you have any idea how much time and effort your wife put into planning tonight? She’s been excited about this for months. She has poured her love into every step of planning, and yet here she looks like she’s going to breakdown at any second. Look, I get that it’s your birthday and you don’t want to be listening to this right now, but whatever it is that happened between you two, I hope you can make up. You’re my best friend, Jimin. But Y/N is a good friend now too” Taehyung explains.

Jimin looked at Taehyung with a pained expression. He knew he had hurt you badly. It was evident in your eyes. But Jimin didn’t want to tell his best friend that just moments before you of cheating with him. Come to think of it, it was stupid that he even doubted you. He should have known his best friend would never betray him like that. And more importantly, he should have known you would have never betrayed him like that. He should have never doubted you. But he couldn’t tell Taehyung, at least not now. “It’s none of your business Taehyung, so drop it. Whatever it is, it’s between me and Y/n, so stay out of it” Jimin says before walking away, not even seeing Taehyung’s hurt expression.

Jimin kept trying to get you alone after that multiple times, but you evaded him at all costs. It was hard to enjoy the party when he could only focus on you and making things right with you. Before he could attempt talking to you again though, he was called to cut a cake. Everyone starting singing happy birthday and people were pushing you to go stand next to Jimin. You stood there awkwardly as people were singing and Jimin kept looking at you. Finally the song was over and Jimin blew out the candles. People then started to chant “Kiss” in hopes of you to kiss the birthday boy. You kept trying to wave it off, but it seemed like no one was having it. Jimin looked at you hopefully. He didn’t care that everyone else was in the room. He just wanted to kiss you senseless and show you just how sorry he was and how much he had loved you. 

You turned to Jimin, and any smile you had one was quickly gone and Jimin’s heart sank. “Happy Birthday, Jimin” you said quietly as you kissed him on the cheek really quickly before turning to face everyone else. Jimin tried to keep his smile up, but people could kind of sense the tension at this point. 

You almost never called him Jimin anymore. It was always “sweets” or some other cute nickname you would come up with it. So when you use his real name, he knew it was serious. 

The rest of the party went rather slowly for both you and Jimin. People had started drinking and everyone was having their fun. Jimin tried to make the most of the party that you had worked for and decided that you needed your space for now. You on the other hand were just trying to make it through the rest of the night. Fortunately for you though, Taehyung and the rest of his friends had kept you company for the majority of the time.

 Pretty soon though, people filed out of the house. Though you had wanted the party to end, you were anxious now. You realized that after everyone would leave, you would be alone with Jimin and you really didn’t want that. You anxiously waited as one by one, the guests started to leave. Eventually your parents and Jimin’s parents were leaving too 

On their way out, Jimin’s mom pulled Jimin to the side. “I don’t know what happened between you two, but don’t keep a pregnant woman mad at you for too long, son. It’s not too good to keep the mother of your child angry at you. Trust me when I say your father can vouch for that” she says. Jimin gives her a small smile as she too leaves. Maybe you were just this mad because you were hormonal? He just needed to get you alone and he could work things out. 

Soon enough, there were just a few people left and they were all starting getting ready to leave too. One by one, they filed out, and you were getting more antsy by the second. One friend of Jimin’s though was quite drunk. His girlfriend struggled to even get him walking properly and since she was far smaller than him, she needed help getting him to the car. “Hey birthday boy, sorry to ask you of this, but could you help me get this drunk ass to our car? I don’t think I can support his weight” she asked. 

As much as Jimin wanted to just kick the remaining people out of his house, he knew he should help his friend. He turned to look back at you as you began to clean some things in the kitchen. “Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be back in a second. I need to talk to you” he said before grabbing his friend by the shoulders and heading out the door. You said your goodbyes and then, it was just you in the house. You swallowed the lump in your throat and decided that you could clean everything else in the morning. You were both physically and emotionally drained. 

Before turning off the lights in the room, you took one more glance at all the decorations. “I hope he liked it..” you said out loud. 

Jimin practically threw his friend into the car before running back to the house. He yanked the door open, only to find the house somewhat dark again. He ran to his room, only to find the bathroom lights on. He was relieved that you were still here. For a moment, he thought you had left. 

How was he going to make this up to you? What words would make things right again? He called you a slut, he said he regretted marrying you. He asked if the child was even his, and he could practically see your heart break. He sat on the bed, running his hands through has hair nervously. 

Soon, you had finished your night time routine and you hadn’t even realized that you had started to cry again. You came out of the bathroom with your hand placed protectively over your stomach. The only comfort you had right now was the little one inside you. Oh how you just wanted to hold you baby soon. 

You jumped a little when you saw Jimin, not expecting him. You decided that you didn’t want to be in the same room as him for a while, so you walked to your side of the bed and grabbed your pillow while Jimin was trying to form the right words. Jimin noticed your tear stained face and he felt his heart drop at how sad you looked in that moment. You just look so drained, and he was the reason behind it all. 

“Y/N I’m so– wait what are you doing” he asked as you grabbed your pillow. You didn’t reply and instead you just made your way back to your old room, thankful that a bed was still there.

Jimin was surprised for a second and didn’t register what was happening. Recently, you had been saying that you found it hard to sleep without him there and he felt the same too. You always snuggled up to him at the end of the day and now, you didn’t even want to be in the same room? After a hot second, Jimin followed you.

“Wait, don’t just leave. Y/N I’m sorry, ok? Just look at me baby, please” he was pleading as he followed behind you like a lost dog. But you didnt reply and you were crying again. You practically ran the last few steps and before Jimin could reach you, you closed the door on his face and locked the door. You layed down on the bed and tried to calm your heart. You were so hurt, so tired. You just wanted to sleep. 

Jimin on the other hand was pounding on your door, not wanting you to sleep alone and in pain. He needed you as much as you needed him to sleep. And more than anything, he wanted your love for him again. 

“Baby, please” he said. “I’m sorry ok? I didn’t mean the things I said. Please, let me see you ok? Let me hold you tonight and we can talk through everything in the morning” he was begging. But you never opened the door, and Jimin knew to give up till the sun rose again. He was going to get you to forgive him, one way or another. No more mistakes, he thought to himself. No. More. Mistakes.


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Ingenuous (M)

WARNINGS: graphic smut, riding, masturbation, hand job, sub!jimin, babyboy!jimin

genre: smut

Summary: maybe Jimin just wasn’t as innocent as you thought.

Originally posted by jeonyween

Bright, big eyes stared at you with a glint of light as you handed him his water. A blush dawned onto his cheeks as he nodded, thanking you with a small voice. His eyes seemed to disappear from the shy smile he held on his features. You chuckled, shaking your head softly.

There was something about Jimin that you could never pinpoint what it exactly was; but he was certainly shy. In his own cute way, of course.

“I’m going to head out for a little,” you told him, giving him a warm smile.

He only nodded his head shortly, sipping his water before smiling.

You walked out the door, smiling softly as his innocent features stuck inside your head.

There was something different.

You could feel it the second you walked through the door. All of the lights were off, and there wasn’t a single light source coming from the apartment you shared with your roommate.

You frowned, thinking that he just went out without informing you beforehand.

But then there was a noise, and it wasn’t just any noise.

Your ears strained to hear the sounds, slowly making your way towards Jimin’s room as the sounds got louder. They were such sinful sounds, yet they were so beautiful. Especially since it was coming from Jimin’s mouth.

You licked your lips, noticing that his door only had a small crack open. You looked through, seeing something you never thought you would.

Jimin’s innocent side suddenly vanished the second you stared at him, watching as he touched himself. His hand worked slowly across his length, his thumb rubbing his tip each time he pumped upwards. He let out a soft whimper, his eyes tightly closed as he focused on the pleasure he was giving himself.

You squeezed your thighs together, unsure of what to do. You had never seen Jimin like this. You never imagined he would touch himself in such a.. sinful manner.

He started to pump faster as his precum slathered across his hand, making it easier to glide his hand. You bit your bottom lip, watching him with such an intense gaze that you couldn’t believe Jimin couldn’t feel it.

You shook your head quickly, looking away from him as you moved away from his door. You rested yourself against the wall softly, letting out a shaky breath.

You couldn’t believe you just stared at Jimin, completely invading his privacy, as he touched himself. But the image of him running his hand along his length, whimpering with need wouldn’t leave your head. And standing right next to his door while he moaned more wasn’t helping.

You were quick to escape the enviroment, knowing that if you had stayed longer you would have done something embarrassing.

For you, and him.

The next morning, you walked in your shared apartment, noticing that the air was a little tense. But, maybe that was just in your head.

Jimin was making breakfast in the kitchen, quietly humming a song. You swallowed deeply, walking up behind him. All you could see was him touching himself as the most sinful noises filled that room.

You shook your head, smiling painfully as you greeted him, “Good morning, Jimin.”

He smiled, his eyes quickly disappearing as he caught sight of you while blushing, “Good morning, Noona.”

You grabbed a glass of water, drinking it greedily. He frowned, wondering why you were acting a little different towards him, but decided it was best to ignore it. And you were thankful he did.

You rested your back against the counter, leaning against it as you stared at him. He continued cooking, his hands working well. You gulped as you remembered what his hands were doing last night.

You let out an involuntary whimper, making his eyes go wide as he looked at you. You coughed, as he furrowed his eyebrows.

“Are you okay, Noona?” His worried expression, and furrowed eyebrows made your heart flutter.

What the hell was this? Why was he making you so flustered from just one time of catching him touching himself? Why did it turn you on so goddamn much?

Maybe you just really needed to get laid.

You shook your head, smiling softly, “I-I’m fine, Jimin.”

He hesitantly nodded, not sure if he should press it more but decided not to, “Okay..”

You sighed, letting out a breath of relief, watching as he finished the breakfast.

You were hungry, sure.

But not for food.

He squirmed under your intense gaze, unsure why you were staring at him like that.

He blushed, “Noona?”

Your attention focused on him, “Yes?”

“Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked innocently, his voice soft and warm.

You cleared your throat, nodding, “Yes, Jimin. I’m sure.”

He frowned, before nodding as well, “Okay.. If you say so, Noona.”

If he says Noona like that one more time, you weren’t sure how long you would last before your patience snapped.

Now, this time was different.

You were horny, needy almost. And his moans were still stuck in your head as you laid on your bed, imagining what it would be like if you were the one to touch him. You whimpered at the thought of him being a begging mess for you, bending at your will.

You got up from your bed, walking towards the kitchen to get a glass of water to calm down. You were hot and bothered, and you were hoping it would cool you down.

But, just as you passed by Jimin’s room, you heard those sinful moans again. You stopped in your tracks, seeing that his door was fully closed this time, and you knew he was trying his best to keep quiet. You could just imagine him biting his lower lip as the whimpers fell helplessly.

You groaned internally, unable to contain yourself. You needed to be touched, you needed him to fulfill your desires.

But what made you freeze in your tracks from opening the door as your hand rested against the doorknob, was this:

“Y-Y/N.. Please, Noona.. Please..”

You gulped, your eyes immediately growing wide. He was imagining it was you touching him as he jerked himself off.

“Oh, fuck,” You whispered softly, your hand dropping from the doorknob quickly.

You closed your eyes, whimpering as you squeezed your thighs for friction. You heard him moan your name once more, and that’s when your eyes shot open, quickly reaching for the door again, swinging it open.

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°*☆The Magick of Bottle Necklaces ☆*°

(≧◡≦)♡ Hello!

Zana here! Today I’ll be talking about lovely bottle necklaces☆*°

゚。・*.゚☆゚.*・。゚。・*.゚☆゚.*・。゚  ゚。・*.゚☆゚.*・。゚。・*.゚☆゚.*・。゚

Bottle necklaces are cute and fashionable teeny jars that hang from your neck, usually containing sand, glitter, or small objects. The beauty with these is that no one will think your necklace will have anything to do with witchcraft! These charms are perfect for broom closet witches. Here are a few examples:

You don’t need to buy a necklace for $7-$14, when you can make your own magickally infused bottle necklace yourself for no more than a few bucks!

All you need is:

  • Tiny jars that you can obtain from a packet of nail glitter, found in the nail section in any dollar store (Family Dollar, Dollar General, etc.) Typically $1

  • Roll of Cords/Chain/Cotton String (anything that can hold the jar around your neck) from the Arts and Crafts section of any store OR an unused chain you already have. Typically $1-$3 depending on the store

  • SuperGlue from the Arts and Crafts section of any store OR superglue that you already have at home. Typically $1-$2 depending on the store

  • Your own magickal objects, such as herbs, sand, glitter, or small crystals!
  • Optional: Candle Wax

゚。・*.゚☆゚.*・。゚。・*.゚☆゚.*・。゚ ゚。・*.゚☆゚.*・。゚。・*.゚☆゚.*・。゚

How to Make Your Own Magickal Bottle Necklace!

  1. Decide what your bottle’s enchantment will be (luck, spiritual growth, protection, calm, wishes, etc) and gather the materials corresponding to the intent.
  2. Cleanse your items from negative energy however way you like (jar, cord, and magickal item|s|)
  3. Add your magickal item(s) into the jar (optional: you may chant something to state the intent of your magick as you add your item|s|)
  4. Seal the jar with the cork it came with using super glue, so the items don’t come out or the jar accidentally opens. (Optional: You can add candle wax for that ~aesthetic~)
  5. Add the material you’ll be using to hang your jar from to make it a necklace.

Done! You now have a homemade bottle necklace, infused with your magick☆*°
You can also personalize your bottle necklace however you want!

゚。・*.゚☆゚.*・。゚。・*.゚☆゚.*・。゚ ゚。・*.゚☆゚.*・。゚。・*.゚☆゚.*・。゚

Here are some of my own enchanted bottle necklaces!

。゚。・*.゚☆゚.*・。゚。・*.゚☆゚.*・。゚ ゚。・*.゚☆゚.*・。゚。・*.゚☆゚.*・。゚

Zana the Pastel Witch 

‘An Office Affair’ - CEO! Harry Series

Originally posted by hotsauceharry

Words: 2,232

Pairing: Harry Styles & (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

CEO Harry Series - please request part 2, plus ideas. 


Styles Incorporated founded only thirty years has taken over the market. It was never big at first, just simply a company, but ever since he took over; the company has changed.

Harry had the same routine every day. The flat that he owned was always spick and span, everything had an order. He knew where everything was in the modern building. One ruffle, the person was out. That is one of the reasons he never had a girlfriend or a friend in general for long. In his mind, they messed up everything.

He woke up, the alarm blaring at him. If he were honest, he did love his job. He loved the feeling of being high up, with people being scared or admiring him. He liked the flirty assistants that tried to bed with him, but he never budged; just flirted back. Seeing the disappointment on their faces falling when he declines their offer for drinks or coffee.

He loves his assistant, Dorothy. A lady in her thirties who as like him, couldn’t keep a partner. She had a boyfriend, lost him because he thought she was clingy, and she cried about him all the time or talked about the good memories. Her cheery voice was the only thing that made a smile come on his face. Her chirpy voice and red hair.

Harry had the same routine, getting up, heading to the bathroom, having a shower, and getting changed. He had different suits for different days, but the stress that comes with picking a tie or watch. The drawer that has little boxes, more every piece of merchandise. He loves his life.

The night before was stressful for her. The idea of starting a new job at one of the biggest firms in London, made her stomach turn. (Y/N) was never one in her university days to drink, party or do drugs. Her friends were, but look where they turned out to be. When telling them, yes they were proud, but they were sort of jealous as well. Since then, she hasn’t heard from them.

Yet, the idea of working there was nerve-wracking. She wasn’t at any small time company, she was taken into one of the biggest. In her mind, it was one of the scariest things to ever become, but the proudest. She reminded herself over and over again, that the reason she was here, was because she worked for it. She placed effort, and stress towards it, and she got a part of her dream.

The morning was worse on her mind. She had no idea who she was going to work with, she doesn’t even know what her boss looks like. Of course, she tried googling, but only a short Wikipedia message about the company itself came up; telling her the history and profits.

(Y/N) pulled herself out of her house in the nick of time. The stress overwhelmed the fear, making herself lost in her thoughts; creating her to be late. She didn’t even process what she would do if she were in this position. The fear took over, the worrying topped that. The only thoughts being the simple, ‘would they like me?’, or ‘what if I muck up?’. But, being late; she had no backup plan.

The building was huge when it came to an eye with her. It was your typical skyscraper with windows. (Y/N) noticed the people walking in and out; coming and going. She didn’t mind that. But, she had to go in quick or else she would be passed late.

The building was new from the looking around. The walls were tiled with white quartz and paintings hung around her. A Few awards were there, but most of it was bare. She noticed the reception in the centre back. The place was bare, just the blonde sitting there on a computer. No security guard or elevator noise was present. It was like she was in a white room, she was in a white room with a young blonde.

“Um, excuse me,” she began, seeing the lady still seeking interest on whatever was on her computer screen, “I’m here as the new intern” the blonde; beautiful at most still didn’t move. She did simple actions, that (Y/N) caught on, rolling her eyes and taking the attention off her screen, for once.

“Name.” it wasn’t a question, it was more of a statement. The voice that came out of her was monotone with a hint of annoyance. The non-existent confidence was beginning to shallow, creating a withering feeling inside. Her hands started to tremble, her lip moved gently. She knew she couldn’t be nervous now, she was so close.

“Uh, (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” she began in a hesitate voice, “here is my papers.” she fumbled for them in her bag, looking for the registration and emails she has gotten from the company.

The lady took them, snatching them and giving her a glare. What was her problem? The blonde which she read was Katie on the name tag on her chest, turned her chair and grabbed a file from behind her. She placed the file in front of (Y/N), pushing it gently towards her.

“Level twentyone. You’ll meet your boss there, at least one of them.” she nodded, mumbling a ‘thank you’ to the blonde with the cakey foundation, yet it still looked beautiful on her. She glared back and looked at her screen, acting as though (Y/N) was never there.

She walked to her left, heading to the elevator with the golden framing, pressing the up button. (Y/N) racked her mind for her first boss’ name, remembering it was Dorothy, Dorothy Laten. The door of the machinery opened with a slight, ‘ding’; it made her push herself in the enclosing area.

The doors closed on her, creating herself to jump a bit. The nerves acting up. Her finger came in contact with the button, pushing the number ‘21’. It pushed up, creating her to jolt forward; she knew she wasn’t steady on her feet. The anxiety was rushing through her bloodstream, creating her to constantly think of the worse.

The metal doors opened, her eyes instantly taking into view the glass doors in front of her. She noticed the busy workers, walking about, and another pretty young receptionist, brunette this time, sitting close to the doors.

She fumbled for her ID that came with the whole ‘welcome’ package. The doors needed it in order to open; sliding the card in the swipe spot, them opening with a clicking noise.

“Hi, um, I’m the new intern of Dorothy.” she noticed her voice still hesitating.

“(Y/N) right?” the brunette said, smiling up at her. She was kinder. The name she had was Megan, written on her tag.

“Uh, yes,” she told her, a smile beginning to appear on her face.

“Great! Welcome, I just called her, so have a sit there,” she told her, pointing to the chair closest to the desk.

(Y/N) was about to sit down, when a redhead appeared from the corner, “(Y/N), lovely! I’m Dorothy; I am going to be your boss, lucky you!” she was certainly upbeat, her plump body matching her personality of dyed red hair, the chirpy voice and minimal eyeliner. She looked as though she was in her mid-thirties. (Y/N) began following her through the maze of offices.

“So, I think there was a mix-up, sweetie.” Dorothy began, turning towards her, and smiling but still walking, as if that is possible, “First off, we do the ranking by floors, and we are on the same floor as Mr Styles, himself. So, you’re lucky. Second, you’re my assistant, not an intern, and I am the big boss’ assistant. He’ll be here in about an hour so you can meet him.” she just kept nodding to her, taking in all the information.

“You aren’t a talkative one, are you?” she turned around once again, almost bumping into (Y/N); herself stepping back.

“I think it is just the nerves,” she told her, in a small voice.

“Of course it is, but don’t worry love, you’ll feel like home in no time.”

They arrived at her office, (Y/N) sitting across from the redhead; bringing out a notebook to begin what her courses and obligations are. The office around her was the same as others, except they weren’t in a booth. The office had glass door entrance with spruce wooden walls. The desk was on the opposite side as the doors, with the giant window on the left of the desk. It was a beautiful small office. It looked bigger from the outside, yet it is not.

“Like I said, Mr Styles is not in office yet, so I’m just going to run through somethings with you.” she blocked out most of what she said, head and mind thinking of who Mr Styles is. Is he an older man, with greying hair and a fallen smile? It was said that he took over the company, not so long ago. Could he be in his mid-thirties, craving his life to start over again? With the fact of a boring wife, and bratty children. She wouldn’t know, she was simply just an assistant’s assistant.

“(Y/N) did you get that, love? Perfect, I’ll be back in a bit, need to grab something from the printer.” (Y/N) nodded, still silent.

The paper in front of her was blank, and her nervousness has come down into a low place now. Dorothy was correct after awhile you will feel better.

The door opened, creating her to turn her head to the glass doors. A man came in, talking half way through the frame to someone. She barely can make out who it was, but with the short curly hair, and low male voice, she could work out that it was a man. He turned around, closing the door, and his smile turned into a smirk. The posture he had was little from professional, his hands were in contact with the pockets of his suit, and his hair was pushed back a bit. He was at least in his mid-twenties.

“Oh, hi,” he said, she shook her head, grabbing pieces of information that she has so far to respond.

“Hi, um, Dorothy will be back in a bit, and Mr Styles is not here in the office at the moment.” he nodded, coming closer to her.

“Ok, that’s ok. Um. and you are?” he was closer to her now, a half a metre away from her.

She was nervous. Her hands began to tremble and her leg began to bounce up and down. He was beautiful; only if she admitted to it.

“Oh, sorry, I’m (Y/N). New intern, I mean assistant’s assistant,” he chuckled, she looked down, shook her head, “sorry, it is my first day here, and I have no idea what my position is. My boss is confusing me with the title.” he nodded, placing his hand on the desk, getting closer to the second.

“Ha, I get you. I’m Harry.” he stated, she shook his hand, and nodded, “So have you met the big boss yet?” she kept shaking her head, a blush creeping on her face.

“No. Is he scary or strict?” he laughed a bit.

“Some says he is, some don’t. I don’t think he is.” a smile came on her features. In her whole honest opinion, she was happy talking to him. He felt the same to her.

“Good, cause I don’t want some grumpy old boss.”

“Who’s saying he is old?” he told her, standing up, she felt embarrassed.

“I reckoned that he is old. Oh, god now that is embarrassing.” he winked at her.

“Don’t worry, love.” her eyes widen, shook filled the embarrassment. The door opened and closed, once again, yet a clicking of heels was heard than silent feet.

“Oi, Harry! Stop messing with our new intern.” Harry’s head turned to Dorothy a wide smile that showed his teeth came upon his gorgeous features. She was clueless, but the smile took her away from those thoughts. 

“(Y/N), lovely, this is Harry Styles. I think you two met.” the shook was now taken back with embarrassment. Her mouth came open, slightly and she was stunned.

“Oh, shit. I’m so sorry, Mr Styles for the swearing and everything in general. I had no idea it was you. I feel so bad, and embarrassed, and unworthy. I, I, I -  I insulted you. I’m so sorry.” way to go (Y/N) ruining your career and having not even been there for an hour. He simply chuckled.

“There are a few rules for you, lovely (Y/N). One, call me Harry; people who are close to me call me Harry, and two, don’t you worry, everyone makes mistakes. See you around, love.” his hand came in contact with her cheek, a stun expression written across her features. Was he flirting? No, this is her boss, he’ll play games, but if she reenacts it, it could cost her her job.

Part 2

crush confessions with stray kids

Originally posted by so-changbin


  • would contemplate on how to ask you out for hours
  • will first be like i should do something big in public!
  • because you deserve the absolute best
  • then realises its gonna be used as blackmail material from the other kids
  • so nahhhhhh
  • decided on something more simple
  • truthfully he wanted to do something a little cheesy
  • cause hey you deserve a sweet guy
  • chan would ask you help for a song 
  • while you protest you wouldn’t be any help
  • after persistent pestering 
  • you’d come over to his house 
  • you guys would be in his bedroom 
  • he’d then play the song for you 
  • chan would look nervous and trying to be chill but would be fidgeting a lot
  • and you kinda realise the song sounds completely done?
  • its of course bloody amazing like all of chan’s songs
  • and the girl he’s describing sounds 
  • cue you melting cause sweetness overload
  • the song ends with 
  • “i like you” 
  • but chan sings it at the same time right in front of you 
  • and he has a bouquet in his hand of your favourite flowers
  • which appeared from nowhere 
  • before chan could say a word you just jump at him
  • no not that way
  • and give him a tight hug trying not to crush the flowers
  • “i like you too chan, i still can’t believe you made a whole song for me” you say disbelieving with how sweet chan could be
  • “i’d do it again in a heartbeat” he says earnestly hugging you back tightly
  • “EWWWWWWWW” you hear all the stray kids voices from the cupboard
  • chan opens it with a smirk
  • “eep” they let out
  • “um i hear my mum calling” changbin says dashing out
  • “i have a vocal lesson” woojin slipping past chan
  • “with me” seungmin pips up before chasing after woojin
  • “i have to deal with people swooning over my aussie accent?” felix says doubtfully trying to make up any excuse before leaving with chans glare on him
  • when felix accent is angels singing to your ears but guys you spend every day with speak with the same accent and voice, and you don’t like them #logic
  • the rest just leave
  • but jeongin sneakily takes one last photo of the two of you 
  • because he’s the maknae and no one would ever hurt him cause he’s a precious smol bean
  • are we talking about changbin now?
  • “where were we?” chan says with a smirk 
  • before giving you a sweet passionate kiss making your knees buckle


  • would be super sweet with his confession
  • it would be like a slow build up 
  • just to make sure his feelings are actually real and he can seriously like you
  • and also because he’s a soft shy boi
  • he would be your secret admirer
  • every morning would leave your favourite drink on your classroom’s desk
  • always with a small note
  • “smile! you look beautiful when you smile!”
  • “good luck on your test!”
  • just something really sweet
  • thankfully it wasn’t naggy about confessing 
  • cause one of your friends had a secret admirer making her feel bad for being “too” beautiful perfect and all that bullshit 
  • she ended up crying once because of the guilt
  • but your secret admirer sounded perfect in all honesty
  • he always said the right things and he sounded so sweet and sincere
  • people would ask why you’re not trying to find out who it is
  • and you’re like
  • “chill first of all it’s my love life, second of all the guy can take his time and do it when he’s comfortable”
  • but the third secret reason is because you had a huge crush on woojin
  • and you had no idea how to deal with the whole secret admirer thing and your crush for him
  • you were just hoping and hoping it actually is woojin 
  • it was confusing 
  • then suddenly one day your note says to come early tomorrow morning
  • and you started to freak out and over think things
  • until you realised you just needed to go 
  • the next morning you put more effort into looking a bit better than usual
  • and as you arrive at school
  • you have sweaty palms, a racing heart and your mind jumbled in thoughts
  • you actually half jog half walk to the classroom because you were so curious 
  • you tentatively knock the door and come in
  • sitting on your desk with your favourite drink in hand was woojin
  • your heart died right then and there
  • he looked so nervous and shy 
  • “woojin?! you’re my secret admirer?!” you exclaim in surprise
  • “yeah i am i hope you’re not disappointed” he says half hopefully half nervously
  • “yes i mean no i mean i’m really happy you are” you ramble out
  • he gives you a beaming smile which makes your insides turn into pure softness
  • “one last drink, one last note” he says handing you your drink 
  • you read the note it said 
  • “i like you y/n, will you be mine?” 
  • you gently hug him he instantly returns it
  • “i’ve liked you long before you were my secret admirer so yes woojin i’d absolutely love to” you say while still hugging him
  • he hugs you even tighter as both of you smile happily 
  • then gives you a sweet forehead kiss to top it all off 


  • would be pretty private with his confession
  • ask you to go to a cafe with him 
  • you of course agree
  • looks like ideal couple walking to the cafe
  • except minho looks like 10x better than you
  • effortlessly too
  • like boi gimme your magic creams
  • once you arrive he tells you to get a table
  • and just as you were about to tell him his order
  • he says to you with a charming smile 
  • making your knees want to buckle
  • “one hot milk chocolate, with no whipped cream, extra foam and a lot of white marshmallows am i right?”
  • “you know my order?” you squeaked out trying to controlling your heart beat to a normal level
  • because it is not everyday that your crush has fully memorised your drinking order
  • not answering he goes to the counter 
  • because he doesn’t want to admit he’s been paying attention to every detail about you
  • because he’s head over heels for you 
  • minho comes back with your drinks
  • you ask him tentatively “minho why did you want to meet up?”
  • avoiding the question he asks you one with a bit of a smirk
  • “do you remember where we met y/n?”
  • your frown before realising 
  • it was this very cafe
  • “here? i spilled hot chocolate on you and then you refused payment for dry cleaning or a new drink then i finally got so mad at you i left the money and stormed out” you say with a chuckle
  • ‘gosh you were so stubborn you still are now” minho says with a smile
  • “hey! i can say the exact same about you” you exclaim but totally not denying it 
  • “but minho you didn’t answer my question why are we here?” you say curiously 
  • minho takes a deep breath before telling you
  • “that very day when you spilled hot chocolate on me than stormed out me i fell for a girl” you heart sank at what he was saying totally not catching on
  • “that girl was you” he says nervously looking you directly in the eye
  • you look at him shocked before letting you a soft whisper of “me?”
  • “you” he says affirmatively 
  • “well this time I’m definitely not going to storm out angrily” you say with a chuckle
  • he laughs too 
  • you grab his hand gently and say to him sweetly and softly
  • “minho i like you too” 
  • then he gave you the brightest smile in the world
  • and a sweet kiss on the cheek
  • you two walked out there a few hours later hand in hand 
  • feeling like you were in heaven


  • would be very casual about it
  • not really even confession 
  • because he’s trying to pretend to be “cool and chill”
  • so in the middle of the conversation 
  • BAM 
  • “hey y/n do you want to go out saturday night?” he’d say like any other hangout
  • “yeah sounds good” you’d reply back with a smile 
  • but you would have no idea if it’s a date or not 
  • like he gave you absolutely NO SIGNS if it was
  • you contemplated with your friends on his wording for HOURS
  • like changbin save the girl you like the agony okay?
  • flash forward to saturday night 
  • and changbin is taking you out to bowling then dinner at a very causal restaurant 
  • still making you doubt whether it was a date or not
  • it was driving you crazy
  • though bowling was
  • intersting 
  • and heart fluttering
  • he helped you with bowling by doing the classic arm thing 
  • your heart completely stopped because he was so close 
  • it was kinda cheesy but you loved it
  • tbh you just really liked changbin
  • hey i don’t blame you who wouldn’t 
  • but it was great because by the end you were doing really good 
  • maybe even better than him and instead getting annoyed 
  • he was just super supportive and proud 
  • it was really cute 
  • by the end of dinner you shyly ask him
  • “um changbin was this a date?”
  • he looks at you like you were crazy and you started to doubt it was 
  • “i thought it was super clear i liked you and we were going on a date tonight”
  • he says confused and shocked
  • you blush bright red while replying 
  • “it wasn’t really clear at all” 
  • “well let me tell you now, i like you y/n, i like you a lot”
  • giving you a heart melting smile 
  • making you want to kiss him right then 
  • which you of course did 


  • hyunjin would probably fall for a girl who’s close with him
  • i’m thinking family friend? best friend? childhood friend?
  • but the whole friend zone doesn’t really get in the way
  • cause you two are pretty affectionate 
  • like giving hugs when one of you did well and stuff like that
  • but you two are SO CLUELESS about each others feelings 
  • like no matter how many people tell you, you guys do not believe it
  • so basically the only way y’all are gonna realise your feelings for each other
  • is if one or the other slips up
  • and since this is stray kids’s first confessions
  • hyunjin slips up
  • you guys are just chilling at your house
  • doing your history project
  • translation: procrastinating, eating, joking around 
  • and definitely not doing your project
  • *fast forward 2 hours and you guys have written your names on your project and done “research”*
  • you’re craving cookies and hyunjin wants to bake cookies 
  • soooo you end up baking cookies
  • fast forward to when you’re supposed to put the eggs in 
  • “WAIT WAIT I WANT TO TRY SOMETHING” hyunjin shouts just before cracking the egg 
  • he gets up the counter and cracks it up from there 
  • hyunjin still had no idea what was going through his head right then
  • of course he misses lands right on your head
  • he comes down from the counter 
  • you death glare him as egg is dripping down your hair 
  • then he gulps as he sees your “evil” smirk 
  • you take the whole bowl of flour and toss it at him making him look like a snowman
  • then he just completely escalated from there
  • melted butter, sugar, rest of the eggs, milk were flung around the kitchen
  • then you guys started to get other stuff
  • cereal, jam, spices, condiments 
  • hyunjin then grabbed your favourite pie from the fridge which your mum made homemade last night
  • if y’all don’t like pie idk cake cookies chicken wings?
  • while he just smirks at you 
  • before he could even throw it 
  • you run to him and try to get your hands on the pie 
  • he turns too quickly 
  • and then suddenly you have your arms wrapped around hyunjin’s neck 
  • on the ground
  • noses touching, can feel each others breaths on your cheeks, and lips only centimetres apart
  • without even thinking hyunjin suddenly gives you a peck 
  • then his eyes widen and he’s like oh shit
  • trying to explain quickly “ireallyreallylikeyouy/nihaveforalongtimeandyoumeanalottom-”
  • “hyunjin i can’t understand anything” you say confused while your heart is hammering on your chest
  • hyunjin takes a deep breath then starts again
  • “i really really like you y/n i have for a long time and you mean a lot to me”
  • “MY PIE” you say loudly as you spot your pie completely ruined
  • me
  • hyunjin is looking at you confused 
  • so you try to explain
  • “well i can’t eat the pie anymore, while we have our whole future to date” you say sincerely and sweetly
  • “hyunjin i like you too”
  • then you properly kiss him 
  • and both of you couldn’t stop smiling during the kiss


  • i’d feel jisung would be the type of to be friends then ask a girl out 
  • so you guys would already be close 
  • but you both think you’re in the friend zone
  • so it’s probably just a casual friday night when the confessions come spilling out
  • you two just watching the movie on the couch
  • both of you desperate to cuddle but nooo
  • that’s crossing the invisible friend barrier you both idiotically put up 
  • author sighing at the both of you 
  • you’re watching the titanic 
  • it’s been three long but pretty interesting hours
  • but let’s be real you only picked this movie to spend more time with jisung
  • cause 3 hours is better than 2
  • of course you’re getting to the ending where rose let’s go of jack 
  • neither of you are crying just emotional 
  • i take that back 
  • jisung is trying to fight back tears 
  • and yup one tear slipped 
  • it’s really sweet he’s sensitive 
  • without thinking you brush the tear away 
  • you look at each other for a few seconds your blushes steadily getting redder 
  • and your face just centimetres spear 
  • then you totally miss your moment and go back to the screen
  • cue readers groaning trust me i’m with you but i’m also writing it lmaooo
  • you can’t help but blurt out 
  • “id never let you go like that she should of found something anything! she had a life jacket! and there was more wood nearby!”
  • jisung feels all warm and fuzzy inside with you saying that  
  • he asked you “so do you love me as much rose loves jack?” not meaning it to be romantic which it totally comes out as
  • “more” you say right back not realising your words 
  • then it slowly dawns on both of you 
  • and jisung asks you surprised 
  • “you like me?” 
  • “i really like you” you sigh out waiting for him to bolt 
  • “wait actually? i like you too y/n i have for ages” he says with a soft smile
  • “i’ve liked you for a few months” you admit before continuing 
  • “i thought you only saw me as a friend” you say happily
  • “i thought the same but apparently not” he said still beaming 
  • making your insides all soft and gooey 
  • “now where were we cuddling and movies right?” he says with a grin 
  • without saying a word he plays a harry potter movie 
  • wraps his arms around you in a comfortable cuddling position
  • and gives you a kiss on the forehead 


  • would 100% be the type to slip up about his feelings
  • no matter how, when, what sort of confession he does 
  • tries to plan it usually to never doesn’t work out 
  • sooo you guys were at a party
  • it was hella crowded, music blasting all that 
  • you didn’t even want to come
  • seungmin, hyunjin and jisung forced you to come because they said you were being too anti social lately
  • they ambushed you and 
  • before you could say anything seungmin gave you a pair of heels and one of your dresses
  • then lightly shoved you in a bathroom saying you had 10 minutes to get ready
  • afterwards they dragged you to this party
  • you were chilling on a couch trying to ignore the smell of weed and alcohol around you 
  • you could tell someone just sat next to you 
  • if it was another drunk guy that was coming to hit on you 
  • you were ready to punch them to oblivion 
  • just as you put your hand up 
  • “WOAH WOAH Y/N NOT THE FACE NOT MY GORGEOUS FACE” shouted felix jokingly
  • “more reason to punch it” you said with a smirk but relaxing
  • felix huffed “here i thought i was going to offer to walk you home and you threaten punch me”
  • you brighten up before felix can say a word you grab his wrist and run out of the house dragging felix along with you
  • “damn you really wanted to get out of there didn’t you?” he says amused
  • “yup” you simply say
  • felix and you walk for a bit talking about how bad the party was
  • you shiver and rub your arms cursing seungmin not giving you a jacket
  • before you knew it felix’s jacket was around your shoulder
  • you look at him surprised
  • he gives you one of the heart melting smiles and just says 
  • “you looked cold”
  • “thanks” you say sweetly trying to hide your blush 
  • just as you two started walking again 
  • SNAP you hear one of your heels break 
  • ‘shit can this night get any worse” you curse
  • “hop on” felix says crouching in a position for a piggy back
  • “wait are you sure?” you say surprised and nervous 
  • “of course” he says with another one of his smiles
  • you get on his back and he immediately starts walking
  • you can’t help but blush at how close you two were
  • and felix was internally dying and screaming because so much physical contact 
  • without even thinking his words spilled out
  • “you know i always thought that i’d piggy back you when you’re drunk then you confess your feelings and the next morning you admit they were true and i would be over the moon because i like you too”
  • “shit did i say that out loud?” he asks half horrified half worried as hell
  • “you like me?” you squeak out in surprise
  • he sighs “yeah i do y/n i really wish i confessed more romantic than this”
  • “nah it’s perfect, i like you too felix” you say with a huge grin giving him a quick peck on the cheek
  • which made both of your faces bright red luckily you reached your house
  • “keep the jacket, you’re gonna steal it when you become my girlfriend right? since that’s what girlfriends do” he says to you with another of his heart stopping smiles
  • “goodnight y/n, dream of me” felix says cheekily and quickly plants a kiss on your forehead
  • “sweet dreams felix” you shyly say back but smiling brighter than any star in the sky 


  • but in the best way possible
  • would be the cheesiest out of the stray kids asking a girl out
  • probably would be a cliche valentines day confession
  • no matter how much you actively hate that day
  • he would be super nervous about it
  • and lol stray kids
  • helping lol nahhhhhhh
  • half of them is like HWAITING 
  • the other half imma film this just for the rejection
  • since it’s valentines day school is pre lax
  • theres flowers love and single people’s depression and hatred in the air
  • single 4 life because writing fics creates unrealistic expectations of the guys around me
  • seungmin organises with your english teacher to confess to you during class
  • teacher totally supports it 
  • so you’re siiting in english class waiting for the bloody class to end
  • moping about how seungmin will never like you back
  • BOOM door dramatically opens
  • there’s changbin with the darkest expression in the world
  • but he’s wearing head to toe light pink while jisung and felix are pinching his cheeks and cooing 
  • whole class bursts into laughter while he scowls 
  • making sure he never makes bet with chan ever again 
  • but suddenly you hear seungmin’s angelic voice
  • he’s singing one of your favourite songs
  • one that’s romantic to fit the “mood” cause if seungmin bursts into a breakup song not gonna work hun
  • he has a bouquet of your favourite flowers in one hand and a box of your favourite chocolates in the other 
  • while you feel jeongin and hyunjin lead you out of your chair
  • you’re in a state of absolute shock and joy 
  • also disbelief cause wow seungmin’s doing all this for you
  • and your heart is currently beating at a million miles an hour 
  • all the girls in the class are either jealous as hell or AWWWW 
  • the guys are like well shit how do i top that
  • as the song ends
  • he looks at you with an extremely shy/embarrassed/adorable expression
  • “so y/n will you be my valentine?” he asks 
  • and you’re in the process of half dying and half hyperventilating 
  • then just like a huge rush of affection over comes you
  • you run to him and jump into a spinning hug with him with your legs wrapped around his waist
  • “yes! yes! yes!” you say 
  • cue everyone wolf whistling and cheering


  • is adorable and shy and still pretty young 
  • he doesn’t have much experience 
  • but he’s liked you a lot for a few months now
  • and his hyungs always tease him when you’re around 
  • while you’re STILL not catching on
  • because hey you like him too 
  • and why the hell would jeongin 
  • the most adorable and sweet guy in your grade 
  • like you? 
  • not to mention he’s gorgeous 
  • and all the girls were talking about how much he’ll glow up 
  • then girls will be flocking to him like seagulls to chips 
  • australian reference aye AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI 
  • jeongin is from busan after all 
  • it’s in the water y’all it’s in the water 
  • so when he asks you out it’s gonna be because one of the stray kids guys let it slip that he likes you
  • and he panics and freaks out because this is way too soon but also its been months since he likes you
  • literally runs to you the moment he found out you know 
  • and ends up confessing in the end 
  • “um y/n i’m sure you already know and i’m really sorry for making you uncomfortable but i really do like you i have for months but i didn’t know how to tell you and i completely get it if you don’t like me back i hope this won’t be awkwa-“ 
  • “jeongin i like you too” you say sweetly interrupting his endearing rambling 
  • “-rd wait what?!!” he exclaims looking at you in surprise
  • “i like you too” you say more slowly grinning with ever syllable 
  • “i can’t believe this i’ve actually never thought you’d like me back i haven’t thought this through what do i do now?” he says puzzled pouting cutely
  • “we’re going on a date this friday night pick me up at 6” you say confidently 
  • while he just gaped at you then nodded 
  • “bye jeongin” you say sweetly but cheekily give him a kiss on the cheek
  • making him BRIGHT RED but smiling his world winning smile back at you

UM WOW THANK YOU FOR HOW MUCH LOVE YOU’VE GIVEN ME EVEN THO IT’S ONLY BEEN LIKE THREE DAYS?! i hope this one you like too!! it’s much longer and i hope you didn’t mind my terrible humour or how it’s very scenario like. if i mad it general it’d be much harder to be specific for each member. i will be replying to all the requests i decline which unfortunately is quite a lot since i’m getting quite a lot of requests! again thank you so much for the love and support!

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tbh the Second Life episodes of Monster Factory are the most fascinating ones they ever did. Monster Factory is usually about taking a game and breaking it, but the Second Life episodes were so much more. They were an adventure.

There’s so much story in every location they encounter, like the Meeting of the Minds place, the Duran Duran world, the abandoned amusement park, etc. but they always feel sort of lonely. Sure, there are six, maybe seven people there, but the world felt like it was made to contain more. Like, they used to be thriving societies, but now they’re only small, passionate groups. It’s beautiful in a melancholic sorta way.

½ of frat party college!bts based on miss hyuna’s lip & hip 
if u wanna find the longer college!aus these will be based off go (here) 
um tw: drinking/ns*w implication/u call jimin petnames i gtg


  • is probably not even sure how he got to this frat boy party
  • pretty sure one of his tattoo clients might have told him about it, greeted him at the door, and then disappeared to get p*ss drunk somewhere
  • he has like one cup of whatever the hell is given to him when the bad music blaring through his ears becomes too much and he tries to head up to find somewhere else to be
  • he tries to rooms upstairs, but it’s just couples on couples on couples
  • in one room, he sees someone mid-changing, their shirt stuck over their head and their back to namjoon
  • “im sorry,,,” he says, awkwardly - but in the same deep charming voice
  • and it’s actually,,,you who he walks in on,,, 
  • and you manage to get your shirt on, to turn and see a glimpse of namjoons face
  • before he shuts it, eyes glued to the floor
  • you know him,,,he’s that nerdy - yet intimidating guy who you’ve seen around campus,,,
  • who you’ve always kind of thought was cute
  • so when you leave the room, you venture to fine him
  • getting lucky when you head upstairs to the roof of the frat house,,,,seeing a familiar long figure sitting up against the side of the wall, book beside him as he looks at his phone
  • and to be honest,,,,,you don’t even much think about how embarrassing what you’re about to do is
  • when you walk on over, only to take his phone by surprise and get yourself comfy inbetween his legs
  • namjoon’s dark eyes widen, as he stares at you
  • “w-what are you-”
  • you look down at his phone and it’s some plain background, only the basic necessities - messaging, email, ebooks
  • “you can’t just look through people’s -”
  • he starts, but you stare up at him, through your eyelashes and place his phone ontop of his abandoned book
  • namjoon swallows when you lean in closer to look at him
  • he’s so tense,,,,and nervous,,,,it betrays his mature apparence and makes you giggle
  • but he’s,,,,not angry about you either - instead you think your eyes have sort of captured him
  • you can feel that he’s not,,,against this,,, 
  • “you’re ,,,,,,cuter than i thought.”
  • you mumble, half egged on by your curious interest and the energy of the party
  • you lift your hand up to trace down his sharp jawline
  • “can i?” you coo, stopping your finger at the beginning of his neck
  • namjoon doesn’t seem to understand you,,,his brain running a mile a minute till you press your lips to the skin and graze your teeth ever so slightly down
  • he makes a noise, from the back of his throat - but his hands that had hovered weirdly between being on your hips or staying by his side finally make a decision
  • he pulls you in close, it makes you even more adventerous as you kiss down into the slope of his collar
  • suddenly,,,namjoon is very grateful to whoever that guy was that invited him


  • you’ve actually known jimin for quite sometime,,,you grew up in the same neighborhood and had somehow ended up at the same university
  • just,,, he was a straight a nursing student
  • who diligently did his work hours and never really “got out”
  • while you were somewhere (with someone) new every night,,,,,,
  • so seeing him at the yearly party hosted by some frat on campus had shocked you,,,
  • but it had also made you excited - maybe finally you could see what was under jimin’s shy and docile personality,,,maybe there was something more 
  • so,,,,as you dance - pressed between people you don’t care to know - you watch jimin standing beside a couple of other boys
  • he looks around the room, like a lost puppy and doesn’t try to join the other people making messes in corners or getting sweaty to the music
  • but you,,,want to change that
  • so you get your way over there, stopping in front of him and making jimin’s already wide eyes go deer-in-headlights
  • except the headlights is you,,,,in an outfit that makes jimin’s mouth go dry and his fingers tremble around the can of beer he’s holding
  • “jiminnie,,,,,,how have you been?” you tilt your head wit ha smile and someone beside jimin whispers ‘jiminnie?!?!’
  • jimin’s own cheeks go bright red at the old nickname, he tries to say something but his voice nearly cracks
  • god all it took was calling you that and you’re a mess? how adorable 
  • you think, devilish grin on your face as you reach out to take his arm
  • “let’s dance?”
  • jimin’s protest is only heard in his head - the can of beer nearly drops, but taehyung grabs it
  • you find yourself pressed back in the group - people are shouting and the music is deafening
  • but your entire focus is on jimin, the way his lips part slightly - his eyes dart between your mouth, your body, and your own eyes
  • but he can’t keep your gaze long enough, he grows smaller under it and you,,,,love it
  • you take his hands - which are nearly not touching you, and put them on your hips
  • your own arms snake around his neck and soon enough you and jimin don’t have enough space between the two of you for a piece of paper
  • his friends are watching, jaws dropped as jimin - pure, angelic, hardworking student jimin
  • grips you closer and although they can’t hear whats going on
  • you hear it, jimin’s slow and pretty unwinding 
  • “do you like this ,,,,,jiminnie-?”
  • “don’t call me that,,,,”
  • he says - like he’s short of breath
  • you tease him, lips ghosting over the shell of his ear “i wont, i wont baby”
  • you’re pretty sure jimin’s entire body reacts to that - in a way more fulfilling than you could have imagined and yeah,,his friends don’t see him for the rest of the night after that


  • taehyung is an engineering major, who likes skateboarding and beating underclassman jungkook at videogames
  • people don’t think he’s a party person - but he is
  • mostly for the social aspect of it,,,,he likes to just chill and hangout at them,,,
  • but even at this party,,,something feels different,,,,and taehyung realizes that it starts with you
  • you’re in a couple of his classes, taehyung has noticed the small things about you 
  • the small,,,,beautiful things about you
  • and he doesn’t know if you’ll show up - if parties, especially at frat houses, is your scene
  • but all of that is answered when he feels someone tap his shoulder 
  • he calls your name, happy to see you - but also trying to distract himself from the blush of pink over your complexion (probably from drinks,,,or from the obscene heat of everyone being packed in here like sardines)
  • you sway a little, looking at taehyung with eyes that flash with sparkles,,,,taehyung doesn’t want to assume anything,,,but those are eyes that are saying-
  • “can you,,,maybe get me another drink?”
  • your voice is sweet and taehyung tastes it - but his friends are all here so he acts like nothing is different
  • “,,,yes! um wait one sec-”
  • you smile, thanking him before he can even finish before putting your hands on his shoulders and lifting yourself just a bit
  • you place your lips over his 
  • and the group all gasps surronding you two
  • taehyung’s brain runs a mile a minute but his body,,,reacts quickly and his hand comes up to hold the side of your face
  • his head tilts and his eyes close
  • and it’s a little,,,exhibitionist,,,to do thise with others staring in shock
  • but taehyung could care literally less
  • as you pull back and grin
  • “it tasted great,,,,thank you,,,”
  • you twirl past him, almost like you’re on cloud nine
  • and jimin wants to say “taehyung, who was that?!?”
  • but taehyung isn’t listening
  • he hands his cup to someone and follows you through the crowd
  • again you find yourselves close,,,your back againt the wall as taehyung whispers something in your ear 
  • and you both come into class the next morning messy haired and afterglowing,,,,,
  • you’re wearing taehyung’s sweats LOL


  • free food and booze is what yoongi came for - ending up the ‘photographer’ of the party was not
  • he doesn’t even have his DSLR,,,he’s just being dragged around by random people with his phone out
  • taking photos for peoples snapchats and having groups of three or four people ask him to record their attempts at beer pong or making out ,,,
  • he doesn’t want to do it - and he’s on the verge of telling everyone to piss off
  • sitting on the couch squished between people peskering him every which way
  • until he feels a soft touch on his elbow
  • he turns, ready to go off one whoever it is that wants him to take some dumb photo
  • when he sees you,,
  • he’s seen you before - in passing
  • and he’s always been fascinated that someone like you,,,were just in this normal university,,,,walking around looking like that
  • and ,,,, now,,,, that face he had found so stunning was flushed and glossy 
  • your voice slurred, but still sounded just as cute as ever
  • “yoongi,,,”
  • you knew his name!?!?!
  • “take some of,,,me?” you hiccup, giggling into your palm as yoongi shifts
  • he can feel your entire body pressing against his side and he stutters over a reply
  • when you suddenly press a cheek to his arm “please?”
  • he takes out his phone,,,not sure what kind of pose you want to do and if he’s going to be able to handle it
  • when you shake your head, get up and motion for him to follow you
  • on the way, your take his hand in yours and yoongi takes photos of your locked fingers
  • and somehow you two end up in an empty room and you playfully switch on the light, falling onto an empty bed and throwing up a peace sign
  • “is it cuuuuute?!?!” you laugh as yoongi comes close, but not joining you, to take a photo
  • you get up, pouting and take the phone from yoongi’s phone
  • “ya-”
  • his voice hitches when you turn around, and gently push him onto the bed
  • yoongi watches you,,,unsure if you know what kind of position you’re both in like this,,, but you seem to not care
  • as you scramble to straddle him, using the phone to take photos of him - his bewildered expression making you laugh even more
  • but, as yoongi tries to tell you to cut it out- to stop being silly
  • the phone slips from your hands and falls beside yoongi’s head on the bead
  • “if i get up,,,will you stay here?”
  • you say now,,,hushed and low
  • yoongi swallows, but nods - unsure still of what you’re planning
  • you get off of him, tettering a bit as you go back to turn the lights off and yoongi watches you, using his elbows to prop him up
  • “why are you-”
  • in the dark, yoongi stops because he’s sure he’s answered his own question in his mind
  • when you return, hot breath and shy hands as you get on the bed again
  • and yoongi suddenly doesn’t care about the phone or the party or anything but taking in every sight of you like this and keeping it all to himself,,,  

anonymous asked:

“I’m not going anywhere.” maybe hux w/ queen!reader bc i am a thirsty hoe for holiest????????

“Go away.”

Your voice drifts in from the bathroom – you’re in the tub, knees pulled to your chest and skin pruning. The water has started to go cold and the tub has gone milky from the soaps and serums your handmaidens had knotted into your hair an hour earlier. You fiddle with a stray flower bud that floats along the surface.

He knocks again, voice gentle. “I owe you an apology.”

Anger bubbles in your chest at his words earlier – he’d had the audacity to call you childish – and you flick the flower across the surface of the water. 


Armitage sighs, leather gloves punching in the security overwrite code to your room before stepping inside. The lights are off; your gown is pooled by the bed. The warm pink light from the bathroom bathes the entire room in the color – he hears you splash, the gently sifting of water. 

He moves slowly, tossing his greatcoat over the edge of your bed and ditching his gloves on your nightstand. Hux works at his collar, tugging it loose and sighing. The long legged General stalks into the doorway of the bathroom, leaning on the frame and tucking his hands into his uniform slacks.

You’re beautiful – long tresses dipping along your bare spine, eyes flashing over your shoulder. He watches you shift, turning to serve him an icy glare. If looks could kill.

“I said go away.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Hux musters, kicking away from the door frame and moving to settle on the edge of the tub. You tense, nostrils flaring as you hold your tongue. “I owe you an apology. If you’d like to hear it –”

“We’re supposed to build one another up,” you voice cracks, eyes driving into his, “To make one another strong. We’re to be married – and to hear you… mock me in front of the entire Imperial Council?”

Hux’s jaw clenches, eyes slipping to his hands.

“Did that make you feel strong, Armitage?”

The water ripples around you as you pull your knees closer and Armitage exhales. His chest burns with the reality of his words and the General feels stupid. He is stupid.

“I shouldn’t have said those things,” he breathes, “I knew the moment they came from my mouth I was wrong. It was… disrespectful and lowly and – I am sorry. I am. I…”

His words drift, voice shuddering into a silent plead. He fiddles with his hands, a nervous tick, and swallows. Armitage feels like scum. You were visibly upset at what he’d said and knew the moment you’d upped and fled the meeting he’d gone and messed up. 

“It hurt my feelings.”

The veil of Queen slips, for a moment, and Armitage notes how soft your voice is. This is the voice of a wife, of an equal. 

“I am so sorry,” his gaze slips along your face, “If.. If you’d like, I’ll go.”

You’re quick to shake your head and it surprises him. “No, no. This… If we are going to work… We need to learn to talk. To trust one another. I don’t… I don’t want us to be spiteful and angry and mean to one another. We’re to be husband and wife, not mortal enemies.”

A nod, you tough his hand. “I accept your apology. And I’m sorry I reacted so… dramatically.”

He loves you. He knows he does in this moment. You’re kind and cunning and sweet and gentle and everything he’s ever admired in princesses he’s read about but so much more. Armitage nods, then, noting how your gaze softens.

“You’re right about everything – trust and strength and all that.”

“I know,” a small smile, “So stay.”

“The water is cold,” he says after a moment, “Your fingers are pruned.”

“It’s not so bad,” you slip your fingers along the surface, “Feel for yourself.”

Hux, in a split second, decides he doesn’t want to be so professional anymore. He wants to smile and laugh and kiss like that night on Canto Bight. Toss roles to the wind – he’s hopelessly devoted to you and so he kicks his boots off, then uniform and all dumps himself over the edge of the tub and into the rose water.

You gawk, eyes widening as he sends water over the edge of the tub. You shriek softly, fingers prying themselves to the edge of the tub as he slips behind you – his hands find the bare dips of your waist and it startles goosebumps along your skin.



You sputter, peaking over your shoulder at his boyish smirk – it’s charming on him and you can’t deny the fact it sends your heart into a stutter. His legs are long, bowing slightly around your own. He doesn’t fit in the tub and it’s quite funny, especially as his uniform begins to soak. 

“I didn’t mean –”

“You did say –”

“I know what I said, Armitage.”

“So,” he mutters, slipping his lips along the curve of your shoulder in a gentle way, “I’m staying.”

And he does.

Dec 4th | Bad at Keeping Secrets 🎄

Synopsis: Loki shows up drunk at your door, and he comes bearing an early Christmas gift. 

Warnings: drunk!Loki 

Words: 709 (Hey, a short one for once!)

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