Most Gorgeous Brown Model: Joan Smalls - Awesome Black Ladies

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Most Gorgeous Brown Woman: Joan Smalls - Lovely Black Females

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anonymous asked:

What do you look like? Did you post your pic on Tumblr? *stalking*

Hi anon! ^^

What do you look like? 

Curious, aren’t we? ^^ Ok, you see Lana Del Rey? Tall, with long curly hair, pouty lips and rather fancy - falsely cool clothes?


I’m rather small (5′2″), ordinary (not beautiful but not ugly either), brown eyes, with natural brown hair that are Black-widow-bright-red at the moment. I’m rather thin but my weight tend to fluctuate a bit if I spend too much time in front of the computer and don’t take the time to walk. xD The fact that I live in Paris and that we have awesome pastry shops here doesn’t help either ^^ But yeah, in short: small, petite, ordinary and when I daydream, I smile stupidly.

Ah also, people describe as “cute”. NO, NO, not “cute” like “OMG!! This girl is super cute”, rather cute like…a chihuahua or a rabbit, the kind of small stuff that people don’t take very seriously. Old people can’t help pinching my cheeks and saying “Aren’t you niiiiice!!” (I’m 38 now and it happened to me last week…). Even when I was wearing Gothic clothes and stuff in my youth, nobody was afraid of me (and people were afraid of my friends). Old ladies came to talk to me in the bus and told me that all these black laces were “cute”. So much for the dark and mysterioooous Gothic look! The struggle! Ha! Ha! ^^

Did you post your pic on Tumblr?

I posted a realistic self portrait a few years ago on Tumblr but I deleted it (nope, I won’t repost it). Otherwise, no, I’ve never posted my pic! ^^

Voilà! I hope I answered your questions :)

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shogo-kun asked:

Tell me an AU!

Alrighty, another AU

“The entirety of the Gerudo population live in the Hylian kingdom as slaves. At a young age, they are immediately assigned, based on preliminary characteristics, to one of three categories: labour slave, pleasure slave, or gladiator. Ganondorf, being a rather small but beautiful child is immediately categorized as a pleasure slave, and comes into the ownership of one of the most brutal slave drivers in all of Hyrule.

Link has just earned himself the title of High General of Hyrule. Rusl, his mentor and good friend, takes him out to buy him a “special” gift, which Link finds out is a pleasure slave of his choice. He is displeased as he cannot envision owning another human being like some kind of object, let alone using one for something they may not want to do. As he takes his leave, his eyes come upon a scared little boy in chains, sobbing while his master kicks him and yells at him to be quiet. Link naturally becomes enraged at the scene, though he proceeds very carefully. The slave driver, realizing who Link was, tells him that he should procure another slave when Link desires to buy him. Upon insistence, the slave driver sells him the boy at a paltry price. He does not expect the harsh backhand he receives from the General immediately after handing over the slave to Link, shocking both himself and the little boy.

At first, Ganondorf does not trust Link, expecting him to lure him into a false sense of security like his old master. Link decides to earn his trust by locating and purchasing the mother which he was torn away from, a labour slave. This act brings the boy to trust Link, and Link goes along to raise Ganondorf like his own son. He does not allow anyone to lay a finger on the boy. As he watches Ganondorf grow, he becomes more interested in the Gerudo and discovers that, had they been a free tribe, that Ganondorf would have been their king. He therefore secretly begins to work with Ganondorf to help earn the freedom of his people.

Link ends up dying in war during a crucial moment in time, leaving Ganondorf devastated. He is surprised to find that Link, having not left any family behind, had left his entire estate and wealth to Ganondorf along with freeing all the Gerudo under his ownership. He takes the freed Gerudo and wealth back to their homeland to rebuild, promised protection by the Queen herself in honor of Link’s death, and slowly the Gerudo earn their freedom and return to their desert home.“ 

Most Beautiful Black Beauty: Joan Smalls - Sexy Black Queens

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Small chapel up on the mountain - obviously for the little prayer

(Not really) high above the city of Linz you can find a well known local transmitter station, a popular restaurant, a historic observation tower, many exhausted mountainbikers, less exhausted horses, very relaxed trees (as usual), a few hikers (medium exhausted). And this beautiful small chapel which has its own thoughts about all of this.

Date : June 03, 2015
Location : Gis, Lichtenberg, Upper Austria, Austria, Europe
Hiking trail : E1 Eidenberger Höhenweg

This image is available on fine art prints and gifts at Redbubble, deviantArt, society6 and Artflakes.

Most Beautiful Black Female: Joan Smalls - Sweet Black Babes

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Bella and Gigi, Erika and Joan, and Kendall and Kylie come from a wealth of different backgrounds and histories. Collectively, they represent the fresh, diverse and open spirit of a new generation of fashion. Watching them work together also made clear to me the universality of an age-old truth: the truly powerful strength, support and love that family members can provide to one another.
Photographer - Mario Sorrenti
Art Director - Pascal Dangin at KiDS Creative
Models - Kendall Jenner , Kylie Jenner, Joan Smalls, Erika Smalls, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid.